Something completely different …

This is off the beaten path, just something nice for us to enjoy.

A few years back my wife and I had a chance to see the Colorado Symphony perform Beethoven’s Ninth Choral Symphony, Ode to Joy. My wife has long loved classical music and in our twenty-one years together she has watched me move closer and closer to it, to her delight. That performance that day was so rich, so well performed, that when it was over the house exploded, genuine cheers and shouts of appreciation as I have never experienced before. No rock concert can come close.

We are going back to see it performed again in a couple of weeks. I am pumped. In the meantime I ran across the video that follows beneath the fold, “10000 singing Beethoven – Ode an die Freude_Ode to Joy.” I know nothing about it, but with over 8 million views, no doubt readers here are familiar and can fill me in.

Enjoy, and if you are short of time, cheat and jump ahead to minute six leading up to that part of the movement where the conductor jumps out of his suit. The same thing happened with the Colorado Symphony.

25 thoughts on “Something completely different …

  1. Funny that at a site devoted to discovering fakes, that you wouldn’t know that Beethoven ripped the Ode to Joy melody off from Mozart. What a phony composer!


  2. I’ve read that Mozart also borrowed melodies from earlier composers, like Bach. I don’t believe it takes anything away from the music either men supposedly produced.


  3. I wouldn’t put too much stock into what has been claimed to belong to “Mozart”- Part of the destruction of the culture is to create singular “talents” to bottleneck access to other talent- Music is no different than movies or sports or any other entertainment industry- The vetted are allowed on stage to play what they are told to play- Outsiders need not apply- The same was true in Mozart’s day and Beethoven’s as well- Mozart’s older sister was apparently the real performer of the family but she’s been largely erased from history- As far as Beethoven goes, for once the PTB got it right-
    And the Ode to Joy melody derives from a song sung when Ludwig was just a schoolboy, so I’ve heard- It is the anthem for the EU today-

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  4. A beautiful choice. When plp ask me my favorite types of music, I say “Classical + Punk Rock”. Quite a few puzzled faces!
    I am checking in, as the kindly Mr. T suggested I do. But I also have a question- see what u guys think…
    I believe I outed my very first spook! Went on a ” Paul is NOT Dead “site. They (?) had some phony BBC- trained voice that snottily informed us that Paul never was replaced, John Halliday was a phony, ” Faul” doesn’t exist, etc. The site was filled with the usual super- fan comments. I kicked my twin theory to her, which she didn’t appreciate, was told to stop spouting rubbish, etc. Ok- long story shorter- I remembered when u outed the spook with the gay/ cat- filled FB page, remember? ( I bet u do- that was the weirdest profile I EVER read ). But THIS profile was so vague it was ridiculous! You couldn’t tell if it was a female ( tho they professed to be on the site), no photo, NO personal info whatsoever. You know most superfans- they are usually willing to tell u McCartney’s AND their life stories, how long they’ve loved him, etc. So after “it” thought they had humiliated me enuf to make me slink off, I came back w/some barely-veiled insinuations of my own, about how I bet “Faul’s” not the only one w/secrets, etc. I figured she/they/it would blast me again. Checked back tonight – and the comments had been disabled! Why does THAT happen? U know I’m new to this game, + I’m no computer tech, so I don’t want to read too much into this… but I have that gut feeling that I’m right. Any thoughts??


    1. Oh yeah … you stumbled on a tiny arm of the larger psyop, I bet. Care to tell us the site or link us to it? The whole idea is to keep the juggler’s balls in the air, as nothing is ever settled, and “new” evidence keeps popping up to deepen the intrigue. It is a rabbit hole, and you’re invited in! Paul and Mike being twins settles the matter, and they cannot allow that. The show must go on.

      Classical and punk? We are all different.


  5. My old school ” friends ” used to tell me to cut off the” cartoon music”. Tells u what a bunch of cosmopolitans I hung with!
    Sure- I have no problem with disclosing that. The site was The video – “Paul was not Replaced- John Halliday”. They have other vids that conclusively prove Paul +Faul are one by doing an overlay thing that they speed up so fast u can’t even see their faces- (which is of course the point) + other tricks… I read at another site about how the recent Ringo Starr/McCartney interview hoax was a classic “Straw Man” op- paid for by none other than Sir Faul himself. Makes total sense…Now it’s time to get educated about 9/11. I always start at this blog! Hope u both enjoy the concert.


    1. My suggestion for getting started with 9/11 is to watch the documentary “9/11: The New Pearl Harbor.” It’s over 5 hours long, but worthwhile. You can find it on youtube. That documentary is long on the ‘how’ but not very long on the ‘why.’ For this I would recommend both the documentary “9/11 Conspiracy Solved” ( and “9/11 Trillions” (

      However, all 3 of those documentaries more or less take for granted that there were planes involved and that people actually died. I no longer take any of that for granted. I’m quite certain planes were not involved. Whether anybody died or not I’m still uncertain. But if anybody did, it was far, far less than we’ve been told. They also take for granted that the footage we saw on our screens was real and that the media were not complicit with the intelligence agencies that carried it out. Nothing could be further from the truth. So here is the last documentary I recommend: “September Clues.” You can also find it on youtube.

      Keep in mind that all of the sources for those documentaries are disinformation agents in one way or another, and I cannot endorse any of their other content (though some of it is good). In fact, I would not be surprised if there is disinformation (in addition to misdirection), in the videos themselves. I have not gone back to re-review them since having my eyes widened and mind opened further. But for sure they are a good start.


      1. Thank u Daddyuhoh. I may cancel immediate plans for 9/11, having decided to start at the beginning w/Tavistock,etc. or earlier. I’ll access ur list later tho- I can’t blow my mind COMPLETELY out, this new info needs a bit slower processing w/me!


        1. Researching Tavistock might be a good way to ease into this, but Tavistock is hardly the starting point of all this. The other thing is, how will you learn about it? What will you read? How can you trust what you read? What you have to understand is that the powers that be have churned out conspiracy theories and research to misdirect people like you who want to learn the truth about how this world works. So please be aware that just because somebody is telling you something that seems to be really mind-blowingly subversive, doesn’t mean they’re telling you the truth–either in whole or in part. Usually they do give you a lot of truth but then send you off in the wrong direction and/or sprinkle it with lies and assumptions that are not true. This is called misdirection or a limited hangout. You should read Miles Mathis’s paper on gurus for an essential primer on this stuff:

          So who to trust? Nobody. Not even us. You have to be ever vigilant and critical about what you read. You might consider assigning probabilities to different things, like “ok, this is like 95% for sure true, but this I’m not sure, I’ll say 50/50 (or less).” You will have to learn to live with uncertainty. TPTB have put up a huge wall of fog all around us and we are stumbling around trying to get the lay of the land. One rule of thumb I have is that when a conspiracy theorist is working to make me afraid of something or angry at another group of people, they are probably doing it on purpose because our governors rule us mainly through fear and dividing us against each other.

          Most or all of the people who contribute to this blog agree that Miles Mathis seems to be honestly trying to get to the bottom of things, although we do not necessarily agree with all of his conclusions. If you want to get started, I recommend going to his site and reading his papers. Go here: Scroll down to his paper from 2013 on Theosophy and the Beat Generation. Work your way forward from there. He makes discoveries along the way, and later papers often build on or assume knowledge of the earlier ones. Whatever you decide to do, good luck with your quest!


  6. Oh, forgot. Do u know what else these idiots did ? They sent a Liverpool Grade School form w/the student’s DOB’s to me as “proof” that Mike + Paul weren’t twins. What they MAY not have noticed was there was a THIRD McCartney name listed. B. McCartney – DOB Sept.22 1944 (I believe). I still have the link. I know Paul M. has been done to death, but perhaps Miles Mathias would shed some light on this…

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      1. Oh yes, I REALLY am having fun, too! Too bad they never made school this interesting..You need to go to You Tube to access, btw.
        I’m going to take suggestions, tho, + start at the beginning. I made the mistake of jumping in at the middle of my new reality. So I plan to begin anew with the Tavistock Institute, or perhaps earlier? Just like school, start with the alphabet! Cheers..


        1. Keep your eyes open and brain turned on … the landscape it littered with controlled opposition, or “spooks” as we call them. Many times they misdirect, wanting you to “look here, not there,” while some do “limited hangouts,” telling you things that are known to be true but stopping short of anything truly important. Your most important research tool is your own intellect … it got you this far. Never trust a source.

          The best example of the spook, or controlled opposition-type guy is Jim Fetzer. He does a lot of McC stuff, but just somehow can’t solve the damned riddle! He’s been told now many times it is solved, and was not that hard to solve, but he keeps it going anyway.


          1. Mark- Thx to both you + Daddyuhoh. Forget Tavistock for now – Mathias it is. Limited hangouts? Just like some techniques liars in my OWN past have used!


  7. This is wonderful! Having sung the 9th on a couple of occasions, it’s an experience like no other. I read somewhere years ago the Kubrick’s message to the elites in A Clockwork Orange was that they had to separate us from our true culture, which could awaken our fighting spirit. The scene where the lead character and the elite woman fight each other by hurling each other’s art at each other, and the end where they “reprogram” him to abhor violence along with his beloved classical music, portray that.


      1. 50 years of chain smoking can be deadly- On the other hand, he made a film that no one liked very much, would be in his 80’s by the time he would finish AI, and so to sell a few tickets and a few more DVD’s, along with the rest of his output, he retires, the secret society whack job rumors only help the box office- Besides, AI is apparently about pedophilia so maybe the big boys said, Stan, that’s enough from you- Enjoy the sea breezes down south-


  8. A difference between this type of performance and a rock concert … with a rock concert, audience members, young boys most often, place themselves on stage and imagine they are the performer, which is not a stretch since the instruments are not that hard to learn and the quality of singing not much. With a performance like this, each member of the orchestra has worked for years to perfect his and her abilities, and even the chorus requires extensive voice training for every member. So the audience for an event like this just sits back and appreciates the years of dedicated effort, and when it is over, they want to show appreciation. So applause at the end of a symphony is often raucous and prolonged. It is payoff time for the musicians.


    1. Not to mention most choral singers are not paid in any way for the hours of preparation or performance, it’s a labor of love for them. I do think that one of the reasons why they use no talent nobodies as rock and pop stars these days is to make it even easier for the audience members to believe they could do it just as well. It’s in a sense a form of dissociation, as the loss of real friendship and connection leads people to want to be the center of attention to the faceless masses. Almost everyone I’ve known who wanted to do stand up comedy had real issues with normal relationships…


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