Imaginary cages

imageWe hitch our wagons to false reality. Without it, we are adrift. It is supplied by two-dimensional media. Education, religion and group pressure reinforce it.

My own experience in breaking free came at a time when I was chained to a regime of fear involving nuclear bombs and communism. It was instilled in my youth with “duck and cover” and bomb shelters and air raid drills and military displays everywhere. It was all done deliberately to scare us into submission.

I remember the room I was in and where I sat. I had been reading and furiously trying to understand something else when it suddenly became real: Communism was fake. It never threatened me or anyone. It was a hoax. There was no evil empire, no ICBMs aimed at us. It was MAD – mutually agreed deception. The Soviets and the Americans were really friends.

A sense of exhilaration came over me. I might have even laughed. For the first time in my life, I had no fear.

There was far more to unravel, and still is. Lately I have been writing about public hoaxes and fake deaths and the like. It is fun. These things are so easy to see once the veil of propaganda is removed. They always unravel, and easily.

But for readers who happen by here it is frightening. The immediate conditioned response is shock,  derision and ridicule. You are clinging to false reality. It gives you security. Remove it, and what is left?

The answer is something you have not experienced, something you might even fear: freedom.

Take one item – this will scare the crap out of you: You “know,” because it was on TV news, that OJ Simpson murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. That’s just a small matter in the big picture, but something that occupied our lives for a full year. But open it up for inquiry. What if the event was fake? What if the trial was fake? What if Nicole and Ron are still alive? What if OJ never went to prison?

I could easily supply all your answers, but I know you too well. You don’t want those answers because they scare you. If they lied about that, if it was a contrived hoax, what else is a lie? Your wagon is hitched to those lies. Unhitching is scary … and … why would they do that? Why would they tell such a fantastic lie?

For me, realization is exhilaration. Are we different?

We live in the woods, and have bird feeders about. We have a problem with fox squirrels. They are aggressive and destructive. I am unable to shoot anything. So thirty squirrels ago I bought a HaveAHart animal trap. Whenever a squirrel becomes a pest, I set the trap.

Once caged, the animal is in panic, sure it is facing death. The look in their eyes tells me that, and I cannot communicate that there is nothing to fear. I put them in the back of my truck, under the tonneau and in darkness, and drive them seven miles to a mountain park. During that whole time they are cowering, urinating and sometimes squealing. Death awaits.

I take the cage and point it to high grass and open it. They suddenly realize there is a ray of hope and bolt, dodging and weaving, sure they are being chased. They’ll do anything to stay out of the cage. Never again.

I imagine it takes a few hours for the adrenaline to wear off, to return to normal pulse and to realize he has his life back. I imagine at that point in time he experiences true freedom. His life had been taken away, but it was all fake. He had nothing to fear, but he did not know that.

He has experienced something we all need – appreciation of real freedom.

3 thoughts on “Imaginary cages

  1. The longer an animal is caged, the greater the diffuculty detaching from cage life.

    In the late 1970’s I rescued some leghorn layers from death at a dump outside Kalispell. A local commercial egg farm had put them in plastic garbage bags — alive — and disposed of them. I placed them in cardboard boxes and released them in their new home. They would not leave the box. Too scary outside the “cage.” This kind of conditioning is not easy to reverse. Humans aren’t that different then conditioned to live life with no freedom. It’s like the Eagles song: Hotel California.

    “Such a lovely place…”


    1. Placing living creatures in a plastic bag to slowly suffocate indicates absence of human emotion. We try to live by the ethical outlook that every creature needs to enjoy being alive as that creature … squirrels as squirrels, chickens as chickens. We buy cage-free eggs and “step four” beef and other contrived nonsense designed to placate our consciences. I keep saying that some day they are going to blow the lid off this whole “organic” “farm fresh” “free range” racket, as it is a racket. The market does not allow kindness, as it is unprofitable, as your bagged leghorns demonstrate.

      But who is going to expose it? We don’t have journalists, law enforcement, truth in advertising. None of that.


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