We lift a finger to our latest Zombie!

I have known people who have done “immersion” in order to learn a foreign language, just dive in the deep end, live and eat with them, and the assumption is that you will pick it up. I doubt it works.

Along the same lines, we are going to be doing some immersion if our own. There is no easy way to introduce readers to the real world of “news” around them other than immersion. Here is how it works: Rock Stars and actors are trained and introduced into the culture, where they learn how to behave, lead fake lives, and to be believable as people they are not. They then fake their deaths, go underground for a while, and re-emerge as a fully-formed newscasters or pundits.

This is as surprising to us as anyone. I knew when I read Dave McGowan’s Weird Scenes in the Canyon for the third time, making a list of deaths, that those people were not dying for real. I thought perhaps they went to South America, or less glamorously just did 9 to 5 desk jobs after “death.” I did not understand that the music business, run by Intelligence, is a training ground for the news business, run by Intelligence.

So far we have given you, sometimes with help from outsiders, and always with whiners and bitchers crying it just ain’t so, the following:

  • Bill Hicks became Alex Jones. He’s a conspiracy guy. Controversy swilled about us, but Straight nailed it with a dental analysis.
  • Jimi Hendrix became Cornell West. He undermines philosophy. It is his job now.
  • Rocker Duane Allman became heavy metal artist Lemmy Kilmister.
  • Phil Hartman became Glenn Beck. Acting training taught him to cry on screen.
  • Gary Hinman, whose talents were uncertain anyway, became Maury Povich, but I repeat myself.
  • Pamela Courson became Barbara Walters, a later-life body switch.
  • Brandon DeWilde became Thom Hartmann, who in reality loathes liberals and progressives.
  • Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the fake Columbine shooters, using fake names  (as fake people do), became Matt Stone and Trey Parker, also fake names for the fake creators of South Park. Fake fake fake fake fake!
  • Bobby Fuller became Bill O’Reilly, a fake singer turned fake pundit.
  • David Box became Charlie Rose, so that the ‘thoughtful’ PBS set is kept in the dark too.
  • Bruce Lee became Judge Lance Ito, totaling nailing the part.
  • The Janis Joplin twins became the Amy Goodman twins. The mediocrity on display in music easily carried over to news.

So we move forward. We have not yet begun this outing process.

Today we unveil the latest Zombie, a fake musician who underwent a fake death and re-emerged as a fake liberal pundit. After I am done here you will understand why Come and Get It by Badfinger sounded like Paul McCartney (actually Mike, the twin and better singer). It was Mike McCartney!  Badfinger was a fake group that needed fake vocals to go with fake instrumentation. Who better than fake Paul!

Pete Ham was a member of  Badfinger. He apparently got depressed in 1975 and committed suicide. I would guess the reason was that there were not enough drugs around for an overdose, and no small planes available for a crash.

Here’s Pete:


Are you catching anything there? It’s actually pretty obvious. After Ham’s fake death in 1975, he re-emerged ready-made as  an American with a fake bio saying he was half-Jewish and half-Catholic. Here he is in his reincarnated form. He is risen like leavened bread!


Straight did the sweat labor here, but honestly, once I had a good look at Pete Ham, I knew instantly that we had our man, our latest Zombie, Bill Maher. Here are a couple of face splits, and don’t be misled, face splitting is a dead-on tool for outing fakes.

We have more, but that will do for now. If you look at that and do not see a Zombie, we cannot help you.

BIll Maher, we lift our finger to you!!!

20 thoughts on “We lift a finger to our latest Zombie!

  1. This is just a shot in the dark (pun intended) but can you guys run Sam Cooke (dead at age 33, Ca-Ching!) and the orator/musician/Nation of Islam shit stirrer Louis Farrakhan? The ages and the musicianship add up and anyone who believes the N of I is not an Intel honey pot for dissidents to act up but not out, well, maybe you should eat somewhere else that caters to your kind of people-
    PS- Nice one on Maher- He has one of those Irishy Jewishy names like Cohan for an alias-

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cooke and Farrakhan matches very good for me. I’m not 100% sure though so I’m going to send it to Mark to confirm.

      Good call if you’re right. I’ve been looking for Cooke for a while. Died at age 33. All of the biggest rappers came from the Five-Percent Nation off-shoot of Nation of Islam. Big intelligence front.


  2. There is no shortage of dead musicians but one that really bugs me is Dimebag Darrel shot to death on stage in Columbus, Ohio (Columbia, Columbine) in 2004 on the anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination. It just stinks to high heaven from the back story to the crappy, grainy video of the incident to Eddie Van Halen putting one of his beloved guitars in Darrel’s casket. At the memorial EVH and Zak Wylde are yukking it up and throwing back shots. I know this is another rock and roll hoax.


    1. I have lived a sheltered life, but this all seems like Hollywood drama to me, John. For sure will look into it. Anytime a rocker dies, especially on stage, we are looking at a potential newsman. Did you happen to see Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1970s version?


      1. All of the regular people keep their same bodies but are replaced inside by aliens. When an alien spots a human still in human form, it lets out a piercing grotesque high pitched squeal/scream. This is how Donald Sutherland’s character ends the movie, as he was among the last surviving humans.


  3. This is just too priceless, great job! I don’t remember what Sam Cooke looked like so I will refresh my memory with google images and look forward to the official outing of yet another zombie.


    1. The placement of the nose on the face is a perfect match. Bill’s may be a little wider, but we know the many Jewish schnozzes tend to hook and get larger over time. These two people are a match – the sods are millions to one against such alignment.


        1. I’m trying to comment on the article itself, but apparently I can only reply to other commentators? So I apologize, this is meant as a general comment and not a reply to anyone else’s comment . I am on board with this whole thing, I genuinely do believe that celebrities fake their deaths and are reinvented. However, I don’t see how it’s even possible for Trey Parker and Matt Stone to be the 2 kids from Columbine. Not only were they quite a bit older, but South Park had already been around for like, 2 years when the Columbine shit went down. Also, they look nothing alike. Parker and Stone were already very well known.
          One that wasn’t mentioned in this article though, is Michael Jackson. Look at the video of “Dave Dave” on Larry King and tell me thats not Michael Jackson lol. I know that Dave Dave isn’t really famous, and he IS actually a real person entirely separate from Michael Jackson, but for a short while following his “death”, Michael Jackson was most definitely masquerading as Dave Dave.


          1. There were no Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold. That is key to understanding this. They were phantom students. Parker and Stone were nowhere near Columbine, but their younger photos were used in the yearbook … don’t ask me why.


  4. Ham’s name is Van Ham . On Maher’s Show there is a Van Ham in Charge of some management process. This is his Kin of some sort .


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