(Fake) Reality Hits You Hard, Bro

A man yells at the media as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event in Phoenix

So there I was, scanning The Huffington Post to get a sense of the latest propaganda, and all of a sudden I was just minding my own business, when BAM! The picture above came out of nowhere up and hit me in the cranium right between the eyes. And I was like  “Wuuughghghghgh!” Sometimes reality hits you hard.

The picture was accompanied with this headline: “Trump Pounces On Emails As Supporter Chants ‘Jew S. A.” You can follow that link to the videos there or watch this:

Now, the reason the picture knocked me back in my chair was not due to this man’s shocking behavior that shows Trump supporters are anti-Semites who use neo-Nazi hand signals. The cause of the interocular trauma was that I instantly recognized the guy.

He was interviewed five years ago about a car crash in Arizona. The video went viral and was “songified” by the Gregory Brothers in their viral sensation, “Reality Hits You Hard, Bro:”

Still not 100% sure it’s the same guy? I wasn’t either, until I watched the original interview and saw that he has the exact same tattoo on the inside of his right forearm.

Of course, this indicates that the interview about the car crash is also fake. In fact it looks kind of like a greenscreen behind him. And in any case the scene behind him doesn’t match his description of the electricity pole, dangerous wires, etc. Also notice how the guy standing behind him turns away from the camera to laugh, as if he’s hiding his laughter. Why would he feel the need to do that? And since this viral video is fake, it suggests that most if not all other viral videos become “viral” only when they are promoted by Intelligence.

If you think this is about Democrats hiring actors to sabotage Trump, ask yourself this: do you really think the “Jew-S-A” guy was really in a car accident in 2011 and then just coincidentally happened to be hired for this? No, he wasn’t. He was hired to fake the story about the accident, too. Do you think he was hired back then by George Soros or the Democrats to fake a car accident? Do you think that faked accident forwarded some partisan agenda? Think again.  It wasn’t the Democrats or Hillary or Soros who hired him then, and it’s not them who hired him now. He’s a bit player in the MATRIX, and the game they’re playing against us transcends partisan politics.

[Edit: I want to make sure it’s perfectly clear: his car crash interview is another example of faked local news. Compare his story here to the pictures and video interview on NPR. The NPR story is wildly different. To take one glaring example, in that interview, he is very clear to say that he did NOT touch his door as he was getting out due to the fear of getting an electric shock. But in the viral video interview, he says he touched it on the way out and got shocked. It’s not just some detail he left out of one story and then remembered in another. It’s a small detail that he goes out of his way to describe (totally differently) in each story. Actually the NPR video reminds me of the footage of Gene Rosen practicing his lines for Sandy Hook. Also, the pictures of his van show a minor fender-bender–not the sort of damage you’d expect after such a violent crash that sends each vehicle careening in different directions. So again, do you think it was Hilary or the DNC or Soros who paid him to fake this local news story 5 years ago?]

I have no doubt that people are planted at these rallies and the controversies manufactured and fake. But the controversies surrounding Clinton are also manufactured. I would bet dollars to donuts that the earth-shattering e-mails everyone is in a titter about are all faked as well (just like the letters between Albert Dreyfus and his wife read as fake). In short, this hoax is not about Democrats sabotaging Republicans or vice versa. And this post is meant to show that these manufactured controversies are part and parcel of our fabricated reality. They are aimed to tear us apart and keep us pointing fingers at each other, not to sabotage Trump or Clinton.

And if you want to tell me that this guy in this news interview just happens to be the same guy who went in front of the press box at the rally and started shouting “Jew-S-A,” well then I’d say your “coincidence theory” sounds less plausible than my “conspiracy theory.”

Watch the interview again and notice his use of weirdly stilted/scripted language like when he talks about getting his “vehicle” fixed. What average Joe refers to their car or truck as a “vehicle”? One is reminded of the infamous “Harley Guy” interview on 9/11. Here’s a quick link on that. (Notice the black guy behind him appears to be his handler and at around 1:48 he leans in and says something, at which point they cut the interview.):

The interview also sounds stilted and scripted: “And then I witnessed both towers collapse, one first and then the second, mostly due to structural failure because the first was just too intense.” People don’t say “I witnessed.” They say “I saw.” He sounds like he was coached by lawyers to give testimony in a court case or something.


I have to admit that this post was a bit embarrassing to write, because it forced me to admit that I read the Huffington Post. In my defense, I will say that I no longer read it for news. Sometimes when I’m bored, like today, I go there to keep up on the latest propaganda they’re feeding to the Huffington Post’s left-of-center audience. Of course I always knew it had a left-of-center slant, but I used to not mind because it fell in line with my ideological viewpoint.

I did always think it strange that Arianna Huffington, who had historically been so right-wing and married to the god-awful billionaire Michael Huffington, made such a huge (and relatively quick) ideological about-face. Now I know better: her starting the left-wing Huffington Post was just another in a long line of projects she has been enlisted in. You can consult her Wikipedia entry for more information on her spook-y career. You’ll notice they don’t mention anything about her ideological reversal, as if it’s par for the course. And it is, because she is just one of many modern-day propagandists who changed their ideological views on a dime to suit the needs of whatever latest project Intelligence dreamed up.

Oh, and for those of you who think I should be embarrassed by my apparently encyclopedic knowledge of the Gregory Brother’s (admittedly genius) repertoire: I was reminded of the song by an unrelated discussion in another forum about over-the-top interviews of fake witnesses to fake events. I’m not sure I would have recognized the guy so easily if I hadn’t recently watched and posted the song there. Sometimes reality really does hit you hard, especially when it’s fake.

The fact that so many of these fake videos we’re being fed these day for all these hoaxed events come from cell phone cameras and videos spread through twitter and facebook help add to the sense that “this is real, uncensored grass-roots news footage.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

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    1. Yeah, and I suppose crooked Hillary and the DNC paid this guy to do his phony news interview about a fake car crash, too? Hillary and the DNC aren’t behind this: fake news and hoaxed events transcends partisan politics.


      1. Fantastic article! It sums up exactly what I’ve been saying about this “election” all along. They want you to pick a pro wrestler. It’s really pretty transparent, but it also shows the degree to which we’ve been brainwashed and our intelligence insulted.

        I love that you mentioned the whole fake email thing. In the past, they simply would have picked the original candidate they had in mind all along and then ruined the other in the press. Now, they “ruin” both and then laugh at us for still voting. Thanks again.

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  1. I read Huffington Post too. It is amazing how little real news is reported there. It is just one piece of inflammatory nonsense after another, all geared at maintaining the two-party-elections-matter illusion. I also listen to Limbaugh when I get a chance. It is clear his role is to reinforce the notion that Democrats are some sort of “left” force in our society. It never hurts to pay attention to the nattering nabobs.


    1. How big do you think the manpower and infrastructure must be in order to support the production of all of this massive fake fucktardery? It must be massive, employing tens, if not a few hundred thousand people (crisis actors, writers, technicians, managers, military and intelligence, etc., across the country and around the world), who are “in the know” about these fake events and operations. It boggles the mind.


      1. Wasn’t there just news about Soros donating $18 billion to his hoax generating organizations. That could buy a lot of people. If someone gave me a $1000 cash to lay on the ground with a bag over my head and groan like I was just shot, I would probably participate too.


  2. It is definitely the same guy… and they aren’t trying to hide it either.
    I found a photo from the Trump rally, at azcentral.com, that shows a picture of George Lindell, and labels it as him.
    Here is a link to the photo gallery. I believe the one with “George” is 23.
    I’m not sure what to make of this.


    1. At large Trump rally, the guy warrants a TV camera and two full photos in the spread that you link. He’s just one guy, and the TV camera was already on him when he went all Jew S A on us.


    2. Hey Brandon! You were at the most recent MM conference, right? I remember your name from the blackfrosting thread over at fakeologist. Same Brandon? Welcome to our blog.

      It’s interesting because on picture 32 (out of 33) there is also a picture of him with another guy. The caption says “Two Donald Trump supporters, who refused to give their names, waited in line…” So we are to believe that he changed his mind and gave them his name later…?

      In any case, they did identify him by name, but did not link him to the car crash viral video until after my post (as far as I can tell). We may surmise that they were offering low-hanging fruit, as anybody googling his name could have made the connection. It would not surprise me in the least if somebody would have figured it out or if they just made his identity clear themselves (in fact, I expect some people will suspect that my outing of him was no coincidence). In other words — I think Intelligence fully expected this connection to be made, because it feeds into the conspiracy theories they have been feeding Trump supporters. The fact that buzzfeed was on it so quickly with an interview with him and that he had ready answers to it, suggests they were ready for this. They’ve got to be able to play both sides: one side is convinced he was a Clinton plant; the other side is convinced he’s lying through his teeth. Though you’ve got to admit the dodge into Spanish pronunciation is pretty clever.

      And I don’t just mean feeding as in exposing; I mean feeding as in creating in the first place, then exposing and blaming on Hillary, Soros, etc. It’s part of their divide and conquer strategy (they really want Trump supporters to and right-wingers in general to hate Hilary and her supporters) and also, I think, part of their strategy to blackwash all the beliefs that Trump presumably stands for. You can see some of these on full display in the Buzzfeed article, but there are others. Not the least of them is ‘conspiracy theories.’ It’s no accident that Alex Jones was enlisted for duty in the Trump campaign. They want everyone who hears “conspiracy theory” to think either about Flat Earth/Mandela Effect or those crazy right wing nut job Nazi anti-Semites. When Trump goes down in flames (and you can be sure he will), it will add exponentially to the discrediting of conspiracy theories –except among those who already see conspiracies and Trump supporters or independents who are going to be misdirected into manufactured conspiracies for the next 8 years. In fact, although we may view ourselves as being wise beyond our years, we have to be careful to make sure that we ourselves are not being misdirected by the low-hanging evidence of all these hoaxes, fakery, etc. Are we also being fed fake conspiracies?


    1. From his FB page:

      “This is george, people are so. Uptite, cool your panties, that is how i say usa, in spanish it sounds like jewsa, i always thought that was funny so i added it to my lingo, nothing about jews, you people are paranoid! I am Trump all the way and am definitely not a Killary plant!”


    2. Thanks for the welcome, daddieuhoh!

      Yes, I’m the same Brandon that foolishly got into a discussion over at Fakeologist.com, about my attending MM’s conference. It was a learning experience, for sure.
      I say foolishly, but maybe some good came out of it, for someone. I hope so, at least.

      Re: George Lindell… very interesting description on sydex.net, as you pointed out. “Realist and actor.”
      Realist, huh? That’s a good one.
      On his thumbtack page, the link to his business is broken, of course. Also, all of his reviews are from the end of last December – the end of Feb. The guy was pretty busy for those two month, I guess. I presume work in the painting business has been slow since then. Maybe George was taking some realist classes.


      1. Brandon,
        I read the debate you had on Fakeologist with the trolls. I thought you did a good job of defending Miles. Glad to see you posting here.

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      2. Hi, Brandon. I just stumbled on this post and the comments of course while digging around this site, as a newcomer. I felt obligated to visit that Black Frosting post on Fakeologist and read almost the entire conversation between you and Unreal and the rest.

        You did great. It was a very interesting read to me, as I almost made it to Taos this last time but work and such prevailed. I’ve almost made it the past three years, but something always contrives to keep me from it – and by something, I mean money, not some magical powers or TPB efforts. 🙂

        It’s really nice to find other like-minded people here, and some pretty clean polemics too. Mostly I just argue Mathis’s physics, and I’ve worked with him and a few others on physics simulations and videos thus far, but still have a long way to go. The social stuff is really interesting too, but my heart is in the physics. I don’t think we’re discussing that much on this site but I’d be happy to contribute more in that area, if others are interested and if the guys running the site would go for that. Mathis has inadvertently convinced me to resume my study of physics, and it has been an amazing ride so far. Here’s one of my latest videos on Stacked Spins, as an intro to myself and all that, although I’m first and foremost an architectural designer and artist:


        1. Hi Jared, what’s your point? Are you proposing chaos theory? Remember, in the known physical universe every reaction is preceded by a well ordered sequence of actions. So, in reality there’s really know such things as chaos, but there is our ignorance about what caused a certain action of a particle to react a certain way….

          Are you attempting to point out our ignorance?


          1. No, he’s not attempting to point out our ignorance. He’s trying to showcase the brilliant and painstaking work that he has done trying to illustrate some of the fundamental aspects of Miles Mathis’s theory of physics. You see, before he started delving into the truth about our social reality, Miles spent over a decade delving into the truth of our physical reality and came away with a truly groundbreaking theory of physics. That work can be found on his sister site, http://www.milesmathis.com/


          2. Hello Josh, I appreciate any effort to discover the physical laws of nature, and I assume you do to… I really don’t know the work of Miles, other than a few of his entertaining conspiracy notions.

            Perhaps you’ll agree with me when I say there isn’t one definable truth about our “social reality” for all truths are subjectively relative to each individual interpreter.

            Reality and society are often at odds because one is founded upon the physical laws of nature and the other is conjured from our willingness to socially agree to accept or dissent away from a premise of fairy-tales.


          3. For some reason I can’t reply to your most recent message below. My answer is: no, I don’t agree with you. Or at least, I’ll say that even if we can’t agree in the end on what the true nature of social reality, we can agree on what it isn’t, as your use of ‘fairy tales’ indicates (that we can at least agree on what the fairy tales are). And in that case, maybe we can start to whittle things down to approximate what that reality is.


          4. My point was simply to introduce myself to Brandon. I said nothing of chaos theory, and nothing of ignorance, on the part of anyone here. The rancor isn’t exactly very inviting, Robert. I was simply offering to discuss the aspect of Mathis’s work that I know best – his 300 or so physics papers which it would appear you haven’t read. If you conflate stacked spins with “chaos theory” somehow, I don’t really know how to discuss physics with you and would recommend you catch up by actually reading Mathis’s work, which my videos are all (attempts) to diagram.

            Mathis and I aren’t super-close or anything but he’s guided me on all my physics simulations, given me great feedback, told me where/when I was wrong, and helped me fix things. He has little knowledge of CGI/computer simulations or particle sims, but more knowledge of particles than anyone else on the planet. For you to patronize me by attempting to tell me about particles and cause and effect is pretty silly, so I’ll just laugh it off and await conversation with someone in the know. Or if you folks here aren’t interested in Mathis’s physics, fine by me, I’ll still read around the site but won’t have much to contribute unless you need some heavy Photoshop or graphics stuff.


        2. Hi Jared.
          Thanks for introducing yourself to the group here. (I changed my profile from Brandon to bmseattle).
          Yes, that “black frosting” experience was interesting and frustrating. I can’t say I left impressed by the people I interacted with, and I’ve had no desire to engage with the friendly folks over at fakeologist any further. Unreal, at least, was polite. However, when I realized that he was just pretending to be interested in my experience, and he was steadfast in his beliefs about Miles, I couldn’t help but feel that the whole exchange was a waste of time.
          Its an interesting perspective to know something is true, and to interact with people who refuse to believe it. It does make me question Unreal’s ability to be unbiased and to keep an open mind about things. Well, except for flat earth and the massive transgender conspiracy… he’s very open-minded about those topics.
          But Miles Mathis being a real person who writes his own papers? He just can’t bring himself to allow for that possibility.
          Re: the conference, it’s a shame that you haven’t been able to make to Taos in the past. I couldn’t help but notice that Miles didn’t advertise a conference this summer. I hope that he is not stopping them completely, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he did.
          My sense is that he’d prefer to host a conference that focused solely on physics, for a variety of reasons. He didn’t say that, but it’s a solid guess. So perhaps if enough physics-minded folks reached out to him and expressed interest, he could make something happen.
          Anyway, I’m glad to hear that you are in touch with him and he has inspired your work.
          I wish I could engage with you on the subject of physics, but that is not an area I can delve very deep, unfortunately.


          1. Thanks for the reply, Brandon. I also live near Seattle, just east of Tacoma actually. It’s such a beautiful area! Minus the urban parts, obviously, and the freeway traffic. 🙂

            Honestly I’d be willing to do a one-on-one with Mathis if we had some major problems to solve that being in person or together would help with, but so far telecommunication is good enough for most of the issues we run into. He tends to be distrustful of computer simulations and I don’t blame him, even though I’m decent at making them. Even so, it’s crap in, crap out. Just on the topic of stacked spins alone, I’ve reworked my model some twenty or thirty times now. The math is tedious. The presentation is difficult, as I’m mostly trying to illustrate his theories so any layperson could grasp it readily. I have not succeeded in that aspect yet, but at least the math and spins are correct now. It took me a few years to reach this point.

            But I don’t expect many people to enjoy the physics, it’s just a passion for me rekindled by Mathis’s blatant polemics. He writes like I think, to an extent, I mean regarding TPB and all the bullshit and fraud in the physics realm these days. I’m nowhere near his genius level of theorizing and solving problems, I’m just along for the ride and to help demonstrate the concepts when I can.

            Here’s another fun video demonstrating charge, only instead of photons I replaced them with Junior Mints™ and popcorn. I like to toss in humor on occasion.


          2. Why can’t you “delve very deep” into physics, Brandon? You might surprise yourself if you simplify the matter. Again, physics 101 for beginners or experts. In the known observable universe every reaction is preceded by a well ordered sequence of actions.

            Knowing what these actions and reactions are holds the keys to our ability to build the world around us.

            First law of thermodynamics, energy is neither created or destroyed it is infinite and transforms itself naturally.

            Light is the the first building block of life, intelligent light information creates oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, the 3 most abundant elements and building blocks that create our reality. More later…


        3. Thanks for sharing these simulations. I haven’t taken the time to delve deeply into MM’s physics, but find it fascinating. The charge field theory makes a lot of sense, and I appreciate your efforts to help with understanding it.


          1. I welcome anyone here to correct me if they think I’m wrong, but I’ve read a bit of what Miles… A.K.A. Lenny, Curly and Moe has written. His fictionally based subject matter appears to be a diversion away from the realities of our current world situation and that’s quite ok, we’re free to muddy the minds of people who are trying to figure out why things are so messed up in their lives…

            In reality, there are entire so called intelligence networks (anti-intelligence) that are set up to protect and expand the interests of the fictionally based ruling elite.

            These people spend most of their working days, thinking of ways to distract you from basic cause and effect realities that effect your everyday lives. You see, under the framework of any type of fictionally based money/political system it’s always about controlling you and expanding the creditors money game.

            Through the abstract concept of money we allow the bankers to be in charge of Alice’s Wonderland and to be our masters (creditors) as most of us become incorporated into their pirate game (UCC) when our parents signed us over as slaves (DEBTORS) upon corrupting our names by making them LEGAL NAMES, notice the all caps spelling, with the signing of our birth certificate applications. I’ll try to make this short.

            We were bonded and or contracted into a rigged game of money fiction at birth… Remember, the abstract concept of money is the tool for control. Money, enters the U.S, inc system when our so called government borrows money from the privately owned Federal Reserve by issuing our LEGAL NAMES as bonds, these bonds represent us because we answer to our LEGAL NAMES, and when we answer to our LEGAL NAMES we become collateral for the DEBT obligation to the people who own the FED…
            More later…


            1. Well, I think you’re wrong, and I’ll feel free to tell you so. Your understanding of how the Federal reserve system works is childlike in its simplicity. And also way off the mark. You may think that we’re free to muddy the minds of people trying to figure things out, as you put it, but nobody else here does. I don’t speak for Mark, but I think he would agree that you should take whatever sovereign citizen drivel you’re peddling somewhere else.


          2. Mathis’s physics can be daunting at first, but after a few papers you realize he’s not hitting us with heavy math, but rather eliminating almost all the heavy math in history – because it’s wrong. And because in almost all cases, heavy math is used to confuse us, push bad theories into line with experiment, or is outright false. And he falsifies hundreds of standard model maths, rapidly and often in just a few lines of simple, elegant algebra.

            His theories are generally very clean and straightforward, not esoteric at all, but purely mechanical. I’ve read all of his papers a dozen times or so, but each time I re-read one I gain another glint of knowledge, another insight into how he thinks, or another piece of the physics puzzle.His paper on Uranium is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for any info on nukes, as well.


          3. @Robert Francis:

            “In reality, there are entire so called intelligence networks (anti-intelligence) that are set up to protect and expand the interests of the fictionally based ruling elite.”

            First you say Miles isn’t real or something, then you attempt to mirror one of his major premises? Poorly, I might add. The ruling elite are either ruling and elite or they’re not ruling, or elite. Nothing fictional about it, unless you can prove they aren’t ruling. Or elite. But you called them that yourself, so why the contradiction?

            At this point your fundamental misunderstanding stink. It’s entirely possible you’re just not grasping the concepts, especially since you haven’t read Mathis’s work yet, but it’s just as possible that you’re more controlled misdirection. What’s abundantly clear to me is that you don’t have anything to offer me but misdirection, at least. I can’t speak for the others here obviously, but you’re so far behind the curve here it makes me wonder why you post at all. Well, I don’t really wonder. I just hope they bought you a shiny new car, at least, for your troubles.


          4. When I discovered Mathis, his conspiracy part of the website was more rudimentary. I believe I discovered him by searching physics related stuff. Now I have a general idea of his physics but I didn’t delve into details. For example I didn’t study with great attention his papers that explain the nucleus. Maybe your videos will help me understand better the spin of the photons. Nonetheless I read his papers that talked about various famous experiments or most papers from the updates. His art and physics were a great plus from the beginning. What spook promotes realist art. His physics doesn’t involve hyperdimensions, time as illusion, funny paradoxes. He actually gave a rational explanation to paradoxes such as the twin paradox. His physics actually involves physics (for this you are actually considered a rebel or crank in this brave new world). The psyops in art and physics are related in a way. The art started to promote distorted reality at about the same time as physics.


      3. Some people that attack Mathis, like people on fakeologist or the Allan W guy, have a pet theory that Mathis didn’t discuss in a paper or maybe he has a different opinion or angle. If I use that standard than everybody is an agent. Some people probably don’t like Mathis because he attacks the flat Earth model. Some of the people on fakeologist seem to be ignorant of basic physics, astronomy, history etc. And I don’t mean the controversial topics that are pushed by mainstream physicist or astronomers. One time Ab was talking with somebody from Australia (I don’t remember what podcast) and asked why it is not common knowledge that when in the northern hemisphere is summer, in Australia is winter. I believe it was new info for Ab if I remember correctly. Some of the discussion between KHAm and a British guy are also weak, when they discuss gravity and flat Eart vs Round Earth. SMJ is more knowledgeable and acceptable.


        1. Most people are ignorant of basic physics, including most of the world-renown physicists such as Hawking or Tyson or Michio Kaku. Some people feel it’s just beyond them or too complex, so they prefer the bandwagon fallacy and ad populum arguments. It’s very common, and even more so when discussing Mathisian physics. The entrenched falsehoods and fake maths are more important than the truth, to most people. They want to feel like something is known, that humanity has made great progress – because that’s what the scientific community sells us on and that’s how they get absurd fundings for fake projects like LIGO and gravity waves or CERN and the Large Hadron Collider.

          For example, Robert said above, “I appreciate any effort to discover the physical laws of nature, and I assume you do to… I really don’t know the work of Miles, other than a few of his entertaining conspiracy notions.”

          If he really appreciated any effort to discover the physical laws of nature, why has he not read the work of Miles at all? Mathis is easily the most important physicist since Einstein, since Maxwell or Newton even. Certainly the most important one alive today. I find it strange, but not absurd or indicative of any spookdom necessarily, that one could read Mathis’s political/philosophical papers but not his 300 or so physics papers too. They’re easy reads for the most part, even for layfolk with no background beyond high school chemistry.

          Of course, one needn’t be as obssessive or interested as me to be cool with it. I just thought it strange that Robert said he cared about physics but didn’t bother to read about it. Maybe he’s new to Mathis. Maybe he’s just being obtuse.


          1. Robert has left a flurry of comments at POM, all within the past week. He’s thrown a few insults Mark’s way, while dropping some cryptic hints about his knowledge of free energy and how the world works in general. I haven’t gotten the impression he is interested in discussing Miles, and I doubt he’s read much, if any, of his work.
            I agree, btw, that Miles’ physics stuff is worth delving into, even for those intimidated by it. Some of his papers are more accessible than others, of course. But it’s all fascinating.


          2. I really don’t read very much at all, except for the comics in the entertainment section of the Sunday newspaper, a few jokes from a good joke book and yes, on occasion I like to tune into these kind of sites and read miles theories about John Lennon, or Maryln Monroe etc… Does this mean I’m ill informed, maybe…. But maybe not, I really don’t care!


          3. Thanks for the caveat, Brandon. I’ll just ignore or calmly shrug him off then, and not associate him with the other folks here in general. I’ve read Miles’ paper on this site months ago but that’s not what led me here. That is, I’m not here to pick on people and I don’t follow Mathis blindly, and I didn’t even recall the paper when I first started reading here and then posting replies. I re-read it yesterday but other than a few critiques about facial recognition techniques and deductions, Mathis didn’t have much to say about things other than to not wish to officially be associated with the site. I don’t care about that. If there’s information to be gleaned, I want to glean it. I feel like I’m good enough with logic and reason to take the good with the bad and be able to separate them on my own, and I’ve already learned some really good stuff here in various posts and the replies of course. Perhaps Mathis will cease answering my emails as a result, but I doubt it, since I’ve shown time and again my interest and acceptance of his physics.

            Anyway, I’ll try to be nice to the guy, for what it’s worth. Or just ignore him.


    1. I am not getting your drift, Steve. It has been suggested that Rose was sacrificed to give the game of baseball a clean image, that is, if they punish one bad actor, we should assume the game is otherwise clean. But I don’t know. What are you saying here?


  3. In regards to the new emails there are rumors circulating that they have discovered a high level government paedophile ring. See how this plays out. Gets weirder everyday.


    1. Yeah, I saw that. Wasn’t that rumor started by a Facebook post from somebody who said they knew somebody who was in the NYPD who said that was in the e-mails? I suppose it’s possible, but it sounds highly speculative. I think it’s just another one of those things they like to do to stir the pot. One of the big lessons I learned from researching the Dreyfus affair was how much they are able to conjure up incredibly elaborate and often bizarre controversies and conspiracies from nothing in order to put a heavy fog over what is actually happening (or not happening).

      You know the term ‘News Junkie’? Well think about that for a moment. What that implies. That people are literally addicted to the news. They get people addicted to the news, following all the little fake crumbs they lay down for us. Sometimes it leads somewhere, sometimes it doesn’t. But we become obsessed. Sometimes addicted. All I hear from my parents these days: ‘Did you hear what Trump said?’ They’re hanging on every word that comes out of this buffoon’s mouth, and they hate him!

      And for people who don’t like politics, they’ve got news about everything for you to follow: the latest celebrity gossip, the newest gadgets, new TV shows and movie casting choices, sports news, the trial of the century. Whatever you like, they’ve got your drug. In fact, they’re manufacturing your drug. If there’s no news, how can they sell it. So they’ve got to make it. Not only is it a highly profitable business, but it also keeps us distracted and preoccupied while they bend us over and ream us without even having the courtesy to give a reach around.

      Are the elite a bunch of pedophiles? It wouldn’t surprise me. But just like the whole Satanic cult thing, I’m not sure how much of those stories are true and how much of it is just a manufactured conspiracy. Even if the story you mentioned pans out (in terms of them saying “we found e-mails about pedophilia!!”), I don’t know that I’ll believe it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Agree 100%. And I admit I have become addicted to this nonsense. I know I am being played but it’s like watching a freight train derail-I just can’t take my eyes off of it. The Anthony Weiner thing is just too convenient and it is becoming apparent a huge script is being played out in real time. My original take on this whole election was that Trump and Hillary were in collusion together. Then I drank the koolaid and started to believe Trump was legit. Now I am back to my original premise, we are being scammed.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I don’t even glance at the news anymore, not even local news. It’s not about being “manipulated”, it’s just a total energy drainer. Just glancing at the Google News feed (which won’t let you remove the Top Stories) will depress you subconsciously.

          After reading all the attacks on Hillary in the comments of daddie_o’s story, I was driving down a busy street and saw a handwritten sign that said “Trump” hanging upside down. Those little subconscious things I believe are done on purpose to discredit Trump, and make his supporters look like idiots, like the Jew.S.A thing.

          So we’re seeing many layers of the onion. There are layers for those still believing in the two party system, and layers for us who are long past that.


          1. Here is something very telling that I just read in HuffPo. (Old habits die hard.) It reminded me of this statement I quoted in my Dreyfus paper: “A novelist or dramatist writing such an account would have been accused of exaggeration.”

            Here form HuffPo, another great example of truth disguised as metaphor:

            “If the 2016 election was a work of fiction, no one would believe it. But Trevor Noah sees elements of the campaign that are straight out of Shakespeare.

            “Noah was even more convinced after the computer of former congressman and admitted sexter Anthony Weiner became ― potentially ― a key piece of evidence in Hillary Clinton’s’s email scandal.

            “‘It’s crazy, but Shakespearean,’ Noah said on “The Daily Show” on Tuesday. ‘Hillary survives Bill’s sex scandal, but now gets a scandal from her top aide’s husband ― and it was Bill who married them.

            “‘Not to mention that [Donald] Trump got his sex scandal from Billy Bush, whose uncle [George H.W. Bush] was defeated by Hillary Clinton’s husband before Donald Trump later defeated his cousin, Jeb. There’s only like 15 characters in the entire story.'”


        2. Yep, John you’re quite right about being scammed… Presidents are appointed into office, not elected because the U.S. is a private corporation… 28 U.S. Code § 3002 (15) United States means- (A) A Federal corporation; And the president is simply that, a president of the privately owned U.S. corporation that is owned by the very same people who own the Federal Reserve system (creditors) and the sheeple are known as DEBTORS. The voting process is set up to pacify the sheeple into believing that their political opinions matter, when they actually matter NOT!


          1. Oh I guess, I’ll need to provide proof to back up my statements for all you highly sensitive types who can’t take a joke related to the political/financial wonderland that you so unwittingly accept and or dissent to at your own lose…

            Yes, the Federal Reserve is a private business organization and the anit-intelligence networks that they hire are the ones attempting to hide the realities that are all around you. I suggest you move beyond the cloak of deception and enter the light of the fact based realities that hold the solutions to our most complex, social, energy and environmental problems, perceived or real…

            Here’s a court reference made by a judge, who set a precedent about how the STATE inc. defines the FED as being a private organization. We’re letting you know a little bit about how the game is being played upon the worlds stage….

            These legal fictions and findings represent your individual and collective ignorance about how you’re being controlled by the masters of the funny money game that is in our private hands. http://www.save-a-patriot.org/files/view/frcourt.html


    1. You might be part of the conspiracy, or you might just be a useful idiot who believes the mainstream news. I think you missed the part of the post where I showed that the viral video interview George was in a few years ago was faked as well (it’s the paragraph with the edit). So don’t go trying to tell me it was a coincidence, unless you can rebut the evidence for the first even being faked. You coincidence theorists really are a piece of work. SMH.


    2. “Lindell has no television. He spends his nights listening to audio versions of the Bible and the Gnostic Gospels, accounts of Jesus Christ that are not in the canon.”

      Yeah, he really seems like a Gnostic Gospel type guy, doesn’t he?


  4. Couple stories related to this:


    So daddieuhoh, you either singlehandedly started a disinfo campaign, or they were going to expose this anyway but you just got there first.

    I see they’re also putting up pictures of Soros looking absolutely ragged, similar to what they do with David Rockefeller and Jacob Rothschild. Funny how the richest men in the world (or supposedly richest) can’t seem to afford to look somewhat decent at old age. Another point to Rockefellers/Rothschilds being misdirection.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I get to see the chicanery live. I’ve witnessed Zombie protests of one kind or another in Boston for years. They are regular anemic staged affairs- complete with police escorts and pre-arranged parade routes. I’ve seen fake Syrians protesting Assad. I’ve seen fake Muslim Women’s rights marches. “Black LIves Matter.” “Slut Walks”. The recent protests against Trump and his immigration “bans.”

    “Protests” like “Black Lives Matter” and the Anti Trump rallies draw substantial amounts of true believers- but the organizers are certainly intelligence. Their point seems to some sort of catharsis for the true believer participants and they serve to manifest the political fictions of the day in the real world- on the street so to speak.

    Smaller protests about nonsensical issues pop up in popular and crowded areas all the time. I’m now convinced that these smaller protests are practice runs for regularly employed actors and agents. For example I saw a protest against male circumcision with less than a dozen participants being loud and holding idiotic signs at a popular pedestrian only shopping street. The popular tourist areas are replete with such protests as well- perhaps showing “democracy” in action to the passing tourist trolleys and duck boats.

    Occassionally you’ll get a lone guy with the signs and bullhorn yellling about something at one of these crowded places- and mysteriously he is just left alone to do so by security and police.

    All this street theater- is just that- theater. It feels lifeless- rote- staged- and bloodless. It’s fake.


  6. Regarding Jew.S.A… Try not to stereotype here.. Most of my Jewish friend are great… It’s the leaders, just a few who use divide and conquer tactics that mess with our minds, and they’re not exclusively internationally based Zionist reform Jews, hell bent on enslaving everyone as DEBTORS… The controllers??? i.e. Rothschild’s and company use their anti-intelligence networks all throughout the world to disseminate propaganda about various religious conflicts, yes, they use religion as a scapegoat to divide people, and these divisiveness tactics trigger profit making conflicts, that perpetuate themselves..

    That’s the real objective of war, creating profits and DEBTORS through conflict, whist attempting to convince everyone that infinite energy resources are finite, hence the need to conquer the lands.. JOKE!

    Yes, the controllers are brilliant in their controlling tactics but as we awaken to the scams, then what is left? REALITY and free energy solutions to our most complex problems…


    1. Robert,
      Do you have a personal website or blog that you could link to?
      And/or, do you visit/comment on other blogs that you would be willing to share with us?


  7. Here’s one I wrote back in 2007, and around 2008 I realize that some of what I wrote about peak world oil production was false…. Now I’m kind of on the outs with Technocracy inc. and am revising the original design plan on my own… Anyway, the article is titled, Are We Sane Enough To Find Reality?


  8. Hey Jared Magneson, They rule through our willingness to believe in their fictions, therefor I call them the fictional elite ruling through the power of myth, do you need clarification?

    You do make me laugh though…. Thanks for your entertainment. Your assumptions about me are right on, I’m way behind, so far behind your curve I can see how full of it you are.


    1. I didn’t have to assume anything. You told me directly you hadn’t read Mathis’s papers on physics, which means you’re already years behind in that aspect. Anyone who hasn’t read them is entirely unarmed in a conversation about physics.

      So the only thing I’m full of at this point is knowledge you don’t have, and that’s fine by me. Instead of genuinely wanting to learn, you just want to troll and seek out negative attention. Consider this our last interaction, as you have nothing to offer in physics or philosophy. Philosophy being the love of knowledge, in case you thought I meant anything else or were as unaware of etymology as you are of these other fields of thought.


      1. Why do you assume I don’t have knowledge, because I haven’t read Miles physics, Jared? Does Miles have anymore knowledge than you, or I? Is he really all that important and or needed in our observations of the physical laws?


  9. And it sounds like you guys idolize Miles.

    Now do you ever notice that people who have idols often diminish their own worth?


  10. People get so defensive here, where’s your sense of humor?

    People often get defensive for two primary reasons: 1) they’re fearful and lack confidence about their long held positions and hence they attempt to lash out at someone they deem to be threat to their long held beliefs: 2) They enjoy conflicting beliefs for conflicts sake, because they benefit from it somehow.

    Well, fact has yet to be repudiated fact, opinion, conjecture etc…

    Now give me some more of your easily repudiated beliefs, because I really do find them to be hilarious… Do it to me one more time, guys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ORUZxO0tw0


  11. People get so defensive here, where’s your sense of humor?

    People often get defensive for two primary reasons: 1) they’re fearful and lack confidence about their long held positions and hence they attempt to lash out at someone they deem to be threat to their long held beliefs: 2) They enjoy conflicting beliefs for conflicts sake, because they benefit from it somehow.

    Well, fact has yet to be repudiated by fact, opinion, conjecture etc…

    Now give me some more of your easily repudiated beliefs, because I really do find them to be hilarious… Do it to me one more time, guys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ORUZxO0tw0


  12. “Well, I think you’re wrong, and I’ll feel free to tell you so. Your understanding of how the Federal reserve system works is childlike in its simplicity. And also way off the mark. You may think that we’re free to muddy the minds of people trying to figure things out, as you put it, but nobody else here does. I don’t speak for Mark, but I think he would agree that you should take whatever sovereign citizen drivel you’re peddling somewhere else.”

    No, I don’t understand Josh… Please explain it to me, because of course I’m wrong and you’re right, of course. Please, with all your worldly knowledge, fill me in on the complexities of my Federal Reserve system.


  13. “At this point your fundamental misunderstanding stink. It’s entirely possible you’re just not grasping the concepts, especially since you haven’t read Mathis’s work yet, but it’s just as possible that you’re more controlled misdirection. What’s abundantly clear to me is that you don’t have anything to offer me but misdirection, at least. I can’t speak for the others here obviously, but you’re so far behind the curve here it makes me wonder why you post at all. Well, I don’t really wonder. I just hope they bought you a shiny new car, at least, for your troubles.”

    My reply- Is this the best you got. Jared. Do you know me, and why are you so offended? Do you think I’m not entitled to my opinion and discoveries? It’s clear that you like to amuse yourself and others with your lack of knowledge about someone you never met. I’ve researched a little bit about what Miles has stated, and I consider what I’ve read to be misinformation and it makes me laugh, why does my opinion rattle your cage so much? And yes, I enjoy rattling cages, because it entertains me to get these kinds of heartfelt reactions from people who shouldn’t give a wit.

    I have discovered that people only react this way when they feel threatened by a shift in their paradigm. Oh, my Oh my… Sorry to have infringed on the exclusivity of your entertaining world view. Come on, hit me your best shot, Jared, fire away! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JRgHol94Xc


  14. Brandon wrote- “He’s thrown a few insults Mark’s way, while dropping some cryptic hints about his knowledge of free energy and how the world works in general. I haven’t gotten the impression he is interested in discussing Miles, and I doubt he’s read much, if any, of his work.”

    My reply- Brandon, one persons insults are another’s hair-trigger for commencing a constructive dialog, and what do you believe to be cryptic, Brandon? Maybe I can help clarify your confusion, about free energy technologies and resources that exist and can be fully utilized for the betterment to ALL?

    Again, Yes, I’ve read some but not all of Miles work? And is it really all of his work or is he working with a team of anti-intelligence comedy writers?


    1. Robert,
      I’m not sure why you think I’m confused about free energy technologies and resources that exist and can be utilized for the betterment of all. I was simply stating that you have mentioned it without getting specific, several times in your comments here at POM.
      That’s all I meant by cryptic.
      You enlightening only me with your information/knowledge (or the small group of people who visit this blog that humors you so), doesn’t seem like the most efficient way to reach the ALL that deserves better.
      Rather than entertaining yourself by posting over 50 comments in a 5 day period on a blog that you believe is misdirection, why not start your own blog that reveals the truths that you clearly hold?
      I asked you before if you comment on other blogs, and I was expecting to get links to other “misdirection sites” like this one, where you comment dozens of times over the course of a few days, mocking, cajoling, and making the folks there look like utter fools.
      That’s what you do, right?
      Or is it just POM that has your attention?
      Ok… we get it.
      Everything at POM is misdirection and to be read only for humor and entertainment purposes.
      None of us understand the Federal reserve, the legal system, or what a “person” is.
      Miles Mathis is mis-direction and doesn’t even write the work prestented at his site… or he’s part of a committee. Either way, we are fools for believing any of his research.
      I don’t know if you came here looking to get in arguments with people, or if you want to make some ultimate point that none of us seem to be getting.
      Your attempts to make it sound like you have some wisdom to impart, or that you are leading us down some path of knowledge, just come across as pompous attempts to sound like the smartest guy in the room.
      Perhaps you are.
      I might humbly suggest that if you truly are interested in sharing the knowledge you believe to hold, that you quit smirking at your intended audience and actually show a little grace. We can’t all be where you are at Robert! Have patience with those who are further back along your path. We’ll catch up to you… eventually.
      Meanwhile, perhaps your many, many comments here at POM are enough for us to chew on for a while now.
      Or can you not resist yourself?


      1. Is this not a place where one can comment freely? Or do you wish to control free speech? I see sites like this all the time, they’re a form of entertainment acting under the guise of reality, and they’re young people who take what you’re saying here to heart and it’s clouding their world view, in other words, it’s garbage and I like to expose garbage, I look at it my jottings here as a form of repudiation and practice, is it pompous, perhaps but only when you react the way you do.

        In life their are teachers, tormentors, agitators, story-tellers, friends and foes etc… and we certainly have a choice to either agree or disagree with the content with ones “piece of mindful,” correct? Or are you established here to dictate the content of ones mind?

        My daughter, entered this site and became sort of hypnotized by what I perceive as being clever misinformation, so this is my attempt at goading the people at this site to either a friendly debate or maybe even a downright war of dirty words after-all, we’re all free to express ourselves here, are we not, and I don’t really care if you accept or reject my piece of mindfulness, someone declared a war of rhetoric on my daughters mind here, and I challenge anyone to prove the facts as you greatly benefit from transcending the propaganda, including you, Brandon.

        Is there really no intelligence here?


        1. And Brandon, I sent you links to our nations top non-for profit, non-political, not sectarian education and research organization that will inform you of the free energy technologies and resources that currently exist in magnitudes that will render the entire myth based political/financial system obsolete. If you choose not to click onto the link, then of course you made your decision, and your decision doesn’t surprise me.


        2. Robert,
          Thank you for admitting that you are here to instigate and not be constructive.
          Perhaps you can explain to your daughter why the “free-speech” here at POM is “garbage” and a “war of the mind”, while your free speech is worthwhile and true.

          There are a lot of different kinds of post at this blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed, and there have been several different authors of these posts (I’ve only ever commented, never posted anything). Nothing here at POM is being presented as truth or gospel, and there are disagreements/discussions on a continuous basis about everything posted here.
          I’ve found the people at POM to be friendly and receptive to new ideas and criticisms.
          I believe that if you had actually taken a more tactful approach to systematically “disprove” (for lack of a better word) something here that you believe (know?) to be false, then you would have been way more effective in your campaign to discredit said information.
          Mark is open to changing his conclusions in his articles, but like anyone, it takes more than vague comments, or stating “wrong again, Mark!” to get his attention.

          And as far as “a place to comment freely.” People have been banned from commenting here before. I don’t have that authority, but it has happened on occasion when people bring up topics that are considered “off-limits” or if the person becomes hostile or abusive.
          The person is warned first, of course. I think that is a fair policy, and as this is Mark’s blog, I feel he has that “freedom.”
          You’ve noticed that no one has banned you, right?
          I, personally, didn’t threaten anything of the sort.
          I did suggest that you had commented enough for a while, to let the people here who are interested in your thoughts, to digest them. You have to admit, that it can get overwhelming for people when one person is constantly commenting and dominating the “latest comment” section. I suppose that is part of your strategy of disruption, though, so it was silly for me to ask that of you.

          I did click on your links, and I saw the page of articles about what you are calling “free energy.”
          I’m not sure why you assumed that I didn’t. In fact, I told you above my reason for asking about other places you comment. I wanted to see if you flood other blog’s comment sections like you do this one. Do you?
          I encouraged you to share your knowledge of free energy ( a vague term, you’d agree?) with the group here, as that would be valuable information. I read your article about free time and work. Very nice, but it doesn’t get very specific about free energy.
          Thanks for the link, though. It’ll take time to read through the various articles there, you understand.
          My friend and I have jerry-rigged systems for using hydrogen with motors to increase fuel economy, along with various other “arm-chair” energy projects, for what it’s worth. That’s why your comments about free energy here intrigued me, and why I was hoping you could expound yourself on the topic.

          Meanwhile, you made several assumptions about how I think, and what I believe, in your comment above. Are you concerned about your daughter making uneducated assumptions?
          If you really have such little respect for your daughter’s ability to discern for herself, and you insist on steering her down the path you want her to take, than feel free to utilize your “free-speech” here, as you have. I’m not sure how convincing you have been, but you are certainly teaching her how to disrupt, goad, and instigate.
          I’d suggest that we all (including you) have gone down many paths, and exposed ourselves to much information, that we (on our own) change our minds about, or grow from.
          I would never suggest how anyone should parent their children, but I’m sure that you daughter has the intelligence to wade through mis-information, and untruths, if you give her time and let her explore for herself.


  15. http://www.technocracyinc.org
    What is Technocracy
    We are a non-profit membership organization founded in 1933


    My opinion , the controllers hired this magician :

    A.C. (also controlled) Clarke’s third law :
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

    from wiki : ” Little is known about Scott’s background or his early life and he has been described as a “mysterious young man”.[2] He was born in Virginia in 1890 and was of Scottish-Irish descent. He claimed to have been educated in Europe, but his training did not include any formal higher education.[2]
    In 1918, shortly before the end of WWI, Scott appeared in New York City. Scott worked in various construction camps, where he picked up on-the-job engineering experience, and in 1918 was working in a cement pouring gang at Muscle Shoals.[2][3] Following this, Scott established himself in Greenwich Village as “a kind of Bohemian engineer”.[2] Scott also ran a small business called Duron Chemical Company which made paint and floor polish at Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. Scott’s job was to deliver his goods and show his customers how to use the floor polishing material.[2][3]”


  16. Robert , the energy utopia you allude to has not yet happened ,
    and elite creeps and their offspring
    that make sure of that are being exposed here and
    elsewhere thanks to Mark and likeminded people .
    Please help us unmask them .


  17. Did Tesla not die pennyless ?
    If they hired him it seems they later fired him .
    And they hid his ideas and knowledge .
    “THEY’ use only people who only advance their agenda ,
    amassing real wealth for themselves ,
    while paying us in fake fed notes .
    Howard Scott to me is a perfect example of an agent
    hired to drive a real and needed cause off a cliff ,
    and make sure the change never happens .
    If this is not what you are about , then God bless ,
    but know that this site’s writers and commentators
    pull no punches .
    We have found out the modus operandi of ‘THEM’ ,
    having done that are turning more seekers on to info .
    And most of it cannot be nailed down to facts , as you say .
    But this is not the only site finding this MO out .
    This man linked below , independent of Mark , has come to this
    conclusion about St. Francis .
    That he was born of huge wealth , attained a high unearned position ,
    famous to everyone , he then faked his own death and returned
    as a new political operative of the highest order , oh and he also had a
    secret twin as well : if the link does not work search :




  18. Sorry I’m at work on a 15 year old computer , meant to say

    Did they really start up so many secret agenda programs in 1933
    that they could not come up with a back story for Howard Scott ?


  19. This was expected, when one touches on the sensibilities of any anti-intelligence organization, they air goes silent, dead air… Why is that? Remember, their business is anti-intelligence, they know they can’t repudiate the reality of intelligence and the many existing solutions to our most complex problems that they’re in business to create.

    By creating problems and cloaking the solutions to them through this kind of propaganda, they can perpetuate the myth of their power. The’re really not powerful, they’re like that puny little wizard behind the curtain in the land of OZ that the little dog exposes to the light of days reality-land.

    I’ll leave you with a tune that sums of how I’m feeling right now… Can’t you hear me knockin?


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