Mark David Chapman 1) is not in jail, and 2) is twins

Mark David Chapman is the alleged killer of John Lennon. I doubt that he did that, and further doubt that he is in jail. Think about it – how easy would we be to fool in that regard? Once jailed, a person is out of sight and mind. Fake-jailing a person would be easy – just have him show up on occasion for a fake parole hearing or interview.

First I will run three pictures of Chapman here, all supposedly taken in prison.

MDC Original MugThis first one is odd, his original “mug shot.” Keep in mind, there are important pieces of information that prison officials want from a mug shot – height, scars, facial features, date of arrest, prisoner number. For that reason, mug shots are taken with bright lights in front of a camera that slides up and down so as to shoot straight at the face. When the photo is taken, the top of the skull is precisely even with the correct height line. Notice on this mug shot there is no height scale, and that Chapman’s face and neck are shadowed. That is because this is not a mug shot (even as someone is holding up a NYPD prisoner number in the lower left, not seen here). This is a portrait shot of Chapman, not taken in jail. We were easy to fool in 1981, so it worked.

MDC72 Middle AgedNext we have what I call “Chapman 72,” a man six feet tall. I have scrolled the number 72 on each side of his forehead for reasons that will be clear later. Make no mistake, this man and the young man up above line up nicely, and are very close in appearance. In fact, I would say they match up perfectly, even as the one on the right is in his middle years, while the one above is in his twenties.

Chapman 70Next we have “Chapman 70.” He is two inches shorter than the one above. You might think it trivial that there is a two-inch difference in height between these two, and indeed that could be the case. Even though prisons try to do their best work, they cannot always be perfect, so it could be that camera angles were not working properly, and that these are the same man. But I doubt it. This man also has a narrower face. But I will do side-by-side comparisons down below.

MDC72 OldFinally, we have old Chapman. Again, trust me on this, as this man, Mark David Chapman 72, is the same man as seen above with the numbers “72” on his forehead, and the same man as the young man showing at the beginning of this piece.

Young Middle Chapman 72I was certain that all photos with “72” were the same man, as you can see at the left … we get perfect alignment of features.





Chapman young oldAnd again, the young man and the old man, perfect alignment.





72 and 70 ChapmanNow it begins to get a little murkier. This is Chapman 72 and Chapman 70. If it were a mere matter of camera angles, they would match up after the pupil distance is adjusted. And at first glance, they do line up. But look closer … 72 has a much lower ear, and the eye is lower. However, the mouth and nose align perfectly. I would guess here that we are dealing with identical twins, neither of whom is in jail.


Chapman 70 and YoungHere I have done my best to align the features of Chapman 70 and young Chapman, but they are off just slightly, as with 72 and 70 immediately above. While I can get nose and eyes (mostly), the mouths are off, and the chins and ears do not match up.

My conclusion is that there have been two Mark David Chapman’s over the years, and since neither shot John Lennon (who was alive last I saw in 2008), both have been on call to make public appearance for photographs, interviews and parole hearings. They are identical twins, but as tends to happen, over time they changed in appearance enough that on close scrutiny, we can tell the difference.

As we can see with the McCartney twins, and will see in the near future with Elvis Presley twins (thank you Miles Mathis), intelligence services love twins. It gives them flexibility.

4 thoughts on “Mark David Chapman 1) is not in jail, and 2) is twins

  1. great work, thanks Mark…it is nice to know that there aren’t as many madmen running around killing people as we are led to believe


    1. I had to laugh when I read your comment as I am just now assembling an Oswald file.

      John Armstrong did an exhaustive study called Harvey and Lee, and he claimed there were two, one born in New Orleans and the other in Hungary, a man who spoke fluent Russian. They combined the two, says Armstrong, into one person, and here is where it gets clever: They sent “Oswald” to Russia hoping the Russians would think it was the New Orleans-born Oswald who could not speak Russian. But the trick was that it was the Hungarian born Oswald there, who could speak Russian but pretended to be unable. In that manner they hoped him to be able to eavesdrop without his hosts’ knowledge.

      Armstrong believed JFK died, and that Oswald died two days later and that this was the Hungarian-born one. Either that, or Armstrong is a spook. I don’t know how much spycraft is carried out by people who really believe in what they are doing, but knowing the Cold War was faked on both sides, and that Oswald’s death was faked, makes me doubtful that Lee Harvey Oswald who went to Minsk ever fooled anyone on either side.

      I’ll bet that to be more answer than you expected!


      1. Oswald’s death was clearly faked. It was pure show. Why was TV there showing how top security criminal is just sent away??? How somebody Jack Ruby was allowed to be there with a gun. The gun didn’t have any impact and flash. Nobody acts like Owald when he gots suddenly bullet into stomach – – making stupid faces and then dies peacefully.


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