image I have seen this face before somewhere … Royalty never went away, but with the onset of republican government, they did go underground. This is an old, old painting in the hotel lobby, and when I remember who it is, I will pass it along. No doubt she is related to The Queen of England, as they are all related by intermarriage. She’s little on the homely side too, in my humble opinion. That nose takes up most of her face, but who am I to talk.

(Afterthought – it appears the painting has been partially restored. Maybe when they got this far, uncovering the face, they said “Yikes!” And decided not to finish.)

— in Osøyri, Hordaland, Norway. Last stop before home.

5 thoughts on “Unforgettable

  1. That’s a Habsburg-like proboscis, though without the bulbous lower lip- Maybe the artist was being kind- The style suggest it may have been painted a century or more before Velazquez’ peak (mid-1600’s) so the facial deformities may not have been as pronounced as they were when Charles II drooled himself to death in 1700 and ended the Habsburg rule in Spain-


  2. Say what you will, you have to admit her face is well hung. I think that is what i recognized at first glance. If you remembered later her name was Mentula I wouldn’t have been surprised.

    (They do make great nails, picture hooks and frame wire in Scandinavia so of course she’s well hung ;===) )

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