Escape is always made available

Today is Inauguration Day. I have been having improper thoughts lately (I should go to confession), one of which is that such grand delusions as coronations are necessary.  People need to imagine they elect their leaders. Why we were given a clown like Donald Trump, why we were forced to choose between him and an even less qualified person, is inside baseball stuff. I don’t know that answer.

Those who lead for real are far too smart to allow us to have real elections. If you travel the circuit of political blogs, if you are on Facebook, if you read Huffington Post or watch ordinary television, you see what they are up against. Self-government is not possible, not even desirable. People are not ready for it.

Noam Chomsky (yes, I know, a gatekeeper) was presented this same paradox – that we profess to believe in republican government knowing full well that the mass of people are too busy, uneducated, distracted, emotional and changeable to be trusted with important decisions. His answer was akin to “So’s your old man,” that while ordinary people aren’t capable, the elite leaders are making a mess of things too.

Possibly so. Our job as vigilant citizens (and I do trust the readers and writers on this blog as that) is to ferret out what is real and try to make sense of this world. It is not easy. What we have found is disturbing …

  • Royal bloodlines coarsing through every person of note in politics and entertainment;
  • Mediocre and unqualified people like Trump holding high office;
  • “News” as a vast and organized body of lies and disinformation;
  • Staged (fake) events (mass shootings, bombings, airline crashes, pedophilia rings, assassinations, wars, public trials), all to fill the 24/7 news cycle;
  • Paranoia, fear, distrust spread everywhere to keep people in a mildly psychotic (and governable) state;
  • Attempts to alter our basic nature by promotion of transexuality, homosexuality, destructuon of traditional sexual roles, essentially making men into metrosexuals and women into men;
  • Promotion of drugs to shorten our emotional range, calming and neutralizing us – antidepressants, Ritalin for perfectly normal kids, marijuana everywhere and now being legalized and sold like alcohol;
  • Consumerism, buying unneeded stuff promoted all day and night at every point of focus in our daily lives … TV, Internet, stores, roads, newspapers and magazines …

It is hard to stay sane. But it can be done. Turn off your TV, burn your newspaper, meditate, stay in touch with people of like mind, and take the following to heart: as bad as our real leaders are, as corrupt and perverted as they may be, they are not going to put us in a position where we have no escape.

Take but one example, food and diet. Sugar is promoted in all our food, and if we overindulge, as we are expected to do, we become fat and inactive. If we turn on our brains to basic nutrition,  it is easy to avoid sugar, stay active and maintain a healthy body. It may be a trap, they may be promoting obesity, but an exit is provided. If you are smart enough to understand basic nutrition, you avoid the trap. No one stops you.

An exit is always available. Turn off politics, stop being afraid, assume that news is fake and try to figure out what is real. Trust other people to be good and honest, even if stressed and confused. Help them relax.

We live in grand delusion, but we are not in prison. I once heard a comedian say something so profound that I stopped and wrote it down. I’ve long forgotten his name, but here is what he said:*

“I was born and raised in Iowa. It took me twenty-two years to realize that I was free to go.”

So you don’t like the lies, consumerism, fake news, stupid politics, fear and distrust of one another, gender confusion and all of that? You are a free to go, anytime. Join us here at this blog and a few other places, but also create a place in your mind where everything is shut out. Develop that place, watch it grow. Enjoy life.


*Here is the actual quip: “I’m originally from Iowa. It took a long time for me to realize that we were free to go.” (Jake Johannsen)

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Just a man who likes to read, argue, and occasionally be surprised.
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14 Responses to Escape is always made available

  1. Maarten Rossaert says:

    Whew! You had me worried, Mark, when I saw just the headline. Put me in mind of Epictetus’ dictum about life: “The door is always open.” (I.e., You can exit on your own terms any time you want.) Glad to know you are not out picking hemlock today.

    This is a good summary of our collective situation. And good advice. There is much more to say about the nutritional part of the equation. I hope to get to that down the line.


    • Yeah – basic nutrition well understood for over a hundred years … it can be no accident that they addict kids to sugar at the breakfast table.


      • stevie says:

        “Take but one example, food and diet. Sugar is promoted in all our food, and if we overindulge, as we are expected to do, we become fat and inactive. If we turn on our brains to basic nutrition, it is easy to avoid sugar, stay active and maintain a healthy body. It may be a trap, they may be promoting obesity, but an exit is provided. If you are smart enough to understand basic nutrition, you avoid the trap. No one stops you”

        Mark, I believe it is fat that is the enemy not sugar. Everything promoted in the matrix is high fat, fast food restaurants, cheese, milk,eggs. I believe eating animals is the matrix.


        • stevie says:

          oh, just remembered something
          in my opinion one of the most brilliant psyops ever was the Dr. Lustig Sugar is Evil video on youtube and coverage on 60 minutes tv show. that one fooled me good. gotta give credit where credit is due.
          if you notice fat is never called upon as the culprit or bad guy on tv, its always good fats, essential fats, blah, blah, blah, that should tell you right there all you need to know


        • Maarten says he will write about this in the future, so stay tuned. Your brain runs on saturated fat, by the way. (I just realized that sounds like an insult – not meant that way at all! Just a fact.)

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  2. John in Texas says:

    Excellent post.


  3. JoAnn vR says:

    GREAT post, Mark. What I’m finding as I read + talk to like -minded plp, is perhaps some are too hopeful. It’s like they are saying, “Ok, all u spooks + liars, the game’s over. Put ur hands up, let us handcuff you, + tell us everything.” Do they think the world is like a made-for-TV movie/Law + Order? This scum has been at this for a VERY LONG TIME. And they may be arrogant, but they’re NOT stupid. I’m very sure they have predicted AND prepared for this eventuality… Interesting to see how much disinfo etc., comes out when Trump is “in power”. He’s gonna straighten this all out, just wait + see… Jesus..


  4. JoAnn vR says:

    Oops. But, I do get ur point. Agreed – we all need to make a concerted effort to stay sane while wading thru this garbage.


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  6. calgacus says:

    People who try to escape, especially the younger ones, will end up this way . Or maybe not, because the resistance is not futile.


  7. OT but today an MLB player named Yordano Ventura died in the Dominican Republic.

    Ventura reminds of Jesse Ventura who was a former professional wrestler and had this article written a few days ago linking him to Trump:

    Trump made a famous appearance in the WWE once that was used as a meme all over Facebook the day of the inauguration.

    Dominican Republic reminds us of Trump and his anti-immigration/build a wall policy.

    This comment is just a reminder to how everything in this matrix is related, and faked, with great detail.


    • John in Texas says:

      I sure got a kick out of his inaugural address. We are in for some interesting times ahead. It will be anything but boring. I am sure he was selected and not elected. Everyone seems to think he is going to turn this ship around. I sense something more ominous. I can’t put my finger on it but I have a bad feeling.


    • tyronemccloskey says:

      Straight- I’m glad you brought this MLB thing up- Another Dominican, Andy Marte also “died” in an unrelated car accident, age 33 (ca-ching!)- A good friend can attest to the horrible road conditions in the DR, but these two deaths follow on Oscar Taveras from two years ago also being killed in a DR crash- That death prompted Ventura to pay tribute to Oscar at the 2015 World Series- Ventura was a Royal, Taveras was a Cardinal and Marte was a Snake- If this is all high masonic ritual (It’s MLB so what else can it be) those team symbols must mean something- Throw in Cuban defector Jose Fernandez (a fish) dying in a boating accident last year and….who knows what it all means? (Not sure what numbers the “vicsims” wore)


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