True faces

We have established below that Janice Joplin did not die, and beyond that, is actually a set of twins. We call them Twin One and Twin Two, since we do not know their real names. Twin One, the more laid back of the two, became Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! Twin Two was the singer we all knew who fake died in 1970.

If you are confused about how such a hoax can be played on us by a show that professes to represent the “other” or “left” side of our political spectrum, you need merely understand the concept of “controlled opposition.” Goodman and the whole show is a Ford Foundation enterprise, and is part of full spectrum dominance of our opinions. We are allowed to have disagreements, even agitated ones. In fact, such disagreements are encouraged, just as Democrats and Republicans go at it. It enhances the perception that we think for ourselves. But Democracy Now! is a gatekeeper enterprise, “…this far, no further.”

Just as Thom Hartmann manages progressive Democrats,  Bill O’Reilly right-wing Republicans, Charlie Rose and company the ‘thoughtful’ PBS/NPR set, and and Alex Jones the conspiracy-minded folks, Goodman is managing those who eschew party politics. They think they escaped by following her.

Imagine that Intelligence is running a restaurant. Sit wherever you want. It provides a waiter for every table.

The question I left hanging in the other post was what happened to the second Joplin twin. I was going to go hunting for her this week, but MH, sharp and observant as ever,  saved me the trouble. Twin two became … Amy Goodman Two. Each steps in as Amy, though Twin One by far dominates that role. Twin Two shows up now and then.

Intelligence loves twins, as we saw with the twin Elvis’s and the McCartney boys. MH has given me a list of 37 (and counting) prominent people that he suspects to be twinned. It is all shocking to me, but he is making his case. As we firm up our research, we will expose them.

Twin Two SingingAbove are the Joplin/Goodman twins in their former and reincarnated form. As can be seen, Twin One might be considered more demure and attractive, where twin two, the singer, was a little more emotive.

Goodman Two Joplin Two

The two on the right are easily seen to be the same person, as shown here.

Below is something interesting. It is a painted poster using Twin Two:

Joplin Janis Two 7

The caption reads

“I really do think that if for one week in the United States we saw the true face of war, we saw people’s limbs sheared off, we saw kids blown apart, for one week, war would be eradicated. Instead what we see in the US media is the video war game. Our mission is to make dissent commonplace in America.”

You go girl! You go, Twin Two! We need for you to tell us all about showing true faces.

Here is a composite of the painting above and Twin Two. Obviously the photo was the basis of the painting. Twin One was busy using her true face to do the show, no doubt.

Goodman Two Joplin Two 2

2 thoughts on “True faces

  1. Tracking the transition is remarkably easy: Janis went to Brazil in 1970, picking up a spooky cat named Neihaus who squired her around, the press covering the trip- One could assume that Janis was at that time preparing to transition into Goodman- Not too much later, Janis turns up in LA and starts her tragic decline- At some point well before she “dies”, the first Goodman is back from Dr. Mengele’s clinic down Rio way and the overlap establishes that Goodman and Janis were alive at the same time- Janis II then OD’s and one would assume she then travels to the Brazilian clinic to get Goodmanized- When Amy II surfaces in the US, the transition is complete and the careful assemblage of the Goodman heroism begins- Ripping yarns of her dodging bullets and being beaten precede phony awards with the names of other intel frauds like Ghandi/RFK/Thomas Merton* attached-
    *Like Bishop James Albert Pike, Merton is an endless source of fascination and concern- Giving the likes of Amy Goodman awards in the name of a Merton, who promoted the likes of the Dalai Lama and DT Suzuki casts suspicion over the entire subject- His death is murky and comes right at the apex of the sixties unrest, a cultural conflagration he certainly enabled, whether consciously or not-

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    1. Merton also weighs heavily in the book JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglass, hereby exposed as a spook. The levels of deceit, the ability to act, are so important that I think they use the music gigs to teach them how to be someone they are not in public, and then if they are good, reassign them. I almost said “promote” but Janis Joplin to Amy Goodman is not a promotion.

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