The strange saga of Morrison and Courson

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Connected to Jim Morrison, for whom we have no autopsy, body or official death record, add Pamela Courson. She too disappeared just like Jim, without records at the age of 27.

Pamela was born in 1946, and like Jim was in a Military family. (Jim’s dad was the commander of the fleet in the Gulf of Tonkin when that non-event happened.) She was with Jim in France when he died, and inherited his considerable estate, much to Jim’s parents’ chagrin. There followed, according to Wikipedia, court cases.

Pamela, like Jim, does not turn up in the Social Security Death Index, nor are there any other “Pamela Courson’s” who have ever lived or died on record there. SSDI is not the final word on anything – for that we would need a coroner’s report, toxicology, and autopsy. Of course, none of that exists either.

At this stage in my meanderings in this murky world of mysterious death and disappearance, I am going to put Pamela on a list I am calling “BSE,” for “became someone else.” She might even be reading this blog post. I am pretty sure she did not die.

37 thoughts on “The strange saga of Morrison and Courson

  1. They keep messing with our heads with these hoaxes. I found this video of Pamela Courson lounging by a tree, looking stoned:

    They start showing you her at 2:05 and in the background is Jim Morrison singing repetitively “I tell you we must die, I tell you we must die”.

    My guess is that if she was assigned to another public role, it would be something completely different, like a CEO or author.


    1. That is interesting. She was certainly beautiful.

      Wiki said Pamela inherited Jim’s estate, and his parents contested his will. This is always a problem with fake deaths – you cannot probate a will of a living person. That’s why people like Prince and John Denver are said to have died without wills. In this case we have a 27 year old man with a will that bypasses his family and goes straight to the girl friend. It may be the case, but sounds like one of those added details that are put there to make the whole story more plausible.

      For instance, they say that John Denver’s plane was a home-built, and he was the second owner. The first owner, we are told, move the fuel tank switch behind the pilot’s seat so that his kids could change tanks while he was flying. We are then told that it was hard to flip that switch, and that a vice grip had to be used, which is why Denver crashed – he was playing with the switch.

      Plausible, I suppose, though a little wacky. But then they add this bit: They say his estate sued the manufacturer over the issue, and it was settled out of court. Manufacturers are not liable for after market parts or alterations. Makes no sense.


  2. I think the spooks at Langley have nothing better to do than add these details. Like how the Orlando shooter had a wife, so he is secretly gay now, so it must be homophobia. It’s just misdirection to confuse your anger and suspicions.

    Wiki flags Denver’s father with an 8. They admit his dad was in the military.
    He started playing guitar at 11 and he played 11 concerts in the Soviet Union.
    He has total sales of 33 million.
    His marriage to Cassandra Delaney is flagged with a 33.
    Colorado’s decision to make “Rocky Mountain High” the official song is marked with a 47.
    He became a superstar in 1974. He also bought his Learjet in 1974.

    To me, it’s not a question of “did he die?”. but “did he retire or does he have a different assignment?”


    1. I have done quite a bit of work on Denver, as, I was a fan, dammit. My research file on him is at about 3700 words. I am not trying to prove he did not die, but rather prove to myself that he did die. So far, nothing concrete. NTSB was supposed to have had a public meeting regarding his crash in 1999, but I called them and they did not have it. However, I linked to it via the plane, so it “exists” even if NTSB is not aware of it. However, at the end of it, a link to the NTSB report on the crash is a dead one. Right now I am waiting on a toxicology report from Monterey County, which they say they have and for which I have (twice now) sent them a $10 check, but so far nothing. It could change.

      I wanted to run down the Monterey sheriff in 1998, as he had served four years in the army, but ran into dead ends there too. In that county, the sheriff is also the coroner, so he was in charge of body id and toxicology and autopsy. If he is a spook, they might have chosen Monterey County for the death for that reason. How are you at running down military records?

      As it stands, I have no evidence there was a plane, witnesses, or a body. It appears to have been created out of whole cloth. He has a daughter in New Zealand, and a son in Durango, so he could be in either place. A YouTube video appeared in 1999 2009, said to have been made in 1996, of him singing a McCartney song. He is bearded, behind sunglasses with a low hat, so all I could really tell that might offer evidence was a healthy set of crows feet coming out from behind the sunglasses.


  3. That video looks a lot more like 2009 trying to act 1996, rather than 1996. The quality seems digital, which they didn’t have or use back then, with Adobe After Effects to make it grainier.

    I never really tried diving into Military Records. What exactly are you looking for with that?


    1. I want to know what branch, rank attained, etc, looking for Intel clues. This guy, Norman G. Hicks, is the linchpin – he verified fingerprints, toxicology, autopsy. It all ran through him. (Doesn’t it seem odd that the sheriff and coroner are the same person? I would think that a conflict of interest, but apparently it has been that way for a long time there.


      1. Maybe try hiring a private investigator? They are usually ex-police and have access to resources we don’t. But then again, they’ll probably run into a brick wall too.


  4. I offer a bit of second hand gossip, but I think its apt, because it seems plausible to me given that I know the central figure involved and this sounds just like something he would get mixed up in: I’ll call this guy “Jay”, changing the name to protect the innocent- Jay is still a hard driving rocker, a recognizable figure who started young in the late 60’s- He’s still alive, so he gets points for that- He’s still touring occasionally and his band, on the B+ list, still draws rabid fans, including young people, especially girls- The history books have been kind to his band, though I’m not that big of a fan (He has some real heavyweights in the industry who are big fans)
    Anyway, after Morrison “died” Jay took up with Pam Courson- The affair as told to me was torrid- But, as Jay was ready to pop the question, PC told him she couldn’t because she was pledged to Jim forever and she was going to “join him”- Well, PC “died”, presumably by her own hand, and Jay went around asking her intimates if it was true, that she was pledged to “join Jim”, presumably in the grave, he thought- He got several affirmations that she had indeed planned to “follow Jim” within two years of his “death”- Now I’m convinced that “Jay” is in no way shape or form an intel asset- I would consider him “traffic”, leader of a band that was shaped into a simulacrum of the main assets, like the Beatles or Stones, a band that could keep the raunch and roll alive because the A list bands that were created for nefarious purposes couldn’t crank out enough work to keep the sixties going by themselves- The racing circuit has drivers who are labelled “traffic” to allow the half dozen real racers who have a shot at victory to race with as part of the show- This guy is like that- He’s a late 60’s/now in his late sixties musician, and he’s been too long in the crazy, but he’s still here, as the same person and persona he started with-


    1. Something weird about Jim, that beautiful body in his Doors days. I know his weight fluctuated, but I am thinking this manufactured star had his head pasted on another body for those shots. We all looked better when we were younger, but that guy was Adonis, and then we see him balloon. I suspect he was a manufactured talent with his music supplied by others, his image created by others. He had to die because no way could he maintain the facade.,


      1. Given the Manson tie-in with Riders on the Storm, where Morrison looks rather fit in the promo film, and this is the end of the run because Operation Chaos has done it’s job and destroyed the credibility of the youth movement, we could be looking at more than one Morrison- At the end, his Sebring styled mane was gone and he was sporting the Jesus Manson look, an easy disguise for a look-a-like-
        He did have a brother, apparently- A friend of mine met the brother a couple of years ago and she said you’d think it was Jim himself (!!!) The guy who is supposedly his brother, Andrew, looks a little like his father but not really like Jim, who, at best, looks like a cousin and doesn’t belong in the Morrison’s immediate family- We need Miles to do one of his specials and analyze the childhood photos- Some of them have an artificial quality to them-
        Here’s Riders on the Storm with a cameo of Sharon Tate’s stunt double at the end…


          1. hey tyrone,im a car guy and i did watch this video a few years ago and niticed a telling detail.,,and i can prove beyond a shawdow of doubt,that people look but dont see. i looked at morison,and thought thats not him too scrawnny,a double. then im watching the video hes driving a 67 shelby..for sure. the dash is 67/68. the tailights are pure shelby the are about 1 foot or longer having seen many.o.k..heres the kicker..they replaced the car in the end…it became a 65/66 mustang gt..which was the early shelby. it would have to been the gt 350 beause they couldnt fit a 428 into the small engine bay…take a look at the tail lights on the car in the end of video…its a gt mustang with the then factory tailights about 6 in. wide with chrome strips thru big hood you see they are telling us they can replace and no one notices it.


          1. One initial impression I have of the boyhood photos is that Andrew is supposed to be at least 4+ to 5 years younger (can’t find his date of birth) and the age discrepancy appears to fluctuate- The bathing suit photo makes Andrew look at most two and half to three years younger-


          2. It will take some time, but I am seeing different noses, and for sure not seeing four years difference in the family photo. There is monkey business going on. It is starting to make sense.


            1. I’m going to go long and suggest that Jim had nothing to do with the Admiral’s family and that this is all post-mortem backstory- Here is my reasoning, so-called: When I was in my early 20’s and the Doors had already come and gone, Danny Sugerman, who had allegedly come up through the ranks, starting at age 13, as a Doors fan club worker (how does a band with no records out find themselves ready made with a fan club?) he came out with the book, “Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive”, co-authored by Jerry Hopkins- (Both author’s bio’s on Wiki are dripping with spookery, especially Hopkins-…. Sugerman was married to Fawn Hall???? How easy do they want to make this???) I recall Sugerman said on a radio interview I was listening to that while Jim was alive and in show biz (a very short 5+ years) he told anyone who asked, that his parents were dead and he had no siblings- His reasoning, said Sugerman, was that he didn’t want his family involved in the crazy and simply wanted them left alone- So, the Admiral’s story may begin with Sugerman, 9 years after Jim’s “death”- If the Admiral is ONI as some researches have suggested, adopting Jim’s story post-mortem would be in line with the other psy-ops these spooks engage in- If true, the odd looking boyhood photos are just more rabbit pellets- And suggesting Jim was a cousin or even adopted would be two more rabbit traps- I often insist that these operatives are obligated to tip their hand to see if anyone is on to them- Testing their methods and upgrading as required-
              One thing worth trying to decipher is the dead Indians story- That might be some cryptic signal to those who need to know-
              (I’m going to have to ruminate on this angle some more, so I won’t say this is my final answer, Regis)


              1. A lot to take in. Wiki flags his ancestry. Maybe you’re on to something.

                Wiki flagged the Native American story last week with an 11, but not anymore.


            2. I am thinking along your lines, though I don’t get the dead Indians … I made a reference to that, but you seem to be referring to something I am not familiar with. I am thinking that “Jim” is a guy picked for his looks and charisma, who was photographically inserted into the admiral’s family, which would make McGowan a spook, which would mean that McGowan is still alive too. They then sent “Jim” to Paris so they could pull a switch, inserting not a body double, but instead the overweight mangy man with the mole by his nose (whose photo, my wife tells me, is doctored to make him look scary). Then they fake-killed him.

              All that required planning.

              And, Morrison’s replacement, the man with the mole, could indeed be Rush, and this would explain why Rush’s bio seems normal for the most part, a real family. Rush merely did a photo op and then went back to his own life.

              What happened to “Jim?” I am a normal guy, but I can see that he is oozing sex appeal, so that indeed Pamela did want to be with him, and the two of them reunited. Where I do not know. He was a hire. He got a new gig, and he got the girl.

              The mystery to solve, then, to me anyway, is the Morrison family. McGowan threw us a real curve ball.


              1. That photo McGowan used for his book, the pic of young Jim with his Captain father on the deck of a ship, looks now like a kid (who can’t really be identified because of the lost profile) being introduced to the man running his project and the kid is being given a tour of his controller’s cover job, ship’s captain- Now it may not be explained that way to the kid- The Captain may have been introduced as a friend of the family and the kid is getting a cool tour from the man in charge of neat-o carrier- This pic may have been staged to link the name Morrison (Captain) to young “Jim”, whose name could be anything- As for more than one actor playing the role, there’s of course Paul as a precedent-
                For multiple Morrisons, we have this:


                1. I am leaning that direction. That profile is not Jim, though it might be Adam. There may not have been a Jim, which makes the Doors a “project,” scripted and layered. If that is the case, “Jim’s” move to Paris was scripted (enter “fat Jim), done to remove him from view, replace him and kill him off. One more layer, McGowan, used knowingly or not, to spread the word that Jim’s dad was the Gulf of Tonkin guy. Now they have what they want, confusion, people asking the wrong questions, all in all, a successful project, mission accomplished, everyone clueless.

                  Given their obvious good looks and youth, I imagine Jim and Pamela were a torrid romance and she did fake die to join him. I hope they have had happy lives.

                  I am more suspicious now of McGowan. He seems to excel at the art of taking readers close to things, but then stopping short. Why did he even write about Lincoln? Just as with Laurel Canyon, he caught the minnows while the big one got away. Then he dies. Too pat.


                  1. McGowan’s contribution was the family tree of Laurel Canyon- Maybe he was given that to gain trust, or was given a tip and ran with it- His old blog thing was much more provocative than the book, and if he wasn’t theirs to begin with, he was by the time the book came out- I tend to think he was helped all along and may have just become a victim of his environment, having mentioned he was invited to the kinds of modern Hollywood gatherings that he was writing about that went down back in the day- Whether he was seduced, he willingly bought in from the start, or was just a paid hire all along, the best thing to do now is what you and MH are doing in following up on the deaths to verify and clarify- A comprehensive list and a name by name analysis is the next step in taking the good parts that McGowan presented and making good use-


    2. Love this kind of insider info. I’m about 90% sure I know how you’re talking about.

      I’m just curious if Jay really writes all his songs, because Wiki flags that as false. Hope we’re on the same page here.


      1. Just give me Jay’s initials- I don’t like bringing in acquaintances without their permission, even though he is a public figure-


                1. Young is worth a look, however- His father was a famous columnist in Canada and Young lived and worked in the states with no legal documentation- I assume that has been remedied, but, still, he has a spooky odor about him as well- In fact, I seem to recall someone, maybe at Let’s Roll Forums, tracing Young’s movements back and forth across the border, possibly, if memory serves, with members of the Grateful Dead horde- Going to have to rattle my memory on that stuff-


    1. I wouldn’t be against Larry David being somebody else. Anybody that shows up on the scene in their 50’s or 60’s is worth taking a look at IMO.


      1. I have met Larry David. I worked on a number of “Curb” episodes (as an “extra”). In that series there is a running gag about the many people that hate Larry or come to hate him. That actually isn’t a joke. It’s true in real life. Larry is an incredible creep and he succeeded in causing ME to hate him in short order. And, I saw him do the same with others. It was a good experience though as it helped me to wake up and get out of that lunatic business.

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