We have such a backlog that I am going to push forward, perhaps getting two sets of twins out today. We have known about these for weeks, and  Straight has been patiently awaiting my letting them go.

First up is Drake. We are aware that there is a meme our there pushing the notion that Drake is twins, but only in a “wishing it were so” manner. This is where we get photos like these:


It’s clever, as it is masking the fact that Drake really is a set of twins by fake-outing them as twins. The first photo above looks like monkey business, as the pant legs on both look identical, leading us to believe that the upper bodies are PhotoShopped in as well. I don’t think so, but I wonder about them dressing identically in public. It might be a very good Photoshop.

The second photo looks real to my somewhat trained eye. I am just judging by light source, which is to our right, and seems consistent on both. But it too could be a very good PhotoShop, done to run interference.

But set that aside. It is obviously intended to create misdirection. There are two of them. Here is twin number one:

And Twin #2:

Indeed they are difficult to tell apart. Twin #1 has higher ears, but beyond that they are very much identical twins. I will do two face splits, so as not to be too annoying, just so you can see how I separated one from the other. This held true for all six of these photos.

As you can see, the noses are identical as are the mouths. One has a slightly longer face, the eyes do not line up, and of course, the ears give it away.

I know nothing about Drake other than he is very popular, and I see no harm in him being twins.

As always, I question where these sets of lookalikes are coming from. Is there a factory? Are they doing IVF in royal blood lines? (Straight has followed blood lines back for various celebrities, and always, without exceptions, finds they are of royal lineage. The fact that the Drake twins are of African descent is no exception, as there are royal families going back to on that continent too.)

We have many, many more twins to follow. Next up: Rihanna.

8 thoughts on “Drake(s)

  1. Twin #2 is the likeable and charismatic one that performs. Twin #1 is the bearded salsa dancing Drake that everyone made fun of in “Hotline Bling”. Twin #1 was the actor in DeGrassi.

    This is another case of one twin have the musical/personality chops, and the other twin having the acting chops.

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  2. Drake is one of the most popular people on the planet right now. I expect a big disinfo response. Keep an eye out.


    1. Wow, great link! Just check out the descendants of Edward I. Rachel McAdams, Amy Adams, Eddie Redmayne, Jewel, Uma Thurman, Anderson Cooper, Lena Dunham, etc. etc. etc. etc.


  3. Not a science guy at all so take these comments at your own risk-
    Just taking a glance at articles on IVF and twinning, and the language suggests that the increase in twinning by IVF is caused by observable disruptions in the normal sequence of events in the earliest stages after conception – Obviously, if these disruptions are consistent, they can be artificially reproduced to further increase the odds of resulting twins- The journals won’t word anything to suggest deliberate manipulation (Full disclosure: I work in a medical library) but the potential seems to have been there for at least a few decades if we have twenty/thirty something year old performing twins today-
    A thousand pardons if the following is politically dicey: I found myself in a tavern a couple weeks or more ago with a music awards show on the big screen- I don’t know if it was the Grammys or what, but I was fascinated by the utter dominance of, what’s the term today, light skinned people of color? The only white performer I recognized was Brittany Spears, and even she had been sprayed with some bronzing element- As I have harped on bastards being a possible source for these performers, it may be that the twinning is the result of mainline, royal descended males fertilizing volunteering woman of color to produce these celebrities-
    Yes, that sounds like Team Mengele’s wet dream, but what would you do with this research if not needing to create a master race anymore? You’d create as many offspring of the elite as you could to act as loyal foot soldiers in the culture control wars- Blood is thicker than cash money, though there is enough of that, too, when required-


    1. Tyrone, You’ve been on a roll lately. What bloodlines do the African Americans come from has been a question on my mind for a while. This is a plausible theory. There are still dark-skinned celebrities out there like Don Cheadle and Kevin Hart, but perhaps they’re just traffic?

      I’ve been watching cloning disinfo on Youtube to get a feel for what they’re saying, and one consistent they say is that the Nazis starting cloning after WWII. Most of the twins we’ve found are born post-WWII, although I admit we haven’t looked at as much old-timer twins as we can, which ties in with the Mengele twin testing.


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