It’s About Time To Sexualize The Next Generation

Flipping through my car radio I’ve been hearing the same song over and over again the last few weeks. It is called “Side to Side” by Ariana Grande featuring Nicki Minaj. It’s currently the #9 song on the Billboard Hot 100 and here is the video with 700 million views.

I must admit the song is catchy and Ariana Grande is a very beautiful girl from the neck up. HOWEVER, and this is a big however, despite being 23 she has the body of a young teen. A pre-pubescent looking girl singing a song this sexual is not a coincidence. Ariana Grande has been well chosen for the role.

So who is Ariana Grande? Her mother Joan Grande, a CEO of a telephone and alarm company, is flagged in Wiki. Also flagged is her Italian descent. Her “breakthrough” came in 2009 for the Nickolodeon show “Victorious” and her fame came with the spin-off show “Sam and Cat” featuring Jennette McCurdy, another former child actress who just happens to be a very sexual person (NSFW).

From there Grande started a solo singing career and hit the big time with the single “Problem” in 2014. Since then she has become an A-list pop star with a fantastic voice and a very large tween following. She has taken the torch from Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez (the “classy” one) and has been chosen to take her young female fans and encourage them loosen their sexual attitudes as young as possible.

Now we have this song being blasted into our heads from every direction. Let’s take a look at the chorus:

I’ve been here all night
I’ve been here all day
And boy, got me walkin’ side to side
I’ve been here all night
I’ve been here all day
And boy, got me walkin’ side to side (Side to side)

For those that don’t understand, the song is about Grande spending all day and night having sex with a guy and going home “walking side to side”. The psy-ops involved in all of this is a little overwhelming so I’ll go one at a time.

  • The most obvious one is the promotion of sex by a young female pop star to her loyal teen fans. “If a cool, beautiful girl like Ariana is having sex all day, then I should too”.
  • With women, one of the things that stops them from behaving too sexual is the opinions of others. Well don’t worry, because Ariana is here on the case:

These friends keep talkin’ way too much
Say I should give you up
Can’t hear them no, ’cause I    (leads to chorus)

  • Side to side is also alluding to rough sex. One of the goals of TPTB is to get us addicted to needing pain in order to achieve pleasure. That’s why you are seeing 50 Shades of Gray, Dominatrix, and similar types of sex promoted.
  • An important tie-in to this video is the “women at the gym” psyop that has completely overtaken the female generation 18-35. Nowadays you are hard-pressed to go on Facebook and not see a women you know at the gym showing off her muscles. The true goal of this psyop is to increase testosterone in women for the gender neutrality project, under the guise of health and fitness.

  • But that’s just the beginning. There has been a recent trend to sexualize the bicycle by comparing it to a woman having sex while on top or “riding”. You can see that in the video where Ariana and her backup dancers are scantily dressed and bouncing up and down on the bike, in particular the grinding at 0:50-0:55.
  • The “women on top” trend is not a coincidence either. With the current attempted switch of bringing up women and downplaying men, they want women to be in a power position during sex. The same reason they are trying so hard to promote prostate orgasms for men.
  • To bring it full circle, who do you normally associate with bicycles? If you said kids and teens, you win. To have a girl that looks like Ariana Grande bouncing around on a bicycle, while singing about sex is very suggestive towards statutory rape. All of these things are not accidents and they do have an effect on everybody’s psyche whether we realize it consciously or not. The next time you have thoughts you are ashamed of, do not blame yourself and wonder if there is something wrong with you. Recognize where it came from and let those thoughts leave.
  • If you want to take it one step further, what else do you think of when somebody walks “side to side”? A penguin waddling? Like a panda subconsciously representing black and white separation, a penguin does the same. Which brings us to the next part of my presentation: Nicki Minaj.


Nicki Minaj is a superstar female rapper from Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean being a hotspot for black spooks, who is known for her dominance and sexual aggression. She is the “alpha” in a traditionally alpha male genre (with a sensitive Drake being the top male). Her lyrics are heavily sexual and promote promiscuity and fetishes such as anilingus, and her name Minaj alludes towards a threesome. Her other claim to fame is her gigantic (and fake) derriere, arriving just in time for the “butt revolution” who’s goal is moving the female sexual area from the breasts towards a more gender neutral butt. Note that she is perhaps one of the 5 biggest pop stars in the USA right now.

Nicki starts rapping at around the 2:12 mark of the video. In many of her videos she is often surrounded by a harem of shirtless men. This is a reversal of the common trope of male rappers surrounded by lingerie clad girls. In the gender reversal psyop they would like women to start objectifying good looking men in the same way men objectify good looking women.

Her voice is somewhat deep and her lyrics far more to the point than Grande’s. Her demeanor is best described as sexual yet detached. She is famous for being able to disassociate and rap in several different personality voices. Disassociation is a well known coping mechanism after traumatic experiences. They are pushing disassociation towards young women for one main reason. Women are more likely to catch feelings after sex. In order to create a culture where women are sleeping around as much as men, they must teach them to emotionally dissociate from the experience. Minaj’s personality is suggestive towards this. If you look closely you will see this disassociation promoted in movies and cartoons. 

You’ll notice in the video that Grande is often looking towards Nicki in an approval seeking manner while Minaj shows her no attention. This is common in media now. They show white women trying to gain approval (from white guilt which is manufactured in a similar manner) while the black woman rejects the white woman and looks annoyed. In this case Minaj makes angry faces at the camera while this is happening. Part of the “black people are angry and crazy” psyop.

It’s common in Minaj’s videos for her to move in a robotic and emotionless manner. In this video, her male dancers are the robotic ones. My guess is that this is suggestive towards the transhumanism agenda TPTB would like to promote, which may explain the trend of including auto-tune in music the last decade despite being universally hated.

There are probably more things I missed in this video, perhaps occult symbolism or whatever, but my goal is to recognize the social engineering that affects us all. I will soon start exposing how they use music, movies, commercials, etc. to turn us into homosexuals, pedophiles, perverts, and every other form of sexual deviance and then to eventually get us to accept it as normal. The fact that I may have made people gasp by including homosexuals in the same sentence as pedophiles, tells us how well they have brainwashed us. Yes it’s true that pedophiles are worse, but they are both still unhealthy deviant behavior and one of them has been normalized. You can see in this video how they are very slowly moving us towards normalizing the other one, first by sexualizing young teens and then eventually children.


As expected I watched the video again and noticed more things.

The raincoat represents “wetness” and the black leather represents the dominatrix.

Those white rectangles in the background are suggestive of iPhones and the “con” on her hat probably has a meaning too. Perhaps they want us to be on our phone while working out, and not enjoying the natural experience of working out too much?

It reminds me of the recent Netflix spook show “Black Mirror” which shows a futuristic society where humans are addicted to working out and virtual reality.

34 thoughts on “It’s About Time To Sexualize The Next Generation

  1. Great post- Straight and to the point- I would also add that lesbianism is another big item on the agenda- Teen pregnancy has apparently plummeted as girls start their sex lives being with other girls- The dominate/submissive nature of the two leads’ relationship implies the sexually aggressive girl is a surrogate for the male- Although I’m sure this has been going on for awhile, the Rubicon will be crossed again when stories from the MSM start popping up regarding older girls pimping out younger girls- If women are going to replace men in traditional roles, the pimp will go the same way-


    1. Right on, Tyrone. I didn’t even realize that dominant/submissive dynamic. So obvious now. I remember they took the faux-lesbianism to the next level back in 2008 with Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl”. I remember the time well and girls kissing girls for male attention was a very real and common thing. I know of a few straight girls who have had lesbian experiences in the last few years and they were all blah about it. Just didn’t do it for them. One step at a time, but the psyops are working well.

      I think of the popular single from last year “X’s and O’s” about a girl who can’t get rid of the guys she sleeps with (another reversal anybody?). And then “X’s and O’s” is generally a manly sports concept. Take a look at the singer. What team do you think she plays for?

      And then this recent Pepsi commercial with a girl winning prizes for herself at a carnival.

      Another thing they do with black and white people going back decades is seat or stand the white person taller than the black person. You can see that in the Youtube still at the top of the page. Look around and you will see it everywhere. That’s where the white guilt comes from, the subconscious superiority. They program the black people to be repulsed by any approval seeking behavior.


  2. Superb analysis, Straight.

    I see in my work the baneful effects of this psyop’s push toward promiscuity for the youth. The promise is that girls and young women will be empowered by adopting a masculine-style sexual initiative. What I find instead is a generation of young women that is less confident, less decisive, and more easily manipulated than their supposedly naive mothers and grandmothers.

    Also, the push for male-type athleticism in young women is serving subtly to denigrate the normal changes that occur to the female body with maturity and maternity. As Huxley foretold, the concept of motherhood is becoming disgusting. By cultural osmosis, women are getting the sense that they should want to have the body of Ronda Rousey. But I pity the poor little kids whose bedtime snuggles are with a leathery side of beef like that.


    1. Thanks Maarten.

      To make this confusion worse, they are currently planting seeds that “flirting is hard” and creating dating apps where the girl has to message the guy first. The name of the app is Bumble, which makes you think of a bumblebee, but the other definition is what it’s really about.

      Just like many guys have given up on getting girls and gone gay, they want girls to eventually do the same. This will probably be another post later on.


      1. You should look into what’s happened in Japan with normal male-female relationships. It’s really gone off the rails. They are way beyond where we are at this point, and it’s no wonder they have the lowest birthrate of any large industrialized nation.

        Nice post. I don’t agree with your stance on homosexuality, in the sense I actually think there is a (very low) rate of natural occurrence and it should not be stigmatized. But nor do I think it should be valorized and promoted everywhere from all directions.


        1. Thanks for the Japan lead. I’ve heard rumblings about that elsewhere but haven’t looked into it yet.

          As for homosexuality, I think their ultimate purpose is to unbalance the Hieros Gamos sacred union in any way they can. Homosexuality has such extreme levels of promiscuity, infidelity, and disease that it cannot be healthy. My opinion is that something is increasing the odds of it at early ages, that we don’t realize. We see all around us how they try to subtly make us gay, and I showed examples in my social media engineering thread.

          There’s almost none of it in the animal kingdom outside of a few random species (which may or may not be true). My opinion is that it is a deviant behavior caused by a number of unnatural and unhealthy factors. Just like how somebody might have a fetish for feet or stockings, there is probably a trigger that creates it which TPTB are encouraging.


          1. Our closest chimp comp, Bonobos, practice homosexuality, but that is because it is a matriarchal system of sorts that doesn’t allow the males to form gangs and hoard the females like other ape species do- The females take the young females in and live that way while the males have no one but themselves to act out with- Only when a female is in estrus do the males, one at a time, get nookie from the females- Hyenas are the same way, but vicious where the Bonobos keep it light-
            But wherever males are denied women (Prisons/Strict religions, ie) gay sex follows- But those are unnatural environments-


          2. Re: Japan, I heard probably 20 years ago from an American who grew up there that the older retired men were completely dominated by their wives. So it sounds like they’ve been screwed up for a while. This was on PBS recently and gives some hints at some strangeness in their culture.


            The small percentage of “naturally occurring” homosexuals, if there are such things, could be left alone and ignored in a normal, healthy society. How much of the blatant pushing of it is part of a larger plan vs. the metastasizing of the abnormal elements as they’re given free reign is a question open for debate. While I think the people behind all this just have no conscience or place any value on human beings, seeing us as raw materials to be shaped as they choose, they can’t be more wrong, and “things ill begun…” require this twisted hatred to fuel them. This inversion of seeking the good and true acts like a pressure cooker, and has to blow at some point. It’s a natural safety valve in the way God has designed the universe.


          3. My travels through life have convinced me that male homosexuality and lesbianism are not the same thing, modulo gender. Gay men typically love women and enjoy their company; whereas as most lesbians I have met are uncomfortable at best around men, and mostly just flat-out hate the male half of the race. There is more going on than simply attraction to one’s own gender.

            Down the memory hole has gone the old received wisdom about homosexuality developing in certain family environments: distant/absent fathers plus overbearing mothers foster gay males; molestation by a male relative fosters lesbians. But I have met many LG folk whose upbringing fits that description to a T. That being said, I don’t think that there a single one-size-fits-all explanation for homosexuality.


        2. I just watched the Japan video. It appears they are about one generation ahead of us in the social programming. Disassociation, gender switching, virtual reality, no kids or relationships, etc.

          Something else to note. 1. The Yakuza are probably just a front for TPTB. and 2. The cuddle cafe scene is scripted. That tells me the Japanese are not as extreme YET as the video depicts, and they are programming the American audience to feel icky about intimacy. Just watch the man’s interaction with women. Gives off the same “this is weird” vibe that Seth Rogan tries to give off in all his movies. Vice is a big intelligence project. Most of the people they interviewed are probably actors and actresses.


          1. I haven’t watched that video in at least a year. I have no doubt most or all of it was scripted, yet probably those services do exist. The video likely also exaggerates the prevalence of those types of things and yet… I agree that project CHAOS/rolling stone seems to be at a more advanced stage there.


  3. OMG, I didn’t know what prostate orgasms were, so I clicked the link to find out…..while reading, a little message popped up inviting me to be the first of my Facebook friends to “like” alternative sex play. Isn’t that special? (I declined, in case you were wondering)


  4. Regarding dissociation, I have come to think of it as one of the “disorders” (bipolar, ADD, ADHD, anxiety etc.) that even really exists. There are no pills to treat it, for one thing. But more than that, it can be induced and is useful in making people behave in ways that violate their moral code. It comes about naturally in abused children, but if they can induce it in normal people, more the better.

    So if getting women to dissociate from the sex act is the goal … I have seen this at work from 2-1/2 Men, reruns of which I still watch, where they created female characters that were male in attitude but possessing female bodies. In one episode Charlie was seeing a woman who was using him only for sexual gratification, two-timing him, and of course he had no defense. In another a woman was coming around Allan’s chiropractic office solely to get laid, not even caring about his name, and referring him to other women for the same purpose. I thought at the time “women are not like that!” But now understand the idea behind the script, to promote dissociation in females.


    1. The dissociation is also apt when considering the transhumanism agenda.
      When the thought of designing and owning your very own “sex robot” is becoming acceptable for people, you know that all intimacy is being attacked/destroyed.


  5. Something else to consider: These oversexed entertainers are probably frigid, allowing for an even more cartoonish pose of hyper-sexuality they don’t have to pay for emotionally-
    Also, there is an inherent antagonism in male/female sexuality that basically inspires the man to deliver above and beyond the risk to his ego- That has been removed with the deli style sexual accommodations of these freaks- A man in this case is being bled, vampire style, for the gratification of the woman- This is, of course, the objectification process of the male- I don’t think I trust her, but Susan Faludi wrote a book, “Stiffed”, which was all about this objectification of men, aligning this process with the objectification of women that started during WWII and fed into the housewife icon of the 50’s- Worth a glance- Lately, though, she’s been helping the transgender agenda, so use caution-


  6. Sex in the City was a big push in this direction. Someone told me the blonde who was always sleeping around with any and everyone actually represented a gay male by her actions. I couldn’t stand watching it, or really any of these programs.

    Of course, they are pushing inter-racial coupling and have been for ages. Almost every picture of a man and woman together in the media will have a darker male with a light skinned woman, even if not in meant to be a romantic coupling. Those roles will be reversed in some situations where it is clear they are a couple. Not only is there a natural aversion to it which they want to break down, but there are many health consequences for the offspring of such couplings, and EMR medics used to be trained to look for certain common issues found in various racial mixtures. Not sure if things are too PC for that to still be the case.


  7. Ariana wasn’t always so thin. Here is some visuals of her before she became a twig:

    I am very angry that we have been bombarded with information like “woman can do everything a man can, and even better!”. No we can’t. My female lesbian butch feminist soccer coach even pointed out that womens bodies are different than men, and we just simply can’t perform some of the tasks they can at the level they can. I am pissed off at the masculinization of woman. In the media we are taught that rail thin woman with hard bodies are sexy, but that isn’t what a woman is designed to be (women are designed to be soft & hippy). The men that actually are in charge of what is presented as beautiful in the media are usually gay men, so basically I was trying to look like these models, which were representations of what gay men found attractive (more boyish bodies). So I wasted a lot of time maniacly dieting and working out to achieve this look, which no men really even liked…only the similar brainwashed women were impressed by that look. And once I became aware of that brainwashing and relaxed by allowing myself to gain some weight I was pleasantly surprised that they liked me being softer and curvier (probably the only benefit to the big butts are hot psy-op…)

    And it’s true that children prefer a woman with more softness to them. I remember my nephew needed to put a pillow on my chest when I read to him to offset my bony collarbone stabbing him in the back when he sat on my lap to be read to.

    The biggest psy-ops I was a victim to was (born ’78) that rail thin is beautiful, partying & being provacative is awesome (it looks so cool on MTV spring break…), and also brainwashed to see children as a nuisance & that I was so clever to not have children. I also fell for the lie that you can’t possibly be sexually satisfied by your marriage partner, so don’t consider your sexuality when choosing a marriage partner (I took it that if Hugh Grant would cheat on the beautiful Elizabeth Hurley that marriage is just a sex killer…and that was probably a fake story psy-op in itself). I think they also confuse people by putting lots of sexy stuff on TV, and then when people find it arousing, they think they must be bi, gay, or into whatever deviant behavior they are observing.



    Sorry about the huffpo link, but I googled what does walking side to side mean….

    “Grande confirmed this very meaning of the song to reporters at the MTV Video Music Awards, where the video premiered.

    “That whole song is about riding leading to soreness,” she said, adding, “’Ride dick bicycle’ is the lyric, indeed.”

    Wow, indeed!


  9. Just an element in the program of molding the new, anti-human monolith. What I want to know is what is the new belief system, you know, The Plan — our ultimate destination. Or is erasing, redrawing, and reconstructing all there ever will be?


  10. You guys need to get with the program. Transvestigations on youtube is leaving you in the dust. All these people you laud as “beautiful” or “attractive”, every single person in Hollywood, Music, govt, re. the “elite” are trannies. There is absolutely no doubt about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We don’t get with the Langley programs. Sorry, but you’re in the wrong place.

      Your “trannies” are just female celebs who are subconsciously planting male cues in our heads. It’s been going back since at least the 90’s. Just like they have soft male celebs everywhere, they are “hardening” women. I’m not against the idea that they throw in a guy or two dressed as a woman for a photo-op, but I think I cracked your misdirection. Definitely a future post.


      1. To understand what I mean by male cues, Arianna Grande’s hair and makeup are not dissimilar to what you would find in a drag queen. Add in the non-curvy figure, and not only are they promoting pedophilia, but homosexuality as well (towards boys even).

        For Nicki Minaj, watch 2:21-2:23 where she puts her hand in the crotch area during the word “blow” and looks down. That’s not a word you normally use to describe cunnilingus, but rather fellatio.

        Then she says, “if you want to menage, I got a tricycle”. The idea is that she is promoting threesomes, but since it came immediately after the “blow” moment, she could be referring to the male tricycle (if you get what I’m saying).

        So many layers. Unreal.


      2. I like how it’s not just that they’re all trannies, but they’re also satanic trannies. Just do a search for satanic tranny in youtube. It’s hilarious. I’m not sure if my favorite is ‘Bob Dylan Tranny Sold Soul to Satan’ or ‘Bill Nye the Science Tranny.’ The whole thing is so ridiculous.

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      3. I look forward to your future post on this topic. I have noticed that this is the recent buzz word (everyone’s a tran). I have watched some of these videos and I suspect they are controlled opposition, as they don’t really use any strong evidence, they claim that “everyone” is transgender, and their voices/tones sound vile like other obvious shills. I admit I can see the possibility of crypto-transgenders in some famous people, but I also know that some women look more masculine and some men look more feminine. Perhaps there are some crypto-transgenders in Hollywood, but it is being presented it in such a broad, shallow way, that people that look into it discount the whole concept (so its their job to discredit the concept with their shallow work). I have observed that many of the first ladies were very masculine (Mamie, Elanor, and most noticeably Lou Henry Hoover) which is interesting considering that I assume all our presidents were gay (I do understand that many women look masculine sans makeup, and these women appear to have not worn makeup). Grace Jones is super masculine in “pull up to the bumper” video, and the Pointer Sisters are as well. Is Victoria’s Secret that they are trans, high paid call girls, or just a huge psy-op to create self-hate & unrealistic expectations of women’s bodies. Lastly, if there is some type of breeding going on, what if they are manipulating the embryos sex somehow during the breeding to achieve some type of “best of” both sexes (pretty men, women with mens bone structure).


    2. No, they’re not. The ‘every famous person is a tranny’ is just the latest Langley-inspired ‘discredit by association’ conspiracy theory to create a wall of fog around work like ours. We’re not going to fall for it.


  11. I’m not getting into a Trump discussion like everyone on the street today , so I’ll leave a quick comment on my fave blog, on a great subject.
    Even at this early stage, I knew EXACTLY what I’d find on marsinvenus’ photos. A healthy, beautiful young woman – off to anorexia- then to the”tween” look. Perhaps her handlers instructed her to eat a bit more to be a tween role model.
    I’ve sponsored quite a few late teen/young adult women thru my A.A. program + I have nieces, etc. I agree w/Marten R. These girls are NOT the stable,confident plp they professed to be. Easily manipulated??
    They assure u they know the dangers of the Internet, etc, + next their on the way to N.Y. to meet…. Unreal .
    The girl-kissing-girl thing, I’m told, is more than attention seeking behavior. It comes to downright bullying, – peer pressure extrordinare .
    I’ll go back to my real education now, + try to avoid Trump’s inauguration.


  12. Good post, Straight. Luckily for me, I get to avoid all that linked content, as I threw out my TV long years ago, using the web for completely filtered input, but I trust that all that MTV-feces is indeed pushing all kinds of perverted and twisted immoralities.

    To add to your research done, social-engineering psyop is a long-term project, running already for indefinite period, propped up with a turbo charger since the end of WWII or to be exact, since 1947 when Tavistock Institute became operational. It’s been long years since I realized that social engineering is going on in our society already for decades, as much as there is to judge on self-experiencing the search on the internet on this topic – it is extremely hard to find a webpage/blog/content that is able to avoid the war-between-sex-mongership and point to the right direction about our current society status. Some things just can’t be altered as they are written deep down in our genes, so changing the name of the game is not going to change the rules of it. Only if it was deliberately planned to cause disintegration of society as witnessed, there is logic about why war between sexes and all other psyops were/are executed in reality, flashing our minds constantly. There are certain parts/roles we should play as sexes (figuratively speaking) in order for the men-women game / relationships to properly function, that’s what I believe at least. If that is actually so, it may be the reason why we have divide & conquer tactics applied to it as it fits perfectly into centuries old agenda of the perpetrators. Marvelous, isn’t it?

    This chart represents only one aspect, just one piece of the puzzle about what’s going on – fatherless raising of children. I brought it up for a thought about it as I was/am shocked for years with how many divorces and consequently single-parents-way-of-life partial families exist. There are numerous links/footnotes with serious research done about the role / absence of the role of a father when it comes to raising a full-grown and functional children (link, ). Like I already mentioned above, this subject represents only one of many consequences brought into the men-women arena due to “engineering” or , better said, de-engineering roles of sexes.


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