Brexit … could be something, probably nothing

[Update] Private emailers are telling me the whole Brexit is a spook operation, fake vote count and the whole usual suspects type affair. It is possibly tied in with merger on the London Stock Exchange and Deutsch Borse last month. Red flags are all about. One way to check the evidence would be to find out how much shorting was going on in the past week, British Pound against the dollar, as it dropped from $1.50 to $1.33. (We are going on a trek in Switzerland later this summer, and the British company we are using up and insisted on payment on Thursday. Hmmm.) I don’t know how to check those numbers, but will report back when I find someone who does.


I can’t pretend to know or care much about the European Union other than Greece’s membership was a way of strangling that small country. But the vote in Britain either slipped through or was allowed, as British elections are about as meaningful as our own.

If it slipped through by accident, it will be undone. It was, after all, only a referendum with no legal binding power. Parliament (read “Cabinet”) can ignore it, overturn it, modify it, or maneuver around it.

But I don’t see such an accident happening. Those with power never leave anything to chance.

My guess is that the vote was allowed to go through as a means of allowing a venting of steam, and that it was not even close. The immigration issue is a hot one, and this could be a way of tamping down the flames.

Either way, the will of the people is in no way considered a guiding voice in British politics. Just like here, public opinion is managed, not heeded. Elections are allowed as a necessity, fostering the illusion of self-governance, an illusion considered vitally important in keeping control.

This was either a managed venting, or another shoe will fall in the near future.

10 thoughts on “Brexit … could be something, probably nothing

  1. Wiki flagged the vote as fixed earlier, and now just flags the entire thing, both UK voting to leave and Ireland and Scotland voting to stay.

    The term “Brexit” is flagged as their creation. The splits in the parties are flagged as fake, all the cabinet ministers are flagged, and all the “uncertainty” in the banking industry is also flagged, as well as polls of foreign businesses saying they don’t want to do business with the UK.

    I am not familiar enough with UK politics, history, business and the EU to have an opinion on why they are doing this, but this seems like a 100% managed and done on purpose event. I have been planning to dive into the Wiki flags on the banking industry very soon so I hope to get a better read on it eventually.

    Perhaps the banks in the UK were jealous of all the bailouts the USA banks received during the Great Recession?

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  2. If this was managed, imagine how much shorting was going on the last few days and weeks.

    The opposition from the USA, Italy, and Indonesia is flagged, as well as all the opinion polls. This comment is also flagged:

    “A woman was turned away by the police after urging voters at a polling station to use her pens instead of the provided pencils, following a conspiracy theory that MI5 were rigging the referendum in favour of remain including erasing and changing votes made with pencil.”

    So the controlled opposition was already in full swing.

    Several flags are given to the UK Pound dropping to $1.33. They are probably rigging the markets to make the “crisis” seem worse than it is.


  3. I imagine the average British subject has no emotional investment in the peerage or the crown anymore- This looks like a galvanized rubber bone to heave at the dwindling numbers of blind, deaf and dumb serfs in this feudal anachronism- All of the pedophilia being reported amongst the upper crust and knights of the Jimmy Savile ilk, and lapping at the feet of the Queen’s youngest son, is being occluded by such dog and pony shows that have no legal weight- I assume Brexit is a conflation of “Broke, Jim can’t fix it”-

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  4. Bankers don’t care if markets go up or down. Either way they make money. What scares them most is the doldrums of “rangebound,” sideways markets. I look at this as a twofer for central bankers — and it’s always about what the banks want/need. Money (velocity) just increased, and payback for those uppity serfs is just around the corner. Austerity is TPTB’s answer anytime neoliberalism fails to deliver higher yield/profit for the investing class. Everyone back to your assigned station.

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    1. That a referendum was even allowed to happen is a sign of bigger game afoot. That the vote was supposedly even close insults our intelligence. They know public opinion, as they poll us constantly, though those polls are for private consumption only. They don’t need to have a referendum to know that the Brits are sick of the massive wave of immigration. It was fakery for a larger purpose.

      So we wait now for the other shoe …


      1. I think we have solid healthy economies, but imposition of central bank currencies allows them to crash us on a regular basis and clean up the debris left in the wake. That’s part of the reason I lost confidence in Chomsky, when he said oh hell, private bankers are doing as good a job as governments would do. Private bankers are eating us alive.


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