Are American sports all rigged?

The death of Mohammad Ali is a milestone, a remarkable man, but I will never forget his fight with Sonny Liston where he won by means of a phantom punch.  The fight was rigged. I don’t know if Ali was in on it. He did not necessarily have to be.

I clipped this comment from Quora and reprint it – it is from Anonymous, and it echoes my suspicions after the last two Superbowls, two years ago with Seattle giving it to New England at the end, and this year with Cam Newton fumbling and just watching Denver recover. Fix is on!!!

ALL professional sports championships are rigged. And not just rigged by referees (as the controlled opposition wants you to think) but rigged from the top to bottom with the assistance of select players and coaches on each team.

Every Super Bowl you have ever watched has been rigged. Most playoff games and regular season games too. Some superstars are manufactured (such as Cam Newton) and some are repressed if they don’t play along.

Most veteran QBs are in on the fixes, ALL head coaches, most coordinators, and certain players in certain positions (CB, OL, RB, WR, etc.). It’s important to know that not all the players or coaches are in on it, although some may suspect but are not willing to risk their career or earnings over it. Most of the players and lower level coaches are dupes IMO.

This also includes owners and GMs. Some owners are actually a front for corporations, agencies, or secret billionaires who really own the team (Terry Pegula comes to mind). To them it is just an investment. They don’t care if their team wins or loses, as long as the fans show up.

Super Bowl champions have more to do with narratives and giving favors to certain owners than with the play on the field. It’s a racket that has cost working class fans billions of dollars over the decades. It has also cost most players their brains and bodies, despite the outcomes being pre-determined. It also explains how Vegas is always so close to the real spread. Vegas never loses, because they know who’s going to win.

For those looking to do more research and go further down the rabbit hole, try to find out why nearly all of the expansion owners of the 1960’s came out of the Navy. That’s right, the NFL is a military creation. The Navy is the home of intelligence. Football is subconscious military promotion, originating from elite schools such as Harvard and Yale.

NBA fixes every game. The NHL is better IMO but fixes a few regular season games to ensure favored or big market teams advance and fixes all the playoff games that need fixing.

In case you’re wondering, Spygate , Bountygate, and Deflategate never happened. All done for marketing, awareness, and controlled opposition purposes. Done with full consent of all parties. Why would people risk their reputations? Well, you need to start asking who these people really are and if the biographies we are told are actually true.

For those open-minded willing to go down this path, prepare for depression, then enlightenment. The entire world you have been told by newspapers, TV, and media is not what you think it is. In fact, Quora is not what you think it is. And some of the posters who you trust are not who you think they are (including some who answered this question).


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  1. Where to begin… Try this guy as a start- I’m not sure I trust him- He has the taint of controlled opposition-
    Baseball is a Masonic ritual, played on a compass and square design- Alexander Cartwright, who allegedly wrote the rule book in the 1840’s, was a Wall Street banker and a big organizer of fire brigades- He also helped usher out the monarchy of Hawaii in the late 19th century; for whom I cannot say, though, as a Mason, he would be subservient to the British Royal Navy- As such, his variant on pre-existing ball games that flourished in Britain prior to America’s founding (ie, Rounders) would be a natural affectation of Masonic influence- And being a ritual, the outcome is always predetermined- Sure, St. Louis, a very pro-military franchise, might win one year, while the SF Giants, face of techdom, wins in other years, (Or Boston, a last place team, wins it all in Boston Strong’s year of the hoax) but the results are always the same: 9 guys on one side beat 9 guys on the other side- The magic number 3 abounds in the measurements of the ritual- (For a while, in the sixties and seventies, baseball stadiums were built to resemble perfect circles and where foul lines were uniformly measured at 330 feet) As well, the initiate must go through three phases, or degrees: 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, before he is reunited with the whole at “home” plate-
    As of this writing, the Chicago Cubs are poised to break their century plus curse of title-less existence- In my view, this drought has been allowed because Wrigley Field has been sold out for decades and there is no reason to throw that toddlin’ town a bone if losing doesn’t affect ticket sales- Give the titles to franchises that need it (KC) or play the propaganda game well (StL/Bos)- These days, many stadiums are sold out all season, or close to it, so the titles can be pursued often by actual competition- Free agency, superstation networks (ComCast) and inter-league scheduling has homogenized the product to the point where it doesn’t really matter who wins- If tweaking is required, I believe roster management is the agency by which baseball controls pennant races and post season results- That is, is that ace pitcher or star outfielder really hurt where he has to spend the next two months on the shelf?
    Football, of course, is a joke- It’s played by sado-masochistic man-childs, ruled over by hostile administrator father figures who are tasked with creating “action” in order to fleece gamblers and abscond with the public’s trust- It’s also a main ingredient for conjuring the false reality passed off as non-fiction television/news/current events/”history”, living and dead- For example, in 2013 the 49er/Ravens Super Bowl was a classic alchemical induction ritual: The Ravens, black/base material, took on the 49ers, gold prospectors with gold helmets- The Ravens jumped to a big lead until the Ravens began making obvious mistakes to let the Niners back in the game- Then the lights in the temple/stadium went out for, wait for it, 33 minutes- After that, the Niners came roaring back and nearly won the game- They could not be allowed to win the game because that would have changed the ritual into a fable, and that’s not what these events are for: They are not teaching moments; they are staged to induce visions of a completely false reality- In this case, base material turned into illusory gold- The Matrix is in pure form on Super Bowl Sunday-
    (Speaking of rituals, when the Seahawks beat the Broncos the next year, the Seahawks head coach was doused with bright orange Gatorade, the same color orange of the Broncos- It was a nod to the October Horse ritual of ancient Rome where a horse’s sacrificial blood was sprinkled in flame to commemorate the close of the military campaign season)


    1. That is a bit of a fanciful weave, maybe easily undone here and there. But sticking to larger themes, we are corrupt. Nothing can be allowed to stand on its own when it is so easy to make money by corrupting it. So sports requires minimal perception management and a large dose of flyovers, and no one questions even obvious fake outcomes.

      The whole Pete Rose matter … Hmmm. That is an avenue of inquiry.


      1. I won’t say that my tongue was firmly in cheek with that salvo, but I really do think, along with the mundane palm greasing, they spin an archetypal strobe light across the dance floor to assist these deceitful spectacles as they resonate in our subconscious-
        As for Pete Rose, I blame MLB incorporated and Marge Schott as much as Rose- He was a brute and was allowed to stay in the line-up at a premium offensive position (First Base) to pursue that hit record* to the extreme detriment of the Reds’ post season prospects- While the rest of the league was getting robust run production from their first basemen, Rose was swatting flies with a newspaper, costing the Reds runs and wins- I think he realized quickly that this was a special circumstance (the hit record) and his predilection to push the envelope enabled him to test just how far they were going to protect him- A. Bartlett Pear called bullshite on that, and though Rose was exiled, the stress of standing up against ignorant public opinion killed Giamatti (that and chain smoking)- The Reds franchise has forgiven him, but MLB won’t lift the ban until he’s dead, IMO-
        * Ty Cobb, the man that Rose bested for lifetime hits, is a fascinating study- Rose was just a con man and street level hustler but Cobb was a true psychotic- That’s for others to dissect but the one salient point here is that Cobb’s career, at least half, if not more, was a complete anomaly- While the Babe lead the charge to a new world order of home runs and short sequence offense, Cobb continued to slap opposite field singles and try to steal his way into scoring position- Until the day he died, he thought the “cheap” offense that Ruth ushered in wasn’t true base-ball- Thus, the Tigers suffered terribly from Cobb’s overbearing influence while other teams adapted to the new reality- In my opinion, Cobb was far more detrimental to his Tigers than Rose was to the Reds-


        1. This is actually “inside baseball” as opposed to “inside baseball” the metaphor, but you seem to have an inside track. I am, I hate to admit, a Reds fan, having grown up in Billings where their rookies play. Branding is a strange phenomenon. What I do not get is how the Cardinals, for instance, finish high in the standings and yet constantly have a pool of minor league talent that all the other teams overlooked. The Reds have had access to higher draft picks since the early 90s but don’t begin to have a system that merely moves one player out and another in. Walt Jocketty, now to be replaced by Dick Williams, a legacy, had a nasty habit of scooping up Cardinal rejects.

          If the game is corrupt, is the draft rigged too? I do not understand how, otherwise, teams like Cards and Yankees are always pipeline-loaded with talent.


          1. Some teams, the Giants for example, have top to bottom coordination, as do the Cardinals- St Louis issues The Cardinal Way, a manifesto to all new draft selections and signees- They run their operation like a cult, something La Russa probably would not have approved of- Matt Duffy of the Giants and Steve Piscotti of the Cardinals are signature examples of the kind of players both teams develop now- Lean contact hitters with good gloves, very vanilla personalities, intelligent and even tempered- These are not stars, but league average and above roster fillers- These teams assemble advantage in the aggregate and not with stars and a support staff like the Dodgers and Angels do, to their chagrin- The influence of Bill James and his offspring, the stat heads, permeate the sport- He is the biggest influence on the game since Branch Rickey developed the farm system and Babe Ruth sacrificed strikeouts for a chance at going yard- But, some teams will always be ahead of the curve even as new techniques in player selection and development are integrated into every front office- I also suspect that the battery of psychological tests for potential draftees are quite sophisticated, at least for American players- The fact that most all of the PED abusers getting caught are foreign born Latins evidences the limits of these tests-
            Is the draft rigged? Perhaps for some potential stars that have been promised to one team or another, the teams picking in front being told to lay off- Then again, player development, especially for pitching prospects, is subject to so many variables that the draft may not need rigging- And, most teams know which players each team wants well before the draft anyway which makes it more a formality than an on the fly guessing game-
            The Yankees can buy anything, of course- So can the Red Sox who apparently promote their minor league coaches to stay with the prospects on the way up- Money can’t solve everything, but it can accelerate the rebuilding process, as the Yankees are going to remind everyone-
            The point, perhaps, is that by the time rookies make it to The Show, they have been vetted and then installed in the machine, no questions asked-


              1. It’s tough to say. If you haven’t watched the 1985 NBA Lottery video, you should. It was a blatant fix and even the MSM doesn’t deny it.

                I’m confident that all draft lotteries are fixed at the top. Like the Cavaliers getting the #1 pick (despite the lowest odds) shortly before Lebron announced he was coming back to the Cavs. That entire story feels scripted, along with the Miami “villain” stuff.

                And then there are those dynasties in every sport that draft low but still end up with some of the best talent. Teams like the Patriots, Steelers, and Ravens in the NFL, the Red Wings in the NHL, and the Spurs in the NBA.

                In fact, the Patriots trade their late first round picks for multiple 2nd and 3rd rounders. These players then plug into their system and replace former All Pros like nothing even happened. The Red Wings keep lucking out on 7th round European players.

                I used to think it was just elite scouting and coaching, but seeing how the NFL fixes games for the Patriots, I now start to wonder if some of these players are gifted to the teams. For example, Rob Gronkowski was a 2nd rounder to the Patriots and is now on pace to be probably the greatest TE ever.


              2. Wonk? Sure- I like the design of the game, but like everything else, the scales have fallen from my eyes- The best I can do now is to approach baseball like I approach political thrillers (my shameful guilty pleasure) I know it’s fiction but I watch it like any other scripted drama- I only care because the Oakland A’s won three in a row right smack dab in the eye of the hurricane that was my turbulent youth- Without them, well, I don’t know what I would have done to myself or others- My reward was the movie “Moneyball”, a full dress vindication of all things Athletics- The A’s do not have to win anything else (Boy, they won’t while I’m still alive) for me to be satisfied with their effort-


              3. I am caring less and less about the Reds, not due to losing, but just a boring franchise. A friend of mine is heavy into White Sox and I have tried to switch brands, but to no avail.


                1. You can’t switch- I literally work in the shadow of the SF Giants’ ballpark and drink with a horde of orange and black fanatics every night and I couldn’t give a fig for their recent (utterly inexplicable) success-


  2. I’ve had emails with Brian from TheFixIsIn. He seems like a legit guy but I agree that his media appearances don’t look good on paper. ESPN, InfoWars and Vice? They make him look like a schmuck when he’s on, but why have him on?

    However, he does leave the door open to players throwing games, that’s why I haven’t given up on him yet.


    1. They have said that games cannot be thrown when there are a lot of players, ergo, boxing is easy to fix, football impossible unless all the players are in on it. That’s nonsense. Your own example of the 2014 Super Bowl, where Jermaine Kearse, not in on the fix, makes an astounding catch late in the game of a ball that Wilson was throwing away. All that did was to force the fix out into the open, force Wilson to throw an agree-upon interception to end the threat of Seattle winning.

      Quarterback has bad day, consistently over-under throws, avoidable interceptions, kickers kicking wide, referees making timely calls to stop scoring drives … It only takes a few. Outcomes of games can be controlled and altered by timely plays by key players who handle the ball, and referees who can call or not call any of the multiple infractions that take place on every play. Football appears to me to be an easily fixable game.


  3. Last night, on a whim, I decided to watch the full 1993 Super Bowl between the Bills and Cowboys since I was given a tip on that game from somebody.

    The game was a blowout that the Cowboys won 52-17 and is famous for a meaningless fumble by Don Beebe in the 4th quarter. Well watching the game, the Bills were beating up the Cowboys in the 1st quarter with the refs assistance. Whenever the Cowboys made a great play, the refs would call it back and allow the Bills to take a lead. I found that interesting. It seems that they wanted the Bills to take the lead early to “keep it interesting” before letting the Cowboys win.

    Shortly afterwards the Bills kept throwing interception after interception. Down 14-7 and on the goalline with an easy TD to tie the game in sight, suddenly All-Pro Bills RB Thurman Thomas hurts his leg and has to sit out the series. The Bills backup RB gets stuffed at the line and next play Jim Kelly throws an interception in the end zone leaving the Bills with 0 points. That was the turning point in the game. Shortly before that, Bills Pro Bowl Center Kent Hull also left with an injury.

    Thurman Thomas comes back next play like nothing happened. I suspect that injury was faked. In the 2nd quarter Jim Kelly hurts his knee on a sack (although I couldn’t see the injury in the interview) and leaves the game and backup QB Frank Reich finishes the game throwing a host of interceptions. One play the Bills intercepted a ball and the refs call it incomplete. The announcer immediately congratulates the ref on a great call, yet on the two replays they showed it looked like a legitimate interception to me.

    So the game was an obvious fix, and it seemed like both coaching staffs were completely on board. Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas, AT LEAST, would have had to be on board if they were faking injuries. It just makes me sick because I’m from Buffalo and I see how these guys are treated like legends. Now I know the truth.

    But it gets ugly folks, turns out the military background in the NFL is worse than I thought and extends further out than owners.

    During the game they kept showing Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson on the sideline and something about his vibe just repulsed me. He did not appear like a great football mind, but more like a plant. I look up his Wiki and first thing I notice is he is in camouflage in his main picture. I’ve been suspecting that when a celebrity with no official military ties is wearing military clothing or with military in a Wiki picture, then that is a sign that he is military (along with numerology). I noticed this with several people. Take a look:

    There’s lots more. I mean, these guys have no real connection to the military. There are thousands of pictures to choose from. Why are they choosing to show them wearing military clothing in the main picture?

    I take that as my hint that Jimmy Johnson is military. He went to high school with Janis Joplin which was Laurel Canyon-connected. Buffalo Bills GM during the Super Bowl years was Bill Polian who is also famous for being the GM of Peyton Manning’s Colts. He is considered one of the greatest GMs of all time. Well he has 14 years missing in his bio between college and the USFL. He went to a Marine Academy and then coached Trinity School in Manhattan (Trinity being a signal for intelligence).

    Bills coach Marv Levy was former Air Force. I mentioned earlier that owner Ralph Wilson was former Navy along with so many other original owners. Well reading the Wiki bio closer I see that he was a 33rd Degree Freemason (note the 33). Well the Bills history is just filled with military. Here are some former Buffalo Bills coaches:

    Chan Gailey – Coached 4 years at Air Force
    Lou Saban – Coached Army
    Bills GM John Butler – Former Marine
    Mike Mularkey – Wearing Navy hat in Wiki picture
    Doug Marrone – Coached Coast Guard
    Buster Ramsey – Navy
    Joe Collier – Army
    John Rauch – Coached Army
    Perry Fewell – Position Coach at Army
    Wade Phillips – Father Bum Phillips was Elite Marine
    Rex Ryan – Father Bud Ryan was Sergeant during Korean War

    We’re talking 80-90% of all Bills coaches have been connected somehow to the military. With Bill Polian seeming like a high-level spook, it puts the Bills Super Bowl teams under scrutiny. Not only were they possibly better than all 4 teams they lost to, but it’s possible they were placed in the Super Bowl to begin with. Both Wade Phillips and Rex Ryan are beloved NFL coaches who keep being given 2nd chances. It seems they are a legacy in the NFL with their father’s military connections and coaching “success”.

    But it gets worse.

    Everyone knows the Patriots unreal success the past 10-15 years. Bill Belichick’s father was a scout for the Navy for 30+ years. Belichick supposedly met his shady sidekick Ernie Adams at a Prep school when Adams recognized Belichick because he had read his father’s obscure scouting book. How unlikely is that. They met at Phillips Academy which is one of the top prep schools in the Country. How did Ernie Adams get into that academy? We don’t know because they don’t mention his parents. Looks like a spook academy.

    How about all the other “great” NFL coaches:

    Vince Lombardi – Coached at West Point
    Hank Stram – Former Military
    Tom Landry – 2nd Lieutenant in Air Force

    Chiefs Owner Lamar Hunt attended Culver Military Academy with Titans Owner Bud Adams. Also attending were both Steinbrenners (NY Yankees owners).

    What about NFL Commissioners:

    Roger Goodell – Son of a Senator
    Pete Rozelle – Former Navy
    Austin Gunsel – Former FBI
    Bert Bell – 1st Sergeant in WWI

    Other NFL coaches and players from military families:

    Jim Caldwell – Heavy Military Family
    Frank Reich (Bills backup QB and current Head Coach Prospect – Father was Marines
    Larry Fitzgerald – Uncle AND Aunt are Lieutenant Colonels
    John Fox – Father was one of the original Navy Seals
    Marvin Lewis – Father was Army
    Rod Marinelli – Vietnam Veteran
    Andy Reid – Father was Navy
    Ron Rivera (Panthers Coach) – Father was Army Officer
    Norv Turner – Father was Marine

    You’ll note that pretty much every successful coach in NFL history was either connected to the military or had someone in their immediate family who was also.

    What about the greatest coach in NBA history, Red Auerbach. Former Navy and coached at Navy.

    What about the great original NHL owners and originators:

    Patrick Family – Wealthy from lumber, connected to McGill university and several 1933 mentions.
    Conn Smyth – Lieutenant in WWI
    Lord Stanley – VERY connected in Politics, Military, and through bloodlines
    Art Ross – Wealthy family, close to Patrick family
    James Norris – Wealthy family

    So this nonsense extends to all sports. In fact most Original NBA owners came from the NHL. I suspect they still own both leagues. That’s why they are on the same schedule with the same 82 games and trade Jewish commissioners.

    It stinks folks, pretty much every successful coach is controlled opposition. Paul Brown is another one I just found.

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    1. People might wonder why military service is a red flag … to most, it merely means giving up part of your life in service of country. I see it, for ordinary people, as Mencken described it, a way for dumb people to become heroes in the minds of their communities. They don’t do anything notable, have meals and a bed, mundane jobs, and imagine they have accomplished something.

      But military service is an ideal recruiting ground for spooks – intense testing and skill analysis allows them to choose the brighter ones for more interesting duty, and since most people are patriotic, they assume they are serving a higher cause. Thus is our landscape seeded with low-level spooks in every enterprise, from law enforcement to journalism to entertainment.

      I have been studying the death (?) of John Denver in 1997. The linchpin of the matter was the Sheriff of Monterey County, a military man who has no posted bio anywhere – we just know he boasted of four years in the Army when he ran for the office. That does not prove a thing, but does raise a red flag, as Denver’s handlers might have chosen Monterey County for his fake death knowing they would get local cooperation. The only reason we have verification of fingerprints and a toxicology report is by his verbal assurances. I have been trying for several weeks now to run down actual documents. No luck so far. Even NTSB turned out to be a dead end.


    2. Absolutely phenomenally informative post.
      As you note the fixes and the all-encompassing peculiararities that went along with them at the time are so easy to see when re-watching any old or recent Super Bowls, playoff games etc.


  4. Are you ready for a trip down the rabbit hole?

    Wiki tells me that Chuck Pagano and Jim Kelly never actually had cancer.
    Lou Gehrig and Jimmy Valvano faked their deaths.

    The Valvano one made me puke in my mouth a bit. Just knowing how much they promote that sob story every year in College Basketball to promote the probably fake Jimmy V Foundation. It’s unbelievable and just disgusting.

    The NHL rigged the Cup for Crosby and the Penguins this year.
    Even though there is no marker for it, I would put down good money the Warriors will win the NBA finals.
    The entire baseball steroid scandal is fake, along with the Olympic sprinter scandals involving Marion Jones. They rigged the Home Run races for Mcgwire and Bonds. They’re rigging the A-Rod all-time home run chase right now. His suspension last year was fake.
    Usain Bolt has been manufactured as well. Not saying he’s not a great sprinter, but many or most of his medals have been bought off, particularly the 2009 Berlin 200m and 2012 Olympic Gold.

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    1. MH, would you please expand upon your analysis that Chuck Pagano and Jim Kelly never actually had cancer, that Lou Gehrig and Jimmy Valvano faked their deaths, that there was no MLB steroids era, etc…..?


  5. The Schilling “bloody sock” incident was staged, and the entire series rigged.
    Babe Ruth’s marriage was fake (gay?) and his trade to the Yankees was flagged.
    Muhammad Ali’s height and reach is flagged, as well as all of his activism. I would include his “draft dodging” too.
    Ali-Liston was rigged.
    I’m getting signals Miracle On Ice was a rigged game.
    The 1992 Dream Team’s run was rigged.

    Basically every great sports event you have ever read about, heard about, or watched on TV was probably staged or fixed.


  6. The fixing did not surprise me, but the fake cancer and fake cancer deaths startled me. Maybe I was naive, but I thought these people would at least have a conscience.


    1. Gehrig faked his death? The only reason I’ll bite is that a relief pitcher named Pat Neschek, while with the A’s back around 2012(?) had his first child die one day after birth- This was late in the season and what floored me was that he had named his son Gehrig Neshek, after baseball’s greatest tragedian- Neshek later became an all-star and the cynic in me wonders if this was some high level ritual he endured to advance in that masonic cluster fuck, MLB- (And no I don’t mean the kid was sacrificed- There likely was no child- Then again, maybe there was and it’s part of some breeding program- The mind can wander…)
      Columbia Lou did attend spook college Columbia U.- Like a lot of spooks, he dropped out pretty quick- His death just before the US entered WWII might indicate he was reassigned- His skills were fading a bit and with the war eminent, who knows? He had no kids so that would be a plus- As far as the disease being, uh, popularized by his name, big med is the scariest racket there is-


      1. Our favorite spook Stephen Hawking, who has Lou Gehrig’s disease and was replaced by a body double, was born one year after Lou Gehrig died.


    1. Not a good quality video but I feel sorry for the Barcelona fan at 6:46 . Spain probably dominates the European soccer (the club soccer) for the last few years more than it did in other eras (and the previous eras were much less commercial). Maybe this bread and circus is more important for Spain since they have the second highest unemployment in EU. The best Spanish teams are from Barcelona and Madrid, cities that are among the richest in Spain (and probably better unemployment rate). But these teams have many fans outside their city, in fact Real Madrid and Barcelona are number 2 and 3 globally when considering the fan base/popularity. I was a soccer fan until my teen years. I watched the games, read the sports section in newspapers but I never bought too many products (a few jerseys and some shorts). The sports are good if you play them with your friends.


  7. I honestly think that pretty much all American sports are rigged & I think that as an American citizen. The favored teams like for example; New England Patriots, Golden State Warriors, Oakland A’s etc. win almost every time they play. In fact they win too frequently for it to be simple coincidence. There can only be two possibilities for this; ether A the sports ARE rigged, or B the team members could be cheating by taking steroids (which has happened before) Thats the reason/reasons I refuse to pay to watch sports.


  8. Mark
    To add onto your point about Military Service, I came across some an interesting tid bit from a “reliable” source (wiki): “[Tom] Brady’s great uncle, Michael Buckley Jr. was, also, the first American prisoner of war during World War II.” Interesting that someone would be known for being “the first American prisoner” of a war – seems suspicious. I wonder if these “teaser sentences” are now added to keep us distracted.


  9. I don’t want to create a new post for this one, but as it is very much about American (America is bigger than just the United States thereof) sports, it is relevant here.

    Last Saturday was scheduled the second leg of the final of the Copa Libertadores. That competition is the biggest football (real football, not that excuse of a sports for padded up sissies who think they play some ultracommercial kind of real men’s rugby -if you feel offended by this description, enjoy the feeling!-) event for clubs in Latin America. Scheduled was the Superclásico; the two biggest rivals, both from Buenos Aires; River Plate and Boca Juniors, were about to play.

    As the second leg was in El Monumental, the home turf of River Plate, no fans of Boca Juniors were allowed. These matches are ultra-high risk; hooliganism in Argentina is of the level of England in the 1980s or Russia/Eastern Europe 1990s… It is no joke, football is war there, really. Away fans are not allowed at those matches, something also still happening in Holland.

    The story and accompanying images on TV is that the players bus of Boca Juniors passed a crowd of River Plate fans (why would it take that route?) and that some “fans” threw bottles at the bus that shattered the windows and allegedly “hurt” players. I have seen the footage and yes, it looks like things were thrown and some windows indeed were shattered.

    But the images of the players did NOT reveal injuries. A lot of acting (faking injuries is common in football) but no blood or anything. Of course mentally it would be a bad thing though.

    The match was first cancelled for an hour, with all the River Plate fans in the stadium waiting and hundreds of millions of TV viewers at home too. Then it was announced the match would be played 3 hours later. And then, Boca Juniors refused to play and the River Plate coach agreed. It was postponed to the next day, last Sunday. People who had tickets would be able to use them that Sunday.

    But then, also on Sunday Boca refused to play and the match was postponed till further notice? That didn’t make sense of course. The Saturday was understandable, the next day not.

    As the first match ended in 2-2, and the final goes in 2 legs, there needs to be a 2nd match, as the winner will participate in the World Cup for clubs in December.

    What is happening here? This staged event, as that is what was immediately clear from the lack of injuries of the players and the news of yesterday, is now going to be played in… Santiago Bernabeu, the stadium of Real Madrid…

    But of course, why not?!

    What is behind this is of course money. Lots of money. The Boca (“Real Madrid of Argentina/South America”) crowd is generally richer than the River Plate fans and will spend hundreds of dollars to visit the match.
    Commercially, a second effect happens; Real Madrid is not doing well in the Spanish league and not so great in the Champions League either. After Cristiano Ronaldo, their commercial billion dollars magnet for years, left for Juventus, they are in serious (commercial) decline. So what is better than to host a Superclásico in the megastadium Bernabeu, 2 weeks before the Spanish Clásico against Barcelona?

    The script is easy; just have a couple of moles wearing River Plate shirts with bottles (costs couple of 100 bucks), make sure the players are sitting in the back or front of the bus, away from the impact zone, and let them and the coach act a bit on TV later. Super easy and cheap to pull off.

    Searching on Google (which I have now switched to English) immediately shows why they did it, tens of pages with “how much would it cost to visit the final (from Argentina)”.

    Viaje superclásico
    River-Boca: cuánto cuesta viajar a Madrid para ver la final de la Copa Libertadores

    Money, money, money, it’s so funny, in a rich man’s world.

    BUT, it is not “just money”, as it never is.

    What else is scheduled in Buenos Aires, Argentina? The G20 meeting. And of course that is going to have protests, riots and the like. So, they ‘need’ a lot of police to protect the real criminals. And I mean a lot; the impoverished classes of Argentina are huge, especially in the last years with major economic crises and “socialist light” kind of government doing nothing for them of course.

    So this is the perfect excuse to “justify” the need for police and militarization and people shouldn’t look strange when their streets become the same Judge Dredd zones as the US American and European peoples are prepped for to “accept as inevitable” because of “terrorists”.

    Same script, different players.


    1. Well, at least it was a clean final and deserved win for River Plate, with the winning goal by Colombian Juan Fernando Quintero. Karma didn’t do well to the whining Boca Juniors team who refused to play on Sunday 25-11.

      Even the G20 summit was quiet, with 2 (simulated?) attempted bombings.


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