Vintage Psy-Opera: Corn Belt bin Ladens

Langley East

The Prussian town of Kassel has functioned in some ways as Germany’s Langley- In the 16th century it became the seat of Calvinism, a Venetian operation designed to reboot the Venetian’s first attempt at a schism, Lutheranism, which had quickly settled into pacifism of a sort with the Quietist movement- Calvinism was militant in implication in that, according to this new heresy, it did not matter what atrocities one committed as the pre-incarnate elect were saved before they were even born, so they could not sin if their life depended on it, even as their behavior, like slaughtering an enemy and their women and children, had the outward form of sin- This elect numbered but 5% of all souls in Christendom, though which Calvinists were the lotto winners was not revealed until after death- In a strong field, this may be the worst iteration of Xtianity, ever-

Later, Rosicrucianism found safe haven within the city’s walls- That was another lunatic op from the mind benders, likely also Venetian derived- Huguenots also found refuge there as the Venetian backed wars of religion raged across the continent-

In the 18th century, one of the town’s leading industries was mercenaries, rent-a-soldiers who at times found their fellow Hessians fighting for the opposite side of a conflict, for example the warring parties involved in the so-called American Revolution both employed Hessians from Kassel-

The Brothers Grimm project was executed from Kassel, traumatizing generations of children into obedience- Napoleon had a go as well, installing a brother to rule the short lived kingdom of Westphalia with Kassel as its seat- In time, after swapping loyalties with one side or another, Kassel became a major industrial center and hub for much railway traffic, engine design also dominating the industry- The money men had a free reign-

Dachau supplied prison labor to Kassel during WWII before the Allies blowed the city up real good- From the rubble arose Germany’s entree’ into modern art, the mountebank Joseph Beuys leading the great legacy of German art over the cliff-

So when I found that Herman Lamm was from Kassel, I was not surprised-

Who was Herman Lamm, you ask? He was, according to official history, the greatest bank robber of all time- The “everybody put your hands up” type of robber, not the Wall Street variety-

He was born in Kassel in 1890- He was a Prussian officer who was dishonorably discharged for, wait for it… cheating at cards- As a cover story for an asset going underground, that’s pretty lazy- Couldn’t he have slapped a superior while drunk and gotten 30 days in the cooler? That’s a little more believable, but not by much-

Regardless, he immigrated to America just before the outbreak of WWI, and in my version of events, he was here as a hire, an intelligence officer paid by the US government to help organize and execute the operations that involved the rural bank robberies of the twenties and thirties which force fed congress into passing new federal friendly laws that neutered state’s rights in the long lead up to WWII-

Once on shore, Lamm wasted no time, getting arrested in San Francisco in 1914- There was no disposition of the case so he skated, as assets under arrest do- I suspect this arrest was a meet and greet with police intel and to get the lay of the land as far as what kind of banks and people he was to encounter once he was activated- And Frisco being the seat of the Pope’s bank abroad, Bank of America, nee: Bank of Italy, there was probably interchange with that faction, funding likely the main topic-

Lamm was hired because of his military acumen- He was the guy who designed the process that is so familiar in movies about bank heists- He gave gang members specific tasks, like the wheel man who only drove to and from the scene- The lookout was stationed near the bank to signal if cops were sniffing around- The lobby man held the gun on the patrons, the vault man scooped up the cash and bagged it-

Lamm went further, mapping out the roads, and alternate routes if needed, timing each phase of the op with a stop watch, restricting the time for the heist, regardless of how much cash could be got with just a few seconds more in the vault- He also employed professional race car drivers so one could assume professional racing was infiltrated with military assets/lodge members like every other professional sport-

He took the guess work out of what had been up to that time a hit and miss affair- All told, his haul at the end of his 15 year run was said to be over one million dollars-

Why do I say bank robberies were part of a long con by the government?

A wild bank shot: The “assassination” of Tsar Alexander II


The preceding was the opening of a post designed to give some context to the Bonnie and Clyde post from a few weeks ago- Somehow, from this point on, I suddenly found myself in Moscow, 1881, and dealing with the hoax assassination of Tsar Alexander II- Immediately thereafter, I traversed the continent and the English Channel and found myself, twenty five years later, in London’s east end, knee deep in Slavic Jews still running from the oppressive repercussions of that fake assassination that had, inevitably, been blamed on said Jews-

I found out that Big Joe Steel (Stalin for those scoring at home) had been in London in 1907 for some party congress- I then sifted through this and that, trying to confirm the obvious, that Stalin et al were agents of the west, and I came upon this video below while researching the siege at Sidney Street, a famous robbery fuck up that turned the tide against those immigrant Jews that were then so well established that there were over 100 synagogues in the immediate East End environs- This video, from 1911, is the first filmed psy-op and it features none other than Winston Churchill, then head of the home office- He brought Pathe’ news service with him to film the police and firefighters- There is nothing in this collection of film clips to convince anyone with the most rudimentary knowledge of film editing that any of this is an actual siege-


I continued my pursuit of how the British were sponsoring those whom would become the core members of the Russian revolution, apparently by allowing funding to come from scores of bank and store robberies in London, when I came across a stagecoach robbery in a Georgian town called Tiflis in 1907- Stalin has been accused of being the master mind of this robbery where we are told that 3 plus million in today’s money was snatched for the revolution- That was the angle of pursuit I had been following, that there may be parallels between the commies robbing banks for the revolution and the hayseed bank robbers of the American Midwest- What were the hayseeds doing with their swag?

Finally, the lightbulb hovering above my pointy little head hissed, sputtered, and the tungsten filament began to glow- Tiflis- The full frontal attack on the coach and its large number of armed guards had taken dozens of innocent lives as collateral damage- Scores of soldiers were also killed- What a blockbuster that would make if brought to the silver screen!

But of course it’s all bullshite- If London and Wall Street were, as Anthony Sutton has convinced me, paying for the revolution, how were they getting the money to the boots on the ground? My all in bet is that they had their minions in the media explain the success of the revolutionaries as being possible by the execution of a series of crimes… that were almost certainly never committed- To explain the fact that the revolution had legs and then some, and that revolutions cost money, the powers had to concoct a viable reason for their success- One that cut deep in fear and terror- Sudden, violent, messy with innocent blood- Folks, watch out! These bastards kill women and children- They mean it!

So, while the western bankers were shipping out the gold to the Bolshevik leaders under cover of night, the cowed public was reading with their inflamed emotions about the relentless beast fast approaching on a wave of profitable, and violent, crimes-

Naturally the intellectuals, who always have their emotions firmly leashed, were fiercely debating the efficacy of the various communist programs, which like any tax laws, were designed to befuddle indefinitely, rather than apply their vaunted mental powers to confirming if any of this mayhem was actually taking place-

The Tsar and family were given a particularly nasty demise by the writers and shuttled off stage, probably for a time to one of the more remote holdings of the Commonwealth, say, Ceylon, to let the heat dissipate- Like JFK on Skorpios, or Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in wherever Miles suggested they hid out for 20 years, so too house Romanov found solace in some paradisiacal setting before going wherever they went-

So what’s up with Herman Lamm in America? For all I now know, he may have never existed- Just a figment of a spook writer’s imagination as the committee he worked for tasked him with concocting a plausible story to explain, like the commie revolutionaries, the ongoing success of these bank robbers (Motive for such a long term op forthcoming)

But let’s say he did exist- He’s credited, as I said, with designing the classic bank robbery while in jail in the late teens (In the spook safe house wing I imagine) That’s the premise as to why the banking industry couldn’t stop him and his gang- And later, after his ‘death’ in 1930, two of his surviving gang members taught John Dillinger the Lamm technique which his gang then used to great effect (After being let out of prison, the story being he shot his way out- Right)

Now, let’s step back and think it through- Just like finding 19 high-jackers who will volunteer to enter into a mass murder/suicide pact and have the cognitive skills to pull it off, how difficult would it be to find well-disciplined teams of psychopaths to pass off as normal adults long enough to get inside a bank and then, with military precision, pull off dozens and dozens of successful heists, with only a scattered number of dead left in their wake? And be successful at it for over a decade and a half? I would say it is impossible for the crime waves of the 20’s and 30’s to have happened in any way shape or form like we have been sold- Would it not be prudent to assume that banks in that era would spend a little bit on security, knowing from police reports how these alleged heists were orchestrated?

And who would rob a bank for a relative pittance each time out with such extreme punishments awaiting failure? I’ll submit that nobody does- The occasional bank robber who spooks a few grand off a threatened teller is almost certainly a government friendly security firm hire testing the teller’s responses and then workshopping with them on how to conduct business with a phantom robber- His reports of the exercise results are added to the story ideas note bank in the basement writer’s room in Ol’ Virginny-

(If your world needs stories of hop heads trying to knock over pawn shops to feed the monkey, knock yourself out- If real, you won’t read about any of it, at least unspun)

I will cop to the idea of drills having been staged with just enough verisimilitude to con the locals and back it with screaming headlines to sell the occasional threat demonstration- But those involved were, like Lamm, military, and they knew how to play act within the context of a drill- I challenge anyone to find me evidence of a psychotic with the mental and physical skills to lead, yes lead, a pack of similar mentally and morally deficient mad men into such combat- And over and over?

As I said in the Bonnie and Clyde post, these rural gangsters were created, mostly out of whole cloth, to allow the federal government to override state’s rights, especially in regards to restraining the weapons industries- Corn Belt bin Ladens, if you will-

And why do that? Well, if you are going to deliberately tank the economy and enforce on American citizens a slightly milder form of socialism than that of the Russkies, you can’t have well regulated militias networking while farms are being stolen right out from under their feet-

The patina of Robin Hooding that was attached to the legends robbing small banks for beer money, and killing anyone inconveniencing them in the process, made armed insurrection by have nots appear to be tantamount to mindless savagery- In my opinion, that is what the anxiety of the day was manufactured for: To have ordinary people run to the central authorities, just like the people fell victim to the central committees- Workers of the world unite, because individuality can’t survive in such a savage jungle-

24 thoughts on “Vintage Psy-Opera: Corn Belt bin Ladens

  1. Thanks Tyrone, good work as usual. That video clip is classic but I had to laugh as things have not changed much. The police shooting at nothing from behind doors could have been Orlando or Dallas. The people in charge learned right off the bat how suggestible we are and knew how to use film before it ever gained wide usage. It reminded me of how the Internet came on the scene, was new to all of us, but that merchants and government propagandists were miles ahead of us, hitting the ground with feet running. They hit us with web browsers already loaded with back door entry points before we could type our names.


  2. I always have at least a couple of “A-ha!” moments reading your stuff, Tyrone. “Corn-belt Bin Ladens” — love it!


  3. Very informative, but i keep waiting for the punch line. What is it all of these people have in common? And, why isn’t that important again?
    If they were mostly or ALL Negro, would that be necessary to point out? And, if so, would that be an indictment on all Negroes?


    1. Phil, Tyrone’s post had several punch lines. Maybe they went over your head. In any case, the issue that single-mindedly interests you doesn’t interest Tyrone, and in fact he thinks it’s a dead-end. The world we’re trying to come to terms with is like a complicated puzzle, with many different aspects. You can disagree, that is your right. But if you want “all Jews all the time,” then go ahead and change the channel.

      And also, seriously, “Negroes?” This isn’t 1966, anymore. It’s 2016. Or wait, next you’re going to say it’s the Mandela effect and in your reality people still say Negro. Blame it on CERN or something…SMH.


  4. Negroes? Phil, are you trapped in a time warp? If you are trying to get me to use the J word, forget it- As I’ve said before, that line is way oversold, especially by Mathis- My view is that the bloodlines and the bastards that front for them are the key elements- Overlaying the Jewish fetish obscures the process and makes it easy for detractors to point fingers at the research- Gentiles vs. Jews is just another false dichotomy- Go to and check out the essays on the origins of that false dichotomy- The writing is at times opaque but worth the effort- And then follow up in the forums about those essays-


    1. Really? So, then who is it? Are they Gentiles posing as Jews? If so, I’d like to know. In the meantime, Mathis’s work is the only truly sober representation. Of course there are a lot of false flag “nuts” pointing at the Jews, but that doesn’t mean it’s not them. The real question is why are you so adverse to pointing it out where it obviously is the case? It’s not like we’re advocating a with hunt.


    2. I don’t do contentiousness for contentiousness sake- You’ll have to demand logic and sensibility from someone else- And I do not agree with everything from sites I recommend- I look for good information, even if the source is in error on other things- I do not agree with the foundation premise of Postflaviana (Flavians wrote the gospels) but I have gotten useful information from that site over the last few years so they remain on my favorites bar-


  5. Anybody thought about the fact that it’s words they begin to divide us with? And don’t ask me who “they” are, I’m not going to say the J-word . But it’s ridiculous to enter into any debate like this. And by the way, who cares at the very end what religion these bastards practice, I don’t need another bit of proof to believe that whoever they are, they lack the most significant markers of human species. To be ignorant about the pattern that has again emerged though, is not a particularly clever point as it narrows the possibilities of one’s perception, I can understand anybody who doesn’t wish to discuss the J-word, but here at PoM it’s really hard to swallow the fact that it is dismissed from debate so easily. Yeah, I know, you’ve explained that part to me already.


    1. Vex, I’m not at all sure Phil’s comment was initiating a debate. It reads more like heckling from the peanut gallery. How about this: if Phil thinks the Jewish links are important, then he could have gone through the different figures mentioned in Ty’s post and dug into their roots to try to show that they’re Jewish. That would have been constructive, at least. Why is it on Tyrone to do that? Did Tyrone say anywhere in his post that Jews weren’t involved? No. He put his emphasis elsewhere.

      You wrote that “To be ignorant about the pattern that has again emerged though, is not a particularly clever point as it narrows the possibilities of one’s perception.” Well, I don’t think Tyrone is ignorant of that. But he actually makes the opposite argument: to focus exclusively on that pattern actually narrows the possibilities of one’s perception. Anybody is free to disagree. Nobody here said we can’t talk about the Jewish role in all of this. Certainly nobody said it’s off limits or that we need to say “J-word.”

      Miles is doing a lot of heavy lifting on the Jewish role in things. We simply put our emphasis elsewhere. The tapestry of lies is thick and intricate, and there is plenty of unwinding to do without going there. If Tyrone or anyone else here doesn’t mention it in every post, we open ourselves up to being attacked (or heckled) as misdirecting. And to the extent that we do focus on it, we open ourselves up to being attacked as anti-Semites — which we know is bogus but this is the world we live in. So we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. One last point about this: Phil was given plenty of opportunity to contribute here and in fact did contribute a couple of posts. In not a single post did he once mention anything about Jews — other than to say he worked with many Jews and even pretended to be Jewish at some point. But even though he didn’t talk about ‘who is behind all this,’ did his posts have a point or a punch line? For sure they did. If this issue is so important in his view, apparently essential to even being able to even make a point, then why didn’t he write something about it when he had the chance? So lobbing this criticism at Tyrone is just hypocritical.


  6. Just one true reply to all above criticism – my only wish was to get Tyrone’s direct reply, which I failed to get , obviously. So if I may do the gesture, I’d like to virtually retract my last comment. There was absolutely no need for me to go into the subject with my postt, there was nothing new to it since few days ago.

    I completely understand everything said here about it, We do sometimes agree that we disagree, there’s nothing shameful about it, I guess. What I said about ignorance is not meant literally, I wish to point to the notion of broadening horizons that enable us to look for things we can’t achieve with our blindfolds on , that was all the meaning of my own words. I’m certainly not accusing anybody of anything nor did I reply directly to Phillip’s comment. I find his comments about this topic rather shallow, anyway. My true wish remains the same though, let’s not be dragged down and get divided by their actions, whoever they are.

    I’m done with giving you any unpleasant comments on this particular subject of Jews in connection to anything unless you bring it out yourselves. You are completely right about it, there’s plenty of sources to look into it anyway.


  7. Another thing I like to mention about the French Revolution psyop:

    We are told that Maria Fitzherbert (aka Marie-Antoinette) married three times. Her second marriage was to Thomas Fitzherbert, who was also a member of the landed English gentry, in 1778, three years after the “death” of her first husband Edward Weld (Axel von Fersen/John Hancock). Thomas “died” in 1781, leaving Maria a wealthy widow. Like Edward Weld, there’s conspicuously little information on him and there is only one painting available that is attributed to him, which was painted shortly before his “death”. He bore a resemblance to King Louis XVI. Likewise, their ears were similar.

    Thomas Fitzherbert:

    Louis XVI:

    What do you think?


    1. The similarities between the two men are uncanny. They share the same ears, the same lips, and similar noses, etc. – so most definitely they were the same person. And I’m sure they fathered the same children, too.


      1. Here’s another one. I’m sure he sired more children from his other harem behind the scenes. Some say the close female playmate (Ernestine) of the King’s eldest daughter (Marie-Therese-Charlotte) was his hidden offspring. She’s reported to have borne a physical resemblance to the “late” monarch and his children:

        “She was said to have a physical resemblance to Louis XVI and to his daughter Marie Thérèse of France, and because of this, she has sometimes been speculated to be the secret illegitimate daughter of the king.[1]”


        1. After all, it’s been said that he was actually a very active man with a large, fertile member sandwiched between his muscular legs, so I supposed he may have had some dalliance behind the scenes, just like his grandfather Louis XV. It’s just that in Louis XVI’s case, those things were better concealed.


  8. And speaking of bank robberies, here in the good ole’ U.S. of A., we had our share of numerous federal bailouts of corporations & the rich, the first one in 1792 under the auspices of then- Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, known to be very friendly towards Big Business & Government royalty, of which he himself was a member of, ditto.

    “Hamilton realized the necessity of having a safe place for the government to store their funds while increasing the ties between the wealthy citizens and the US Government. Therefore, he argued for the creation of the Bank of the United States.”

    We had a few centuries free of such looting until government tax bailout measures reappeared in the 1970s (which, conveniently, was also the time the United States abandoned the gold/silver standard and went fully fiat, thereby increasing inflation and exacerbating wealth inequality) and continued until the 2020s with federal programs such as the CARES bailout scheme.

    Similar schemes by the U.S. government were implemented during the manufactured Great Depression, which admittedly was caused by the Federal Reserve’s reckless monetary policies (though shrugged as “mistakes”, which I beg to differ). FDR, said to be the champion of the people, oversaw such rescue programs like the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation, which allegedly “helped one million families benefit from lower rates on refinanced mortgages”, but I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them were, in fact, the wealthy.

    “By “did it,” Bernanke meant that the leaders of the Federal Reserve implemented policies that they thought were in the public interest. Unintentionally, some of their decisions hurt the economy. Other policies that would have helped were not adopted.”

    [Sure thing, pal. “Unintentionally”, you say? What a sick joke. Also, why didn’t they adopt the “other policies” if they wanted to do something that benefited the public interest and not intentionally crash the economy and have the government step in to save everything? The fact they repeated the same bad monetary policies again in 1931 (as shown below) clearly proves to me that this was all intentional and not by “mistake”. You cannot repeat the same thing over-&-over again and claim innocence without malice aforethought.]

    The below article continues to add that:

    “An example of the former is the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates in 1928 and 1929. The Fed did this in an attempt to limit speculation in securities markets. This action slowed economic activity in the United States. Because the international gold standard linked interest rates and monetary policies among participating nations, the Fed’s actions triggered recessions in nations around the globe. The Fed repeated this mistake when responding to the international financial crisis in the fall of 1931.”


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