The game is afoot …

What is going on here at this blog is beneath the radar. Censorship in this country is pervasive, and even more so by the fact that people don’t realize that everything they see and read is censored. That’s really the only way effective censorship works.

Of course I am aware, as are so many others, of the smugness factor, how intelligent people like to imagine they are on top of things by virtue of attention to news and authority figures, perhaps even reading books to augment their by-stealth indoctrination. We learn to live with it, easily after a while, as we know that we can upend the world of any novice who follows evidence to its logical end. If that person finds one zombie to be real, one event to be a hoax, his world is upended, his stomach churns, and he either runs away in fear, or joins us.

Thus do we encounter the phenomenon by which people who imagine themselves up to speed refuse to look at evidence. They imagine themselves too sophisticated. That mindset breathes its own fumes, and a fire hose of truth cannot overcome those fumes. Such people go through their entire lives unaware of the basics of the deceptions around them, thriving on the feast of mock issues and fake politics that makes up our political economy.

But the people we work against are truly crafty and well-hidden, and know how to play the confidence game. In selling the 9/11 farce, for instance, they trotted out the magazine Popular Mechanics to reinforce every absurd lie. It’s a low-level checkout stand magazine that people have relied on for decades, and thus thought to be credible. It becomes an authority source. People behind public hoaxes are too crafty to simply tell a lie. They intend to make the lie stick. And for that they use subterfuge and fake authority sources.

Delete me
Orlando Crisis Actor

These people, who we call “Intelligence” or “CIA” or “TPTB,” have minions of laborers on many levels. In the highly visible events, like Paris, Orlando or Dallas, they use fake witnesses and victims called “crisis actors.” With that set of fakes I would have thought we met the lowest of the low, people who cannot generate even fake, much less real tears, people who set our collective skin crawling with their disingenuous emoting as green screens work behind them.

But there is a level lower than those clowns, called “trolls.” These are people sent out to muddy the waters as blogs like this try to clarify. Since turning away from party politics and other nonsense, we have outed quite a few zombies here, another one later today thanks to our friend Tyrone.

Typically, however, trolls don’t simply stop by and tell us we are wrong about this and that, or offer counter-evidence. Rather they seek to undermine and discredit.

So far, I have encountered two trolls. The first, Michael Hamilton, is innocuous enough. Twice now he has sought to undermine exposure of a zombie by asserting without evidence the relative height of the people involved.

“A problem with saying Bill O’Reilly is Bobby Fuller is the fact that O’Reilly is a big guy (height 6’4”) whereas Bobby Fuller is said to be 5’11 (and seems to about the same height as other band members)”

and …

“Also, Duane Allman is said to be 6’1” and Lemmy Killmeister is 5’10”.”

That’s fairly typical of a low-intellect partisan at a sniping site, to rely on one obtuse piece of information in a sea of evidence and to claim that it is a torpedo that sinks the ship. The only reason why I suspect Hamilton to be a troll is that he appears and disappears and when challenged, never offers sources for his “evidence.” How tall am I, you might wonder? I dare you try to find out on the Internet, and the same can be said for anyone we have exposed here.

This morning I received a more practiced troll. He calls himself Josh Miletta, and offered the following:

Some of the spooky YouTube channels peg Lennon as having transitioned into Steve Jobs. Might be worth a look. I mean, did some shlub pioneer a computing revolution from his garage (American mythos), or was it perhaps the military-intelligence complex that was 75 years ahead of the game?

Also of interest is JFK becoming Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter to boot… gotta throw that royalty link in the name), Jim Morrison to Rush Limbaugh, and Heath Ledger to Michael Grimm. BTW, his wife ‘Lucy Grimm’ lets the cat out of the bag as she appears to be played by Heath’s ‘widow’ Michelle Williams. Compare interviews of Michelle and Lucy, it’s enlightening.

We could unravel this ever knitted ball of yarn until we croak; the real work is inspiring and leading the extraordinary number of people who are aware of the pathetic lies they are fed. Their numbers are astounding but they are meek. They are born of propaganda, crushed and deformed by it, inured to it.

Now that’s more like it! The object then is not to challenge us, dispute us, show us wrong, but to pretend to join us and surround us with noise. Then by association we are all discredited. That is how Intelligence works. They undermine, sneak around in the background, work the angles, but never directly confront anyone who is on to their game. I might, just a bit, respect their guile, but I despise their dishonesty.

Said to be Chiarini, but with spooks, who can know?

So, for the record, John Lennon did not become Steve Jobs, JFK was never seen again after 1963, Jim Morrison has not, to our knowledge, reappeared, nor has Heath Ledger. These ideas have not a shred of evidence to support them. The man behind most of this silliness is Ed Chiarini, aka “Dallas Gold Bug,” and he is most likely an Intelligence operative sent to muddy the waters, and cause a heap of scorn on honest researches. He’s been undone here.

I have left Hamilton alone, as he strikes like a mosquito and is easily rendered ineffective. The Miletta foray means that someone has taken note of this blog, and that there will be further thrusts in the future to undermine our work. I trust that people who practice and work with evidence will stick to evidence, and ignore those who don’t provide it.

25 thoughts on “The game is afoot …

  1. I had a phase a few days ago where I thought DallasGoldBug might have given us some real matches as Limited Hangout to mix in with the noise. I took the most promising matches and with the help of Mark, we realized that they were all mismatches. I came to the conclusion that DGB was complete garbage, and some of his matches are absurd, and his attitude about them “if you can’t see the resemblance, I don’t know what to tell you” is purposely revolting.

    Even Chiarini’s face gives me the creeps. This guy was well designed to discredit by association, and he’s good at it. However, his matches are so ridiculous, he’s turned off a large portion of the fakery community, so I believe he’s failed to maintain that perfect balance. I doubt he has many genuine supporters at all, so keep that in mind when you read all the smarty pants comments on the Fakeologist page Mark linked to. They’re all disinfo that is trying to raise DBG’s credibility. Pretty much “credit by association”, which is the polar opposite of DBG’s job.

    I too was once one of those “well informed” people who read The Economist and was up to date on international affairs. I had an entire map in my head on how the world worked, and would occasionally run into even more informed people who followed the news even closer. I was also a history buff, who in particular loved military history. Now you can say I was just a lover of military fiction.

    There are millions of extremely smart people in the world, far smarter than me, who will live and died without suspecting what’s going on, and if they do, will just jump on the Chomsky or Larouche bandwagon and feel smug about that. When it comes to the level of indoctrination we need to break in order to see the light, I believe it requires more than just logic (which can be twisted in each and every way), but intuition and instincts that lead you down the correct path, from the thousands of other paths presented to you.

    In my case, I had to be “ready” to listen. I had heard of the Sandy Hook hoax back in 2011, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I was ready to accept it. When it comes to getting people to open their eyes, I believe it’s not about just pulling one card and hoping the house falls down, but pulling the exactly right card in their own personal house of cards to get the ball rolling.


  2. I had wondered if you might eventually be attacked by trolls trying to discredit your work….bravo, you must be hitting a nerve or 2 if they are sending people to make foolish comments and/or muddy the waters.

    When it comes to politics, I was pretty much a blank slate. I recall my father saying many years ago (probably during Kennedy/Nixon) that the people did not vote in the president, it was by electoral college. I took that to heart and figured why bother. I did not like history in school and studied just enough to make C’s. Now I understand why, it was crap history. I now love history, digging into what really happened and not what propaganda and lies have told us happened. My big wake up was about 5 years ago. I happened to watch a little documentary called “loose change”. I realize now it was riddled with problems, but it woke me up, damn was I pissed. I couldn’t believe it was possible and started researching to prove it wrong so I could breathe a sigh of relief and go back napping. Of course that didn’t happen. I spent a lot of time on 9/11 but other avenues would pop up and I kept following the trail and haven’t stopped. Uncovering the lies fuels me. I’m retired and my health isn’t that great so I spend my time in front of the computer researching/uncovering and hopefully finding the truth.

    It is exciting to me to know that at 60 I was able to accept what so many people find impossible…this world is nothing like we have been told. Now, at 65, I am still learning and discovering. Some of the crap really pisses me off…all the fake terror, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing etc. I love Mark’s site because it only pisses me off a little. Most of these “agents” “dying young” via some tragic accident and coming back 10 or so years later as someone else is no big deal to me and it’s fun to see them outed. The big ones piss me off. Manson/Tate, the fake JFK assassination etc….but I found out about those a year ago and have come to terms, mostly, (I researched JFK for years because I was 12 when it happened and saw what it did to the nation and it had an effect on me too…kept waiting for documents to become unclassified so we would finally know who did it)

    Thank you Mark!


  3. Wow Mark, this is Mike! I observe that you are have a well developed skill for questioning things presented to us by all forms of media. Like you, I lean towards the view that almost all events played up in the media are staged.

    What is interesting though is the anger you show when anyone questions anything you say. You seem to feel that any conclusion you draw from your face splitting technology is to be treated by us humble readers as some truth that can should never be even gently criticized. I would recommend that you do your research on large height difference between Bill O’Reilly and Bobby Fuller. If you can look at pictures of the two and not see a problem there, then I can’t help you.

    I read your material with the same type of critical thinking that I apply to all television news and alternative media. Have you noticed that you handle criticism the same way Alex Jones does. I have come to consider him to be a gate keeper and I suspect you are the same.

    By the way, I don’t comment regularly because I do need to work for a living. If you have information on how I can become a paid troll I would be glad to spend more time with you (actually probably not).


    1. “If you can look at pictures of the two and not see a problem there, then I can’t help you.”

      “If you can’t see the resemblance, then I don’t know what to tell you” – DallasGoldBug

      You just gave yourself away. We’re not a bunch of schmucks here like you’re used to. If you want to try to misdirect us, you’re going to need to get better at your job.


      1. Do you 3 guys work together? Mark said he has found two trolls, and I am one. It is kind of sad that you don’t have more interested readers at this point. Even trolls don’t see much need to waste time on the site.

        In following this site for a while, it is clear that it is a Dallas Goldbug type operation that uses ground breaking (ha ha) face splitting technology to find matches of dead people to currently living people. When some matches prove to be absurd, the average reader will tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater and discount the good information about fake events.

        So good job boys.


        1. Yeah, clearly. Because this is such a top notch operation we got going on here. Why don’t you ask your superiors at Langley to due an IP check if you’re so worried about us working together. Ask them for a disinfo training course too, so you can improve your terrible skills.

          Mark has done his best to lay low. Now that he’s stumbled on to something, $30k/year trolls like you show up. What’s sad is that you are so low on the totem poll that you are assigned to troll WordPress blogs. I’ve seen a lot of good disinfo out there, but yours is among the worst. It’s a testament to how bad you are at your job that we sniffed you out so quick.


          1. The thing that irritates me is your comment that others are getting $30K/year for this work. I am unhappy about not getting that kind of money.

            Where do you get you information about salaries for this kind of work? Who are the contacts for employment?


              1. The thing that amazes me is how three guys can be so good about seeing the lies in media and at the same time think that every thought they publish on the site is an unquestionable truth. God help anyone who questions a face splitting match.

                I was surprised to see that characteristic in Mark. Now I see that the site is infested with people like that.


              2. We have wrestled with hundreds of comparisons, and the ones that make it to print here are the ones that honestly lined up. We do not monkey with results. It is either hit or miss, with far, far more misses than hits. What we are doing is searching for truth. What we are uncovering are psy-ops and Intelligence agents masquerading as musicians and actors, and then changing jobs. This technology shows that six of seven Challenger astronauts are still alive. Is that important, Mr. Hamilton? Is it? Or do you have missing information on their height too?

                Again, the math favors us. Of course it is possible, as with snowflakes, that no two are alike, and if 7 distinct features of two faces (pupil distance, nose, head shape, chin, lips, distance from nose to upper lip, ear height) line up after setting only pupil distance, we are looking at roughly a one in ten million chance that these are not the same people. That is all we have ever said, that it is unlikely to a very high degree that we are dealing with different people.

                You first chimed in here on Fuller/O’Reilly, and are yet to address the eerie likenesses of the two men, wanting to throw it all out based on a guess as to relative height. You then accuse me of clinging to this technology against reason, as if I am irrational, again, a troll tactic. Your objections are not grounded in solid evidence.

                Again, we put up the photos, we are open about our methods, and challenge you to take the same photos and dispute with us based on your own findings. Then we can talk, troll.

                And again, I don’t go through the day feeling fits and bouts of anger. It is not my way, though I am quite human. I have no anger towards you. Cards are on the table. Produce, or vamoose.


                    1. I will continue to comment on lame face splitting matches as I see fit and if I am interested. I will congratulate you on good work if any should be presented.


    2. In fact, your posting in the Fuller/O’Reilly and Allman/Lemmy thread pretty much just confirmed those matches. So thank you.


    3. [This comment was meant to go up above in response to Mr. Hamilton.]

      This is, I think, a troll tactic, to accuse me (or anyone who disagrees with you) of anger, setting us up as irrational against your calm demeanor. I’ve not had any anger towards you at any time. I’ve observed your behavior and asked you to provide evidence, and you vamoose, suddenly having no time. I am familiar I with that tactic too. The only one you haven’t used yet is the storm-out, but then I have not yet read the whole thread.

      Regarding your height comparisons, you need first to come to grips with face splitting technology based on pupil distance. As I mentioned in the post, you are using height (from where we do not know) as a torpedo to destroy all’other evidence without addressing the evidence itself. That too is a troll tactic.

      I am sensing a method to your tactics. People don’t just show up here for no reason. It’s a small off-the-beaten-path blog. I don’t trust you, frankly.


        1. It’s very convenient, that when you have no rebuttal to a solid argument, that you resort to one word dismissive statement.

          But one of the reasons you are poor at your job Michael/Ed is that you can’t read the temperature in the room. Mark comes off as very calm and well reasoned in his rebuttal, yet you attempt to paint it as beneath you which I don’t think anyone reading this believes. It’s a poor misfire, and frankly, it reveals your flight response in a losing bottle. Go home and tend to those wounds, and bruised $30k/year ego. No raises in the future with this performance.


          1. I anticipated a storm-out, but he must have read that, and so fell back on the lazy dismissal, a form of passive-aggressive storm out. Nice job smoking him out Straight. He’s a hired hand, I am quite certain.


    1. I spent an hour at his site a couple of years ago and was stunned at the ignorance. Good to know it isn’t ignorance, just controlled opposition.


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