I say what is on my mind, and don’t care much about the consequences. Group membership, the opinions of others are not as important to me as to others.

This was not always the case. But it is now. I slowly realized over time that the opinions of others that I cared so much about were not very smart opinions, and that I should ignore them.

I sat down here to write about the HIV and Zika viruses, which are hoaxes. But that is not going to pour forth through my fingers today. Readers do not have a solid basis in Hoaxology. It would be like throwing baseballs at a brick wall.*

We are swimming in corruption. It has spread like a plague. I do not know whether the corruption has swelled, or merely my awareness of it. But every aspect of our lives today are somehow affected by corruption – economics, taxation, education, corporations and banks, journalism, the sciences, psychiatry and medicine, nutrition, health and wellness, physics, elections, government and of course, religion.

Take just one example, journalism. It took me a few years to grasp. The 9/11 hoax was the key to understanding. Once I realized that event was made for TV, I knew that every news outlet from the TV networks to the newspapers and radio, and even little entities like Popular Mechanics had been corrupted.

Stephen Hawking (1942-1985)

That was a breakthrough, because after that I realized that people who do TV and radio news, Internet news sites like Huffington post, magazines, documentaries … are all either too stupid to know better, or active participants in the lies around us. Mostly the former. So I can ignore them. And I do.

We are immersed in state-controlled news and information, corrupt in its entirety. Even the books that appear at Barnes and Noble have been vetted, ghostwritten, or done for hire. So nothing that comes from that source can be relied on.

And so it did not surprise me to learn that HIV was a hoax, and that “AIDS” is a malady caused by a host of pathogens and activities that suppress the immune system. The “science” behind it follows the money. It is corrupt.


And so it was easy to see that Zika is a hoax because it is a repeat of HIV – they are claiming without evidence that a non-replicating virus is a pathogen, and that mere transmission is evidence of anything they care to link it to.  And the virus is harmless, if it even exists.

And the virus, they tell us, was discovered in 1947.

So they invent the virus, are scaring the crap out of everyone, and now they want our money to fight it. (By coincidence, the virus also gets companies like Monsanto, who spread vile substances, off the hook.) The only thing between them and the money are the politicians, who are also corrupt.

I don’t get depressed, that is, I have normal ups and downs, but I am happy to have learned all that I have learned. It has led to a carefree existence. The planet is OK, people are OK (there are no terrorists), and we will survive as a species, and hopefully transcend the spooks who currently run the show and want us to fear everything.

I am not afraid. Like everyone, I will die of something. But not AIDS, not Zika. And not some stupid terrorist.
*I am told by one occasional passer-by that if it has proper vector and velocity, the baseball will go through the brick wall like a plane through a building.

9 thoughts on “Hoaxology

  1. Interesting blog, and thanks.

    I noticed your piece on nukes, and remember when I lived in Montana that they were privatizing missile silos* in the central part of the state that supposedly contained ICBMs aimed at the Soviets. What they found in those silos was like time capsules, probably never containing a missile and using primitive technology like floppy discs, left behind. I would love to find that story again but is was local news in Montana and I don’t know where to begin – maybe GF tribune. But it hints at what you say on your blog, that the whole thing was fake.

    *As I recall, they were converting them to private residences.


  2. Fakeologist.com is all over the place, but at times is a lively venue to holler- They posted a link to your Piece of Mind- (I’m “Blue Moon” over there-)


    1. Spent some time there today. I try not to get all judgy, remembering my own writing is an acquired taste for others. They have a rough edge on them, not my taste, but it does not matter. I found the Gabby Gifford piece interesting .,, I am not convinced she was not shot. She’s an automaton now, but that does not make her fake. The circumstances of her shooting are suspicious.

      I have an urge to branch out into commentary and videos. I love writing but we are a non-reading culture. Any suggestions?


      1. I’m a dilettante and can’t seem to do the same thing twice in a row- I did my JFK book and followed that with a single podcast blaspheming that nukes are a hoax- Lately I’ve been working on a graphic horror novel (as black a comedy as I can conceive) and am segueing into a book on Hitler- At some point soon I will be attempting that video of Paul as twins (maybe 5 minutes long) and then back to Hitler- After that I have a painting I need to do for a group show, then likely I will post a couple of blog entries- So for me, it’s a merry-go-round of mediums- Laptop video making is a lot of fun for me, a former professional animator, so I’d start with that- If you are well spoken, try a podcast and just link to it from here- You will get some listens- Hoaxology has a lot of room for expansion in all mediums-


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