Zika hoaxers are doubling down

A group of 150 “experts” have written a letter to the World Health Organization asking it to delay or relocate the upcoming summer olympics. The other shoe is falling.

Media loves “experts,” as it removes accountability in reporting. Reliance on an expert allows them to say anything, no matter how absurd, with complete self-assurance. (News is often managed in this way, as reporters are controlled by sources claiming expertise, allowing lies to pass through to us unfiltered.)

Worse yet, in our country, “doctors” have an almost priestly quality about them. Once we learn someone is a doctor we drop skepticism. We just believe. We don’t even think to ask “Doctor of what?” Geography?

No matter – I just pored over the list of the 150 “experts,” and only 18 are “doctors,” and specialties are only offered for a few. These include obgyn, psychiatry, bioethics, brain injury, and yes … geography. There are no epidemiologists or virologists. There are professors and bureaucrats aplenty, but no boots on  the ground.

It is a hoax, a confidence game.

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