NPR doing its job

I am in Taos, New Mexico this week. I have meetings that start at 10 AM, and since I get up at five, I have time on my hands. Today I did some sightseeing while listening to the local NPR, the only non-music channel on the dial.

NPR was doing one of its ‘thoughtful’ pieces about voter registration and voter ID requirements. It was a long piece, and went into detail on laws in Texas and other places to require ID’s and all of that, and how poor people are disadvantaged, and all of that.

It is the definition of misdirection! NPR, so full of shit, is so good at this. The correct question is “Are our votes even counted?” They never asked the right question, as their job is to mislead and misdirect.

The answer, in case you wonder, is: Nope…

3 thoughts on “NPR doing its job

  1. After reading your piece on Janis/Amy I tuned into NPR for a change. I probably have not listened to it in 10 years. What utter garbage. All I could think was , “Gatekeeping at its finest”. Yes, they are doing their job.


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