(Fake) Reality Hits You Hard, Bro

A man yells at the media as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event in Phoenix

So there I was, scanning The Huffington Post to get a sense of the latest propaganda, and all of a sudden I was just minding my own business, when BAM! The picture above came out of nowhere up and hit me in the cranium right between the eyes. And I was like  “Wuuughghghghgh!” Sometimes reality hits you hard.

The picture was accompanied with this headline: “Trump Pounces On Emails As Supporter Chants ‘Jew S. A.” You can follow that link to the videos there or watch this:

Now, the reason the picture knocked me back in my chair was not due to this man’s shocking behavior that shows Trump supporters are anti-Semites who use neo-Nazi hand signals. The cause of the interocular trauma was that I instantly recognized the guy.

He was interviewed five years ago about a car crash in Arizona. The video went viral and was “songified” by the Gregory Brothers in their viral sensation, “Reality Hits You Hard, Bro:”

Still not 100% sure it’s the same guy? I wasn’t either, until I watched the original interview and saw that he has the exact same tattoo on the inside of his right forearm.

Of course, this indicates that the interview about the car crash is also fake. In fact it looks kind of like a greenscreen behind him. And in any case the scene behind him doesn’t match his description of the electricity pole, dangerous wires, etc. Also notice how the guy standing behind him turns away from the camera to laugh, as if he’s hiding his laughter. Why would he feel the need to do that? And since this viral video is fake, it suggests that most if not all other viral videos become “viral” only when they are promoted by Intelligence.

If you think this is about Democrats hiring actors to sabotage Trump, ask yourself this: do you really think the “Jew-S-A” guy was really in a car accident in 2011 and then just coincidentally happened to be hired for this? No, he wasn’t. He was hired to fake the story about the accident, too. Do you think he was hired back then by George Soros or the Democrats to fake a car accident? Do you think that faked accident forwarded some partisan agenda? Think again.  It wasn’t the Democrats or Hillary or Soros who hired him then, and it’s not them who hired him now. He’s a bit player in the MATRIX, and the game they’re playing against us transcends partisan politics.

[Edit: I want to make sure it’s perfectly clear: his car crash interview is another example of faked local news. Compare his story here to the pictures and video interview on NPR. The NPR story is wildly different. To take one glaring example, in that interview, he is very clear to say that he did NOT touch his door as he was getting out due to the fear of getting an electric shock. But in the viral video interview, he says he touched it on the way out and got shocked. It’s not just some detail he left out of one story and then remembered in another. It’s a small detail that he goes out of his way to describe (totally differently) in each story. Actually the NPR video reminds me of the footage of Gene Rosen practicing his lines for Sandy Hook. Also, the pictures of his van show a minor fender-bender–not the sort of damage you’d expect after such a violent crash that sends each vehicle careening in different directions. So again, do you think it was Hilary or the DNC or Soros who paid him to fake this local news story 5 years ago?]

I have no doubt that people are planted at these rallies and the controversies manufactured and fake. But the controversies surrounding Clinton are also manufactured. I would bet dollars to donuts that the earth-shattering e-mails everyone is in a titter about are all faked as well (just like the letters between Albert Dreyfus and his wife read as fake). In short, this hoax is not about Democrats sabotaging Republicans or vice versa. And this post is meant to show that these manufactured controversies are part and parcel of our fabricated reality. They are aimed to tear us apart and keep us pointing fingers at each other, not to sabotage Trump or Clinton.

And if you want to tell me that this guy in this news interview just happens to be the same guy who went in front of the press box at the rally and started shouting “Jew-S-A,” well then I’d say your “coincidence theory” sounds less plausible than my “conspiracy theory.”

Watch the interview again and notice his use of weirdly stilted/scripted language like when he talks about getting his “vehicle” fixed. What average Joe refers to their car or truck as a “vehicle”? One is reminded of the infamous “Harley Guy” interview on 9/11. Here’s a quick link on that. (Notice the black guy behind him appears to be his handler and at around 1:48 he leans in and says something, at which point they cut the interview.):

The interview also sounds stilted and scripted: “And then I witnessed both towers collapse, one first and then the second, mostly due to structural failure because the first was just too intense.” People don’t say “I witnessed.” They say “I saw.” He sounds like he was coached by lawyers to give testimony in a court case or something.


I have to admit that this post was a bit embarrassing to write, because it forced me to admit that I read the Huffington Post. In my defense, I will say that I no longer read it for news. Sometimes when I’m bored, like today, I go there to keep up on the latest propaganda they’re feeding to the Huffington Post’s left-of-center audience. Of course I always knew it had a left-of-center slant, but I used to not mind because it fell in line with my ideological viewpoint.

I did always think it strange that Arianna Huffington, who had historically been so right-wing and married to the god-awful billionaire Michael Huffington, made such a huge (and relatively quick) ideological about-face. Now I know better: her starting the left-wing Huffington Post was just another in a long line of projects she has been enlisted in. You can consult her Wikipedia entry for more information on her spook-y career. You’ll notice they don’t mention anything about her ideological reversal, as if it’s par for the course. And it is, because she is just one of many modern-day propagandists who changed their ideological views on a dime to suit the needs of whatever latest project Intelligence dreamed up.

Oh, and for those of you who think I should be embarrassed by my apparently encyclopedic knowledge of the Gregory Brother’s (admittedly genius) repertoire: I was reminded of the song by an unrelated discussion in another forum about over-the-top interviews of fake witnesses to fake events. I’m not sure I would have recognized the guy so easily if I hadn’t recently watched and posted the song there. Sometimes reality really does hit you hard, especially when it’s fake.

The fact that so many of these fake videos we’re being fed these day for all these hoaxed events come from cell phone cameras and videos spread through twitter and facebook help add to the sense that “this is real, uncensored grass-roots news footage.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

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27 Responses to (Fake) Reality Hits You Hard, Bro

  1. daddieuhoh says:

    Oh, I forgot to put in a link to this other interview he did, where the details of the story change quite a bit. This one reminded me of the footage of Gene Rosen practicing his lines, or the pictures of Adolf Hitler practicing his poses in front of a mirror: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2011/10/05/141074507/lifes-still-hard-for-reality-hits-you-hard-bro-guy


  2. babydolle says:

    Crooked Hillary and the DNC pays these mental cases to go to Trump rallies and act foolish…


    • daddieuhoh says:

      Yeah, and I suppose crooked Hillary and the DNC paid this guy to do his phony news interview about a fake car crash, too? Hillary and the DNC aren’t behind this: fake news and hoaxed events transcends partisan politics.


      • Phillip Solesky says:

        Fantastic article! It sums up exactly what I’ve been saying about this “election” all along. They want you to pick a pro wrestler. It’s really pretty transparent, but it also shows the degree to which we’ve been brainwashed and our intelligence insulted.

        I love that you mentioned the whole fake email thing. In the past, they simply would have picked the original candidate they had in mind all along and then ruined the other in the press. Now, they “ruin” both and then laugh at us for still voting. Thanks again.

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  3. I read Huffington Post too. It is amazing how little real news is reported there. It is just one piece of inflammatory nonsense after another, all geared at maintaining the two-party-elections-matter illusion. I also listen to Limbaugh when I get a chance. It is clear his role is to reinforce the notion that Democrats are some sort of “left” force in our society. It never hurts to pay attention to the nattering nabobs.


  4. Brandon says:

    It is definitely the same guy… and they aren’t trying to hide it either.
    I found a photo from the Trump rally, at azcentral.com, that shows a picture of George Lindell, and labels it as him.
    Here is a link to the photo gallery. I believe the one with “George” is 23.
    I’m not sure what to make of this.


    • At large Trump rally, the guy warrants a TV camera and two full photos in the spread that you link. He’s just one guy, and the TV camera was already on him when he went all Jew S A on us.


    • daddieuhoh says:

      Hey Brandon! You were at the most recent MM conference, right? I remember your name from the blackfrosting thread over at fakeologist. Same Brandon? Welcome to our blog.

      It’s interesting because on picture 32 (out of 33) there is also a picture of him with another guy. The caption says “Two Donald Trump supporters, who refused to give their names, waited in line…” So we are to believe that he changed his mind and gave them his name later…?

      In any case, they did identify him by name, but did not link him to the car crash viral video until after my post (as far as I can tell). We may surmise that they were offering low-hanging fruit, as anybody googling his name could have made the connection. It would not surprise me in the least if somebody would have figured it out or if they just made his identity clear themselves (in fact, I expect some people will suspect that my outing of him was no coincidence). In other words — I think Intelligence fully expected this connection to be made, because it feeds into the conspiracy theories they have been feeding Trump supporters. The fact that buzzfeed was on it so quickly with an interview with him and that he had ready answers to it, suggests they were ready for this. They’ve got to be able to play both sides: one side is convinced he was a Clinton plant; the other side is convinced he’s lying through his teeth. Though you’ve got to admit the dodge into Spanish pronunciation is pretty clever.

      And I don’t just mean feeding as in exposing; I mean feeding as in creating in the first place, then exposing and blaming on Hillary, Soros, etc. It’s part of their divide and conquer strategy (they really want Trump supporters to and right-wingers in general to hate Hilary and her supporters) and also, I think, part of their strategy to blackwash all the beliefs that Trump presumably stands for. You can see some of these on full display in the Buzzfeed article, but there are others. Not the least of them is ‘conspiracy theories.’ It’s no accident that Alex Jones was enlisted for duty in the Trump campaign. They want everyone who hears “conspiracy theory” to think either about Flat Earth/Mandela Effect or those crazy right wing nut job Nazi anti-Semites. When Trump goes down in flames (and you can be sure he will), it will add exponentially to the discrediting of conspiracy theories –except among those who already see conspiracies and Trump supporters or independents who are going to be misdirected into manufactured conspiracies for the next 8 years. In fact, although we may view ourselves as being wise beyond our years, we have to be careful to make sure that we ourselves are not being misdirected by the low-hanging evidence of all these hoaxes, fakery, etc. Are we also being fed fake conspiracies?


  5. daddieuhoh says:

    George Lindell is listed sydex.net (“a smart robot for people search”) as “realist and actor” in the Entertainment industry: http://sydex.net/page43625

    Though there is also a thumbtack page for Lindell paints: https://www.thumbtack.com/Lindell-paints-Neighborhood-painter-Phoenix-AZ/service/2084511


    • From his FB page:

      “This is george, people are so. Uptite, cool your panties, that is how i say usa, in spanish it sounds like jewsa, i always thought that was funny so i added it to my lingo, nothing about jews, you people are paranoid! I am Trump all the way and am definitely not a Killary plant!”


    • Brandon says:

      Thanks for the welcome, daddieuhoh!

      Yes, I’m the same Brandon that foolishly got into a discussion over at Fakeologist.com, about my attending MM’s conference. It was a learning experience, for sure.
      I say foolishly, but maybe some good came out of it, for someone. I hope so, at least.

      Re: George Lindell… very interesting description on sydex.net, as you pointed out. “Realist and actor.”
      Realist, huh? That’s a good one.
      On his thumbtack page, the link to his business is broken, of course. Also, all of his reviews are from the end of last December – the end of Feb. The guy was pretty busy for those two month, I guess. I presume work in the painting business has been slow since then. Maybe George was taking some realist classes.


  6. 01stevekelly says:

    Did you see Pete Rose at the last Cubs game? Re- _________?


    • I am not getting your drift, Steve. It has been suggested that Rose was sacrificed to give the game of baseball a clean image, that is, if they punish one bad actor, we should assume the game is otherwise clean. But I don’t know. What are you saying here?


  7. John in Texas says:

    In regards to the new emails there are rumors circulating that they have discovered a high level government paedophile ring. See how this plays out. Gets weirder everyday.


    • daddieuhoh says:

      Yeah, I saw that. Wasn’t that rumor started by a Facebook post from somebody who said they knew somebody who was in the NYPD who said that was in the e-mails? I suppose it’s possible, but it sounds highly speculative. I think it’s just another one of those things they like to do to stir the pot. One of the big lessons I learned from researching the Dreyfus affair was how much they are able to conjure up incredibly elaborate and often bizarre controversies and conspiracies from nothing in order to put a heavy fog over what is actually happening (or not happening).

      You know the term ‘News Junkie’? Well think about that for a moment. What that implies. That people are literally addicted to the news. They get people addicted to the news, following all the little fake crumbs they lay down for us. Sometimes it leads somewhere, sometimes it doesn’t. But we become obsessed. Sometimes addicted. All I hear from my parents these days: ‘Did you hear what Trump said?’ They’re hanging on every word that comes out of this buffoon’s mouth, and they hate him!

      And for people who don’t like politics, they’ve got news about everything for you to follow: the latest celebrity gossip, the newest gadgets, new TV shows and movie casting choices, sports news, the trial of the century. Whatever you like, they’ve got your drug. In fact, they’re manufacturing your drug. If there’s no news, how can they sell it. So they’ve got to make it. Not only is it a highly profitable business, but it also keeps us distracted and preoccupied while they bend us over and ream us without even having the courtesy to give a reach around.

      Are the elite a bunch of pedophiles? It wouldn’t surprise me. But just like the whole Satanic cult thing, I’m not sure how much of those stories are true and how much of it is just a manufactured conspiracy. Even if the story you mentioned pans out (in terms of them saying “we found e-mails about pedophilia!!”), I don’t know that I’ll believe it.

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      • John in Texas says:

        Agree 100%. And I admit I have become addicted to this nonsense. I know I am being played but it’s like watching a freight train derail-I just can’t take my eyes off of it. The Anthony Weiner thing is just too convenient and it is becoming apparent a huge script is being played out in real time. My original take on this whole election was that Trump and Hillary were in collusion together. Then I drank the koolaid and started to believe Trump was legit. Now I am back to my original premise, we are being scammed.

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        • I don’t even glance at the news anymore, not even local news. It’s not about being “manipulated”, it’s just a total energy drainer. Just glancing at the Google News feed (which won’t let you remove the Top Stories) will depress you subconsciously.

          After reading all the attacks on Hillary in the comments of daddie_o’s story, I was driving down a busy street and saw a handwritten sign that said “Trump” hanging upside down. Those little subconscious things I believe are done on purpose to discredit Trump, and make his supporters look like idiots, like the Jew.S.A thing.

          So we’re seeing many layers of the onion. There are layers for those still believing in the two party system, and layers for us who are long past that.


          • daddieuhoh says:

            Here is something very telling that I just read in HuffPo. (Old habits die hard.) It reminded me of this statement I quoted in my Dreyfus paper: “A novelist or dramatist writing such an account would have been accused of exaggeration.”

            Here form HuffPo, another great example of truth disguised as metaphor:

            “If the 2016 election was a work of fiction, no one would believe it. But Trevor Noah sees elements of the campaign that are straight out of Shakespeare.

            “Noah was even more convinced after the computer of former congressman and admitted sexter Anthony Weiner became ― potentially ― a key piece of evidence in Hillary Clinton’s’s email scandal.

            “‘It’s crazy, but Shakespearean,’ Noah said on “The Daily Show” on Tuesday. ‘Hillary survives Bill’s sex scandal, but now gets a scandal from her top aide’s husband ― and it was Bill who married them.

            “‘Not to mention that [Donald] Trump got his sex scandal from Billy Bush, whose uncle [George H.W. Bush] was defeated by Hillary Clinton’s husband before Donald Trump later defeated his cousin, Jeb. There’s only like 15 characters in the entire story.'”


        • daddieuhoh says:

          The kool-aid is indeed intoxicating. And it comes in all different flavors.


  8. It was a coincident. Here is his story. Though, admittedly, this comes from a reporter for a mainstream media outlet. Maybe I’m also part of the conspiracy. http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/arizona/2016/10/31/jew-s-a-chanter-goes-viral-second-time/93080418/


    • daddieuhoh says:

      You might be part of the conspiracy, or you might just be a useful idiot who believes the mainstream news. I think you missed the part of the post where I showed that the viral video interview George was in a few years ago was faked as well (it’s the paragraph with the edit). So don’t go trying to tell me it was a coincidence, unless you can rebut the evidence for the first even being faked. You coincidence theorists really are a piece of work. SMH.


    • clresu says:

      “Lindell has no television. He spends his nights listening to audio versions of the Bible and the Gnostic Gospels, accounts of Jesus Christ that are not in the canon.”

      Yeah, he really seems like a Gnostic Gospel type guy, doesn’t he?


  9. Couple stories related to this:


    So daddieuhoh, you either singlehandedly started a disinfo campaign, or they were going to expose this anyway but you just got there first.

    I see they’re also putting up pictures of Soros looking absolutely ragged, similar to what they do with David Rockefeller and Jacob Rothschild. Funny how the richest men in the world (or supposedly richest) can’t seem to afford to look somewhat decent at old age. Another point to Rockefellers/Rothschilds being misdirection.


  10. CJD says:

    I get to see the chicanery live. I’ve witnessed Zombie protests of one kind or another in Boston for years. They are regular anemic staged affairs- complete with police escorts and pre-arranged parade routes. I’ve seen fake Syrians protesting Assad. I’ve seen fake Muslim Women’s rights marches. “Black LIves Matter.” “Slut Walks”. The recent protests against Trump and his immigration “bans.”

    “Protests” like “Black Lives Matter” and the Anti Trump rallies draw substantial amounts of true believers- but the organizers are certainly intelligence. Their point seems to some sort of catharsis for the true believer participants and they serve to manifest the political fictions of the day in the real world- on the street so to speak.

    Smaller protests about nonsensical issues pop up in popular and crowded areas all the time. I’m now convinced that these smaller protests are practice runs for regularly employed actors and agents. For example I saw a protest against male circumcision with less than a dozen participants being loud and holding idiotic signs at a popular pedestrian only shopping street. The popular tourist areas are replete with such protests as well- perhaps showing “democracy” in action to the passing tourist trolleys and duck boats.

    Occassionally you’ll get a lone guy with the signs and bullhorn yellling about something at one of these crowded places- and mysteriously he is just left alone to do so by security and police.

    All this street theater- is just that- theater. It feels lifeless- rote- staged- and bloodless. It’s fake.


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