Bruce Lee became Judge Lance Ito of OJ fame

We used to search for what we called “zombies,” or famous people who faked their death. What becomes of them after? My favorite of all time was Evita, or Eva Perón, who retired to the northern US and became Madonna Fortin. She raised a family, one of whom was the lightly talented Madonna,  who then played her own mother in the 1996 film Evita. It took a commenter to spot that for me, Richard Juckes, as I had only discovered that Evita faked her 1952 death. Then it got exciting.

Another of our discoveries came from a guy I called “Straight,” whose name was Eric, who had an eye for this sort of thing. Since Miles Mathis has now run two pieces on the fake death of movie icon Bruce Lee (1940-????), I thought I would resurrect this piece, which takes it all in a different direction. I offer no criticism of the Mathis pieces, as each has worth and goes in different directions than my work. It is the kind of stuff that I do and no one else, and is lightly regarded, but I trust it. It has to do with facial recognition patterns, and the uniqueness of facial plates. It is rare that two people line up precisely after adjusting faces for the distance between eyes. When they do, it speaks.

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This is Your Mind on Super Bowl Commercials – Part 1

The Super Bowl is one giant social engineering wet dream. The entire country sitting around a television glued to the commercials, completely oblivious to the psychological effects being beamed on them. I decided to break down each commercial one by one and discuss exactly what they are suggesting to you and how they are affecting you. By the end you will realize that every single one of these commercials is made by the same centralized committee. Madison Avenue is one giant spook operation. My suspicion is that even if you had the money to pay for a Super Bowl ad, they would not allow yours on the air unless it was made by a “pre-approved” ad agency.

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How Deeply Sports is Scripted

With the Super Bowl last night, there is a lot of interest on Conspiracy boards today about game fixing and scripting. Most of it is on a pretty shallow level of the onion (“It’s all about the money, man”, “It’s just the refs”, “It’s just a couple players”). I made some really long posts in the comments section of old articles that have gotten some interest online. I decided to put everything here while scripted sports are a topic of debate so it can be found easily.

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It’s About Time To Sexualize The Next Generation

Flipping through my car radio I’ve been hearing the same song over and over again the last few weeks. It is called “Side to Side” by Ariana Grande featuring Nicki Minaj. It’s currently the #9 song on the Billboard Hot 100 and here is the video with 700 million views.

I must admit the song is catchy and Ariana Grande is a very beautiful girl from the neck up. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, despite being 23 she has the body of a young teen. A pre-pubescent looking girl singing a song this sexual is not a coincidence. Ariana Grande has been well chosen for the role.

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CGI Videos in Social Media Passed Off as Real

This is a funny topic, and not in a ha-ha sense. It’s downright strange and I hope to get lots of talk in the comments section on why they are doing this (from real posters, preferably).

Let’s start with this video that has been all over social media lately and reported by CNN. Note that it’s 47 seconds long.


For those that didn’t catch it, he’s standing in front of a green screen and punching a CGI kangaroo. Maybe my September Clues days have sharpened me up, but I saw it immediately. I’d also like someone to tell me what video camera they were using to record this when every smartphone in the world takes high quality footage. Below is the screenshot from the Youtube search, how did they get such a high quality shot from such a poor video?

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The Donald Trump Psyops

You might be wondering why I am bringing up Trump when we know politics are just a charade. Well, there is some serious subconscious stuff going on with Trump that needs to be brought out into the open so that people are aware.

The biggest one is gender conflict. I like to think that most in the conspiracy community have already realized this but I’d like to talk about it anyway. Right now there is a massive psyop to blend the genders into gender neutrality. Why? Because it will lead to deep, deep unhappiness and a lifetime of psychological issues. That’s why.

Terran Downvale has pointed out the liberal use of purple in the media the last few months and it will only continue. Purple is a mix of red (women) and blue (men). They are also using gold, but it is not as clear as to why.

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The Matt Damon Batch

[Note to readers: The images that Straight originally used for this post have vanished, to where I do not know. However, I used the same people to do facial overlays using Photoshop in this post, so the work still stands.]

To anybody new reading this, I highly recommend reading this post first so that you understand the odds of getting facial alignment this perfect.

First a quote Mark found regarding Matt Damon:


We see above that Damon is firmly a part of the elite bloodlines. I know from my personal research that Jake Gyllenhaal goes back to Swedish royalty after about 200 years, so everybody you see above is technically royalty.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg.

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A 1998 Time Capsule of the Social Engineering Found in Armageddon

I was at a red light today and I started thinking about the social engineering happening on social media, on TV, in the movies, etc. and I started to get angry. What can I do? How can I help spread awareness? Then I figured, let’s go back 10-15 years and see how the social engineering psyops of back then affect our lives today. It’s one thing to analyze psy-ops that haven’t gotten into your head yet, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to face the hard truth that your thoughts are not really your thoughts.

I plan on doing a bunch of these. The goal being to spread awareness that nearly everything you think about the world has been engineered. Keep in mind that I can only expose the psy-ops I recognize. God knows how many are going on that none of us realize yet. The antidote to this madness is awareness and acceptance. If you are aware of it, and you don’t just reject the idea, it loses it’s power. If TPTB have to get more advanced to socially engineer us, then we’re already winning.

Let’s get started on the highest grossing movie of 1998, Armageddon. Here are some of the main social engineering psyops they threw into this movie. Note that I am going to skip over the obvious NASA and nuke programming since I believe the blog readers are well past that and I want to offer some new information.

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A Guide to the Social Engineering Prevalent in Social Media

This is going to be a very multimedia heavy post. I implore everybody reading this post to look at all the pictures and watch at least some of the videos I link to as they are important in understanding how the public is being manipulated.

I do my best to avoid social media when I can, but since I no longer live in my hometown I am always tempted to go on Facebook or Instagram to see how everybody back home is doing. Nearly every time, I regret logging on. Since learning what I know over the past year or two, it’s painful for me to watch my peers getting brainwashed and social engineered towards predetermined outcomes, all of them terrible. Loneliness, depression, frustration, addiction, and a life of negativity.

There has been an astonishing lack of information about this type of social engineering available anywhere that is not typed up by monkeys in Langley. It’s time I give a fairly definitive account of the social engineering I have been witnessing on my Facebook feed during the past week.

Before I begin I want to note that the social engineering changes on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. There are short term projects, medium term projects, and long term projects they are running. All of them point to the same general directions: gender neutrality and homosexuality, addiction, unhappiness, breakup of the family unit, conflict and division, consumerism, reliance on authority, demoralization, fear, trauma, and overall unhappiness and negativity. Beware that some of these are actually funny (though most aren’t) and that’s where the greatest danger lies since you allow it to go past you active filters and into your passive unconscious mind. Humor can be used as a powerful weapon.

Here we go in no particular order:

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