Bill Hicks, comedian extraordinaire

“Another guy I have wondered about … Bill Hicks. Stood up on stage and ridiculed the Warren Commission, dies in his early 30s of cancer … maybe a bit too pat in light of MM’s research.”

The above comment, by me, set off a chain reaction.  Little did I know that better minds were already on this matter.

But perhaps some ground work is in order.

We live in a Truman Show world where just about every piece of “news” is in some manner designed to manage our perceptions. The real world is a mundane place … There are no terrorists, disease is controllable, people generally get along and are cooperative … and dumb, easy to manipulate. TV is the enterprise that spins our heads with fantasies of elections, public debates, opinion polls, suicide bombers, mass shootings, rampant outbreaks of diseases … all fake.

It is a nuanced enterprise. The majority of the population does not need much management, is easily fooled and believes just about any nonsense that jumps from the screen. This has been true from the beginning of TV. It helps to think of it as parents controlling children. Our leaders do not have much respect for our intelligence. We are a herd that has to be managed, distracted, misdirected, so that the real business of running the world can go on without interference from below.

The first intense use of TV to manage the public mind, as I see it, was the Joe McCarthy hearings, used to promote the idea that “communism” not only existed, but was a sinister force that was subtly infiltrating government and entertainment. Though Joe was publicly scolded and died in disgrace, the psy-op worked, and the hoax of communism with agents under every bed subtly took hold. To this day most think it and the so-called “Cold War” were real.

But the bigger show was yet to come – the Kennedy assassination. It was a grab bag of hoaxes on multiple levels, in essence, the day that fake government completely replaced real. Just a few of the multiple layers of manipulation:

  • The event itself was faked, and no one (save perhaps officer Tippet?) died that day or the following Sunday. Like 9/11, it was a TV show, much if it filmed in advance.
  • A committee of Kennedy men, the Warren Commission, concocted a deliberately wild fable about Oswald and three bullets, made to appear to be a cover-up. They knew only the very gullible would believe it. They counted on that.
  • Later, two more Kennedy men, Mark Lane, author of Rush to Judgment, and Jim Garrison (On the Trail of the Assassins), promoted a cottage industry of clues and false leads designed to mesmerize those too smart to buy the Warren Commission Report. We were simply fooled on a higher level.
  • At routine intervals, new information was released, including staged photos of a fake corpse by David Lifton (Best Evidence), and a high quality movie with A-list actors (Oliver Stone’s JFK).

Thus did I get sucked into the JFK business, still going on to this day. James Douglass’ JFK and the Unspeakable is an embarrassing lionization of the man, incidentally sanitizing the reputations of  Khrushchev, Norman Cousins and Pope John XXIII.

Nonetheless, I was both appalled and completely flummoxed that a president could be murdered in broad daylight, and that there was never a real investigation. It was absurd. So effective was this JFK enterprise that I neglected the essential element: Proof of death.

There are  subplots. They are constantly feeding this fire, to this day, so important is the central hoax. Mark Lane, a Kennedy man still going strong, insinuated in a recent book or interview or something that the original Paul McCartney did not believe the Warren Commission, hinting ever so subtly that this caused his death and replacement. It was a complete fable, designed to supplement the “Paul is Dead” psy-op, a separate enterprise run by British intelligence. Lane’s delicious golden apple was oh-so-subtly placed, waiting to be found by those of us fooled on a higher level than ordinary Joe’s. (We are super Joe’s!) (Both Paul and his twin brother Mike are still with us, alive and well last I checked, one of them even possibly still in the entertainment business.)

Another subplot involved New Orleans and an obvious plant, Judith Vary Baker, “author” of Lee and Me, claiming to be the lover of Lee Harvey Oswald, but at least I saw through that bit of deception. I knew that there was Oswald and a doppelgänger or two and she did not. She had her one Oswald doing the work of two.

However, Baker, and another author, Ed Haslam (Dr. Mary’s Monkey) strongly intimated that there was cancer research going on in New Orleans in order to weaponize that disease, using it to inject various targets by subtle means, and then watch them die. (Thus did Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela, openly accuse the US of injecting President Hugo Chavez with cancer. That too was planted information, a scam within a scam. Most likely Chavez’s death was faked, that ruse assisted by Fidel Castro, himself a fake. They do like to control the opposition.)

This is all laying groundwork for Bill Hicks. He was a comedian who, as part of his act, openly ridiculed the Warren Commission. He was widely known, drew huge audiences, appeared on national TV. And he died of aggressive cancer in 1994 at the age of 32. Of course many of us were suspicious that Hicks had been murdered. We forgot to ask, just like with JFK, Oswald, Chavez … Did he really die?

Learning that the Kennedy assassination was fake put Hicks’ death in a new light, which led to my comment at the opening of this piece. I had assumed in light of a better view of JFK that Hicks’ death was faked, and that he went into witness protection, or wherever people go after they fake their death. (John Lennon, Canada it appears … I have much to write about the fake death business in the future … in the entertainment business, faking death appears to be an option available to all the players.)

Hicks is still with us. He is still a public figure. He goes by the name Alex Jones. I had no idea when I made the comment above that this bit of underground information was out there. I have looked at the photos and absorbed circumstantial evidence. Of course, nothing is ever certain in this land. Hicks has had some some plastic plastic surgery. But off-air in candid moments, his gravelly voice gone, and I am listening again to Bill Hicks. The resemblance is striking. The facial characteristics that cannot be affected by the surgeons knife … eye width, triangulation of eyes and lips, ear placement, skull shape, hairline … exact match.

People, even those who see through the Hicks/Jones scam, don’t really get it. They don’t understand what Hicks was doing as a comedian, why he was so boldly attacking the Warren Commission. He was a plant, misdirection,  a hired actor playing a role. The whole thing, including his death, was staged to encourage us to keep asking the wrong questions. The ongoing JFK cover-up is routinely fed fresh meat.

Instead of who killed JFK, why the the Warren Commission covered it up, we should have been seeking proof that JFK actually died that day. We did not. That is why it is so important to keep all the theories alive at this late date. That distraction covers up an essential element of our public lies, that we do not select our leaders and are continually fed fairy tales about them. Like Bill Hicks, it is all fake.

Bill Hicks was a misdirection agent. So too is his new incarnation, Alex Jones. To my credit, I avoid Jones. I have only once fallen into his weave, back in 2011 with the fake death of Osama bin Laden. Jones claimed to have eyewitness reports of a helicopter crash at the compound. That was misdirection. There there was no compound, there was no Osama. The “crash” made us forget to look at the basics. It was a complete misdirection, again aimed at those of us too clever to be fooled by ground-level propaganda. It takes special efforts to control our perceptions. .

Bill Hicks played a character for twelve years, and then fake died to play another character, Alex Jones, who is, by the way, an employee of Time Warner. Strange, an alternative media conspiracy buff employed by a major media outlet, ain’t it?

One thing I have learned these past few years is that most people are absolutely credulous when it comes to photo fakery, and on a deeper level think themselves impossible to fool even as every aspect of their belief systems has been rigged from above. So if you’ve come here to ridicule, perhaps you’d be wise to slink back to your own little havens and do it from there, in the coward’s way, and avoid any examination of evidence.

Below is my own facial comparison of the two. I chose images where both were extremely agitated, set the pupils at the same distance, and aligned the faces side by side. In my view, same dude.

Hicks Jones Angry Composite

54 thoughts on “Bill Hicks, comedian extraordinaire

  1. Interesting. I have always assumed that comparison was misdirection.

    I just watched some Bill Hicks standup and some Alex Jones video (by the way his Trump interview is 33 minutes and 33 seconds, I found that funny).

    What struck me is that they have the same level of charisma. That is probably a big reason it’s difficult to hide the comparison. Bill Hicks still has a genuine following, partly because of his vile, angry, and “honest” rants but mostly I believe because of how charismatic he was so he sold it well. Alex Jones is the most famous conspiracy guy for the same reason, I believe. He also has a large genuine following and has had many of us fooled for several years.

    Jones has a GREAT radio voice, loud and projecting. Gruffy, almost like Bill Hicks after 20 years of cigarettes (which Hicks was known for). What’s interesting to me is that Jones isn’t really funny and any humor seems to come unintentionally from his persona. Hicks did not strike me as a naturally funny guy like Carlin or Billy Connolly. He always seemed like he turned the humor on for the cameras, but the anger and screaming was natural. It seems he incorporated the latter into Jones and dropped the humor which seemed to have been a natural extension of the audience reacting to his anger.

    Hicks/Jones seems to be a very talented natural performer who could use his strength (loud, angry, and strong speech) to sell himself as a comedian and as a conspiracy radio host. I’m impressed to be honest.


    1. MH – that 33/33 is significant! Good catch. Of course the numbers mean nothing by themselves, but are mere signalling devices, a way for intelligence operatives all over the world to say to each other “We’re here.” Anyone in the business seeing that will know instantly what is going on, that Jones is a spook and Trump is in on the game too. Double 33.

      In the same manner, they use Catcher in the Rye … it turned up with Oswald, Chapman and Hinckley. It is a signal – news reports mention it, and spooks all over the world read that and say “Got it. Fake.”


      1. If you watch the first few minutes of the interview you see an amused smirk on Trump’s face. Sort of like a “it’s amusing how the top conspiracy guy in the media is controlled opposition”.

        For sure, Trump was prepped for this by being told “you have nothing to worry about, Jones is our guy”.


        1. I find it amusing that as he says “we don’t use teleprompters” he glanced to the side as if to read a teleprompter. Trump was constantly looking to the side, too. Haha.
          I had no idea that he was owned by Time Warner. I had a feeling it was something like that, but didn’t know for sure.


  2. What evidence? Nothing but conjecture, misdirection, and opinion here. Actually, it seems like maybe someone is paying you to create more illusions and keep the real truth-seekers confused.


    1. I did not direct anyone to evidence, JC. I merely laid groundwork, explaining why a hoax of this type can be pulled off, and what the objective was.

      If you want to look at evidence, just use the Google. But I know you too well. You do not have the ability to read a long and complex narrative and process the information and draw inferences from the data. Hell, you didn’t even read this piece in total. Think I don’t know you? (I laid that last line in there for your benefit, by the way, knowing you woudl not get that far before jumping down to ridicule.)


      1. The google is a tool of the NSA and TPTB. It recognizes your computer, IP addresses, browser cookies and the like to feed you the information it wants you to see. If you only rely on the google and the internet to form your version of “reality” then you’ll necessarily just be another tool in the great propaganda illusion.

        Oh, and you know very little about me. All your conjectures in your comment are wrong. But that’s to be expected of one full of self-deception, hubris and ego.


      2. The Google, which I don’t use, by the way (though I imagine all the search engines are the same operation behind the curtain) is a tool. You have to use your brain as well. It is like Wikipedia, full of lies and disinformation, but knowing that, you use it to your advantage. A scrubbed biography on Wiki is more information that Wiki intends to convey.

        And yes, I have heard before that we do not have intuition, and that we can know no more about others than others elect to tell us. Thus I cannot know that Pogie is a fraud, that Talbot is stupid, Kailey a sociopath, because none of them elected to tell me these things.

        And I cannot intuit that you do not have the wherewithal to read a long text and process the information therein, because you have not told me this about yourself. All the evidence along the littered trial means nothing. Right?


  3. “There are no terrorists”
    Are you dumb, are you easy to manipulate?
    Did you forget what I mentioned to you a couple of days ago?
    Didn’t you read a letter about:
    Boko Haram
    Abu Sayyaf
    Al Shabaab
    Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan
    Riyad-us Saliheen Brigade of Martyrs
    Armed Islamic Group of Algeria
    Ansarullah Bangla Team
    Gerakan Mujahidin Islam Patani
    Turkestan Islamic Movement


    1. You can compile your little lists until the cows come home, to no effect. One, we don’t know who sponsors these groups, or even if they are real. Pentagon (and Intel) likes to push fake websites for Muslim-sounding groups to take responsibility for Pentagon-sponsored terrorism, a con so easily seen that, well, even you should see it.

      But there is something more: suppose I am minding my own business, living my life, raising kids, and you come in with an F16 and drop a few bombs in me. Suppose you kill my kids, I can no longer make a living, and you are all proud and waving your effing flag talking about freedom or some other self-imagined nonsense. Suppose if I get a chance, I take revenge. Am I a terrorist?

      Violence in response to terrorism is natural, and often because we are such a deluded and irrational race, we call that “terrorism.” So when I say that number of deaths due to Muslim-sponsored terrorism is zero, I am not only using poetic license, I am also forgiving of the natural violent repsonse people have when attacked by terrorists … Revenge.


      1. It’s clear you know nothing of these groups.
        Nothing about where they operate.
        Nothing about what they do.
        So easy to fool yourself, just don’t read a letter about these groups.
        Maybe, for a start, you should google a name of one of these groups, and then go to images.


      2. That’s a worthy project, and no doubt I would be impressed that perhaps one or two are real and not agents provocateur. But generally, when a group goes to the trouble to name itself and take out a website, it is fake.

        I stand by my poetic license, that all of the terrorism in the world is state-sponsored, and that the sponsors behind it are Western. There might be some blowback, but in general, targeted peoples have been remarkably peaceful even in the wake of violent Western terror attacks.


          1. Gerard, I told you I was using poetic license, or hyperbole to make my point. Any statement with the word “all” in it is false. My point is that when there is an act of terrorism, go West, young man!


  4. I watched a few Hicks is Jones videos on Youtube last night and I’m more on board with you.

    I notice that obvious disinfo guys are pushing this comparison, and then creating obviously wrong videos like “JonBenet Ramsey is Katy Perry”, “Serena Williams is a man”, “Pete Rose is Sandusky’s lawyer”, and saying things like “if you don’t see it, then I don’t know how to help you”.

    So they’re obviously trying to discredit by association. Something out there bothers them enough that they bother to do all this.

    What really pushed me over the edge was this video of Alex Jones trying to mock the idea by “pretending” to confess to being Bill Hicks. It starts at 11:35 here

    Watch that video, then do an exercise. Pretend to admit, in a mocking way, that you are actually Gandhi (or something equally ridiculous). Watch how you do it, pay attention to your timing and how easy it is for you to laugh at the ridiculousness of it. Then watch AJ. He overacts it. He takes too long on his pauses and sighs, and overall just comes off like a liar trying to mock his lies.

    And most of all, it wasn’t funny. Think of how hilarious it would be if someone accused you of being George Michael or something. I’d have jokes all day and I’m not even that funny. Pay attention to the vibe. It’s not a fun, joking vibe. It’s oddly serious.

    To my gut, something is off. I got this far down the conspiracy rabbit hole on my gut and intuition, not just on evidence and logic, and my gut is telling me something is off.


    1. I deliberately avoided linking because of the noise factor – one site that had very good photo work was linked to flat earth on a sidebar. I decided I had to use my own judgment, and based on voice, appearance, age (Jones claims to be ten years younger than he appears) that this had some merit. Most of the rest I do not care abut – Jolie, Perry, Pacino … unimportant people anyway, in my view.

      I laughed hard, however, but found the evidence insufficient, at the notion that Jim Morrison became Rush Limbaugh. Still laughing. Man, if he could pull that off, I have nothing but admiration for the guy.


      1. Rush Limbaugh looks like a fake person. He has that same sort of “look” that Alex Jones has. Glenn Beck gives me the same vibe.

        It’s possible that this is the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps lots of today’s famous figures are played by earlier celebrities that died young.


          1. Just not convincing … intriguing, yes, but there are not enough undoctored photos of young Jim Morrison around. Everything on the Internet is that beautiful manufactured lead singer for the doors, complete makeover. It’s something to keep at arm’s length.


          2. Watched it. It’s possible. I’ll need to watch more interviews of both.

            The guy who did that video is obvious disinfo and I went ahead and watched his other videos to see who else he suspects. There is the River Phoenix/Mark Dice one which I don’t know about. There is also the Brandon Lee/Christopher Greene one that might be real.

            In the comments somebody mentioned the Columbine shooters are Trey Parker and Matt Stone and I’m leaning towards saying yes on that one.

            My next question is who’s Michael Moore? Chris Farley?

            And why so many comedians turning into radio hosts/conspiracy theorists or visa versa? Or is it just a small sample size?


            1. This is good work. Now that we know that intelligence agents are pulled from one identity and inserted in a new one, it is simply a matter of learning more about them before their fake deaths and trying to plug them in now. One death for sure faked, Janis Joplin. What do they do with a person like that? Glenn Beck was obviously someone else before he adopted that persona. Who? Rush too. Michael Moore? Nice! Merely being overweight is a clue, but that is a project! Moore is obviously a plant..

              That is a good photo comparison of Rush and Morrison. Where did you find it? I came up empty on Morrison photos, so you obviously have resources I am not aware of.

              I would like to do more background research, but all of that stuff, as I see it, is a monthly subscriber hoax, so I stick with the regular Google, which is heavily censored. What resources am I missing?

              The whole SNL thing is interesting. So many mediocre talents pushed on us through that door.


              1. Thanks. I just use Youtube. I type something like “Jim Morrison interview” and look for the videos that pop up. I don’t have the photo analysis skills like you do, but what I’m good at is watching people, picking up on subtle cues, and comparing vibes. That’s why I like interviews because I can get a glance at their real personalities, even if they’re pretending to be someone else.

                Joplin is for sure a fake death. A couple other big time red flags from your list earlier are: John Phillips, Cass Elliott, Jimi Hendrix, Ramon Novorro, Lenny Bruce, McGuinn (Byrds), Jayne Mansfield, Duane Allman, Phil Ochs, Gene Vincent, and Nico,

                If you can’t find my email in your system, just tell me yours and I can send the spreadsheet over.

                Something about these fakes like Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Moore that I find in common is that they look like Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor. They have that wax/fat suit look to them. They just look “fake”.

                I’ve found at least 3 disinfo Youtubers who specialize in this stuff. That means the CIA has at least 3 employees on the job so there must be some juice to this.

                Off the top of my head, Glenn Beck looks like Phil Hartman. The SNL guys are professional impersonators. That might be the appeal.


              1. Right on. Thanks for the original tip.

                I’ve been looking at John Belushi (who died age 33) to see who he could be. But then I started watching this interview and I got the impression that he was sick of the fame and wanted to retire. Starting at about 3:00 he starts talking about how much he doesn’t like the attention and, to me, it seems unusually genuine.

                But along with the numerology, I’m very confident his death was fake, in which case everybody involved with it becomes suspicious. They include: Robin Williams, Robert De Niro, and groupie Catherine Evelyn Smith who were at his house the day of his “death”.

                His autopsy was conducted by Michael Baden of HBO’s Autopsy fame. Looking at his bio I see the following red flag cases he was involved with:

                JFK, OJ Simpson, Sid Vicious, and Michael Brown.

                Figuring that he is the resident hoax forensic pathologist, this outs an entire nest of previous events that he was also involved in:

                Remains of Czar Nicholas II
                Ron Settles
                Claus Von Bulow
                Lisa McPherson (Drew Peterson)
                Richard Kuklinski
                Byron De La Beckwith (Medgar Evans)
                Chokwe Lumumba
                David Carradine

                Along with possibly all the smaller cases from the Autopsy show. While I’m at it, John Douglas, the famous serial killer detective from Quantico (who they based Jodie Foster’s, another spook, character in Silence of the Lambs on) could be outed for his involvement in the JonBenet Ramsey case. His other cases include Wayne Williams, John Wayne Gacy, the West Memphis Three (satanism murders), and pretty much every serial killer you’ve ever heard of. Sorry to go off-topic but these branches extend in different directions fast.

                By the way Mark, I didn’t get your email yet and it wasn’t in my spam folder either.


      2. I am currently re-reading Weird Scenes in the Canyon, McGowan’s book. One, I have a notion that it is a limited hangout, and now am wondering if McGowan fake-died too. So much stuff blew right by him – there was only one brief mention, and one only, that Sharon Tate’s dad was intel and working the area at that time. He is only suspicious of a couple of deaths, Morrison for one, and accepts that all at face.

        Anyway, it is quite a project, as I have over 80 suspicious deaths from the book listed, but I want to run them all down and see how many made the SSDI. I would do this on the theory that the music business was flooded with intel agents are part of Cointelpro or Chaos, and that they mostly had to be reassigned, only a few being allowed to continue the facade.

        I’ll keep you posted.


          1. Here you go – 81 by my count. I am yet to date them – I will depend of Wikipedia to give an accurate date of birth and death. A few are reaches away from the Canyon, Gig Young, for instance, but circumstances of death were quite unusual.

            I will update you on this as I develop it and do the same for me. If a name troubles you and you cannot locate it, let me know and I will find it in the book and give it context.

            Jim Morrison
            Frank Zappa
            John Phillips
            Sharon Tate
            Ron Launius (Wonderland killings)
            Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. (John Denver)
            Adelaide Sloatman
            Cass Elliot
            Jim Hendrix
            Kurt Cobain
            Abigail Folger
            Voytek Frykowski
            Gram Parsons
            Jay Sebring
            Ricky Nelson
            Diane Linkletter
            Sal Mineo
            Ramon Novorro
            Lenny Bruce
            Inger Stevens
            Marina Elizabeth Habe
            Christine Hinton
            Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson
            Carl Wilson
            Brandon DeWilde
            Christine Frka
            Danny Whitten
            Bruce Berry
            Calrence White
            Ingram Cecil Connor
            Amy Gossage
            Tim Buckley
            Phyllis Major Browne
            Bobby Fuller
            Gary Hinman
            Janis Joplin
            Duane Allman
            Berry Oakely
            Gary Thain
            Tommy Bolin
            Phil King
            Rory Storm
            Ronald “Pigpen” McKernan
            Graham Bond
            Pete Ham
            Judy Linn Sill
            Phil Ochs
            Stacy Sutherland
            Roky Erickson
            James Dean
            Nick Adams
            Elvis Presley
            Natalie Wood
            Dennis Wilson (12/29/83)
            Gene Vincent
            Phil Hartman
            Godo Paulekas
            Christian Brando
            Jayne Mansfield
            Jerry Garcia
            Dag Drollet
            Bobbie Lee Bakley
            Steve Brandt
            “David Blue” (Stuart David Cohen)
            Sonny Bono
            Brynn Hartman (wife of Phil)
            Larry Williams (Lawrence Eugene)
            Brian Cole
            Lowell George
            Christa Paffgen (“Nico”)
            Al Jorden (spouise of Doris Day)
            Ella Mae Cooley
            Gene Clark (of the Byrds)
            Michael Clarke (Byrds)
            Gig Young …
            Kim Schmidt (Gig and Kim murder suicide?)
            Ingram Cecil “Coondog” Connor, Jr.
            Avis Connor parsons (mother of Gram)
            Avis Parsons (Sister of Gram)
            Richard Farina

            Meredith Hunter (killed in front of stage by Hell’s Angels during Rolling Stone concert)
            Clarence white
            Sid Kaiser
            Jim Croce
            Flora Parsons
            Gian-Carlo Coppola
            Ennis Cosby
            Eloise Kaye (Tommy Kaye’s daughter)
            John Belushi


              1. You might also look into two odd deaths, Gian-Carlo Coppola, oldest son of Francis, and Ennis Cosby, only son of Bill- Cosby’s death, especially, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever-


                1. I only glanced at the Ennis Cosby wiki and wow what a weird one. With my suspicions lately that Bill Cosby has been a spook from the beginning, it makes sense as a fake.

                  First off, who gets robbed on a freeway? Second, when was the last time you heard of a Eastern European teenager committing a robbery, much less on an African American? And in Bel Air?

                  1st red flag is that the killer is an inmate in Corcoran State Prison. Owner of that prison possibly related to Shark Tank real estate broker Barbara Corcoran, who may be related to Richard Corcoran Jr of the Glen Ridge rape case that Miles Mathis exposed. Take a look at some of the other inmates in that prison:

                  Charles Manson, Rodney Alcala, Sirhan Sirhan, etc.

                  Possibly every name on the “High Profile Inmates” list may be a spook.


              2. I just created a fairly large Excel summarizing a lot of details about most of the people in your list. I uncovered some big red flags.

                Does anyone know how I can upload my Excel spreadsheet anonymously? If not, I can try emailing it to you.


              3. I am not tech savvy enough to do that – all I would know would be a screen grab. Perhaps email is the best option. I guarantee you will remain anonymous.

                I just started on the same project this morning, but am only ten names in, 75 to go.


              4. I am chronicling DOB, DOD, age at death, cause of death, and if there was an autopsy. This require that I read the Wiki page for each, a valuable exercise. I assume you have had the same result?


                1. I already did all of that except autopsy for around 80% of them plus hometown, schooling, military connections, parents, numerology on Wiki pages, suspicious bios and connections, etc.

                  I bolded everything that I felt was a red flag. The 33/47/74 numerology outed a few nests we weren’t aware of before.

                  I don’t have your email, but I know you have mine. Send me a quick email and I’ll reply with the spreadsheet.


  5. i get that hicks was conspiracy-candy. but i also think the hicks/jones thing is extree-delicious conspiracy candy. a useful distraction of the goldbuggery variety.


    1. You’re right. A load of hooie. Brian Epstein is also a person of interest. I wonder if Andrew Johnson might offer some Zombie candidates in London.

      We were also discussing Karen Carpenter today. Her pre-death photos, where anorexia had supposedly made her a skeleton, are fake. But she was a remarkably average looking woman, so I suspected that they merely cashed her in to enhance the value of portfilio with no re-purposing. It was lovely music, and being taken out of vogue.,

      And just for fun, take a look at PBS newscaster Judy Woodruff. She is someone. I feel it more than I know it.


  6. With most everything in life timing is everything. William Cooper calls one of the biggest false flags the same year it happens. It goes down. Soon Cooper is either blown away or ‘disappeared. Alex popularity takes off. He ‘films’ the Cremation of Care at the ‘Grove without a problem. His ex wife? Part of the lineages that dominate the media ownership. Hence propaganda/programing of targeted population. Amazing acceleration of both agenda & time since 1964. In fact time is one of their tools.


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