Dallas Goldbug got one thing right, anyway

Comedian Bill Hicks (real name unknown) was a psyop, both alive and after he faked his death. Alive he pretended to be a conspiracy theorist, tromping about the stage imitating the head wound to President Kennedy. The “psyop” part of that routine was a deep lingering suspicion that he got cancer at age 32 by some evil means, probably CIA injecting something in him. It was intimidating, and we could not voice our suspicion because we had no evidence.

They were messing with us.

Bill Hicks after his fake death became another psyop, this one promoted by a spook named Ed Chiarini and calling himself Dallas Goldbug. As we have found here, death and rebirth among famous people is not that uncommon, the “Zombie” phenomenon highlighted on the list to the right. So Goldbug got out in front of us and identified Alex Jones (real name unknown), the conspiracy broadcaster from Infowars, as the reincarnation of Bill Hicks. He is, as he knows, quite correct about that. That was intentional, and the only time Goldbug has ever been correct. It was bait.

Now comes the clever part – Goldbug went on to put out a list of loony and nonsensical rebirths, saying that JFK became Jimmy Carter, Jim Morrison became Rush Limbaugh, John Lennon became Steve Jobs, and many others. All of that is obviously nuts wrong, and meant to appear that way. Now when any of us step forward to identify Zombies, the first accusation we hear is that we got the information from Goldbug.

See how it works? It is called blackwashing. It is another way of hiding truth in plain sight. Goldbug created incredulity, and that allows Zombies to hide out behind him. That is why I say he is a spook. And  I wonder sometimes how we can ever manage to come out on top – that sort of psyop is just clever.

Anyway, just for giggles, below the fold is the transformation of Bill Hicks into Alex Jones, the one thing that Goldbug ever got right, but for the wrong reasons.

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13 Responses to Dallas Goldbug got one thing right, anyway

  1. Phillip Solesky says:

    Great post! That is really cool. The whole time I’ve been hearing about blackwashing I really didn’t understand it completely. Now I do. Thanks Mark.


  2. daddieuhoh says:

    “All of that is obviously nuts”

    Well, I think a lot of people would say that some of the zombies you’ve found, like Freddie Mercury to Dr. Phil, are “obviously nuts.” The point isn’t whether the idea sounds crazy. The point is that his claims don’t stand up to any kind of empirical scrutiny. His method is as half-assed as it gets. He just puts two photos up of two people who kind of look a bit alike and says they’re the same person. Compared to what you do here, it’s night and day. So I wouldn’t say it’s “obviously nuts” but rather that it’s “obviously, spectacularly, absurdly wrong.” (Though I know that’s what you meant.)


    • Yeah, I see you point. I think I will change that. So now people will read your comment and wonder WTF you’re talking about.


    • Phillip Solesky says:

      I couldn’t have said that better. Particularly the idea of whether or not it sounds nuts. I’m sure we all thought the idea of hoaxing murders and assassinations were nuts at some point.


  3. Austin says:

    i however beg to differ,, as it is not just about lookalikes, for instance you mentions the connection between Lennon and Jobs as being some what preposterous, yet fails to mention other facts related to the ABR and evidence for Lennon being not only Jobs but “Tim Cook” ……… so what are the odds of identifying a character via Genetic scrutiny and “Biometrics”? We involved in ABR know full well that whilst genetics plays a big role,, the content is just as important if not more so…… therefore what are the odds that the “Apple” Record Label owned by the “Beatles” (apple inc) and the “Apple” tech company (apple corp) have never to my knowledge resolved the blatantly obvious Copyright infringement of the original “Apple”? No need for ear evaluation here either, just look at the Nose of all 3, Lennon, Jobs and Cook ( new Ceo ) that is one mother fucking nose(excuse my superlatives here) furthermore what are the odds of both men (Lennon and Jobs) both having wives with the same Maiden name,,, ie;- Cynthia Powell Lennon,, Laureen Powell Jobs?……not even Chiarini has made this connection,… but to say Hicks /Jones is the only thing Chiarini Got right is disingenuous at best… nothing happens by chance IMHO,

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    • Neither Lennon, Jobs, or Cook remotely line up in facial features. They are easily seen as three different men. The Apple conflict is easily understood once you know that both companies are Intelligence creations. There may well indeed be genetic links among musicians and industry leaders, as there is a preponderance of people of royal blood in these occupations. It appears that old monarchies never left us, just went underground.


  4. i always knew there was something off about “wellaware1” aka dallas goldbug. i was subscribed to him on youtube initially, years ago. some people in the comments and stuff were suss on him making new channels all the time, apparently youtubers do that to help more money come in or something, but then as i followed him on twitter and thought about everything he presented it got fishier, crazy claims with no backing. then i saw he started to sell t-shirts! that’s when i knew it was garbage.


  5. graemebird says:

    “Now comes the clever part – Goldbug went on to put out a list of loony and nonsensical rebirths, saying that JFK became Jimmy Carter, Jim Morrison became Rush Limbaugh…” Okay so the Rush Limbaugh thing has been investigated already. Very good. So the guy was screwing with me. You don’t have any failed match-ups anywhere on this blog do you? So I can put it to rest in my mind?


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