The game is afoot

My brief once-weekly sojourn to Huffington Post: Supposedly a majority of Americans want the Electoral College vote tomorrow postponed due to the interference by the Russians. (The poll, sponsored by some group called “Avaaz” is like the election itself fake.) Hillary Clinton supposedly won the popular vote by perhaps three million. Since no votes were counted, that is part of a script.

What does it mean? I don’t have a crystal ball, but there is a game at play.

For one, with electronic voting machines in  place everywhere now, there is no assurance that any votes were counted, much less accurately. They can stage an entire election without even counting one vote. The “recounts” are staged to assure us that the original counts are real, that too part of the hoax. (How can there be a “re”count when there was never a “count”?)

For another, the office of president is long reduced to a mere ribbon-cutting post held by actors. The Russians know this, and they know that our elections, like theirs, are fake. So the idea that they would interfere is high comedy. They’ve got to be looking on in wonder at this cuckoo’s nest.

That leaves us to guess what is really going on here. Have at it please. I am stumped.

20 thoughts on “The game is afoot

  1. My favorite comment of the day over at Saker by Erebus on December 18, 2016 · at 6:48 am UTC

    The Great Game is back on?

    “Thinktankland, and swelled many heads both inside and beyond the Beltway. What they seem utterly blind to is that it has already failed in the real world.
    The Neocons pissed away their “World Hegemon” cards bombing hospitals and shepherds while their two competitors (Russia & China) husbanded theirs, and began a process of allying to the detriment of the USA. Trump is on record saying that driving Russia and China together was the stupidest foreign policy result of the Neocons’ ideology. Hard to argue with that, and he shows every inclination to try to “win Russia back”. In appointing Tillerson he picked the perfect man for the job.
    The Neocons, of course, want none of that. They want it all, their ideology demands nothing less, and the lesson they have yet to learn is to what extent Russia & China have risen, the depth of their strategic alliance, and the state of decline of American power. Their strategy to take control of Russia (rather than ally with it) to isolate and manage China has already failed. It failed in Syria, it failed in the ‘stans, it failed in Ukraine, it is failing in Europe, and has utterly failed inside Russia itself. More to the point, it has failed within the USA itself. They lost on all fronts – military, political, social, financial, cultural – on the world stage, and they lost the consent of the USA population. This failure has been exposed, so they’re acting like children, hoping they’ll achieve by throwing a tantrum what they failed to get by thievery. Namely, by planting the meme of evil Russia, they hope to set the stage for disrupting Trump’s freedom and scope of action in wooing Russia. That is what the panic is all about. Yes, they want to double down on “World Hegemony”, while Trump realizes that’s an ideological delusion and wants to restart the Great Game.”


  2. My guess:
    They want everyone to doubt the election process so they can change it or get rid if it altogether. After all, Kings and Queens and other royalty aren’t elected so why bother with all this voting nonsense?


    1. The purpose of elections is to advance the illusion of self government. I cannot see them throwing that out the window unless they are convinced we are ready now to live in open bondage. Has the country degraded to that point now?


      1. Good point.

        I revise my guess …

        I really thought the douche bag would be elected and I still suspect she may somehow end up in the oval office come January or soon thereafter. So, this may be the lead up to that eventuality and this drama is being acted out to make it appear that our good government is capable of catching flaws and oversights in our electoral process and correcting them.

        You know, like the “TV quiz show scandals” of the 1950s was done to make it look like the television industry could police its own content for honesty, etc.


  3. “Your Guide to the Electoral College Coup and Counter-Coup” at redefining is the best summary of the game at play that I’ve found. I recommend you check it out.


  4. A little off topic: I also recommend watching the first couple of minutes of Bob Dylan’s acceptance speech at the Nobel Prize ceremonies. Check out the list of authors he says he’s in company with… spooks all.


  5. American Imperialists who subscribe to Kissinger/Brzezinski methodology have had to face the fact that Neocon ideology (global hegemony) has failed any way you look at it. Neocons have squandered America’s chance to dominate. USA, China and Russia must now share power in the world. A new version of The Great Game begins all over again.


  6. One of the most important objective is to make politics and geopolitics look real and very important. Russia is a part of the East vs West false paradigm, and this reinforces that. I believe Putin is pro-Trump and vice versa (of course this is part of the game), and this will be used to accomplish the marriage of East and West ( aka New World Order). I believe this recounting business is just distraction, useful only to reinforce the belief in geopolitics and create more division and polarization. The scenario of Ken at redifininggod seems too contrived for me (but I like Ken nonetheless).

    I don’t believe Neocons squandered the chance of America to dominate. They played their role as villains. Be more alarmed if you see the neocons , house of Saud, Soros and others falling and being “defeated”. The face of the NWO will be multicultural in order to fool the Asians, Africans and other races (Ken also talked about this). America and the Fed are not the end, they were the transition between old world order (colonialism, empires) and the new world order (which will finally be “fair” to everybody=scientific slavery).

    One cheesy scenario that I have in mind is that the tension created will end in a fake Trump assassination. I will wait for a possible Trump and 9/11 drama (28 pages document). Trump supposedly closed some businesses in Saudi Arabia. Again maybe another drama with the villains mentioned above against good guys Trump, Putin and who knows who.


  7. Maybe we need to call in the Hoo Haw experts and crunch some esoteric numbers- I listen to Zack Hubbard when I’m in the mood for bemusement- Freeman Fly, if he’s still around, will have a combo platter of predictions based on the stars, pineal gland spasms and Miley Lyrics-
    And I wish Trump’s cabinet was composed of other game show hosts- I’d rather have Alex Trebek as Sec. of State- Pat Sajack, head of education- The Great Race guy as transportation sec.- The match-ups are pretty obvious-


  8. You say it all a “script, game, hoax, fake, staged, actors, comedy, cuckoo’s nest…” but you want know “what is really going on here”? Why? What difference it make when you live in world of illusion? Just play you part and be cool.


  9. The funny part about all of this is that when you know everything if faked, it becomes very apparent. Just like the Highlight’s puzzles when you were a kid. Once you know where the hidden objects are, you can’t understand how you or anyone else could miss them. So, when I hear a story about this “election” recount, I can barely believe it’s actually presented as news. I have to remember to be patient and realize that they fooled me for many years.


  10. Agreed. When people mention “Putin hacking our democracy” I consider them entirely unserious pepole. Which the are. People saying that are either… elite hoaxers, their media assets, desperate Hillary partisans, or pathetic dupes. But we owe the dupes our sympathy because we’ve all been there and still are there on many subjects.


  11. A few ideas on your question, Mark.

    1) I’ve read in a place or two (maybe here, maybe Miles Mathis) that they are trying to delegitimize election results in our minds. This seems silly to me, as our belief in our two-party democracy seems to really help them keep control while distracting, dividing, conquering, and controlling us. But the deligitimization of the results does serve to increase anger and increase the cold civil war of the goodwhites vs. the badwhites in America. If you wanted one world government, turning Americans against each other would be a good step to take. United, Americans would prefer American sovereignty. Divided, they are more easily conquered/assimilated into one world government. Raging at one another, violent Americans would also “deserve” government suppression of riots/violence/whatever.

    2) At first Trump was the one saying we shouldn’t necessarily trust the “rigged” election, now it’s Team Hillary. Similar delegitimizing messaging from both sides is a clue.

    3) I totally agree with your statement that “recounts” are a silly idea when there wasn’t even a reliable “count” in the first place. If we had 100% paper ballots and counting machines, a recount by hand would make sense. But we don’t just have machines for counting, we have machines for voting.

    4) The establishment has been working overtime to rekindle the cold war. The War on Terror is long in the tooth, getting obvious, not scaring people enough, etc. Time to bring back fear of the Russian Bear.

    5) Separate from the elite conspiracies, we also have millions of useful idiot Democrats who have eagerly lapped up and amplified the “Russia did it” excuses for Hillary’s loss.

    Also, I still note with interest that Trump generated a lot of believable White Hot hate from those I’d expect to be “in on” all the hoaxes. Romney, McCain, Ryan, Podesta, Anderson Cooper, Wall Street, etc. etc. He really was running against the political elite establishment and they hated him for it. This tells us that either:
    a) Trump really is independent (unlikely)
    b) Some randomness is allowed to occur, including semi-real election battles, as long as both sides are pre-approved (which Trump had to be to get as much media coverage as he did)
    c) The elites INCLUDING Podesta and Romney and Cooper and Blankfein are much better actors than we thought
    d) The TRUE elites keep a lot close to the vest. People like Podesta and Romney and Anderson Cooper and Lloyd Blankfein are only told what they need to know. So they could be apoplectic about Trump and mean it, assuming that he was a wrecker of elite plans, when in fact the higher-higher-ups had decided on Trump. Maybe the elites generally push for globalization, looting, weakening the West, etc., but every so often they do a violent reaction against that. Which makes sense for their dialectic but which catches their “regular” employees off guard.
    e) Maybe there are schisms within the elite battling things out

    Any thoughts?


    1. Regarding your #1, I believe that in the future USA will be divided by the elites in many pieces. But this scenario will take some time, unless some major events happen the very next few years. If this scenario is true, than Russia, China and other big countries will have a similar fate. I didn’t read this book but look at this wiki page (of course put the “No Booshit” glasses to see beyond the propaganda elements).

      Why do you take wrestlecampaignmania 2016 as a serious matter? Drumpf, Romoney, Poderast and others are probably laughing their ass off when they are behind closed doors. I should also add that in 2017 we have WrestleMania 33. This must be coupled with the best political and geopolitical drama. At then end of next year I demand a Drumpf and Rasputin duet (any song)


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