2017: Piece of Mindful

A certain blogger I know is a high school teacher. People who frequent this blog know to grant no special status on that profession, as its function is to keep the chains invisible.  This teacher does not know that, of course. (If teachers don’t know their own function, well, then, who was it that asked the famous question … “is our children learning?”)

This particular teacher promotes a method of intellectual exploration called use of “trusted sources.” Each step in the thought process must be sanctioned by a higher authority. It is our educational system reduced to its core:


We do not promote use of trusted sources. I only know of one: our brains. In a previous post I mentioned “empowerment,” or release from mental bondage. I am able to collect and organize my own thoughts without the sanction of authority sources. This step, this trust in one’s own perceptions above all others, is a profound step forward in development of the mind. The other writers here experience it as well.

In our Orwellian state the word “freedom” has been reduced to a hollow chant devoid of meaning. When followed by the word “from” it becomes another way of saying “slavery.” We are free from fear, hunger, we are protected and assured of our survival, and most importantly, free of the need to think for ourselves. As Aldous Huxley said,

“The most important Manhattan Projects of the future will be vast government-sponsored enquiries into what the politicians and participating scientists will call “the problem of happiness” – in other words, the problem of making people love their servitude.”

What we do here might seem trivial to some – who cares is Taylor Swift is a twin? So what if Mickey Mouse faked his death and returned as Tom Brokaw? What does it matter if Matt Damon’s face is a template for just about every major male star? Who the hell is Johannes Vermeer and why does it matter if he was in servitude? Mavi Marmara what? Pausbezoek? We have covered all of this and so much more, and so much more in store. It is very exciting for all of us here, and we hope for you.

And yes, I made up the Mickey Mouse/Tom Brokaw thing. He is fake, this we know. We have just not figured out yet how he became a “trusted source.”

As we begin 2017 “fake news” is coming under attack. Most of our readers know the the term is Orwellian, as in freedom=slavery. What they call fake news is a real search for truth, forbidden in mainstream journalism everywhere. All journalism is fake. We’ve done the real thing here. We have searched for and even found some truth, some of it trivial. From the controllers’ standpoint, the Internet has gotten partially out of hand, and so they are moving in with a new psyop to contain it. I don’t know the future or how effective their efforts will be, or what it means for our blog.

I don’t care. It’s been fun. I only know that once released from a cage, a wolf never voluntarily reenters.

28 thoughts on “2017: Piece of Mindful

  1. The excellent work you and the others are doing here is important at many levels. I’ve been thinking about how much this relentless assault on truth has ramifications far beyond the fakery. One is this constant demand for sensitivity to the emotional needs of every weird and “non-traditional” deviant while normal relationships are being destabilized and destroyed. The ever tightening pressure on the average person’s psyche is stretching them thin, and reducing their capacity to deal with the real life issues we all face, relating to and understanding the people we live with and love.

    This compounding effect may be as deleterious as their compound interest usury. Breaking the hold the lie masters have on us is an individual victory, which releases so much of this pressure and allows us to live like human beings again. It frees us up to take on a different perspective, which goes against the grain of the lies and creates the friction needed to help others down start down the path.

    As William Wallace (supposedly) said, “As long as we’re fighting, we’re free!” Here’s to a new year of taking it to them…


    1. If you get a chance, IB, check out the latest issue of National Geographic. On the cover is a hermaphrodite in pink, and the special issue is devoted to the gender revolution (which doesn’t exist but is being foisted upon our children).


      1. Yuck, looked it up online… Special issue to start the new year. Just a coincidence, no doubt… I’m guessing their subscriber base is an older demographic, so maybe they’ll get some cancellations. What a world…


  2. Happy New Year to everybody!

    I like that thought with the wolf, it may implied so for all living creatures who experienced captivity. But with people it’s even more, we get to receive even thought control and mind programming while trapped, just to be sure captivity is thorough. Freedom comes two-folded once you break the trap, although I agree that “freedom” is badly abused as a word. To be able to say you achieved any freedom, mind has to be let free first and there is just no manual written to help anybody achieve such mind state. Sinister twist to this obey-learning process that anybody experiences as early as in primary school, as it almost assures that at the end of the “learning” process one will forget how free thought actually manifests itself. As our mind enters reality relatively unformatted ( instincts excluded ) we all get to learn how to function inside our “cage” being reality itself, so it is crucial to enable such unformatted mind to be able to learn / experience how to question authority without being punished for it. Such as i.e. to allow your own child to verify what he just learned from you and even encourage him/her to do so. Only in this way doubt and thus thought development progress can be achieved, in any other case this learning process will produce a perfect product of our present society – obedient, manipulable, thought-controlled individual. For it to be even worse than it already is, the more time one spends inside such “cage”, the harder it gets to break it and re-own his/her thoughts, to free the mind of being manipulated. Freedom starts between the ears, so to say.

    I was reading Huxley quite some time ago and it was back then when I wasn’t aware of too many things around me, especially anybody pushing drugs, manipulating my thoughts with it (like i.e. Graham Hancock does all the time). As I like the philosophical side of any thought, I used to like Huxley’s descriptions of what was going with his thoughts while abusing LSD, especially done so in his “The Doors of Perception”, where as he concludes his work with: “But the man who comes back through the Door in the Wall will never be quite the same as the man who went out. He will be wiser but less cocksure, happier but less self-satisfied, humbler in acknowledging his ignorance yet better equipped to understand the relationship of words to things, of systematic reasoning to the unfathomable Mystery which it tries, forever vainly, to comprehend.” It took me roughly 20 years to realize what he was saying with his book and such conclusion, to realize how easily one can get fooled, especially while high, how your senses can trick you into believing there is something there when it is not. And especially to realize what was his role in all this thought manipulation so far.


        1. I do think so, Huxley was my favorite guru once upon a time…false positive as it turned out, I had my pink glasses on back then. BNW is the same as Orwell’s “1984” when it comes to symbolism or secondary level of programming. As a matter of fact, Huxley was Orwell’s professor on French language at Eton College (George Orwell is just another alias whereas he was born as Eric Blair), I just wanted to make it more clear who these people as authors were. BNW is surely a book full of determinism and visionary ideas turned partially into reality, strangely, and it’s something I never particularly liked. As the history remembers Blair, he once wrote to Huxley saying: “Within the next generation I believe that the world’s leaders will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging them and kicking them into obedience.” Bizarre, but reads as if written retrograde, doesn’t it?


        1. Thanks for this reminder, Daddieuhoh, as you’ve mentioned in another post here, something similar happened to me as I went on reading about the Huxley family, I soon dropped reading as it was more than overwhelming. Enough to learn about the nature of the Huxleys is reading on Aldous’ grandfather, Thomas Henry Huxley, who was the spook at its finest meaning of such word, known to the public of his era as Darwin’s Bulldog. Reading his Wickedpedia entry is pure fun, giving potentially a lot of sincere laugh to anybody here. If anybody needs a nice dose of laughter, I’d recommend it for such purpose. As I see it, we seem to agree here on 2 subjects: Aldous was a spook and is not worth loosing any additional time exploring and confirming such fact. Why it was worth spending some time though, is all of this in details up to here at least.


        2. Thanks for that – I remember your comment now. We hit on so many twins and replicas now that the Bonagovski process must be in play, has been for decades. I think we need to rename that particular series of links, maybe Bokanovsky’s Brood, or Huxley’s Whores.


  3. “…the Internet has gotten partially out of hand, and so they are moving in with a new psyop to contain it.”

    Why do you suppose they are only now “moving in”? They’re “moving in” just like they did in the 1860’s!

    What is the fastest growing awakening/meme in the truth movement at this moment? What is the foundational lie that underpins the whole fake edifice of the western cultural weltanshaung?

    Ten plus years ago, when I was first disabused of this false worldview, I seemed to be alone. The only research material I had to use was 150 years old, produced when this same “awakening” was first growing strong, only to be squashed within a few decades. Never would I have thought that so many others would soon share my adventure in uncovering this 400+ year old psyop.

    The main defensive bulwark TPTB have erected against this awakening is also one of the most powerful: ridicule! Answer me this… what is the most powerful “putdown” anyone can employ in todays society? Quote: “You must be a [blankity-blank].” This is by design! And some of the smartest (and proud of it) awakening people around are still bound by this tool. The contributors to this fine blog are a prime example. I submit you need to reevaluate your “trusted sources” again and come out of your self-imposed slavery to the fear of ridicule. I say this while grateful for the insights gleaned here.


        1. That’s correct, and yet you managed to find a way to bring up Flat Earth anyway. How clever. I’d say you’re following the letter of the law but not its spirit. At some point in the next couple of months I’m going to devote a post to this verboten topic showing how ridiculous the whole thing is, and you can comment on it there to your heart’s content. Until then, please don’t bring it up again, either in words or in spirit. Your next comment like this I’ll delete. It’s a waste of space.


  4. Mark you let your guard down and are showing your true colors as controlled opposition.

    Everybody knows that Mighty Mouse, not Mickey, actually would go on to become Tom Brokaw!!!

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  5. The year of WrestleMania 33 has finally arrived. This should be an exciting year and I hope everybody here has a seat with a great view at the spectacle provided by our favorite thespians. Since we are on the subject of Huxley/Orwell, I think it is interesting that what we may call year 0, falls on 1984 according to the WrestleMania calendar.

    I wonder if the fake news thing is some kind of reverse psychology. In the beginning there was a news story that had a list of fake news websites provided by some random professor. I didn’t look into this matter (just Jay Dyer Youtube video), but I wonder if the list was 100% limited hangout stuff or bad quality stuff (even if it was sincere). Jay Dyer was talking how his favorite site was at the top, but I should say that I don’t trust people that go on RT (Jay’s friends).

    Finally who wants to have fun with the new The Economist cover https://shop.economist.com/products/the-world-in-2017


    1. Interesting insight, thanks. My imagination doesn’t reach that realm or reality, WrestleMania year 33, shockingly fun to think about…Orwell 2.0 as we speak, that could explain Drumpf figure in slightly more reasonable manner. After all, his public figure fits perfectly in some Bozo-the-clown-kind-of-reality based on lunatic’s version of New age calendar introduced by Orwell & The Spooks on behalf of Crowley inspired intellectual beggars.

      On this Economist cover, I took a glimpse at it, my eyes strangely stopped at a seven-pointed star. I dedicated few short minutes to read about such symbol as I didn’t recognize it immediately – no picture on The Economist is there just by some chance or unrelated circumstances – it turns out that such symbol is mostly connected to old pagan religious beliefs, but as well with the spook Crowley and his O.T.O. society, where seven-pointed star was/is used in its logo. Spooks and their toys, just never ending stories as it seems lately.


  6. Your quotation from Huxley about research into the problem of happiness sent chills up my spine, because ‘happiness studies’ is a currently a “hot topic” and major field of research in psychology, sociology, economics, public policy, philosophy, religious studies, and probably other areas. There are several academic journals devoted to ‘happiness studies’ of various kinds. You might know it under the label of ‘positive psychology.’ Just google ‘happiness studies’ to get a sense. You may wish to note the $3.3 million in grant money being distributed by the Happiness and Well Being Project at St. Louis U.

    And of course one of the most widely touted findings from this research is that income is poorly correlated with happiness. Convenient. A look into the history of positive psychology unearths a nest of spooks. Just glancing at Abraham Maslow’s Wikipedia page sent me down the rabbit hole for an hour until I decided to cut loose. Though I did finally stumble on some Wiki pages managed by Erica “the disconnetrix” Howton, so that was fun.


  7. Nice blog. I just stumbled upon it when I ran a search on the “normalization of pot” psyop and found your November post on social media psyops. I’ve been “woke” to media fakery and our manufactured reality since 9/11 research led me to clues forum, but it seems like more and more people are waking up. The number of people calling fake on the Pulse “shooting”, or the Nice Maximum Overdrive style truck of death, or the Comet Ping Pong “shooting” is gratifying. Half of them are bound to be shills and disinfo agents, but I’m still feeling less like a lone voice in the wilderness, screaming at the world to repent. I’m thinking I’ll make this one of my regular reads.


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