Are airport lines and MS804 related?

Number of people killed to this date by Muslim terrorists: 0

Number of people killed to this date by Western-backed terrorists, Special ops, private security forces and regular military: Hru.*

I thought I might keep a running tally of victims of Muslim terrorism, starting today. I have tallied all events, real and fake, up to this time and the number of resulting deaths. That number is shown above. I’ll refer back to and update it now and again.

We had to take our granddaughter to the Denver airport this morning. She checked with TSA last evening and was warned that wait times could be up to three hours. We decided that was a crock, and went on the regular schedule. And sure enough, wait times were about 20 minutes.

I was thinking, I admit, about the loss of Egyptian Flight MS804, which appears now to be another hoax. No bodies is generally the first clue. My friend Nathan Stolpman wants to connect 804 to the TSA problem, but I am not seeing it. He thinks TSA wants to push us all in to “TSA Pre” so that our fake security Trojan Horse travel monitors always know when we are traveling. But in a country where everyone is under surveillance, like ours, trust me, when we book an airline reservation, someone knows about it. That is already done.

So why a fake airline downing? Who knows? The Greeks screwed up right away when they said there were no airplane parts. News reports now say it may be “mechanical failure,” which is a back-down, as they initially claimed without any justification that it was an act of terrorism. But the Airbus 320 is probably the safest airliner ever to fly, with no history of mechanical failure. Our spooks might have another Sandy Hook on their hands – a fake event that was so poorly executed that they had to quietly shelve it. (Sandy Hook was superseded by the fake Boston Marathon bombing. I assume something else will soon be along to remove MS804 from the public mind. Mass shooting, anyone? Seattle?)

One of three security lines at Denver International this Wednesday morning

One thing caught my eye, though it too turned out to be nothing – I took this photo this morning of the lines at DIA. Notice the blue corridor with no one in it. That is the “Clear” line. “Clear” is a means of jumping ahead of the lines, though not security. To participate, we need only be fingerprinted, retina scanned, and pay them $179 a year.

As a business model, Clear is clearly failing. It is overpriced – if it actually got us through security, it might be worth considering. But merely to jump ahead in line? I think not. And you can see that even on a busy day, one person is using it.

But I checked out Clear when I got home this morning, wanting to know who is behind the company. It is Alclear LLC, and I don’t recognize any names – Seidman-Becker, Cohen, Cornick, Farmer, Levine, Lupowitz, Trelin, McLaughlin, Jacobson – do those ring any bells with anyone? Me neither.

I was really looking for the name “Chertoff,” as in Michael. He’s a predatory capitalist/fascist, and was assailed for pushing body scanning technology while head of Homeland Security, and profiting from it on the other end.  In a country as corrupt as ours that passes without notice. There is no conflict of interest when everyone in power is corrupt anyway. But my dot-connecting mindset suspected that perhaps TSA was doing a slowdown to promote Clear. Clear seems to be failing anyway, and there are no pushes in its direction. If anything, TSA Pre is getting a boost.

So alas, it all seems random to me, the fake airline down, the airport messes – TSA with its high school grad force is simply not very efficient and is stressed and pointless anyway, as again, remember, … the number of people killed to date by Muslim terrorists is … zero.

But if ever anyone really wanted to inflict some carnage, all they have to do is to go to any airport and find the people waiting in line to go through security. If anyone was going to strike it would be there. Large crowds milling about, all with unchecked luggage?

But it never happens, does it. Think about it.
*This word was coined by Richard Adams in his book Watership Down. His rabbits could only count to four, having that many feet. Anything beyond that was incomprehensible to them, or “hru.”

19 thoughts on “Are airport lines and MS804 related?

  1. Seattle is probably safe from “attack” as I have often felt that there has to be free zones where some minds can innovate without fear to better serve innovation suppression (“They” need to know what’s possible in order to control it)- Frisco and environs has been the terrorist free zone for a while, and even though eviction terrorism is always clouding our futures, hoaxes of the shooting/bombing variety are probably not going to happen in key techie zones, read: Gov. alphabet soup agency territories (Silicon Valley, i.e.)- You are probably good and safe in Denver as the CIA has been moving in for some time- My brother lives in suburban Denver as a techie and long after Columbine’s hoax extraordinaire, the area has been tranquilized- My sense is that whatever libertarian values CO espoused, they, like old school liberal Frisco, have been swamped by the new reality of passive expediency- Besides, liberal angst has been misdirected into touchy feely hoaxes like veganism and global climate warming change- Like NASA being a brain drain of talent serving a massive fraud, ideological drains like climate change and ass cancer fads that trigger malnutrition designed as sheep hugging is pissing away effective dissent… Harrumph!


  2. I know nothing if the Philippines group, but would not be surprised if it, like the others, receives its funding and weapons and even training from Western black ops. These are “Western-backed” terrorists that fall in the hru category.

    Any time a group is widely publicized and seemingly unstoppable, and publicly claims credit for its acts of terror*, and has websites and laptop computers and Toyota trucks, it is a fake … CIA backed.

    Of course I took poetic license in saying “0,” as the scorched earth of western attacks on Middle East countries has left droves of homeless orphans, scarred and angry psychopaths wanting revenge. CIA knows how to play jujitsu with them. Ask yourself, why don’t they attack Israel instead of Iraq and Syria?

    *Especially if its shock videos are widely featured in Western news reports.


  3. TSA is being privatized from the top down, and from the bottom up. How? Defunded, understaffed, it can’t deliver service in a timely, effective manner. Pisses people off. Pre-check was supposed to process over as many passengers as normal check through with reduced staffing. It failed, leaving longer lines and fewer checkers. Now, pissed off people want something different. Private security to the rescue. Not! Employees at TSA receive great health insurance benefits. Privates security cuts health benefits (high deductible, high cost), pays less than Arby’s, so turnover is almost as high as new hires, who can’t handle the stress, or the crappy pay and no benefits. Neoliberalism. You wanted it, you’ve got it. It was the plan from day one.

    My question: If it’s being privatized, why can’t/don’t/won’t private airlines and private airports simply take responsibility for security of their paying customers. The whole TSA thing was set up as a scam for “security companies” — government sponsored enterprise — to profit at taxpayer expense. Airline and airport security should be a (non-deductible) cost of flying, paid by airlines, airports and users, not subsidized by congressional appropriations.


  4. It’s so easy to define all Muslim Terrorists as Western-backed.
    Maybe it’s helpful for you, it seems you like to simplify (and fool yourself).
    It’s ok, but then be honest and clear, and formulate these categories:

    Number of people killed to this date by Muslim terrorists (not Western-backed): 0 (….)
    Number of people killed to this date by Muslim terrorists (Western-backed): ??


    1. I agree that my position is an easy one, but I do offer evidence. One, Western forces have never seriously confronted or tried to eradicate these groups. Two, they have easy access to oil, trucks, weapons, money, publicity and resources. Three, they do Western bidding by attacking common enemies. The West wants Syria and Iraq reduced to smaller controllable provinces, but has to take a public posture against “terrorism” while sponsoring it, and so uses these groups as proxy forces.

      Further evidence is false flag attacks like 911 and 7/7, and hoaxes like Boston, San Bernardino, Paris and Brussels. I stand by my contention: West Hru, Muslims 0.


      1. First: We agree they are Muslim terrorists?
        Second: You know what is the goal of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra?
        Third: You know where Boko Haram, Abu Sayyaf and Al Shabaab operate?


        1. We agree they are terrorists. “Muslim” implies that their objectives are tied to their nationality. What if they are being used, or paid, or both? Does it then matter their origins?

          Of course I do not know the goals of these groups, and can only make inferences by their activities, which I ahve done. Unless they come out and plainly and honestly state their objectives, we are left to intelligent speculation.

          Third, I do not know how they operate. I only know that when the Russians, as reported, decided to attack Al Nusra, they were exposed to be a fraud, hardly a credible military organization. They dispersed to the four winds.


          1. ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra:
            Their goal is an Islamic Caliphate
            What that means: Read what happened in Fallujah, Mosul, Ramadi, Raqqa

            Boko Haram, Abu Sayyaf and Al Shabaab:
            I didn’t ask how they operate, I asked WHERE they operate

            What are the numbers now?
            Muslim terrorists (not Western-backed): 0 by definition
            Muslim terrorists (Western-backed): You are counting?


              1. No.

                Are these groups also Western-backed?:
                Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan)
                Riyad-us Saliheen Brigade of Martyrs
                Armed Islamic Group of Algeria
                Ansarullah Bangla Team
                Gerakan Mujahidin Islam Patani
                Hizbul Islam Li-Turkistan

                Where are your number-updates?

                Besides the killings: How many women and children are severely mistreated mentally and physically by islamic fundamentalism (Google: afghan dancing boys)
                What you say? Don’t blame those muslims, blame the West?


              2. Try to stay on point here. It is this: Virtually all of what we call “terrorism,” which are mass shootings and bombings on innocent people, are either fake events or real events done by western agents. Those groups now engaged in violence and terror against the Syrian and Iraqi governments are Western-backed proxies.

                If you want to get into abuse of youth, I can tit for tat you, but woudl rather not. I mean, Mormon youth camps and Islamic treatment of women are each abuse of youth.


                1. I try to get in your mind that Muslim terrorism isn’t limited to Syria and Iraq.
                  And that islamic fundamentalism is a horrific reality, also without western-backing.

                  And if we look only at Syria and Iraq: Did you read -as I proposed- about the daily life under Islamic Caliphate?
                  Or aren’t you interested, cause it’s not mass shootings and bombings?


                2. Fundamentalism of all stripes is a perverted enterprise – Christian, Mormon, Islamic, Jewish, Free Market … my point, which I will make one more time, is that what we call terrorism is Western Backed, no matter who fronts for it.

                  The whole point of 9/11 was to free up the West to unleash a reign of terror on the Islamic world. In terms of suicide bombers, they probably don’t exist. Very easy to fake and blame. But killing innocent civilians is a Western specialty, and done by the millions. Hru.


  5. ‘Unfriendly Skies” by Rodney Stich provides an alternate version of who can lay claim to the highest body count in aviation. I got fitted for my first tinfoil hat shortly after reading it as I recall.


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