If it is on TV, it is real

I could not put the problem more succinctly than this. It is a guy named Eric, who has been around the blogs since the beginning. He resides in Billings, Montana, my home town until 2001. This is his recollection of the morning of 9/11/2001 as recorded at Reptile Dysfunction, a Montana blog linked to the right:

“I was getting ready for work, and saw the planes hit on CNN – I’m pretty sure it happened.”

Is there any more to say?

3 thoughts on “If it is on TV, it is real

  1. Erik is either purposelg misdirecting or just simply mistaken. He didn’t see the planes hit that morning. He only saw one of them, the second one. The first was not ‘captured’ by tv cameras. ‘Amateur’ video surfaced later but we didn’t see the planes hit. We only saw a plane hit the second tower.* GWB was caught up in a similar lie a few years after 911 telling an audience that before the infamous book reading he saw the first plane strike the tower on TV. Except he couldn’t have. All they had were “eye-witness” reports. The only video at that time was of the smoking tower.

    *Note I am not suggesting there relly were any planes, etc.


  2. I live in CA and recall my daughter calling to tell me to turn on the TV, something awful had happened. I recall watching, stunned, as that 1st tower fell and a few minutes later the other tower. It was unimaginable. At work that day my co-workers and I were in shock. There was a TV in the lunch room so we could follow the continuous coverage. I was sick to my soul, couldn’t sleep, didn’t feel like eating.
    It was only later that a few nagging questions came to the forefront of my befuddled brain. “That looked like a controlled demolition”, “how the hell could those planes slice through all that steel and concrete?” “the Pennsylvania field…there is no way a plane crashed there” As time went on, the horror receded and life went back to normal….I mean there was the Patriot Act and the war, but that was for our safety, of course it was. It was shortly after the 10th anniversary that I watched a little documentary call “Loose Change”. I know now that it was full of holes and some say it is disinfo….but it WOKE ME UP! I was outraged and had to know more. There must be some mistake, this is America, our government would not do something so heinous. So I started researching and haven’t stopped. The thing about research, it never stops, there is so much to “un”learn. I have put my 9/11 research to rest, I am in the Simon Shack camp. There were no planes, there was CGI and we didn’t actually see the towers fall. It was a 102 minute TV show. It was mind controlled trauma at it’s most effective.
    I truly feel that more people would wake up if they just took some time out of their busy day to take a look at some of that old footage. Read some of the articles and books that question 9/11. Go to http://www.septemberclues.info and study Simon’s excellent work. Here is a link from Simon’s site that I found stunning….it gave me chills and truly convinced me that this “event” had been planned for years, well planned. http://www.bigeye.com/911_missing_posters_of_disembodied_souls.htm
    The posters that were plastered on that wall. Where did they come from? Manhattan was shut down, closed off, only authorized persons could be in and around the area of “ground zero”. Would you, as a grief stricken wife, mother, father, print up a missing poster for your loved one? We do that for missing animals, but a person that was supposed to be in the downed towers. I don’t know of any rational being, reeling with grief, that would do something so ridiculous.


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