The latest Zombie: Richard Branson

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


Tyrone McCloskey is the author of the long paper (or book) JFKTV. It was the second of its genre I read, and was part of my re-education, the end of a 27 year odyssey trying to understand who shot JFK. Tyrone explained that no one shot him, and that the event was staged. Tyrone delves into the use of TV and full cooperation of the TV networks to sell the hoax.

(JFKTV can be read or downloaded here – you can easily bypass DropBox if you don’t have that app. It is 160 pages, less print than average for a pdf on each page, and a gripping read.)

Last night Tyrone was struggling with photographs, but even without their benefit came to a startling discovery. He found that Manson victim Stephen Parent faked his death, and was re-purposed as Richard Branson, the British business magnate. I guess he has some spook connections.

Here is Wikipedia’s account of Parent’s death (did I mention that Wiki is run by spooks? I did? OK then):

When the murder team arrived at the entrance to the Cielo Drive property; [Tex] Watson, who had been to the house on at least one other occasion, climbed a telephone pole near the entrance gate and cut the phone line to prevent telephone access to the house.[3] It was now after midnight, August 9, 1969.

Backing their car to the bottom of the hill that led up to the estate, the group parked there and walked back up to the house. Thinking the gate might be electrified or rigged with an alarm,[1]:176–184 they climbed a brushy embankment at its right and dropped onto the grounds.

Just then, headlights approached their way from farther within the angled property. Watson ordered the women to lie in the bushes. He then stepped out and ordered the approaching driver, 18-year-old student and hi-fi enthusiast Steven Parent, who had been visiting the property’s caretaker, William Garretson, to halt. As Watson leveled a 22-caliber revolver at Parent, the frightened youth begged Watson not to hurt him, claiming that he wouldn’t say anything. Watson first lunged at Parent with a knife, giving him a defensive slash wound on the palm of his hand (severing tendons and tearing the boy’s watch off his wrist), then shot him four times in the chest and abdomen, killing him. Watson then ordered the women to help push the car further up the driveway.[1]:22–25[2]

That is, of course,  complete fiction. (Did I mention that Wiki is run by spooks? I did? OK then.) Parent was not killed, Tex Watson is not in jail, and the entire Manson family (except Charlie) has been reassigned over the years to new projects.

What was really interesting to me is how Tyrone made this catch. These are his words:

“Parent was listed as 18 years old when he was killed and I started with celebs born in 1950 and kept an eye out for red/blondish hair- Parent’s smile looked like his deception smile, like he knew he was involved in a con- Years later, the actor has it etched on his face like the Joker’s scars-“

Tyrone has a background in Hollywood and his insights are often stunning. He sees through many veils.

Here is the photo comparison of the two:

Note that Branson’s ear lobes have gotten longer, as they do with age, but that we are otherwise looking at the young and older version of the same man.

Welcome aboard, Zombie Richard Branson!


See beneath the fold for a comparison of a photo said to be the corpse of Steve Parent with the living person. Be warned it is a little gruesome, but be reassured that the corpse is not real, looks more like a drawing, and anyway, does not match up.

The spooks did their best on this one, but missed on the nose. If the eyes line up, and the mouth and chin, but the nose, square in the middle, does not, we do not have a match. I assume they started with a real photo of Parent and then worked it over, blurring it to such a high degree to remove any signs of trickery. It would be a  little more believable had they actually allowed us to read the tag underneath, but it too has been blurred. It makes no sense to place an ID tag in a photo but to leave it unreadable. Plausible deniability, I think the spooks call this.

13 thoughts on “The latest Zombie: Richard Branson

  1. I just wrote a long comment under “the game is afoot” and forgot to thank Tyrone for his JFKTV book that I read in one sitting after downloading from Fakeologist. I had just read the Tate/Manson paper by Miles Mathis and also his JFK paper….Tyrone’s work on JFK really sealed the deal


  2. Thanks for posting the link again, Mark- I don’t know how many readers I’ve had, but what feedback I’ve gotten has been positive- Otherwise the response is a field of crickets- I take that as rumination, not of the argument presented, but of the reader deciding whether he/she is going to go down that road and what they will have to give up- Quite a lot, actually, and therefore they probably turn on heel and go back the way they came- Out of sight, out of mind-
    Meanwhile, the fates of four of the Manson “vicsims” is now known, thanks to this site and Miles Mathis’ epic take-
    Sharon Tate= Her “sister” Debra
    Wojciech Frykowski= His “brother” Jerzy back in Poland
    Gary Hinman= Maury Povich
    Steve Parent= Richard Branson
    Thomas John Kummer, alias, Jay Sebring- My best guess is he went to Brazil as his “brother” and returned to private spookery- I would guess he also specialized in disguises-
    Abigail Folger- Of all the “vicsims” she would be the least likely to reappear in public, at least in America- She was bi-racial and, as I said about half Indian Pete Best, that aspect of her appearance may be too much for the repurposing process- She would fit in down in South America, and that may have been where she stayed- She was very low profile to begin with and being a retooled public persona may not have suited her temperament- In exchange for spending Daddy’s money, she traded in her life for who knows what-
    One other comment- In response to Miles Mathis latest offering, about Leo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson, I offered that the bloodline connections of these celebrity spooks stems from them being illegitimate sons and daughters and not really belonging to the main lines of hidden power- They are tasked with controlling the interests of the hidden out in the open- Something short of coercion but in effect “legitimizing” themselves by taking the hit for the team with their inherent dishonesty- They get the accolades, the screaming fans, the money, drugs and police protection- At best they are Secundos and this is what they’ve been given for a pat on the head from Daddy Warbucks-
    Third sons on down and purchased orphans may also factor in this at an even lower level, like the maintenance of the porn industry by certain key players- Below that, politicians- Gerald Ford, nee: Leslie King Jr., would be a fine example- William Jefferson Blyth III would be another- Read the Wickedpedia pages for those two- Booze and violence ruled their various fathers- Sure enough that will breed Presidents capable of lying to the world with a straight face-


    1. I was not aware of Frykowski. Will look int o that one. Abigail Folger, I looked briefly at a Folger household in CA, and if she lived there it would be as almost a recluse, and posing as the spouse … details not clear, memory weak on that one. Also, I think Sharon became her sister Patti Tate. There was a real younger sister, and her name might have been Debra. She is the one who refused to attend her father’s funeral or pay for his cremation.

      I am yet to finish reading the Mathis paper.

      Your thoughts are always welcome here, wither as a commenter or as a guest author. Same for our friends MH and Annette.


      1. By the way, in reading about Branson a small circle completed. He is partnering with Scaled Composites in his space ventures, if such a thing is not, like him, fake. Scaled Composites is the company that made the Long EZ, the plane that was used for what I am mostly sure to fake John Denver’s death. I have got to finish that one some time.


    2. Tyrone, do you have a website? I would enjoy visiting if you do. If you don’t want to make note of it in the comments, Mark can provide my email address. Did you see the comment I left yesterday? I had just finished reading MM’s paper on JFK when your book (pdf) was linked on Fakeologist. After so many years checking for the latest research on JFK and just finding the waters more muddy, the fact that it was the largest live psyop just clicked for me and really, really pissed me off. The gall, the level of inhumanity needed to do something so horrific..I can’t even find words. I no longer give him a thought, case solved!


      1. I created this blog ( to host the JFK PDF, as well there is a link to a pilot podcast I did on the nuke hoax- As my job schedule and my mother’s needs have changed, I don’t have time currently to do much more than contribute to other’s blogs and forums- Maybe in the fall I can really expand my blog- The bad guys are an evergreen source of astonishment and everyone must answer their insults to the collective intelligence-


        1. Tyrone,
          I just listened to your nuke podcast and it was fantastic. Great insight, and it’s stunning how blatantly obvious the deception appears nowadays. I would love to listen to more in the future.


          1. Thanks- I have one other podcast needing mixing- It’s about how Hollywood partnered with British intel to sell WWII- Hopefully I’ll get it out this year-


        2. Tyrone
          I’d love to listen to your nukes hoax podcast if that’s possible sometime. Your blog site doesn’t work anymore – I realise I’m 6 years late coming upon your comments here..
          Your work on JFKTV is ace. Thank you..


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