The “Occult”


This damned IPad is a most annoying tool, jumping around, making up words … I was ready to publish this and then pow! The image above disappeared along with the first paragraph.

Anyway, I put up a post on “The Occult” which was just too many words and so I took it down, and here I go again. All we need to know about this is as follows:

“Occult = “Intelligence,” capital “I.”

“News,” “entertainment” and “music” are all run by Intelligence. We live in an age of mass deception, so that every level of our “reality” is a manufactured illusion. It has perhaps been so since the advent of electronic media. They are all fake, these media personalities, from your local “meteorologist” all the way up to the Dude, currently Obama.  Everything on TV is fake. TV is used to publicize hoaxes, Orlando the most recent.

Kill your TV.

It is fun to unravel, especially knowing that all of the gruesome death scenes we are being fed are hoaxes. They want us frightened, and the “occult” is just another fear factory with nothing real behind it. Absent that fear, it is just a mystery spun out before us. Mysteries are fun.

There is a reality. It is our feet on the ground, our loved ones and friends, our brains and emotions, all before us via our five senses without mass media, TV, Internet. Our best weapon for exploring the world around us is our brain. It has the ability to sift, sort and analyze and connect dots. Critical thinking skills, no longer taught, are the best tool we have. The best way to short-circuit our brains is by means of visual fakery, which usually bypasses critical thinking edits.  TV is used for that purpose. It creates our fake reality.

Again, too many words.

Some dude, by the way, is re-blogging every word I put up here, even my travelogue. It is creeping me out, so stop that.

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5 Responses to The “Occult”

  1. John in Texas says:

    Just an observation on “Meteorologists”. I often wondered where they found all these drop dead gorgeous female weather forecasters. Certainly not in Meteorologist school. Turn on the local news in any town or city in America and you will see them. I get the Houston local news and these girls are real stunners. Just more actors I presume…

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    • Yep, we have them in Denver too. On TV News, since it is all fake anyway, anybody can be anything they want to be! “Meteorologists” come right out of high school or junior college never having looked out from under an umbrella at a cloud.

      Why not four year college, you ask? Anyone with that much education becomes an anchor, producer, or sportscaster.


  2. OldeVirginian says:

    I’m waiting for appearance of local weathergirl Kim T. Rales…

    Before my time … have vaguest memory of NBC radio Monitor sexy weather lady.

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  3. Emma says:

    Here I agree with the newest blogger on this site, ‘Maarten’. Not EVERYTHING is fake.

    Of COURSE they are only going to put attractive people on TV. But the “free market” of supply and demand for weathergirls actually does work. “Meterology school” IS weathergirl school. The goal of it is to train people to speak well, look good on camera, know the names of the different kinds of clouds, etc. Most of the applicants are pretty girls, because even the ditzes are smart enough to realize that looks are how you get on TV. In fact, the dimmer bulbs self-select INTO meteorology school rather than other newsreading careers because “rain or shine” is easier to remember than “Osama bin Laden.” (And if a few clueless analytical uggos want to waste their money on ‘Meteorology school,’ the school will happily take their money.)

    Of course the weathergirls aren’t doing the detailed analysis themselves, any more than CNN reporters are doing real journalism with real Iraqis. They are TOLD what they weather will be by central information sources. But these girls AREN’T coming right out of high school and they aren’t really in on the con. They foolishly believe that their degree means something, they are passive and lazy and uninformed enough to happily just “read” the weather rather than attempting the thankless job of trying to predict it themselves.

    If a station “discovered” a perfect weathergirl coming out of high school, they might help rush her through meteorology school, but they wouldn’t just put her on the air. Not because they are too honest for it or too devoted to “meteorology,” but because the audience doesn’t want a 17 year old They want eye candy, but they don’t want their intelligence insulted completely. They want attractive weathergirls between the ages of 28 and 42. Which gives the gals enough time to go to “Meteorology school.” And there’s enough self-selection that there’s a good enough supply of blonde weathergirls coming to them without them having to work hard at recruiting.

    P.S. I know a few weathergirls and a weatherman, which is the basis for what I’m saying. All are blonde, none are particularly intelligent, all are on some level misrepresenting their “deep” understanding of weather patterns, but none seem to be knowingly in on fakery/ a big con. I imagine once in a while they are forced to push the envelope for the sake of sensationalism–“hurricane watch! flooding! danger!” but that’s still low-level editing tricks rather than being a part of the big con.


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