And now for something completely different …

Monty, down below, reminded me of something that I need to clear up – the Paul McCartney business. I thought at one time that he had indeed died, as there were album clues. Government disinfo agent Mark Lane had laid out a golden apple ripe for finding. The replacement McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills also did some really odd behavior, but was probably paid off big to shut up … about what? She apparently fears for her life, and said as much.

That’s a fine example of a diversion, a distraction designed to occupy our minds and lead us away from the obvious. In my opinion McCartney was indeed replaced around 1966, but rumors of his death … greatly exaggerated.

I can only speculate on why they did that, but venture a guess that the original McCartney quit the group. They were talented but phony, top to bottom. They were a product of British Intelligence, trained, groomed for their parts. They did not write their own music, or at least had a lot of help. They were not smart enough to lay all of the album clue nonsense out there. That was all done by handlers, like a covert operation. (The Sgt Pepper album cover is a work of art, designed to tell a story that only a few can read. There is no way the four young men could put out something so sophisticated.)

Perhaps the original McCartney got tired of being a phony. The replacement guy shamelessly pushed LSD on youth. Maybe the original had a conscience. LSD was also an intelligence operation, as it is destructive of minds. (They are still pushing it, sublimely, to this day.) It was pushed heavily during that time, handed out like candy at events like Monterey and Woodstock.

Lennon and Harrison were slipped a heavy dose by a dentist, a cruel thing to do, but apparently he was either threatened or bribed. Intelligence ops were circling all the musicians of that time, trying to mind fuck them. (This in addition to many of our American rocks stars of that era being the children of intelligence agents. Read McGowan some time about that. He flirted with it, but never quite got to the heart of it, God rest his soul.)

Who knows what happened there? The photo below is intriguing – it is genuine. It is tantalizing but not enough to explain. I have learned that people are not very good at picking up on photographic evidence, and mostly see what they are told they see. So I will just leave it hanging.


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