Parisians fail to turn out for 1944 liberation

We are staying in a hotel perhaps two block off of Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris (sha’-mi-lay’ I am told is the pronunciation). We are but a few blocks from the Arch de Triumph. It is an imposing piece of architecture.

We were told today that this was where Allied troops marched into the city in triumph in 1944, and where one million people celebrated as the French won the 1998 FIFA soccer cup. Below is a photo of the 1998 gathering, but it is perhaps 999,000 short of a million.


So they faked it up a little bit in 1998. That is no big deal. We were told that a million people gathered in Denver to celebrate this year’s Superbowl win. I have not seen photographs, but would bet it was perhaps more like 100,000. That is just how they do things in news – they supercharge these events to make them more meaningful.

I was far more curious about the March of Allied solders into Paris in 1944. So many things about that war were a lie, so I suspected that was a lie too. Here’s a photo:


FILE–Thousands of American soldiers march along the Champs Elysees, on Aug. 29, 1944, four days after the liberation of Paris, France. World War II began in September 1939, with Adolph Hitler’s invasion of Poland. Germany surrendered on May 7, 1945. (AP Photo/Peter J. Carroll)

Several things to note about this photo:

  • If it is a “liberation” going on, few French people took notice. Sidewalk spectators on either side of this procession are, as best as I can make out, sparse. It is hard to tell. On the left, a few people appear to be milling in small clusters, but are not much involved with the passing troops. And, those people are tiny compared to  the troops, as if far far distant from the column.
  • The logistics of the march are complicated. Soldiers would have to march up to the Arch, and then around it and then reform the wide marching procession. Only a small swath of the large column would actually go through the Arch. It is not designed for that. (See the photo above for a better perspective, as this photo makes the opening in the arch appear bigger than it is. It is just poor photo pasting.) But all I can see is a straight column of troops and an overexposed sky behind the Arch, as if the troops merely dropped in place from above. The arch appears to be wider due to extension of light, but notice how a straight line descends where the natural wall would be. They monkeyed with it.
  • Oh crap, I am not going to pretend anymore. The photo is fake, military propaganda. Just stand back from it and you will see a a clear line of demarcation across the back of the troops that extends down the sides where the trees blend. That is the cut-off used in the photo, below and inside of which which are troops, above which is the Arch, and outside of which are people in the sidewalk on a normal day, much further away than the superimposed column of troops. This is two photos (at least) pasted together.

The military needed this event, and so manufactured it out of whole cloth.

What at else about World War II is fake? Lots. But I will leave it at that for now.

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  2. Tyrone McCloskey says:

    “What else about World War II is fake? Lots.”
    IMO there was no Adolph (no middle name) Hitler- He was a character created by MI6 and the think tanks like The Coefficients and, later, what became the Tavistock Institute- He was the lint catcher for the British/German intel collaborators who staged both World Wars for the usual suspects in the Anglo-American alliance- Wall St./City of London/German royals who sat on the British, German and Russian thrones at the outset of this century plus long project-
    A few actors who played “Hitler”-
    Julius Schreck*, alleged founder of the SA and SS- Hitler’s chauffeur and body guard- Died in 1936 of either assassination (mistaken for the “real” Hitler) complications from an abscessed tooth, or a car accident-
    99.9% certain that’s an alias- Schreck translates as “terror” or “fear”, i.e., Ivan the Terrible- Julius the Terror-
    Gustav Weler- Bohemian actor
    , IMO coached by actor and playwright, Dietrich Eckhart, leading light of one of the occult clown factories, Thule Society, set up by British Intel- (The Brits are so good at that game) Weler is the podium-speak Hitler, the one seen in Triumph of the Will and several newsreels-
    Heinrich Berger- Hitler’s stenographer, allegedly- Allegedly died in the Stauffenberg hoax- Possibly the Hitler seen with other actors like Mussolini, a now known paid operator of British Intel- Possibly the Hitler from Ludendorff’s pack of post-WWI spies- The “Corporal” the Linz division veterans recalled- He’s the one the two bogus Iron Crosses were awarded to, giving the Hitler character battlefield cred- He may have been the bag man for Pacelli, Hitler’s future pope (PiusXII), then papal nuncio in Berlin and a source of cash for the Hitler project-
    Other actors have been ID’d as doubles for photo-ops, usually for soldiers to send to their mothers or posing with dignitaries in on the game-
    The Hitler backstory comes from Mein Kampf, written by Karl Haushofer, his protégé Rudolph Hess and Hieronymite priest and reporter, the anti-Semitic Bernhard Stampfle- It’s all bullshit- The geopolitics of Hitler’s vision are a complete lift from Halford Mackinder, British Empire apologist- Haushofer, a first rank spook and former Army General who put together the German/Japan team-up, was a Mackinder protégé-
    Schicklegruber is all legend- The name is slang for a shit digger in colloquial Austrian- The low kid on the farm totem pole was tasked with digging a ditch to run off all the liquefied cow shit on cattle farms- The name is a joke, see, courtesy of the droll wits at Tavistock…

    *Weler (sometimes Weber) was likely the guy in the docket during the Beer Hall Putsch trial, “Hitler’s” OJ circus act establishing Hitler as a major player for the pliant press/propagandists to promote globally-

    There’s a book in all this and I’m trying to find a way to organize all of it- I start in 1840- Don’t hold your breath-

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    • Let me know if and how I can help.


      • tyrone mccloskey says:

        Will do- Full plate but its an open file-


        • I can do decent writing and don’t monkey around, having no desire to insert my own views. I just like to roll it out as you would want it. I enjoy flow of words and stuff.


          • Tyrone McCloskey says:

            Thanks Mark- Organizing it all is difficult because I want to run things on parallel tracks, not just chronologically- This way will show the context of each step with regard to the agenda, which was set up long before I start in the mid 19th century- When I get something close to the above, at least in part, I’ll send you some, if you dare- I’m going to let what I have ferment and work on it through the holiday break (my first extended freedom in some time) and then I’ll be willing to share- I live and work with a top flight copy editor but she cannot stand my “paradigmatic distortions”, so she will be of no help here-


    • annspinwall4 says:

      Tyrone, fantastic stuff! I failed to read the comments back when this was posted.


      • tyronemccloskey says:

        This is apparently the location of Matthew’s blog, which was reposting every POM post awhile ago- “Langley Ct.” Or, it might be WordPress- Even so, ha ha!- The phone number adds up to 47- Wheeeee….!!!!
        1-4 Langley Court
        London WC2E 9JY
        United Kingdom

        +4420 7430 2696


        • tyronemccloskey says:

          Just noticed the zip code or whatever that is has an 11 embedded- Keep it coming, kids-


        • annspinwall4 says:

          I saw that comment and remembered that he/they were reposting all new articles on Matthew’s blog…very interesting. Wonder who the new trolls might be…some comments from new people on recent articles has me thinking POM is still of interest.


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