Some things you should not do

My stepson showed me this video at lunch yesterday, and I just howled. It is Robin Ventura being hit by a pitch and then charging the mound. The pitcher was Nolan Ryan.

Some things you just don’t do:

  • You do not pull a wolf’s ears.
  • You do not play peek-a-boo with a young child on a long plane flight.
  • You do not ask the dizty blonde sitting next to you on a plane or train to keep her thoughts to herself.
  • You do not look into an alligator’s mouth.
  • You do not walk up behind a horse and startle him.

And you do not charge the mound when Nolan Ryan is pitching.
On closer inspection, the whole thing looks fake. Ventura did a low tackle on Ryan, but not hard, allowing Ryan to put him in a headlock and fake-hit him. The rest is all baseball fighting, no punches land. A trainer has blood running down the eye, but that could easily have been done off-camera.

Our conversation centered around this:

Roughned Odor nailed Juan Batista, and it looks real unless they had a wire attached to his glasses. This might have been a real fight.

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