This American life … sand and hot air

Americans are censored in their thoughts and words. The heavy hand is all around us. It is such an effective system that few are aware of it. If a person has never have had a thought worth censoring, why would he know about it?

We are indoctrinated from birth, schooled by people as deeply mired in the system as ourselves. We are  lied to in every aspect of our lives, with every corner of our mind filled with fiddle faddle. How would we know? North Koreans laugh at us. Censorship is so thorough that we are isolated from the rest of the planet.

I am among the lucky ones who have broken free. I know other people like me, and that is where I do most of my thinking and interacting. People I deal with are smart and insightful, usually more so than me, so that I am always on a learning curve. Every day brings new insights and discoveries. That is fun.

But an incident like the fake shootings in Orlando to reminds me how isolated we are, how deep in the muck the rest of the population is. It seems a hopeless situation when we see that Americans are putty in the hands of TV news and social media.

Americans are under hypnosis, in a deep trance. This land is an intellectual desert with nothing but sand and hot air for miles in every direction.

What then is the point? If the population under a deep spell, will it ever change? It is hard to know, but seems unlikely. There has to be another reason to stay on top of things and away from control of the propaganda system.

I have my head above water, and can see more than others … and  that is freedom. I am nobody’s fool, under no spell. I see clearly. The word “freedom” has been sullied. Like “republican,” “democracy,” “choice,” “election,” it is overused and never really understood. If a person has never lived free, how to explain it? It is like explaining chess to a child who only knows Chutes and Ladders.

But I have freedom of thought and inquiry, and so do my friends. We cannot bring others over to see things our way.  That has to happen internally, and is rare.

This is the American way.

4 thoughts on “This American life … sand and hot air

  1. Nice post. I keep thinking that the brief celebration of Ali’s life could not end without slamming the door on all those who might wonder, or worse yet, act as he did. A free man is dangerous to those who seek to control others. The daily bombardment of lies can only work on those too afraid to live their own lives.


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