Chamonix, France

Chamonix is where we ended our trek six years ago, and where we start this one on Monday. We didn’t have time to see much of the place then. It is a ski town, of course, but today we saw hang gliders, kayaks, bikes, climbers and hikers of all shapes and sizes, a lively place. We sat down to dinner in a small upstairs loft of a burger joint, and were joined by a couple from Israel, a group of four from Czech Republic, and a family from Great Britain.

The photos are of Mount Blanc and its massive glacier. It looms over the town.

Thankfully I can transfer photos from my Nikon CoolPix to the iPad, and so won’t have to rely on this toy to take photos. It does a reasonably good job, but loses quality quickly if you try to zoom. It gets very grainy.


But I did use the IPad to grab a shot of contrails. We get them occasionally in Denver, but just a few minutes ago we had seven or eight in view. This photo is the remnants of a whole sky that was striped every direction. The best explanation I have heard is that they are using passenger aircraft to get rid of chemicals that they cannot legally dump in land or in the oceans and seas. There are no laws against such activity, as I understand, but it is not something I think about much, so do not quote me.

If you read far enough, you’ll find some people who think that contrails are used for mind control. I doubt it. I think that would be redundant. TV has that ground well covered.

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