Our latest Zombie

Rose Box

These past eighteen months have been an exciting period for me, one of intense upheaval of world view and of exciting discoveries, one after another. It is hard to share these new insights, as most people are caught up in the world as provided us by perception managers. But we are having fun, and that is what is most important.

There is so much more we are discovering. I want to focus on music for now.

Recruitment for various slots as “famous” musicians” is done by Intelligence. As we saw at Laurel Canyon, they often rely on the children of Intelligence and military people for our stars. John Denver, Gram Parsons, Janis Joplin, Crosby, Stills, Jackson Browne, Joan Baez and so many others had to have undergone intense training to be proficient at their craft. They did not have to be good, though a few, like Denver, did indeed develop into good musicians, and were allowed to stay on until retirement via fake death at a later age.

They were sent to practice in public, forming groups that automatically got record deals and concert gigs and young girls in hippie dress screaming and dancing when they played.  Their lack of real talent was disguised behind studio musicians and singers. (These days computers can correct bad singing even while the performer is on stage.)

People with real talent, who have worked countless hours to develop their skills, never seem to get a break. We hear them at county fairs and coffee shops.

Here’s my current working premise: While performing for us as fake musicians, these Intelligence agents and assets are also learning how to act. In public they pretend to be alcoholics and drug addicts, prima donnas and control freaks. They dress wildly to add to their image as miscreants and dropouts. They enter into fake marriages and divorces for all to see. Their erratic behavior is a cover, and can be used as the reason for their eventual death. They are merely learning the art of duplicity.

Once vetted in this manner, the most promising are removed from the music business by means of those many fake deaths we see, and repositioned in other acting slots as TV and radio talk show hosts and newscasters.

Intelligence wants to manage our musical tastes, of course, but also uses the music business as a training ground for Intelligence assets, a way of developing talent for other enterprises. It helps to understand that Intelligence manages the news business, just as it does music. So transitioning from one to the other is a lateral move.

I have a list of current and recent people of prominence whom I suspect to be fakes, even Zombies. Among them are Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Judy Woodruff, Mark Shields, Wolf Blitzer, Amy Goodman, Charlie Rose …

… David Box became a member of the Crickets after the fake deaths of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper. After his fake plane crash in  1964 he became Charlie Rose, currently an evening interview man on PBS.

Here’s David/Charlie:


Rose Box Composite 2

We wrestled with this a bit, as the features all line up except for tell-tale signs of plastic surgery – Rose has had a facelift, lifting his ears too, and a ridge inserted in his nose, or rhinoplasty. He is also developing a hooked nose, as happens with many older people. We have seen this before. Due to the alignment of those features that cannot be changed by plastic surgery, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that we have our man.

There is no career overlap here. David Box fake-died in October of 1964, and Rose is said to have graduated from Duke that year with a degree in history. Thereafter, he is said to have gotten his Juris Doctor in 1968, but like Obama’s degrees, that is most likely fake. Intelligence is well represented in the universities too, and can paper up any phony.

The Cricket connection is interesting, as it leads back to Buddy Holly and company. Just as we learned that the Beatles were a Spook enterprise from the beginning, so too were Holly and Company.

We are still looking for Mr. Holly, who would be 79 and retired if still alive. Ideas are welcome.

3 thoughts on “Our latest Zombie

  1. looks like a match to me. i had no idea the crickets went on after buddy holly “died”. curious, what was the process by which you matched box/rose? i don’t mean the facial comparison…i mean more along the lines of how this occurred to you? did you start with who charlie rose might have once been or who box could have become, etc.?


    1. I have a lot of photos of dead musicians. I suspected Rose was dirty because 1) He is allowed a prominent platform, and 2) his only guests are people who are themselves suspect. So I started with Rose and began running face after face with him, and found Box.


  2. Great summation of the method by which these spooks move the line forward- The more clarity and brevity, the easier it is to defend one’s position-


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