Final Jeopardy


The answer to this Jeopardy clue is ex-Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. But there is possibly more being communicated here … I offer a prize to any reader who can spot it.

The prize? I haven’t figured that part out yet. I’ll do some quick shopping when someone gets it.

27 thoughts on “Final Jeopardy

  1. his prison number totals 33 and the time bar on the video totals 33….and the sentence of 14 years is 7×2…so it is coded as a hoax…but that was too easy, so there must be something I’m missing


  2. Nice work. Think of a prize you would like. Keep it in the $20 range. And congrats.

    And now, tell me the significance of 7×2. That is new to me. I am not on top of this numerology. It is just fun to catch them at it.


    1. It’s not 7 x 2 so much as it’s 7 + 7. Apparently these spooks love numbers that repeat themselves. Some seem to hold more power than others or be more prevalent or maybe we’ve just picked up on them more. (11, 33, 77). I don’t know why these numbers hold significance to them. It could be just signalling. Or they could still have occult significance. It could be that they once had some kind of occult significance but don’t anymore. We don’t know, but I think MM’s thesis (option #1) is a good place to keep a holding pattern until further convincing evidence arrives.

      I had a brief exchange with someone on r/conspiracy who claims to have been deeply involved in occult/satanic organizations. He said that the leadership or about 25% don’t really believe in what they’re selling the rest of them. So I think there are people involved in this who really believe all the hocus pocous, while the guys at the top don’t and just use it to manipulate the rest. Business as usual, in other words. The Reddit guy could have been full of it, for all I know. But it jibes with my instincts so that’s my position on it for the time being.

      As for 77, just think of the famous London bombing on 7/7. There are other references if you look for them. Here are two Reddit posts discussing this. In the second one, the comment itself has been deleted but there’s lots of good stuff in the comments still, including a link to a video of IMF chief Christine Lagarde talking about the significance of the number 7. If you search r/conspiracy for 77 or 777 and sort results by new you’ll find more posts:


      1. Wow … all that number stuff means something to them … you cannot make real of make believe just by sitting in a circle and holding hands and really wishing it is so. They are doing make believe even if it means something to them. That’s my take on the whole of freemasonry and the occult, grown-ups behaving like children, having secrets and handshakes and codes. People like having secrets. It makes them feel powerful and special.

        Anyway, the photo in this post is from our TV screen. I only half watch as Jeopardy plays away, as I am in charge of fast forwarding through commercials. I heard Colorado, instantly knew they were talking about Bligojevich, froze the screen and added up the number and got 33 and laughed. I know that whole thing was fake, as right after he took office I lost faith in Obama. But I did not suspect until more recently that the whole Blogojevich affair was a scam, this after I learned that people like Manson and Mark David Chapman and Sirhan were not really in prison.

        And then, after I put up the blog post, I noticed the 33 in the time bar too. That, I thought, was wild coincidence, as it would require a contestant picking that clue in the third minute and then having people freeze the screen at that moment. But it is funny.

        Note in the middle of Blogojevich’s number is 92, or 9 and 1+1. Coincidence, you say? Possibly, like adding up to 33.


        1. I’ll go one step further and say that intelligence numerology is not just about the occult, but also about mocking positive spirituality.

          33 is a well known numerology marker for “you are on the correct path in life”. 47 is a common marker for “congrats for being on the right path”. 11 is “keep your thoughts positive” and 8 is a marker for abundance.

          This is a good site so you understand where I’m getting this from:

          People stumble over numbers like this in their everyday life and take positive meaning from it. You can call it confirmation bias or attention bias, but it is a well known phenomenon that millions of people believe in, including myself. Google 11:11 to see just how common this is.

          I don’t think it is a coincidence that intelligence has taken some of the most positive numerology markers found in nature (or in myth, however you see it) and bastardized them. Very Satan-like 😉


          1. John Denver changed the wing registration on the plane he fake died in to 555 … I knew it had significance. I need to finish that post, as I have everything I need to show fake death, but I need some medical input. The coroner’s report is very well done, even if it took two months to get it. Does anyone know anyone who can sift through those details with insight?


          2. I did not know about these also being ‘lucky’ numbers. Very interesting… As for attention bias — I’m seeing these f*ing numbers everywhere now. I’m like that protagonist in Darren Aronovsky’s movie, Pi. Which would actually be an interesting movie to re-watch knowing what we now know. Maybe I’ll give it a look and write up my thoughts in a blog post. Unless somebody else wants to do it.


            1. Jimmy Fallon plays one of his games with a contestant, to guess what is in the box, tell a good lie. Usually it is some artifact, but this night he drew the number 3, and inside was a duplicate box, like a Russian nesting doll, that also had the number 3. And yes, it is a coincidence. And yes, there were 11 other boxes and they could have as easily done 44 or 88, just as Blogojevich’s prison ID number could have added up to any other number but 33.


              Grownups playing children’s games?


      2. I knew there was something about 7’s I wasn’t remembering…forgot about London 7/7…and I now remember watching Lagarde’s speech about “magic” 7’s on youtube


  3. Super Max in CO has a minimum security camp next door to ADX proper- If he’s there at all, which is doubtful- Spooks may know that means he’s with Charlie in Barbados- No mathlete, me, I cannot interpret the numbers-


    1. Right Tyrone. Rod is not in jail, has never been in jail. Annette is just too quick on her Jeopardy buzzer. Second prize on the show is $2,000. Not gonna happen. [Although her answer was not in the form of a question.]


      1. Oh, darn…I forgot the 1st rule of Jeopardy….and I’m not sure about the meaning of 7…just covering bases, I saw that 14 it was two 7’s and thought it might be part of the answer, the 33 seemed too easy. So I forgot the 1st rule and added an answer that wasn’t part of the solution. I don’t need, or really deserve, a prize.


  4. So will Trump get 86’d today in AZ? Time for our October surprise? If they don’t do something quick, the Hillary for President scam might unravel before the election.


    1. Rmember: it’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes. The election will go according to plan, whatever that is. I think it’s going to be shillary in a landslide, but who knows…?


  5. Wish someone could convince me — after Ohio/Florida 2000 — that someone is indeed counting the votes. If it’s rigged, why would counting votes beyond the county level be useful to TPTB?


    1. I have asked the same question. For one thing, we really don’t know what happens to our vote once vast – the black box concept. We have no way of proving or disproving that it was counted. So it is really faith-based.

      But voting itself – we recently did airports here and there and elaborate security, and I was thinking that it did not really matter if they were actually looking for anything or if their scanners really worked. The important thing is that we think they do.

      It is the same with voting – it is very important to TPTB that we think voting matters, that we think our vote is counted. That is the seal on the deal, our belief that our vote matters. That is, possibly, the only reason why we have elections. If they just told us that we don’t care what you think, the truth, then there might foment some rebellion.


      1. Here in SF there are a few measures on the ballot concerning housing and renter’s rights- These measures are always soundly defeated because the renters have a huge numerical advantage over property owners, of course- The only reason they are on the ballot is to scare the young hipsters into participating in the ongoing farce and registering- Old folks that still have the blindfold on also turn out- Scare tactics with a local flavor do more, in my view, to rock the vote than the oafs on the national level who play the lesser of two evils hand- Most people have no clue about the fakery but they are pretty well assured that the two presidential candidates are just two sides aligned perfectly in a split photo-


    2. for everyone asking the question about votes…I have mad respect for this man, his research on many issues is astounding…here is a link to an article about the 2012 vote with links to info about how the whole process works…the man is Clint Richardson. His youtube channel is TheCorporationNation, he has excellent documentaries on Common Core, vaccine, Agenda 21, he had a radio show for 2 years on Republic Broadcasting Network that he finished up several months ago. is where you can find all of his articles…here is the one about voting


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