The problem of extreme gullibility

Some jackass named Rob Brotherton decided to follow this blog on the basis that he has a better world view, one based on acceptance of all that he is told in mainstream life as true without reservation. He has written jargon-riddled bullshit about the defects of people too smart to buy in in a book called Suspicious Minds. The name of his blog is I left him a tender and understanding morsel to start my day:

People who write about “conspiracy theories” in such a blithe and dismissive manner as this have a couple of things in common: One, they have never looked at any evidence, but rather uncritically accept and believe all they are told by mainstream sources (are extremely credulous); and two, they are remarkably incurious (dull).

For credulous and dull people to write such blather about curious and insightful people not only insults our intelligence, but points at the problem of humanity in general: extreme gullibility to the point of craven stupidity. It is why throughout history young men have tossed their lives away in battle for causes they do not understand, and young widows have imagined it was done for sake of heroism rather than easy manipulation by smarter people.

In other words, don’t mess with me, Rob.  You’ll just get your fingers burned, and you’ll end up using your bullshit psychology degree as a bandage.

One thought on “The problem of extreme gullibility

  1. It’s the newest gambit from Langley. I just saw a disinfo agent try the same thing the other day.

    It’s part of the “conspiracy theorists are mentally ill” project they’ve been running. It seems that some people need more than pictures of Weird Al in a tin foil hat to be convinced.

    The fact that he bothered to buy a domain for that, tells you who he really works for. It’s like those people that buy “” and spend all day writing blog posts. I’m telling you, the more I figure out their game, the less impressed I become.

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