A necessary discussion

This is a discussion initiated by Calgucus under the “Trees are Fake” post far down the page that I want to bring to the front page. It is easily apparent that the country is being stirred into a high state of agitation, to what end I do not know. Trump’s attitudes toward women are “trumped-up,” so to speak, the recorded conversation with Billy Bush (note the name) obviously staged. That was done with purpose. Although I certainly can be surprised either way, I tend to suspect Mathis is onto something when he suggests Trump is gay. Melania strikes me as classic beard, a beautiful model selected for distraction. That would make the Bush conversation calculated misdirection.

And now immigration and deportation nonsense, all fake. There might be a showcase event or two for the television news readers, but that is the extent of the genuine kerfuffle.

It is designed to get people agitated, to get them to go to rallies, which are organized from above, and not below. That much is obvious.

The question is, to what end?

Please join in the discussion.




10 thoughts on “A necessary discussion

  1. I think the so-called leadership of a nation has a trickle down effect. Think Kennedy… idealistic, thoughtful, seemingly kind and not so much patriotic, but having a love for this nation and its people. He spoke to people’s hearts and encouraged the spirit of man… spoke of all the wonders we could aspire to. Then they killed that, whether in reality or not, the effect is the same. Each President, in his way, molded the minds of their constituents, if one reflects on this, it can be seen.

    Fast forward to Obama, who is given a peace prize for, uhm… well, he was given a peace prize… leave it at that. Under his reign, i witness the populace become very bellicose, arrogant and self centered. That accomplished, we now have Trump… and since he is a businessman, what you like to wager his entire rhetoric will be to persuade the voting public that “free-trade” is the way forward… these stupid laws and regulations are the reason people are floundering… they are restrictive to the cause of free enterprise… which of course, means the globalists, but since when has that ever occurred to the masses?


    1. Like pigs from George Orwell’s Animal Farm? Reality is even worse, pigs would not act like we humans do. Most probably we are just an insult in a pig’s world… so, can you please elaborate on your “men are pigs” statement?


  2. Trump is such a clown character in pop culture people have a hard time believing he is really in charge. His very election is suspicious to a sizable number of formerly not suspicious people. The puppet had to be shown doing something- like stopping Muslims from coming in. The President matters! That’s my guess. I


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