Killing curiosity

In answer to George W. Bush’s famous query “Is our children learning?” the answer is of course … no. Someone I read or heard recently said that designing a system like ours that costs so much money and takes up so much of a child’s life while leaving him unable to think properly could only be by design. A lot of thought went into it. The kids have to believe they are getting it done while turning out as non-thinking automatons. The teachers have to believe in it too.

Perhaps the exchange below can address part of the phenomenon, since it is our brightest kids that are most likely to be drugged while in school. It’s between investigative reporter Jon Rappoport and and man who called himself Ellis Medavoy, a fake name.

Medavoy claims to have spent his career in propaganda, most of that time in the medical field selling diseases that do not even exist, among them ADD and ADHD.

Medavoy: “You need to prepare a population for propaganda. You do that through REDUCTION. You get people to want only the simplest ideas. Then you can sell them anything. ADD and ADHD are self‐fulfilling prophecies.”

Rappoport: Interesting. You want to expand on that?

Medavoy: If you look up the list of behaviors that are used to diagnose ADHD, you see that almost any child, at the right moment, can be diagnosed. We know that’s true because we already have several million kids in America who are called ADHD. And they get the drugs. Ritalin, which is an upper. It’s speed. Well, eventually, speed is going to cause what I would call “a shortening of the perspective of the mind.” I was there for part of the propaganda campaign on ADHD. I know what went on, how it was sold. It was basically an appeal “on behalf of parents” who couldn’t deal with their kids. It was sold as a deficit — your kid can’t concentrate. So after he gets the drug for a while, under the surface, the DIMENSIONALITY of his mind is reduced. He wants simpler ideas. He wants bottom lines. It’s a self‐fulfilling scam. Under the influence of the drug, his attention moves into deficit territory. You see, this is preparation for propaganda. A simpler mind takes in delusions more easily. Delusions presented as little packages. You wanted to go deeper into the Matrix. Well, here we are. REDUCE THE DIMENSIONALITY OF THE MIND. It’s hard to detect. How are you going to quantify that?

What I see around me are simple minds taking in delusions very easily. Our public hoaxes, the fake events, go down with extraordinary ease. Few know even to question their TV screens.

I don’t blame the psychiatrists in total for our current malaise, as LSD was crippling as well to my generation. Pot, as far as I can tell, makes people less intelligent, certainly less ambitious. But is seems the combination of schooling and drugging the kids plus the recreational drugs ingested in normal life have produced a passive and incurious population.

On any matter requiring thought and curiosity, they are silent, like lambs.

2 thoughts on “Killing curiosity

  1. “Secrets that aren’t”. The trick to calming/controlling the mob is this simple: tell them “a secret that isn’t”. Magicians call it “prestidigitation”. The mob are now being calmed by letting out the stories of so much horror, that we MUST neglect our real concerns.
    “Soylent Green” wasn’t a movie, it was vision of “Things To Come” , just like that movie was…..
    Pacem en terra to you …..


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