In Amsterdam

We left Paris yesterday and arrived mid-morning in Amsterdam, a welcome change! Below are some odd shots of both places, nothing organized.

Amsterdam is cooler. It is crawling with bicycles. It is not unusual to find English-speaking people. We rode the canals yesterday for a couple of hours, and today are visiting the Rambo Museum and a large park nearby.

Apparently John and Yoko were in Amsterdam when they did the whole fake bed thing for peace, a publicity stunt designed to engage John in the mind of peace activists as one of them, even a leader. That way when he faked his death it had the effect of killing hope. That was a big thrust back then, with JFK/RFK/MLK each assigned a role as a fake leftist/peacenik. Their fake deaths killed hope.

Haven’t looked into MLK yet. Just suspicious. Again, no one would be allowed such a high profile in our total information control environment unless he were controlled opposition.

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