Rihan Rihanna danna?

Rihanna is a beautiful woman, so there being two of her is a real treat. Like Drake down below, there are images of her about with her “twin,” and yet Wikipedia makes no mention of that. So I gather that it is being done to muddy the waters, as with Drake, as Rihanna is indeed a twin.

First the publicized “fake” twin shots:

That really ought to seal it, as they look genuine to me, and they look like twins. But having learned from my Steve Clark episode not to presume anything, I went ahead and ran down nine photos, five of which turned out to be one twin, four the other.

Here is Twin #1:

That, we can all agree, is a very sultry, sexy woman. You meet someone like her in a bar, find out she is with a guy, and ask “Have you got a sister?”

She does, in this case. Twin #2:

Are you picking up on this? Twin #2 is more open and gregarious, and smiles very easily. We find this so often with twins, one a little more withdrawn and the other more outgoing. It must be just how they play off each other growing up, the roles they adopt.

Bear with me, as I will do but one face split:


They are so close that I am wondering if famous people can wear fake ears, because the ears give away the game. The chin is a tad longer on one, the noses miss by just a very little bit. These are identical twins, or my name is not Drake.

That’s it for today.

13 thoughts on “Rihan Rihanna danna?

  1. This one I suspected before I even looked at the pictures.

    Twin #1 has a more Caribbean look in my opinion. She is the singer with the instantly recognizable island twang.

    Twin #2 has been appearing in the media more. She also performs but is nowhere as good. She is the one responsible for crap like “Work” and “This is what you came for”. She also sounds noticeably different.

    During the VMAs a few weeks ago, Rihanna performed 4 times during the show. Twin #1 performed the first two times, and twin #2 performed the second two times. It was well noted in the media how much the 2nd two performances suffered. That was no accident.

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  2. Check this out:

    Those are four very good Photoshops. What’s the point in making these? But wait…..the plot thickens…..

    Could the Rihanna twins have been dating the Chris Brown twins before dating the Drake twins? We’ll prove that to be true. The tabloids are faker than you think.


    1. By the way, these people are constantly on stage and know where the cameras are. (I doubt they are really “seeing” the people they’re are seen in public with.) So appearing in public as twins means they know they are protected, kind of a code of silence. No mainstream news source will ever divulge the truth..


      1. I just feel like I would have heard whispers if it was routinely done in public, even with no cameras around. My opinion is that they are only together behind closed doors and velvet ropes. You have to be a very serious insider to know and be around it.


    2. It would be cool if we had more picture comparisons where the heads are tilted exactly at the same angle instead of like how you have it now where one is tilted up and the other more down in many cases. That will explain the ‘ear differences’. Then you won’t have the 2D nose/chin/ear differences that come with perspective. Right now, it looks like your twins are the same person just looking up or down and not so convincing. Also sorting the pictures by similar expressions seems to be not convincing either. The best proof would be two pictures at closest possible expression, angle, lighting and everything and so when comparisons are made then all the differences would jump out very obviously.


      1. But it’s good to look at this stuff and you could be probably right. I just wanted to say that the best proof to convince most people would be like that.


        1. How’s that? I think I got the right angle. If not, just send me pics you think are the correct angle and I’ll show you. But I agree, having them at different angles can be confusing.


        2. Thanks Anon – others have suggested that head angles can distort ear height. But I would think it would take an angle of twenty degrees or more to create the kinds of differences we see here. The variance in angles of the heads is just not that great, in my opinion. Try it yourself with another person, see how much you have to tilt your head to get a perceived difference of an inch or more. I’ll bet twenty degrees or more.

          Anyway, we go through lots of photos and do lots of comparisons, which has a way of fleshing out mistakes that we might make. I used ten Rihanna photos, so that required 45 comparisons, and often enough I go back and do the other side of the face for good measure. We have to be aware of things like distorted angles, curved lenses, screen flips, so our best tool is quantity. Our biggest hurdle is to to find straight-on comparable photos.


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