Speaking of the Occult

I have written about this before – sun worship, the basis of Christianity, probably all religions. Satan and Christ are merely two sides of the same coin, sunrise and sunset. In fact, the Egyptian version of “Satan” was even named “Set.” Light and darkness fought one another each day. People feared the darkness and worshiped the light.

The “occult”is merely a set of rituals that are built around worship of darkness instead of light. It is no more creepy than crucifixions and virgin births, ritualistic human sacrifices and pretend cannibalism.

People like their ceremonies, superstitions. They like to dress up. Really gullible people really believe in the myths. So what if some meet in caves and dream of images of blue horses with flaming red eyes while others have massive buildings and an anthropomorphized celestial body progressing through twelve constellations, turning water into wine and walking on water? It is all different shades of the same symbols.

It is important to keep a strong grip on reality. Priests and priestesses have no real power, do not intercede between us and our deities, and do not need our money. There are no miracles or curses, and no matter how sacred (or secret) a ritual, is it still nothing more than superstitious play. If people get together and sacrifice animals at this late date, they need a good dope slap, maybe even a fine and some time in jail to get their bearings back. Stop it!

The reason the “occult” has such a foul odor about it is because it is a hiding place for Intelligence operatives. Son of Sam was an Intel psy-op buried in a Satanic cult. Charles Manson was a tool of Intelligence, and his “family” were employees who were part of CIA’s Operation Chaos, charged with infiltrating and  destroying the antiwar movement. The grisly murders were fake*, Manson is not in prison. The trial was fake. It was all a psy-op.

So get a grip, folks. We do have people among us who are fucking with us, creating wild myths designed to scare us, manipulate us, distract and misdirect us. They have been at it for centuries. They are Intelligence operatives, operating all over the globe. Their job is to keep the hoi polloi in line. We need to keep our feet on the ground, and understand that the sun is a celestial body, not a deity.
My favorite book (as if anyone reads!) on this subject is the late D.M. Murdock’s The Christ Conspiracy. She wrote a lot about astrotheology, but unfortunately used over-dense prose with too many footnotes and citations. But this work was her most accessible, in my view.

*The LaBianca murders were real, but were a copycat mob hit. LAPD decided to fold them in with the fake Manson murders just to “solve” them.

15 thoughts on “Speaking of the Occult

  1. Before Claudius Ptolemy there were 13 signs based upon 28-day moon cycles. 13 x 28 = 364. Mary was wiped out and replaced by “The Holy Ghost” or “Holy Spirit.” If we are Rome reincarnated, Hillary won’t cross the finish line. Ever hear of a female Roman Emperor? There’s a first time for everything, I suppose.


  2. For Christ Myth research, I have found the writings of Robert M. Price to be more rigorous and cogent than the work of Acharya S. He originally panned her book The Christ Conspiracy, but later retracted the criticism, reasoning (I guess) that the enemy of his intellectual enemies was his friend.

    Similar scholarship has raised doubts about the historicity of Moses, Muhammad, and the Buddha. One wonders how the present-day political world would be transformed if this scholarship had a wider audience.

    I am equally intrigued by the fact the prominent early Christians theologians were quite clear on the non-historicity of the Scriptures. It did not matter to them whether the events of the Bible really “happened” or not, but rather what the inner meaning of the story was. This strain of thought largely disappeared in Western Christian traditions after the Fall of Rome.

    I am a man of faith and of doubts. But even amid my doubts, I cannot ignore the fact that in this world, quite clearly something there is that does not love the persona or teachings of Jesus Christ. For those whose intellects are trained to detect conspiracy, there is much to study about the millenia-old conspiracy (within Christendom and without) to subvert the inner meaning of the Christian Scriptures. A whole lot of things come together if you know what is the spiritual basis of the power struggle being played out in the world of politics today.


    1. As my brother, a Cathlic priest and a wise man, said to me, both science and myth are means of transferring important truths from one generation to another. He valued myth more than science.,


      1. I am sure that your brother saw, as I do, how those ancient myths give average folk an inner strength in the face of adversity, abiding joy in times of loss, and a sense of value and dignity in ordinary life. Those old stories can have more healing power than many of the philtres in the pharmacopeia of modern psychiatry. They were also the matrix from which the Western program of science was born, whether Neil deGrasse Tyson wants to admit it or not.


  3. First: The La Bianca “hits” may or may not have happened, but as always, I default to no deaths because no actual crimes are committed in these hoaxes- They could not maintain their control if they were rank criminals- They are conjurors- Something out of nothing with but no more than suggestion-
    My best guess as to why the La Bianca “murders” were appended there was to make the main card seem real, even if so fantastic- A mundane mob hit sort of anchors the Cielo Drive circus to the mooring mast- The fact that Walt Disney apparently once lived across the street from the La Bianca house only adds to the fun, and is a tip of the hand to those with quick eyes-

    BTW: If, as Miles asserts its true, that the rackets had been taken over years ago by Intel, then a mob hit would not be possible- Granted, by my internal logic, if the hoaxers are Intel and they are also the “crime syndicates”, they can’t commit a murder like that- Again, I assert they don’t actually break any laws- Of course that begs the question: What about the drug trade they apparently control? Criminal activity 24/7- Yes, by foreign criminals, not Langley, et al- But as near as I can tell, banks don’t ask where money comes from and investing money in legal operations that said banks handle, where’s the crime (as written)? I think the hand of government is the banks, not the smugglers- The investment bankers work for Intelligence, not the cartels- The cartels are allowed a profit as long as it is through government controlled banks- When the cartels try and run their own banks, you get BCCI, etc.- Or, BCCI is set up specifically to be busted for the appearance of due diligence-
    And in the end, all we get is news of these crimes through the usual channels- AP, UPI, Reuters- All Intel, all the time-


  4. Check out John Bartram at Google+
    His take on Jesus etc. in a nutshell (as I understand it- your results may vary): Jesus Christ, as a proper name, does not appear in print at all until the 9th century CE (AD)- Back in the first century, Rome decided on a rear guard action against the messianic Jews that had bedeviled the empire for decades and more- Through the puppet court of the Herods, Antonia Minor, niece of Augustus, helped create a pacifist evangel that Saul, step-son of Salome, took undercover to the potential non-Jewish recruits in the eastern empire- The Dead Sea Scrolls refer to him as The Spouter of Lies- Saul’s rival, James the Just, was assassinated for attempting to stop this pacifist movement from undercutting the messianic movement he headed-
    The pacifist, anti-messianic “movement” was referred to as Chrest, essentially “the good and the great”- It was a cover, obviously, as piggy-backing on the pacifism was an infiltration of movements, pro and anti-Rome/Herodian, just like any other Intel op that seeks to disarm dissent or move in on an unsupported, ideologically problematic groups- And, most importantly, to overtake any revenue generating operation (donations/charities/secret arms movements/drugs)
    Chrest then operates like a mafia/Intel operation (nothing new under the sun)-

    Nero, out of the loop, gets wind of this from an interrogation of Saul, and the Emperor’s wife Poppaea, a member of the operation, is slain- In response, Nero gets his just desserts- Vespasian makes a bargain with the Chrestians, very influential people from the get go, and wins the throne- By the time of Domitian, something blows up because he has Nero’s old secretary whacked, the guy who set up Nero for the hit- This in turn dooms Domitian, who is whacked in order to protect the good and the great “movement”-
    With the Jews finally scattered and outlawed by Hadrian, the soup stock of metaphysical notions: Philo’s Logos, resurrection, baptism etc. eventually allows the Severen dynasty to continue the gravy train, as the hoi polloi are beginning to get converted on a mass scale- Baptism and a loyalty oath, all from the bag of tricks that have accumulated since the first “Chrestians” used classic Roman syncretism to infuse Rome into every religious scheme (in this case to infiltrate and neuter messianic Judaism) is used to bring hordes like the Goths (whom Bartram identifies as the Scythians) into the Roman sphere-

    Yadda Yadda Constantine’s Chi Rho is a spin on the Ankh and eventually becomes the cross- The clean shaven Christs with the Chi Rho in the mosaics is actually Constantine- Baptismal fonts with the Chi Rho are not Christian- They were later written into the backstory of the historic church which did not exist until Charlemagne commissioned Alcuin of York to construct a “Catholic” universal, one size fits all throughout the empire, religion- This is a form of proto-globalization where every church has the exact same menu-

    Bottom line is that Bartram argues that the church did not exist until around 800 CE- That means the church fathers and the heresies of old are complete fabrications, concocted to give the church an historical authority- In the few texts that exist reliably before 800, the nomina sacra IS Chrest or XP Chrest is listed, not Jesus Christ, which was actually one of Julius Caesar’s divine names- But the wandering, androgynous sage and the passion and resurrection are all cribbed from earlier, non-Christian texts, such as those authored by actual historical figures, i.e. Mani of Manicheism, or Bardaisan, Mani’s mentor- There is no Augustine, Tertullian, Cassius Dio, Oregin, etc.-

    I prefer what I think is Bartram’s angle to Joe Atwill’s Flavian conspiracy, though in some details it has merit- It’s all very complicated-
    http://postflaviana.org/ (I’ve contributed to this forum from time to time)


    1. As you apparently understand, comments will be trapped in the spam filter if they have more than two links. I have attempted to adjust this, allowing more, to no avail. It appears to be a hard-wired WordPress rule.

      I do get notification when something caught in the filter, so just expect a delay.


      1. I sent a reply to your “brick shithouse” on 7 June, that you don’t appear to ‘ave got, maybe it too is in yer Spam?

        Anyway, the subject at hand, “Jesus Christ: Rock Icon (Spoof Doc)”:


      2. I wasn’t aware of the link limit- I’ll break things in multiple replies if I ever have more than two links-


    2. Good heavens, a treasure trove. There are not enough hours in the day. A former schoolmate prides himself on teaching One Flew Over to high school kids, not even beginning to understand it. Whoosh! Much in the name manner I read Catcher in the Rye.

      Anyway, thanks for the links. I’ll get back to them later today. We are in the middle of a painting project, and must use the cool of the day.


  5. With 20 & 21st century mankind ha been shedding real blood in wars perpetrated by who? Who befits most? Who could do such evil on such a massive scale over & over for the past 200+ years? What does the media/entertainment systems pump into the video screens? What deity is more embraced in this media box, the Christ like figure depicted in the bible or the Luciferian serpent/dragon? That military angle repeats again w/this subject ‘occult’. Lt. M Aquino, so over top that he is dismissed as camp.


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