Ramblings: McVeigh, Vidal, Will Smith

I was messing this morning with two images, one of Timothy McVeigh and the other of Paul Wysopal, the FBI agent in charge of “investigating” (read “covering up”) the fake Orlando event. The likenesses between the two are striking. This does show the value of running facial comparisons side-by-side, as there are fatal differences between the two.

McVeigh 5In other photos, as in the one to the left, taken before McVeigh’s fake execution, he has a small Cupid’s Bowed upper lip, just as does Wysopal. However, the skull size on the two men is different, and without running the faces side-by-side, it is easy to see that Wysopal’s ears are at least an inch higher than McVeigh’s. Too bad, as Wysopal is appropriately advanced in age to be McVeigh. But no cigar.

Wysopal McVeigh Composite

The comparison was so intriguing, and yet showed that we merely have two different men, each involved in a large public haox, who only strongly resemble one another. Given the spooks’ affection for twins, however (see McCartney, Oprah, Elvis), I suppose anything is possible.

VidalEverything I have learned this past year or more about public mythology and fake deaths has helped me realize that another man was a fake, an intelligence asset. Gore Vidal was allowed to interview Timothy McVeigh prior to the staged execution, and reported back to us in Vanity Fair, it too now exposed as a spook operation. Vidal likened McVeigh to the character Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello, defiant to the end. And now we know why. There was no real end.

Vidal, by the way, assisted in a long-term intelligence goal, that of feminizing men, normalizing homosexuality, and blurring gender roles. His book Myra Breckenridge was groundbreaking in the push towards acceptance of transsexual identities, if such a thing even exists beyond power of suggestion. His staged confrontation with William F. Buckley in 1968 during ABC’s coverage of the Democratic Convention  (“…you queer, stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in your goddam face …”) was probably the first time that a gay man was outed on national television. Buckley, we know, was an intelligence asset, having served in Mexico City during the Kennedy psy-op. Now it makes sense that the two of them were side by side, two asses, excuse, me, assets.

This is an aside, but positioning of ears on comparative faces is usually part of the match-up. But different ear positions is not a fatal blow in a comparison. Here’s an example of why not:

smith smith composite

This is actor Will Smith – there is no doubt that we are looking at the same man in both images. But look at the ear height! Smith has been surgically enhanced, his ears lowered. And honestly, it’s a good move, as it makes him look more like a leading man.

These folks who are used in Hollywood movies undergo untold indignities. As one guy said about the Academy Awards, if a bomb exploded during the ceremony, we’d not be able to identify one corpse by dental records, as none of them have their original teeth. But then, my own teeth have been worked over too, as I was never happy with the set given me by my parents. So who am I to talk?

9 thoughts on “Ramblings: McVeigh, Vidal, Will Smith

  1. Like multiple Pauls’ everywhere, Paul Whysopale might have been part of the batch of McVeighs on the bench in case McVeigh number one couldn’t make it before the cameras for some reason- Hit by lightning, bad shell fish, etc.- When “McVeigh” was finalized in worldwide photo distribution, this other Paul was transferred elsewhere and now, at long last, his chance to caretake a hoax has arrived-
    I suggest this because I’m now considering that there might have been at least three full sets of Beatles touring furiously in the pre-fame years- Sort of like fine tuning the act and switching players around to see which four fit best- Speaking of Best, I think the main reason, of many, that Pete was replaced was that he would have been hard to duplicate- He was half Indian and handsome at a rare level of handsome and switching to Ringo the homunculus was ironically easier to copy- With so many idiosyncratic features, no Ringo’s would ever really have to match up perfectly because there were too many things in that face that were hard to fathom- If you were off a bit with the ears, that nose blew out all nuances already- And the more face you cover with hair: ears, eyebrows, foreheads, the easier to pass off duplicates from a reasonable distance- And of course all photos are inadmissible to start-


    1. It took me all of 15 minutes to see that Paul McCartney was a set if twins. Figuring out the roles of “Mike McGear” and Jane Asher was a little more complicated, but I did it. If I can do that, so too can the people who run your website. It is noise, meant to distract and preoccupy without shedding light. It will not make it to our blogroll.


      1. Looks like u visited Miles C. Mathis site. If not so, then I apologize. So many got fooled by him, me included, thankfully I woke up. McCartney didnt have any twin, but he DID was replaced and what u call “noise” is true research. The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper.


      2. I was the “Friend in Colorado” on MM’s McCartney piece. And I beg to differ, the childhood photos are of twins, and other evidence, the recessed front tooth on original Paul, the cowlick and the eyelashes are very strong evidence of twins. They stepped in and out of each other’s shoes until about 1990 or so, and then original Paul stepped back, reappearing several years back as John Halliday. Someone else, not me, did the work on Wings concerts showing that both Paul’s worked them, sometimes even the same show. The teeth were the giveaway.

        [One of the reasons they wore moptop hair in the early days was to hide the eyebrows. Paul’s are wraparound, Mike’s far less so.]


      1. I’m not that great at it with paintshop pro. I know it’s your forte so I wanted to ask. I’m doing a few others which I haven’t seen them mentioned anywhere else yet. It’s hard to get photos of the correct face angels and it’s possible the photos of people I’m trying to match up may have been altered.


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