A piece of two hearts?


I have been looking for Janis Joplin for weeks now, and found her. She became Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, an alternative news program funded largely by the Ford Foundation. Want proof?

The immediate left above (and right above that) are of Goodman. She put this photo out in a documentary on peer pressure for young girls. So we have no doubts as to that photo, as Goodman herself asserts it is her as a young woman. (Oddly, any information about the person in the photo is cropped out of all versions seen on the Internet.) On the right is Janis Joplin, an undated photo that had to be 1970 or before, since she supposedly died that year. Here is what we get when we compare the two:

Goodman Joplin 5

Matches do not get better than that, and I excitedly emailed MH this morning to announce that I had located the elusive Joplin. He responded “Weird. I tried that one and didn’t match for me. Maybe I matched the wrong twin?” We have been running into twins now and then. MH has a long list of possibilities. More about that in the future.

Joplin XIn order to be thorough, I grabbed four more photos of Goodman against those I already had of Joplin, but encountered difficulties. Some matched beautifully, others not.

To resolve the matter. I decided to match the Joplin photos against each other, starting with the one on the left here, which Wikipedia tells us is Joplin’s high school graduation photo from 1960. I matched it against the one of Joplin seen above, the same one that matched up so well with Goodman. They did not align. Janis Joplin did not match up with Janis Joplin.

Goodman Joplin 6

We have encountered this before. When people do not align with their own photos, we recheck our measurements, and try again, and then try against other photos. With enough results right in front of us, we know we are dealing with twins. MH was dead-on. Janis Joplin is twins.

One of them transformed into Amy Goodman. The other I do not know, although MH has suggested I try  Janet Reno. I did that once and it did not work, but I’ll try again with Twin #2. Today I am all Joplined out. But to finish out this round, below are Amy Goodman and Janis Joplin, Twin #1, side by side.

Hello Janis! I knew you were still alive! I just knew it!

Goodman Amy 6

Of course, this match-up presents problems. Goodman is said be have been born in 1957, Joplin 1943. Goodman then is 59, Joplin 73. I have wrestled with this. Since facial match ups like this are extremely rare, I took a closer look at Goodman. She has always struck me as a dour kind of person, humorless and matter-of-fact. In the photo above, which I blew up on my screen, it is easy to see she is heavily pancaked with makeup. Her lower jaw is protruding, as tends to happen to us as we enter old age. Her hair has been gray for years now.

Joplin Janis One 1

On the other hand, Joplin, would be close to 27 in the above photo, labeled “circa 1970.” She could as easily be early-to-mid twenties if not late teens. So if we split the difference between them, suppose we guess that Goodman is not 59, not 73, but rather 65. Since they lied to us about her death and having a twin sister, I don’t imagine that we can rely on age or published date of birth for either.

However, age is a problem. All the other evidence is overwhelming, however, so I am settled on the idea that Goodman is older than she claims, and Joplin younger.

To close out here, below are two sets of photos, the first of “Joplin Twin #1,” the one who became Amy Goodman.

And these are photos of Joplin Twin #2, the one whose whereabouts we do not know.

Notice with Twin #2 that we actually see her teeth in three photos, where #1 is taciturn in all five, as Goodman tends to be. Twin #2 is probably still alive, and we will continue to look for her. I’ll re-check Janet Reno, and even Sally Jessy Raphael, with whom we thought we had a match weeks ago.

All of that stuff about Janis being an alcoholic and drug addict back before her death, maybe one of them was that, but I tend to doubt it. They were in training, learning to conceal their true identities in public and to be actors, to be people they were not and be convincing about it.  All of the photos that I have seen of them are of a pretty young girls with clear eyes and innocent faces. I suspected long before today that Joplin had clean habits back then, as now. But maybe not. Who knows? I don’t imagine Intelligence has much use for drunks and addicts, who tend to be undependable.

Which one was the singer? That I suspect to be twin #2, who exudes more emotive qualities than #1 in the photographs. They could have, like Paul and Mike McCartney, switched off. I’ll have another look. Not today. Joplined out, as I said.

(Which one had sex with Kris Kristofferson on first meeting? Neither. That was just planted rumor stuff, common as gerbils in Hollywood, press agents at work.)

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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27 Responses to A piece of two hearts?

  1. steve kelly says:

    Democracy Now is one reason I have a satellite tv dish holding down the tarp on my fire wood pile. Too creepy. Jerry Garcia alive too? Greatful Dead fit pretty neatly into the MK Ultra scheme. Weir and Hart now hang out at Bohemian Grove.


    • What I am discovering, Steve, is that anyone who has a platform in national media, no matter how small, is part of total information control. Is Jerry Garcia still alive? I assume so. Grateful Dead were spooks all the way, along with the others. How else do you imagine that none of these rock stars got drafted during Vietnam? But the hardest fo me to accept as a spook right now (there will be others, I am sure), is Dave McGowan himself, as his book was obviously meant to be a limited hangout, and his own death was probably faked.

      Liked by 1 person

      • John in Texas says:

        I have been waiting for someone to mention David McGowan. When he (died?) someone pointed out the acronym for his Center for an Informed America- CIA. I can’t believe I missed that as I had been reading his stuff for years. I believe you are 100% correct. His site was a limited hangout and he is likely still alive.


        • That CIA acronym is double-edged humor. McGowan has a good sense of humor. He claimed to be poking jibes at CIA with that name, but he was actually messing with us.

          You been reading his stuff for years? That means you read, and probably know how to think too. Welcome aboard here! We try to do the same, mixed results, of course.


          • John in Texas says:

            Thanks for the welcome aboard. I found you through Fakeologist blog.

            I believe I started reading McGowan’s stuff around 2008 and down the rabbit hole I went. Then found September Clues in about 2012.

            Enjoy what you are doing here. Fascinating stuff.


          • dizzydezy says:

            McGowan died on 11/22/15- anniversary of JFK’s death- that can’t be a coincidence?!?


          • I doubt it, and I doubt he died for real. Just another fake spook death.


    • I personally think Garcia is a reassignment. He was probably somebody before he was Jerry Garcia.


  2. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    And now a little name dropping on this lazy Saturday afternoon: Twenty years ago I worked with this old timer, Frankie, who pushed a little of this and that during the glory year(s) of the Haight/Ashbury scene- I asked him one time if he had ever crossed paths with any of the greats of the era and he matter of factly but quite sincerely stated that he had had a casual thing going with Janis Joplin for a few months- Rather wistfully he admitted that it broke up because the last time he saw her, he was hanging out in her room and she shooed him away because she had company- As he was bolting out the window, he turned back to see her escort into her room none other than Jimi Crack Cornell Marshall Amp Hendrix West- He knew she’d upgraded and he was a nobody to her from that point on-
    Later he had established himself as the go to guy for speed in the Haight and one day some yokel pointed him out to a questing Bob Dylan- The Bobster made his purchase, accompanied by a couple of strumpets but told Frankie that he couldn’t spare one of his chicks but to make it up to him, Dylan said he’d write a song about him- Good to his word, The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest was the result- I can dig it-

    Frankie’s Janis may have been the one used to establish the wild child image- The other doing the singing- Who knows… Just the name sounds fishy now that we are almost certainly dealing with twins- Janis/ Janus, the two faced God- Joplin/ Scott Joplin because she was a “wigger” in her own way and a bluesy singer- I know nothing of Amy Goodman, but she sounds like one of the punditry that has bloomed in the last three decades from the mulch of the dead rockers- I can dig it-


  3. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    The high school portrait with the mortarboard looks an awful lot like Glenn Close- Not sayin’ she’s Janis, but her bio is as spooked out as anyone’s- “Born” in 1947 (Ca-ching!), family was one of the founders of Greenwich, CT, a town in the spookiest state in the Union- Supposedly grew up in a cult- Sang for Up With People, a mob run wholesome praise type band- Her father was some spook medical guy wandering around the third world playing “missionary”- The Close family has always been upper upper upper crust NY society- Lil’ Glenny would appear to be a very good candidate for someone who was refitted after her first role died young-


    • I will check this out, for sure, but I think Straight located the other Joplin. Will write it up Monday morning – not to be mysterious, but I have more work to do before I spill his beans. (I am attending the Miles Mathis conference in Taos next week. Meetings are at 10 AM and I am up at four or five. Lots of time!) (PS, since the meetings center around physics, I think my small part might be to provide some comic relief. There will be big brains (but hopefully modest egos) there. Nothing we do on the blog here will be discussed, as he has strict rules about sticking to the proscribed program. Fine by me.)


      • Tyrone McCloskey says:

        No, the Janii are twins, for sure- But it jogged my memory of Close being connected and then some- Diane Linkletter is bugging me now- Not many photos of her- But her “death” is as ridiculous as it gets- I’ll wager a foot long sub that she’s been right in front of us for years- Good luck with Miles Mathlete-


        • Linkletter has been on my mind, as have so many others (Dennis Farina, Clarence White.) I woke up yesterday having racing thoughts that make no sense – am I alone in that regard? – and “Hillside Strangler” was going through my mind, and I had a project, to go through the list of victims looking for body doubles. Fortunately after coffee and some reading, I got back in this realm. But harking back to the days of fake serial killers, and knowing they used the same people for multiple victims in Orlando, I thought that might be a nice project.


    • Aurora says:

      Another little clue, Glenn is a weird first name for a woman.


  4. dizzydezy says:

    I am a bit naive in this area- but could you explain how she is connected to the Ford Foundation?


  5. dizzydezy says:

    I dont really care if they are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Luciferian or Pagan- in the end- “they” are probably none of those things. They only thing they worship is themselves and the money and influence they can bring in. At the top- it is all the same, Nationality, Religion or Race has little to do with it.


  6. Austin says:

    A monkey on LSD can see that Amy Goodman is being played by actress Holly Hunter voices are a perfect match too, she appears in the latest Batman V Superman movie and mentions the Word Democracy at least 5 times as i recall


    • That’s not even close. You don’t appear rigorous in your analysis, but instead rather haphazard and sloppy. I stand by my original post above – Goldbug is a Spook and is sent to make noise, create confusion, and blackwash honest researchers.


  7. Here To Learn says:

    May I make a suggestion? Since there exists recordings of both Janus and Goodman speaking, could someone make a voice comparison of both and see if they match? This would provide pretty concrete proof that they are the same person. This could also be done with many other people, of course. And don’t say, “why don’t you do this yourself?” I would not know how to began. But I have a feeling that between all of you now involved, that you could figure out how to make this happen.


    • It is, I am told, impossible with musical recordings. They are altered in some fashion. This was often suggested in the McCartney controversy, and was not done for that reason. Other than that, I am also told it is very expensive. Beyond that, we find that evidence seldom trumps beliefs so that even if we could do that, we would still convince the same number of people, those with already skeptical and inquisitive bents.


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