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Dallas Goldbug got one thing right, anyway

Comedian Bill Hicks (real name unknown) was a psyop, both alive and after he faked his death. Alive he pretended to be a conspiracy theorist, tromping about the stage imitating the head wound to President Kennedy. The “psyop” part of … Continue reading

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Total spectrum dominance

We are lied to 24/7, with every image seen on TV, even supposed candid ones, either being staged or reviewed before airing. Television is a social control medium used to hypnotize that vast majority of Americans. But some of us … Continue reading

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Bill Hicks became Alex Jones: Case Closed

My colleague MH wants me to move forward, to get better at using PhotoShop. It offers a far wider array of possibilities than my current tools. I have been using them because I have so much work ahead, and don’t … Continue reading

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Bill Hicks is STILL Alex Jones

I have been catching some grief, and rightly so, for relying on the work of another person in the matter of Bill Hicks and Alex Jones. That matter bugged me so much that I ran comparisons on my own (I … Continue reading

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Maury Povich: Another Zombie

On July 25, 1969, Manson family members Bobby Beausoleil, Susan Atkins, and Mary Brunner paid Gary [Hinman] a visit. Manson was under the impression that Hinman had money in stocks and bonds, and that Gary had owned his house and … Continue reading

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Bill Hicks, comedian extraordinaire

“Another guy I have wondered about … Bill Hicks. Stood up on stage and ridiculed the Warren Commission, dies in his early 30s of cancer … maybe a bit too pat in light of MM’s research.” The above comment, by … Continue reading

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Ask the question (slightly revised)

[This is a rework of yesterday’s post with revisions to aid in clarity of thought, which ain’t always working for me.] Often in discussing matters like 9/11 or other false flag events, those of us who don’t buy the official … Continue reading

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