What the future holds …

In the coming weeks this blog is going to have some revelations, some shocking, about people who supposedly died who are still with us. The first one will be the hardest, as the lengths that they have gone to in convincing us that John Denver died are extensive. I won’t have a smoking gun there, just a compilation of evidence, but lack of total certainty.  We are only missing a body, a plane, and witnesses. You can judge for yourself.

Perhaps before moving forward on this stuff however, it might help if readers understood the concept of fake death. I don’t quite grasp it myself even as I know it is common. I see in the music business that a dead musician’s collection of work is worth 20X  what it was when he was alive. Elvis, John Lennon, Denver, and recently Prince and David Bowie were probably economically motivated fake deaths. (John Lennon’s death had an added bonus of killing hope, as he was also publicly playing the part of a left-wing leader.)

Others have differing purposes, I suppose. John Belushi, it appears, merely wanted a quiet life, perhaps Robin Williams too. We should respect that decision. Fame can be a hard life. River Phoenix is still around, and I assume Heath Ledger as well. Since they fake-died at young ages, we should look for them in new cloaking.

It is the death and reappearance as someone else phenomenon that I am most curious about. I cannot pretend to understand it, but Bill Hicks (now Alex Jones) and Phil Hartman (Glenn Beck) seem to behave as employees being reassigned from one task to another. I don’t imagine they had the sway or power to decide for themselves to fake die, undergo plastic surgery, and reappear as right-wing icons. That means that in their original careers they were recruited, hired, assigned a certain part, and assured that fame would come to them if they played along.

And this is what is troublesome. It indicates that our celebrity culture is far more manipulated and contrived than we imagine. I know that in music our tastes are not our own idea, but rather given to us for us to imagine we stumbled upon. Apparently the same social phenomenon is at work in acting, comedy, and as we shall see, even political discourse done via TV and movies.

Is it all fake? Probably. I assume that Tom Cruise is gay, for instance, and all his marriages have been beards. I assume the same thing about Brad Pitt and Clooney as well. Bradgelina’s kids are surely hired actors. Are those two merely public beards for an incubator system for future stars? I would assume most famous marriages are fake, even Ellen and Porsha, that they are assigned partners in public and each night go home to separate lovers and homes. Is it like Caitlyn … all for show? Most likely.

That is celebrity culture, but the movement of people who have fake died into political punditry speaks of higher involvement and planning of our daily lives. I don’t for a second believe we have anything vaguely resembling an open society and free exchange of ideas, but prior to discovery of the true origins of Jones and Beck, I never imagined how contrived it all is. On the “other” side of that spectrum, I would imagine Thom Hartmann, for instance, is in real life a right-winger assigned the role of lefty talk show host. Controlled opposition is key. That is full spectrum dominance, even as narrow as our allowed spectrum is.

More fun ahead here. In looking over the blog roll, I see that it is tedious and predictable partisan politics and hashing out and misinterpretation of major staged  “events.” Here it is going to be more fun. I have, for instance, a list of 60 or more “dead” rock stars from the late sixties and seventies whom I assume were either merely retired to desk jobs or obscurity without pay, but perhaps a few of them have been re-purposes to other high-profile gigs.

Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “What the future holds …

  1. It really messes with the mind, because all our lives we were told that these celebrities were regular people who made it to the top, and that we too could become celebrities if we had what it takes.

    Now we see that celebrities are a mix of the following: military, children of military or intelligence, children of established Hollywood, children of wealth, and a few very talented people who got there by luck.

    Regarding the talented people, I have heard that once you get to a certain level in Broadway, television, or Hollywood, you are expected to pay-for-play, meaning sleep with a casting director or producer in order to get a role. This goes for women and for guys (who have to sleep with the gay power players). If you are headstrong and refuse to do so, there is a limit to how far you can go (usually no more than a small role on a TV show or movie).

    And then there have been many rumors that a large percentage of the famous actresses in Hollywood are actually very, very high-end escorts. I have heard rumors about the following: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Tara Reid, Hayden Panettiere, Mena Suvari, and Anne Hathaway. These actresses are paid for by billionaires who enjoy the idea of that conquest, particularly in Arab countries. If you see a famous actress or musician dating or marrying a billionaire, you can be sure it was an escort turned relationship, since those circles do not mix. Instagram models have an even worse fate. Google “Instagram models and Dubai” if you dare.

    So that’s what we’re dealing with. Fake deaths, intelligence, wealth, prostitution, body doubles and twins, fake events, fake biographies, fake charities, fake activism, fake relationships, fake drug addictions and rehab stints, etc. These are the people our culture, and particularly our youth, looks up to.

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    1. Here is the link to a Clint Richardson podcast about bloodlines in Hollywood, media, music, politics etc. Clint has amazing work from his almost 500 shows on Republic Broadcasting. https://corporationnationradioarchives.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/show21_nov11.mp3
      Clint’s blog is https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/ and he just finished his book, Part 1 of “Strawman, the Real Story of Your Artificial Person”. He spent 3 years researching and there is an amazing amount of information covered…the truth about our “slavery” and what this country is really about. He was one of the 1st sources of “truth” that I found after “waking up” 5 years ago.

      Dr Hans Utter has numerous podcasts about music, mind control and the history of FM radio. I found this “summary” podcast on Renegade Tribune. Haven’t listened to it yet, but have listened to several of his episodes on Gnostic Media.


  2. A couple of thoughts- An unimpeachable source told me back in the day that Sharon Stone was truly engaged to a production assistant she had met on the set of The Quick and the Dead- The engagement collapsed because of the unequal rank (It wasn’t Stone’s fault- The power structure in Hollywood just wouldn’t support it) She moved on to multi-millionaires like a good celebrity (escort?) and ended up at Bill Clinton’s side, presumably with Hilary’s approval- Then the Vince Foster charade sent Stone running for cover and she had a beard marriage with the editor of the SF Chronicle, a Hearst paper- The couple even “adopted” two kids just for show- She’s out as a star but not before being reassigned Liz Taylor’s old position as the face of amfAR, the AIDS charity network- (A few researchers have it that AIDS is also a scam, and if so, Stone is doing her duty for her masters) I only mention this because here is a case of a celebrity having doors opened for her and she tried to set up a private side with one of the little people and failed- She appears, then, to have been read the riot act and deferred to her masters-

    One other celebrity worth a mention is Charles Grodin- He was a fine comic actor and was rolling along when he decided he’d rather be a liberal pundit- He got his own show and later decided he’d had enough and retired altogether- Thinking about Hicks/Jones et al, I now wonder if Grodin was simply a beta test, run right out in the open to see where the bugs in the system were located and have Grodin report back what he had learned about switching celebrity gears so quickly-
    Recently, Alec Baldwin tried the same thing but he was shut down in a matter of days- Not sure what that was all about-

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    1. Nearly every time AIDS or an AIDS foundation is mentioned in Wiki, it’s flagged. Take that for whatever it’s worth.

      Sharon Stone’s 3rd son, Quinn Kelly Stone, is flagged in Wiki. Maybe if they flag one, it means all of them are flagged? In their pictures together, Phil Bronstein looks uncomfortable around Stone and his beard ultra-groomed and perhaps fake (maybe as an inside joke on Stone being a beard?)

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  3. Here’s a list I found on one of the PID forums- There may be some new ones here for anyone making lists- Funny comments-


    Ritchie Valens (17): Plane crash, along with Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper.
    Sid Vicious (21): Heroin overdose, apparently supplied by his mother.
    Eddie Cochran (21): Thrown through the windscreen of a Ford Consul in a traffic accident.
    Stuart Sutcliffe (21): Brain haemorrhage, possibly due to prior head injury.
    Buddy Holly (22): Plane crash, memorialized in Don McLean’s American Pie.
    Aaliyah (22): Plane crash
    Ian Curtis (23): Hanged himself after watching Stroszek and listening to The Idiot.
    River Phoenix (23): Overdose of cocaine and heroin
    Bobby Fuller (23): Found dead with multiple injuries and covered with gasoline.
    Pine Top Smith (24): Shot during a fight.
    Duane Allman (24): Motorcycle accident.
    Cliff Burton (24): Killed in a bus accident.
    The Notorious B.I.G. (24): Shot in his car shortly following Tupac’s death.
    Tupac Shakur (25): Killed in a drive-by in Las Vegas Nevada.
    James Honeyman-Scott (25): Either too much or too little cocaine.
    Randy Rhoads (25): Killed in plane crash as a result of pilot douchbaggery.
    Nick Drake (26): Suicide.
    Otis Redding (26): Plane crash.
    Gram Parsons (26): Morphine overdose while hunting UFOs.
    The Big Bopper (28) (Jiles Perry Richardson, Jr.): Plane crash, see above.
    Bix Beiderbecke (28): Officially lobar pneumonia, but some reckon alcoholism played a part.
    Bradley Nowell (28): Heroin overdose.
    Hank Williams (29): Mysterious circumstances involving heart failure (probably alcohol or drug-induced) in a Cadillac.
    Marc Bolan (29): Never learned to drive because he was afraid of a premature death. So he died as a passenger in a car wreck.
    Patsy Cline (30): Plane crash (but not the same one as Buddy Holly, etc).
    Pete Farndon (30): Drowned in bathtub during heroin overdose.
    Jeff Buckley (30): Accidental drowning.
    Mama Cass (32): Heart attack brought on by “fatty myocardial degeneration due to obesity”.
    Keith Moon (32): Overdose on sedatives meant to stop his alcoholism.
    Keith Godchaux (32): Automobile accident, and being a keyboardist for the Grateful Dead.
    Rob Pilatus (32): Prescription drug and alcohol overdose, and lip synching.
    John Bonham (32): Warmed up with four quadruple screwdrivers on the way to rehearsal, where he began the serious drinking. Later that night he died from choking on vomit (it was his own, so no need to dust).
    Karen Carpenter (32): Heart failure from side effects of anorexia.
    Hideto Matsumoto (33): Accidental asphyxiation (or suicide) after a night of drinking, provoked several copycat deaths.
    Elliott Smith (34): Died of stab wounds to the chest, inconclusive whether they were self-inflicted. Had a tragic history of substance abuse.
    Layne Staley (34): Heroin overdose.
    Melanie Thornton (34): Plane crash
    Matthew Ashman (35): Complications due to diabetes.
    Jimmie Rodgers (35): Tuberculosis. Not to be confused with Jimmy Rogers who died a rock ‘n’ roll death due to colon cancer at age 73.
    Blind Lemon Jefferson (36): Unknown. His grave was unmarked until 1967 and is, finally, being kept clean.
    Brent Mydland (37): Drug overdose, and being a keyboardist for the Grateful Dead.
    Michael Hutchence (37): Officially suicide, some speculation that it was autoerotic asphyxiation.
    Charlie Poole (39): Heart attack following a three-month drinking binge.
    Anna Nicole Smith (39): Accidental drug overdose.
    Fats Waller (39): Became sick after an otherwise successful performance.
    John Lennon (40): Shot in the chest by deranged asshole.
    Elvis Presley (42): Died in his bathroom after basically destroying his body with drink, drugs, and junk food.
    Marvin Gaye (44): Shot by his father.
    Mike Starr (44): Prescription drug overdose.
    Freddie Mercury (45): (Born Farrokh Bulsara.) Died of being bisexual in an era when no one cared about AIDS.
    Randy California (45): Accidental drowning while rescuing his son from a rip current (his son lived).
    Jeff Hanneman (49): Alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver.
    Joey Ramone (49): Cancer, glue-sniffing.
    Dee Dee Ramone (50): Heroin overdose, glue-sniffing.
    Michael Jackson (50): Possible drug overdose administered by his personal physician
    Vince Welnick (55): Suicide. And being a keyboardist with the Grateful Dead.


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