No vigils here, no sir. Not a vigil guy …

The American public long ago lost any capacity for critical thought and skeptical analysis, if ever it existed. Consequently we are the easiest people to fool on the planet, and possibly in human history.

Nonetheless, I urge that you withhold judgment on the latest mass spectacle/TV show, the Orlando affair, and refuse to jump to conclusions or be easily persuaded. Wait for evidence, do not believe people just because they are on TV and talking.

Oops. Too late.
PS: From a commenter in a thread below:

“40 shots, 50 dead, 53 injured- Do the meth… Orlando is indeed the hoax du jour.”

Americans are good at meth, but not math. Commenter makes a subtle point.

20 thoughts on “No vigils here, no sir. Not a vigil guy …

  1. The Wiki page for the event is signaling the following:

    The casualties are fake.
    The grief counseling for survivors is fake.
    -. The FBI hotline for tips is fake.
    The connection to ISIL is fake
    The LGBT fundraising page is fake and so is the amount raised.
    The state of emergency is fake
    And there is signaling towards the venue, not sure exactly what their pointing to.


    1. For people new to the game, “signaling” involves numerology – Intelligence agents have a system of notification so that anyone of the thousands and thousands at work in the world can look in, see them, and instantly know they are dealing with a fake death, event, or hoax of some other kind. MH can explain exactly what he found, but in my experience the numbers 8,33,46,47, 94 are used.

      For instance, the “Zika” hoax, we are told that the virus was discovered in 1947. That is a signal so that anyone inside the game looking on will know that the epidemic is a hoax and not to worry about it. Similarly, in Kurt Cobain’s Wiki page, the numbers “33 and 333 inexplicably appear in the footnotes, that is, a real footnote, and then a “333” beside it without explanation. On Sharon Tate’s (fake) death certificate, her Social Security number is listed as 452-74-4733 – that is three 47s (4 (5+2), 74 (backwards) and a real 47) and a 33. Got it?


      1. Not sure you’re doing The Numbers right, but I’m not an initiate so it’s all speculation.

        I’ve come to understand all numbers mean something, some numbers are associated with Fake/Dodgy Events, and I have my little list to watch out for in that regard.

        Mister Numbers, “Zachary K Hubbard”:

        This chap’s excellent, worth spending much-much time with, “martyleeds33”:

        Tree Of Life:


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        1. Thanks for the links! If you provide more than two links, it will go to moderation. I cannot control that. But I do get notification of the comment and approve it, so it is just a delay.


          1. Possibly a Number can be a blessing? “Lene Lovich – Lucky Number”:

            Here’s a page about The Numbers:

            Oh no! More than two links! I’ll risk it, “The Prisoner Intro”:


            Here’s a favourite number-thing, the 9-11 flight numbers: 11, 93, 175, 77, give you 11, 12, 13, 14 [which may have something to do with Pi], which further reduces to 2, 3, 4, 5, hence 14 and finally 5. Which is a pentagon, or pentagram, which is Venus and I’d guess why it’s the symbol the Order of the Eastern Star, perhaps not. It’s connected to the Golden Ratio.

            [Not wishing to risk another link, a quote from Wiki]. “The pentagram was used in ancient times as a Christian symbol for the five senses, or of the five wounds of Christ. A Christian use of the pentangle occurs in the 14th-century English poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, in which the symbol decorates the shield of the hero, Gawain. The unnamed poet credits the symbol’s origin to King Solomon, and says the symbol is key to understanding the work. The poet explains that each of the five interconnected points represents a virtue tied to a group of five. Gawain is keen in his five senses, dextrous in his five fingers, faithful to the salvation provided through the Five Wounds of Christ, takes courage from the five joys that Mary had of Jesus, and exemplifies the five virtues of knighthood.”


            1. Well, I will repeat – numbers are signalling devices, nothing more. I know people want to ascribe power to them, but we are mired in this reality on this planet, and there are people who like to fuck with us, and we call it “the occult.” There is no such thing. There are merely smart people and their less smart sheep.


              1. I am relaxed, I think, but who knows; what’s relaxed to me might be stark raving mad to others. Reminded of this, from my early twenties, “Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax (Restored Version)”:

                The “occult” simply means “hidden”, it is neither good nor bad.


                1. I have no problem with the occult. Where they lose me is when they get into believing in the mystical non-earthbound powers behind it. It’s just people. Mainstream religion is the other side of that coin. That’s just people too – a way of controlling others.


                  1. You’re probably right.

                    “Where they lose me is when they get into believing in the mystical non-earthbound powers… ” sorta, a bit, like Judy Woody an’ ‘er Ray Gun.

                    One from my childhood, “John Fred & his Playboys-Judy In Disguise”:


  2. The numbers I look for are 11, 33, 47, 74, and 66. I’ll soon add 8, 46, and 94 in order to see if it matches up. Other examples of how this numerology is used is in footnotes like 147, 247, etc and 111-119, 330-339, etc. I especially look forward to the 111-119 and 330-339 numbers because they out larges nests.

    You’ll find that it is organized and many times very clear about what is false. The more you do it, the more you realize that it is not a coincidence. Yesterday, before the Orlando wiki page was updated, it signaled that the killer worked for a security company, which would tell me that that security company is a front for intelligence.

    Very, very quick and efficient way to spot hoaxes and may speed up our work, and the work of people like Miles Mathis by many years.


    1. Great … here are the SSNs for the Laurel Canyon people who turned up on SSDI:


      List #s 3,4,5,6,8,12,13,16 and 17 seem to suggest some signaling. It could be random, but such prevalence in a small sample is odd. I know that 33 is used as the highest order of Masonry, 46 as the year the CIA was authorized, 47 the year it went into business, and 8 having something to do with the Fibonacci business. Numbers to me have no power, so I regard this all as a game of Marco Polo.


        1. 536-90-4399 Kurt Cobain
          557-40-6068 Ricky Nelson
          134-26-4678 Sal Mineo
          549-50-8860 Clarence White
          569-74-3309 Tim Buckley
          321-42-3381 Berry Oakely
          557-60-9455 Judee Linn Sill
          299-34-0051 Phil Ochs
          157-20-8333 Nick Adams
          562-60-0767 Dennis Wilson
          585-38-7018 Gene Vincent
          501-74-2911 Brynn Hartman
          541-46-4103 Brian Cole
          566-60-9706 Lowell George
          561-50-3200 Terry Melcher
          531-44-8085 Michael Clarke
          552-47-2951 Giancarlo Coppola


    1. Wiki doesn’t have an article up yet for Robert Hall, but here are the signals for Abu Sayyaf

      2015 Samal Island Kidnappings faked
      2016 Indonesian and Malaysian Sailor Kidnappings faked
      The killing of Abu Sabaya was fake
      Warren Rodwell kidnapping was fake, and he is signaled as an intelligence officer
      Chinese fish farm kidnappings were fake
      Jeffrey Schilling kidnapping was fake
      Jemaah Islamiyah (who trained Abu Sayyaf) is a front

      You get the idea?


  3. Even under the best of circumstances in a nation of 300 million and counting there will be lots of ‘loons’ and the FBI are not psychic and can’t predict which ones will really become mass killers and which won’t before it happens. Everything looks obvious in hindsight…

    That said, Islam the POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY encourages this sort of thing. It’s like Nazism, except that in addition to hating jews and gypsies and slavs Islamic men also hate women, children, Christians, atheists, Hindus, homosexuals, other sects of islam… and the trains don’t run on time.

    Japan doesn’t let Muslims enter their country. Japan has basically zero problems with islamic terrorism. Perhaps Trump has a point here…


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