Adaptation of the fittest-

I want to thank Mark for letting me bloviate on his dime, so to speak- I often explain myself as worshipping in the temple of the imagination and his twin sister, intuition- These are my sturdy twin towers and as such I’m not too helpful with the hard core forensics- I trust my Spidey-sense and toss around concepts more than time and place specifics- I never read instructions or ask for directions- Solving problems by thinking in the abstract, or just using my hand/eye coordination to find things out works best for me- I have often half-joked that I only think when I speak- Same with typing- Forced to communicate with the external plane, the hums and plinks of random brain activity have to be corralled, edited and translated into coherent language- For some reason pacing back and forth seems to facilitate this process, allowing a repetition of thought to coordinate with repetition of physical movement- Add a couple of cold pops to the mix and I can see why Homer calls beer “thinking juice”-

Adaptation of the fittest-

I know a couple from New York who I’ll call Stan and Ally to protect their largely defensible innocence- I have been friends with them and a colleague of Stan’s for years, and they’ve been on the west coast for decades now and yet they still retain their New Yorkishness- What that actually means is hard to explain, but it is quite distinct from the Northern California/Frisco-ness I’ve been immersed in my entire life- They are loyal, have selective memories when trying to keep things light, have an 11 setting on their volume control knobs, are quick to forgive after a spat, and don’t shy away from the truth, at least as they see it- Opinionated, but generally backed by facts, or at least passion-

Ally is a pit bull when it comes to what she sees as the truth- She hates being lied to or given inaccurate information, even if by naïve intentions- It’s a disorder thing and I’ll spare the details, but she’s also been a standard issue news consumer and has not put a lot of thought into the big picture in most of the time I’ve known her- She had no reason to doubt a close relative who told her he saw bodies falling on 911-

I’ll get back to her in a moment, but I want to tell you about Stan and how he is being dragged kicking and screaming into the light- Stan is not an average news consumer- He has, with my help, come to realize that all of corporate media is a hustle- This is a foundation plank that must be laid first in order for one’s new paradigm to remain upright- Stan has it installed- He still needs to erect the walls-

Sometime recently, things began to accelerate for both of them- With a short video presentation, I got Stan to agree that Ruby did not shoot Oswald and that the whole scene was theater- Leaping from one small sound stage to the outdoor epic of the JFK assassination, featuring thousands of extras, is too large a jump for him right now- He’s at that stage Neo was in, trying to make that first jump from rooftop to rooftop in pursuit of his mentor, Morpheus, but afraid he’ll join the mythical bodies that allegedly dropped down into the rubble of the twin towers-

Concurrently, Ally has been 2×4’d over the head by building 7- Her intuition is in all-out war with her convictions- Her goose is cooked, though she won’t admit it- I can sense the planes are ready to go next and then it will be an avalanche- And I have an inkling as to why this is happening now- Utter frustration- Her intuition is also telling her Hilary is just as corrupt as Obama, and that Barry wasn’t a fluke- It’s the system and its been the system for some time- They’re only going to get worse, and so will their crimes- This is her first foundation plank and she won’t scream and cry like Stan- Her new paradigm will be open for business very soon, I’ll wager-

Stan is a fine musician and arguably the biggest Beatle Brain on the west coast- When I first presented him with Mark’s “Sir Faul”, he shrugged it off as more of my light hearted button pushing- Yeah, he does have selective memory when keeping the workplace from becoming hostile, thank the merciful, blood stained gods- And he may never let go of the fab four even if he comes around to JFK, et al- What I think he will do, as opposed to Ally, (in for a penny, in for a pound, or is it Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus –either way) is rationalize that the Beatles were innocent but that the culture vultures took the template and made diseased versions that metastasized and destroyed the promise of Beatlemania-

And for Stan, that may be close enough- He doesn’t watch current TV- He amuses himself and waxes nostalgic with stacks of DVD’s of all the old shows he watched as a kid- He doesn’t know who Bill Maher is and can’t be concerned that “Bill” was in Paul’s pet project, Badfinger- The important thing is that Stan knows that politics, and the media that peddles that mind fuckery, are crap- What he can’t accept is the idea that genuine and meritorious talent, as opposed to blood related enforced mediocrity, has no real chance to impact the culture the way the Beatles appeared to do so- His creativity depends on that aspect of the old paradigm- And an artist won’t get too far without a rich fantasy life-

An afterthought: Reflecting on the old friends I still have and their tolerance to one degree or another of my idiosyncratic way of looking at the world, I realize that all of them have gotten as close as they feel necessary to acknowledge the scams but retain their often elevated places in this admittedly imperfect system by not doing much about said scams- Just listening to me is their contribution and I am eternally grateful for even that much- And I can’t blame them- Many have mouths to feed and serious responsibilities and I don’t- And caution is the way to approach the new information if the world isn’t just about yourself as it often is with me- Compromise is adaptation- Adaptation is the key to survival during this cultural climate change- Same for media fakery sleuths when they come a cropper on some particulars- Zealotry will only get you a memorial footnote in some online listicle of the thirty three craziest conspiracy theories of all time- I survive, though, because I find all of this “stuff” far too hilarious to not build my day around it- If living in an advanced civilization won’t allow for a goodly amount of time for goofing off and having a laugh, then what’s the point?

16 thoughts on “Adaptation of the fittest-

  1. Thanks Tyrone – so glad you accepted the invite.

    There will be much more to say about how people treat new ideas that conflict with basic beliefs – the role of ridicule and anger and cognitive dissonance, But Dr. Judy Wood in her succinct way put it best in my view: People have difficulty accepting new ideas, no matter the support of evidence, due to three factors (her succint-ness in italics, the rest mine.)

    1. Poor problem solving skills. Critical thinking skills are just not evident in most quarters.
    2. Groupthink. Fear of what others think and the magnetic appeal of authority figures override evidence.
    3. Fear of the implications. (Joelle Steele, the face analysis expert in a McCartney post this week, when confronted with evidence of the McCartney twins, was faced with having made a huge mistake in her own professed area of expertise. Rather than deal with that, she ridiculed the theory. Else-wise, the implications … hmm.)

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    1. That’s interesting and makes a lot of sense. I remember Hillary being much more likable 10-15 years ago. They’ve turned her into this cartoon character the last 5 years with the weird disingenuous smile. The more likable twin has been pushed into the background in exchange for the strange twin that we are seeing everywhere.

      The bigger story for me is why we are being blasted by twin and reassignment Youtube videos the last month. I am operating on the assumption that the above video is disinfo (and they say fraternal instead of identical, when identical is what opens the real can of worms), so the question needs to be asked, “why are they exposing the Hillary twins?”

      This video was posted September 14th and the “Chris Brown was replaced” video was posted September 16th, the same day we exposed him as an identical twin. Are they creating a new disinfo campaign based on our work, using previous templates they have worked with on other disinfo campaigns? Where are they going with this? Will they soon align with Flat Earth or go off the deep end to discredit their work and ours?

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      1. Glancing at some of that Youtubers other work, I found this video:

        He does a split face exactly like Mark, tilting the head like we do, aligning based on pupils. He does not do it with twins or reassignments, rather he does it to show that a picture of Rockefeller is fake.

        For those that doubt our work, that video alone, posted September 9th, should be enough to tell you that we are on to something big. Even if some of our matches are off, we have enough that are right that they are starting a small disinfo campaign.

        Looking deeper into his Youtube video, he started this face splitting around 2 months ago, whereas we’ve been doing it for 3-4 months. What he uses it for is to expose their “real face”, which I assume is tied into shape-shifting reptillian disinfo. So that answers my question from earlier, they are priming people to associate our face splitting work with Reptillian/Illuminati/Satanism disinfo.


        1. Going deeper, it appears the first “real face” of Putin was from October 2015, which pre-dates the work here.

          He posts a lot of ISS is fake stuff, and the “real face” series has really picked up for him the last two months, and now he is on to the Hillary twins. There’s an obscure reassignment of Emily Eisenman/Krystara Brassard which fits the disinfo checlist.


        2. That video was weird – was there supposed to be some occult symbolism in Rocky’s face? All I saw was that he took a face, split it in half, reversed and created a new face from the old, and there is no point in that. We are not symmetrical.

          Has anyone seen, from way back before all this Photoshop, where they used to take faces and split them and align right side with right side, left side with left side. What you get, usually, is an angry face and a friendly face, as faces are complex signaling devices representing the entirety of our personalities. I think I saw that done with RFK.

          But notice what that guy did was to take Rocky, split his face, reverse it, put it back together with two left sides, and it is exactly the same as the original Rocky face. That doesn’t wash and means the original image was not real, had already been altered.

          Fake fake fake!


      2. At the risk of sounding like a namedropper, I met Hillary Clinton a couple of times back in late 1999 and early 2000. After both occasions I remember telling my wife how much better Hillary looked in person than any time I had seen her on television or in photos. Which is the opposite of my experience: usually the camera is kinder, and people’s faces are more disappointingly flawed in person. Honestly, the Hillary I met was an attractive woman … which I would not say about the person I’ve been seeing in the news ever since.

        So I am already sold on the Twin Hillaries Hypothesis. Maybe one sister was doing the low-level meet-and-greet stuff, like the occasions when I crossed her path. She was genuinely gracious and winsome. And maybe the more imperious and aloof sister is the DC powerbroker who takes the lead in political events.


    2. I am getting basic alignment, though it looks weird due to face angles.


      Anyway, I would want to stay away from any area where we suspect the spooks might be laying out golden apples for us, and continue to surprise them with our own original research. I doubt they expected Dr. Phil.


      1. I will be more careful on YouTube now. That channel is very strange. I just stumbled upon it looking at all the Hillary madness that has erupted lately. And there is no shortage of madness.


        1. You’re not the first, John. I now think the whole Alex Jones/Bill Hicks affair, though real, was a golden apple. That cost us a lot of credibility, as it is so easy for people to toss mud balls at us without even examining evidence, as the match-up is covered in black frosting. We do have to be careful.


  2. From your banner: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” (Mark Twain, attributed)

    I’m not sure it’s the convincing as much as the admitting that hangs people up. Americans are the “exceptional” ones, the “free” ones, the “liberated” ones. That’s baked into every one of us as a base condition. To leap over that is no ordinary task. The conditioning is universal, thorough and effective. Decades old, if not multi-generational.

    So, I appreciate the “square one” approach with the post above. Truth 101 needs to be interjected at regular intervals to keep building on that collective knowledge, which can only continue to grow exponentially if more participants come to the table. Nice job.v


  3. I have had very intelligent friends ask me to stop presenting them with facts about this fraud world we live in. It’s not just that we are rocking their “now”. We are shattering their whole lives. All their memories become suspect. As some say, we are a product of our experiences. So are we not all fake to some degree or another now? Still you have to choose the red pill. I have researched much about the Knights Templar. After my research, the common thread of what they were after was knowledge. It always puzzled me what that meant. Years later I now realize what that meant. The insiders know it’s all fake and they live their lives accordingly. And in many instances profit from that knowledge.

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  4. If it makes you feel any better, I sold a very high paying business because of it. For two years I was both delusional and depressed over my decision. I’m still fairly broke, but I can assure you, virtue has it’s own reward.


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