Bill Hicks is STILL Alex Jones

I have been catching some grief, and rightly so, for relying on the work of another person in the matter of Bill Hicks and Alex Jones. That matter bugged me so much that I ran comparisons on my own (I was not able to do so at the time I wrote up the first post on the matter), and was satisfied for myself that the two men are the same.

Since we have now caught the attention of the spooks, I went looking for photos of the two men in a pose that anyone who knows either or both is familiar with: wild-eyed rage. Hicks was is first an actor, and so was able to project a high degree of venom. Jones has the same talent – this is in fact part of his signature as a fake newscaster, to project enough venom to drive normally curious people away. It is part of what spooks call “sheepdipping.” Jones is meant to be such an inflammatory character that he drives people away, thereby protecting secrets rather than exposing them. By such behavior he is able to taint the entire community of people of curious mind as irrational.

So note that Hicks/Jones is given a high platform and is often referred to as the go-to conspiracy guy by ordinary phony newscasters and pundits. And note that when a person stops by the Jones show, Prison Planet, it is found to be a very unpleasant experience, driving most people of calm demeanor away.

I have never been able to watch Jones, even before I came to realize he was really Bill Hicks. He’s too abrasive, his raspy voice is unsettling. It is a very clever maneuver.

Take a look – I don’t think either man (as if) wanted this comparison:

Hicks Jones Angry Composite

From these photos I am able now to confirm beyond doubt that Bill Hicks and Alex Jones are the same person, also known as Freddy Krueger. (Please note – Jones has had some rhinoplasty, as seen before with Lemmy Kilmaster. He has had a ridge inserted in his nose, and some other less noticeable modifications. But the facial lineup is too close to be coincidental. Bill Hicks is Alex Jones is Freddy Krueger.)

20 thoughts on “Bill Hicks is STILL Alex Jones

  1. i’ll say it again, i love your work here….BUT….
    the whole hicks/jones thing smells of dallas goldbuggery. it’s an irrelevent distraction. they included pieces of the puzzle like jones’producer and bill hicks “best friend” being the same guy and the austin tx geography all together in a neat little package of conspiracy candy.


    1. That is all circumstantial. I rely on photographs, and take great care to set pupils at the same distance in each candidiate, in this case, Hicks and Jones. Thereafter, if everything else lines up, as it does above, we are assured to a high degree of probability that we are dealing with one person. Perhaps 700 people on the face of the earth might align like this.

      I don’t care, therefore, that Gold Bug let loose with this one, because as it turns out, he was right. As I have seen, he is wrong about everything else. Yes, I know he is a spook, and if you are the same Nathan I know, similar rumors abound. In the end, we are tasked to use our own brains and withstand the winds of protest.

      I refuse to let go of perceived truth if it is supported by evidence. I suggest to you that you take the photos above, and perform your own analysis. Follow truth, no matter where it leads, as Ed Abbey advised us.


      1. not sure of the “nathan” you refer to, but i’m not a youtuber or blogger or anything. but i will comment on the above photo-alignment. it seems one visage is further away from the camera than the other, rendering this analysis inconclusive.

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        1. i hope you don’t take this critique as me trying to “debunk” what you’re doing here, because i’m not. what i believe is this hicks/jones thing was created to be debunked so that anyone saying “public figures are repurposed” will be labelled a tinfoil-hatter nutbag.


          1. sorry, didn’t finish my thought there…and that’s what dallas goldbug is all about, right? muddying the waters. i think this all came about when people started recognizing “vicsims” from sandy hook appear in other events, or they remembered seeing them from events prior to sandy hook. now it’s all come out with the astute contributors at the clues forum that this has been going on for a looooong fucking time. all the challenger astro-naughts are still alive doing other shit.


            1. You don’t seem to understand the nature of the photo comparison with your “visage” comment. I align the pupils of the eyes at equal distance and thereafter, if all other features align, we are in safe territory and assert that we have a match. If “visage” were important, then I would simply align faces so they looked the same distance without regard to pupil distance, which is grab-ass, Pupil distance is a mathematical constant.

              You are on a short leash here, as we’ve been overrun with spooks recently, and you just happen to show up, all supportive and all, and yet, sowing seeds of doubt. I only tolerated you because I thought you were another Nathan. I have no problem with disagreement, but I am intolerant of dishonesty, subterfuge and deceit, which is what spooks specialize in for meager salaries. Be careful.


              1. i do get what you’re saying…but if the faces are different distances from the camera, then the pupils could appear to line up without actually doing so. but anyway, i do hope you understand my point about the jones/hicks thing being (potentially anyway) conspiracy bait. keep up the good work, ban me if necessary.


                1. We have been at this for many weeks, and the technology works, even as I am surprised that it works so well. Pupil distance throughout our lives is a constant, from the time of full development of the skull in late teens (which is why Steve Parent and Richard Branson match up) to death, which is why Betty White (age 83) and Jayne Mansfield (34) match up precisely. It is more often useful in telling us that two people are NOT the same person, only rarely do we get a match-up as the one above with Hicks and Branson. I simply don’t care if it is bait, because I have proven it to MY satisfaction, and don’t care about anyone else’s. (The only time I have seen a skull misshaped and distorted so that pupil distance might change is with the real Stephen Hawking, the one who died in 1985. It is extremely difficult to compare him to the present person.)


                2. Interesting that “nathan” does not use capitalisation, and repeats the same point – not realising that “distance from the camera” is largely irrelevant – when you have re-sized the images to match the pupil-pupil distance. He doesn’t even reference more subtle effects such as image curvature, introduced by lenses set at different focal lengths (and then does not realise this mainly effects the edges of an image.) It does seem like “nathan” is inserting doubt. It becomes more obvious when you don’t advertise your blog, haven’t done any interviews and are just “posting stuff quietly”….


                    1. Andrew,
                      My apologies. Mark vouched for you.

                      There has been an influx of spooks lately, so please forgive my suspicions.


                    2. you amuse me. my 13 year journey into researching all the mindfuckery has led to my first cia accusation. by you. good work. i offer a word of caution to the author of buying into possible discredit by association, and i’m accused of spookery. well done.


                  1. andrew, i don’t use caps because i’m lazy. yeah…”spooky”. and i don’t know shit about photography. so, expert…explain how the pupil alignment works with variant distances from camera when blown up. thi s was not explained to me before.


                  2. fuck me…i didn’t realize i was supposed to advertise a blog i don’t have! my bad. my apologies for being led here from fakeologist via september clues. i must be a fucking agent.


                  3. and while we’re at it “andrew johnson”, why is your name the same as the installed president after a fake assasination?


  2. Hey piece – I am thankful for the details , Does someone know where I would be able to get a template a form form to work with ?


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