Brian “Razzle” Williams

Note to Reader: This blog post has been put “under review” as we have had growing pains in developing the technology we use to identify twins, replicas and zombies. The eyes behind the technology are getting better, so as you read this piece note that if you are troubled by its conclusions that we will be looking at it in more depth and with better eyes. For the time being, it is speculation.


Let’s get straight to business on this one. Razzle (also known as Nicholas Dingley) was the drummer of the glam rock band Hanoi Rocks from 1982-1984. While Wiki says the band was Finnish, Razzle appears to have been born in the UK and in the only interview of him I could find, he does in fact have a British accent.

The story goes that Razzle was killed in a drunk driving accident in 1984 when his driver, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, crashed into another car in Redondo Beach, California while Hanoi Rocks was on their first American tour.

Brian Williams on the other hand was born in 1959, to Razzle’s 1960, in Ridgewood, NJ. His early life is unexciting except for a broken nose he suffered in a football game, which we will get to later. There is some overlap here, with Williams supposedly starting his broadcast career in 1981 in Pittsburg, Kansas. We’ve learned to ignore most of their early work until they start appearing on television, and even then they may just replace another individual who goes by the same name.

The earliest image of Brian Williams broadcasting I could find was in 1987 for WCBS in New York. Below are images of Williams from high school. If anybody sees any funny business in these photos, please comment below.




Brian’s career did not take off until he was hired by NBC News in 1993, nine years after Razzle died.

Let’s take a closer look at Razzle.

Looks a lot like Brian Williams in drag.

Here we have Williams.

With your naked eye you can see his asymmetrical smile. Now look at the first photo I posted of Razzle. If that image is reversed (very common), we see the same sort of asymmetry while he is smiling.

Here are their alignments:




Pretty darn exact. The biggest wildcard is Brian’s crooked nose. Did they perform plastic surgery on him? What would be the purpose, since the American public is unlikely to recognize a European glam rock drummer. Did Williams get in an accident sometime between 1984-1987? Was there a real car accident, and they just decided to “kill” Razzle off for other reasons? It is definitely a question mark to consider.

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11 Responses to Brian “Razzle” Williams

  1. The most common cause of a crooked nose is sudden impact, which could be falling, walking into a door, or a fist. Anything could have happened in the intervening years, including a bar fight.


  2. daddieuhoh says:

    Pretty damn exact, indeed. I have no idea how you were able to make this connection. I know you have a list of dead celebrities and pictures, etc. But I don’t think this match-up would have ever occurred to me.


  3. John in Texas says:

    Pretty amazing. I remember reading that story about the drunken auto fatality and wondered how Vince Neil stayed out of prison. It’s Intoxication Manslaughter here in Texas, a felony and they will throw the book at you.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. tyronemccloskey says:

    Speaking of glam, it just hit me, Warhol/Sutcliffe superstar Edie Sedgwick, dead at 28- Any idea who she might be? I’m looking at you, Greta Van Facelift- Anyone want to chop some face? (Is that good slang for facial comparisons?) Great catch on B-Dub, btw- Still chortling, hours later-

    Liked by 1 person

  5. If anyone can help find Megyn Kelly’s forebear, I’d be appreciative. She used to be someone else, I just know it, but lost track of music around 1994. Chop face if you must.


  6. annspinwall4 says:

    Absolutely amazing, I have no idea how you put that together..I am 65, grew up in Texas, and my dad was into country music and so was I. I loved the 60’s rock scene, (Herman’s Hermits were my all time I was very square, Stones…ugh and wasn’t crazy about The Beatles) I totally missed a lot of the 80’s stuff…if my son or daughter was into it, then I knew about it, otherwise it is all a blur. All that to say, there are groups I’ve never heard of, much less know what they look like. Great job!


  7. Garibaldi says:

    Maybe he really did get hurt in a car crash, but didn’t die? Possible explanation for his facial assymmetry?

    Also interesting that his daughter is in the show Girls with Lena Dunham. Yet another celebration of promiscuity and selfishness among young women.


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