Trees are fake

bearThe theory that all trees are fake, an optical illusion put there by bears to hide their dens, is gaining wide traction these days on the Internet. Bears are actually very clever manipulators who run the planet from underground, with elaborate lighting and shadowing devices that create the illusion of trees within a thirty yard radius around us as we walk outdoors.

Ask yourself why, when you’re in the woods, trees more than ninety feet away seem hard to distinguish from one another. It’s because the lighting and shadow illusion is created by low-output solar cells that can only work inside that distance. Every now and then we see a bear … always running away. They are instructed to avoid humans, and so bugger out whenever they spot one of us. You might also notice too that they make dens … UNDERGROUND. Evidence is overwhelming and right in front of us.

Now, let’s talk about this, and nothing else. I am going to make my way around the blogs to spread the word about bears and fake trees – I’ve got more evidence than anyone has time to research it. My shamelessly parroted theories have to be taken seriously because there are so many of us bloggers and YouTubers talking and writing about it. We are serious. We demand your attention. You cannot avoid us. We are pedantic pains in the asses and we won’t shut up until we derail every thread on every blog.

So stop what you’re doing and talk about my theories, OK?

27 thoughts on “Trees are fake

  1. Certainly explains why the Cubs won the World Series, as they want to portray themselves as benevolent and lovable…


  2. They all came here illegally across the border with Canada to secure the right to arm themselves under protection of the 2nd Amendment. Trump has said he will only defend the right to arm Russian bears. Be very afraid, reliable, official sources say there are sleeper cells of Russian bears just waiting to ambush unsuspecting Super Bowl fans.


  3. They have also planted joke memes, such as the one about the Pope sh*tting in the woods, to reinforce the tree lie while misdirecting us look to the Jesuits as the real culprits…


  4. Damn, I’ve missed all the chatter…Mark, thank you for writing about this, I had no idea what I was going to research today….problem solved…..and I needed a good laugh. This is better than “No Forests on FE”


  5. There are lots of bears in my neighborhood lately seen snooping around and just trolling. But I like ’em, those silly bears. I was just trying to make a fire the other day when they were passing by my living room window. As one of them saw me standing at my fireplace trying to make a fire, they fell, rolling on the floor laughing, one of them even fell of my porch while on his back. Must be those strange kind of mushrooms, I wondered… But you solved this one for me. Thanks, Mark


      1. What? So you are downplaying the bears to a “satire” ? Sure, next thing you’ll want to convince me that red-nosed Rudolf is not real….so what would he be? A bed-time story? You blew your cover with this one, Daddieuhoh 😉


  6. I cant wait till I acquire the knowledge +wit to riposte w/you guys – but my psychic says I’ll only live to be 80 yrs.old…


    1. Relax, we’re flawed humans just like everyone. I think it was the guy with the name “Straightfromthedevilsmouth,” or just “Straight” as we call him, who set this place afire and set me off in new directions. Tyrone, Maarten and Daddieuhoh came aboard too, and others are invited. It is not a contest, egos are checked at the door. Come by anytime, bring what you have learned. You’ll get an honest evaluation without rancor.


    2. JoAnn, If you really want to “blow your mind” and put away any JFK research (I’m assuming that is a topic of interest) check out the JFK Assassination link on the right side of the blog. The post will direct you to the work of Miles W Mathis. I read that late summer of 2015…long post, but I couldn’t put it down. Then shortly after reading Miles research on the subject…POM’s own Tyrone McCloskey (Sept/Oct of 2015) shared his work called JFKTV. Tyrone’s work was more convincing than Miles (IMHO). I know there is a link to JFKTV somewhere on the blog…..Mark can probably direct you there. Enjoy!


      1. The JFKTV link is down for the moment- I was needing that dropbox for something else but I will repost the book today, if I can get a moment of peace and quiet-


        1. Thank u, Tyrone. I’m so determined to re-educate myself (plus it’s so fascinating)I’m up till daybreak reading. So I’ll get to JFKTV
          before I know it…


      2. Hi Ann- Thank u for the link. Yes, I’ve heard about the JFKTV work , + I’ve been chomping at the bit to read it, believe me. But I have to be a bit more systematic about these things, so I’m starting from the beginning now. (1916 is it?) Also- My previous post was my small attempt at humor – I’m afraid I may have been taken seriously!!


        1. No, I didn’t take it seriously…I knew it was tongue-in-cheek…it just made me think of my years of research on JFK and wanting the truth behind the “assassination”. When I finally found the truth, it was something I would have never expected…and really opened my eyes.

          I woke up to the 9/11 issue 10 years after the event…so my search started there and has branched off as new lies are discovered. Just enjoy the journey!


  7. I believe it is ok if I ask some questions here. I want to know what people here think about the Muslim refugees, illegal immigrants in US etc. I believe it was in 2014 when we heard about children from Central America being transported on train to US. Jim Stone ( I don’t trust, just extra alternative info) already showed that the photos were suspicious, with the tracks being covered by grass and bushes. Are there 12-20 million illegal immigrants in US? Are the numbers exaggerated or on the contrary, the numbers are made smaller than the reality. Regarding the Muslim refuges, I have the same questions regarding the numbers. Also I wonder if the ISIS actors recruit some people from Middle East and Africa. There are some websites that show pictures of ISIS fighters that look exactly like refuges. That is because they are agents made to pose and work as both the refuges and end times fighters (or whatever). Besides the ISIS agents, the numbers can be padded with extra recruits as I mentioned above. The demographic engineering of various countries is already done through legal immigration and other internal means, no need for these refugees.

    Because of the drama (terrorism, refuges), this year we may finally have Marine Le Pen president (April), Geert Wilders prime minister (I am not sure how the system works in Netherlands) and maybe others that I don’t know (look at the economist 2017 cover with the wheel of fortune). Smells like a trap.

    OK I stop, but I really want to hear some opinions that can be short and to the point


    1. Yes, we need to take this on. I certainly don’t know why they are doing this, but I think it is well understood by our group here that Muslims present no threat, and that most news is fake. That means the Trump initiative to ban Muslims is a psyop. Our job is to figure it out. I hope others are on this, as I am mystified at this point. Please, everyone reading this and the comment above by calgacus, chime in.


      1. The mass protests seem to be deliberately provoked- The Trump show is designed to get extreme reactions which are certainly being studied- I wonder if they are trying to get a read on what would provoke a massive tax strike or consumer boycott that might make a dent- Like an allergist, these insane policies are simply being used to test resistance- The Muslim thing is just a handy tool but may not be real- It has been so oversold that it would be very useful as pure propaganda, but need only exist on paper- The narrative in Germany about population replacement because the Germans aren’t reproducing seems too pat, but it has a place on my plausibility index because I think such things have happened in the past- But the past didn’t have Twitter or happy pills to keep potential dissenters placid- They had to pillage and burn to turn opinion- Only guesses at this point-


      2. This immigration question is similarly big here in Europe. But we went even further in our region than just banning Muslims, we firstly put up a barbwire fence and then agreed to a receive a quota of Middle East refugees. How many of them have arrived? Nobody knows exactly, except the EU officials and some CNN reporters, who claim more than 1.5 million refugees arrived within a single year. Well, I’ve seen some logistics organized to help accommodate those poor people as they arrived to our harsh weather completely under-dressed and mostly hungry. There were couple of them interviewed briefly on the local TV’s, majority wanted to go to Germany and Scandinavian countries, but then such trend was already years ago. Which is a reason there are approx. 10+ million Turks living in Germany, they all settled there mostly within the last century. So here in Europe, migrations of nations are quite common event, especially during/after any wars. If you look at the USA, the story is quite similar, American nation is forged out of all European (and other) nations, mixing among themselves in the process. If one would ban the immigration 150-100 years ago in USA or Europe, we’d all be much smaller in numbers, with economies at equally lower levels.

        With Trump, this silly ban is just some sort of public / media content while the whole World is waiting for Trump to produce something suitable to his character. We all see him as a crazy clown and they know, that we know he really is a clown. Just how crazy are they going to make him look in the end, that’s my concern. There is over-exposure to constant fear propaganda, so to shock the mass properly, bigger and bigger events are needed to achieve the same effect as before. Kind of like with drug addicts and their tolerance level, we’ve all become pretty much ignorant of small manipulations so to get us really “moving”, something radical has to be done, i.e. a ban of notorious Muslims. What a joke, actually if you really think about it – whom are you going to trust about the numbers of immigrated people? How to even confirm any Muslim even wants to arrive to the US, the country they all actually despise for its fascist role in the Middle east wars? By asking CNN or government authorities? Sure. And that’s another thing the manipulators know, that we know about the whole thing. So, they are free to invent just about anything they wish to, it doesn’t matter at the end, it’s all just a game. Show must go on or viva la mañana.

        I have a simple solution to one’s wonderings about everything Trump the Clown represents – grab your TV and throw it out of your home, cancel the cable subscription and go jogging instead 🙂


    2. For one, the distinction between legal and illegal immigration is specious and arbitrary. While there is no way to know the numbers as an individual person who is unable to verify much, just the eye test from traveling around over the years reveals what a huge transformation is going on. We are being flooded with immigrants from all over the world.

      Anecdotal evidence from speaking to nurses or others who work in maternity wards will give a good indication of who is proliferating.

      There’s no doubt the goal is to dilute the European descended population in the US. My guess is that they follow the old environmental ditty, that “the solution to pollution is dilution.” MM links it to ancient enmity between the Jews and Europeans, and they certainly are visible in pushing this agenda.

      How much of this is intentional and how much is just the residue of so many programs and monetary incentives put in place to promote this resettlement is an open question, but the implications are extremely ominous…


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