The Hitler Project: Hitler’s Sizzle Reel

In my previous post I claimed it was certain the historical figure known as Adolf Hitler was a public persona but that there was no actual Hitler- The character was concocted by high ranking Intelligence agents in Britain and Germany for the family related German Royals that sat on both British and German thrones and their financial backers in London and Wall Street- Rather the character of Hitler was played by more than one actor depending on the circumstances-

While it has long been admitted that body doubles, or political decoys, of Hitler were employed by the Nazi command to misdirect potential assassins, that assertion also implies that there was an actual Hitler to protect- There wasn’t, in my view- The two world wars were engineered by the alleged combatants to sweep and clear primarily the east and install the foundations of a one world government, which we are witnessing the hatching of today-

For my money, the best candidate for the key role of “Orator Hitler”, the guy we see in the newsreels and at the microphone, was a Bohemian actor known as Gustav Weler (sometimes spelled “Weber”)

Weler would be the actor trained and refined by Dietrich Eckart, the flamboyant theater denizen under the protection of the Prussian state theater and its director, Count Georg von Hulsen-Haeseler, son of a dead General who expired dancing for the Kaiser in a pink tutu- This was a gay thing, you see, theater and all… which to briefly digress, is why homosexuals were some of the first Nazi victims- If the Nazis are rounding up gays, they must not be gay themselves- Logical, Ja? Eckart was just another in a large group of operatives hiding behind an occult façade- All that Thule Society crap was just a smoke screen- And a very British one at that since the whole Thule and Vril jazz came out of a novel by the very British and very well connected author/spook, Edward Bulwer-Lytton- (More on British/German Intel crosspollination anon..)

Here’s Weler, I believe, practicing his moves- Odds are Eckart is just out of camera range and gesticulating wildly, just like an opera coach hidden in the stage pit directing his diva during a performance-

Are these pics legit? God I do hope so, but even so, one has to believe that Mel Brooks had a lot more on his mind than cheap laffs when he had Max Bialystock yell at Lorenzo St. DuBois : “THAT’S OUR HITLER!!!!!”


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13 thoughts on “The Hitler Project: Hitler’s Sizzle Reel

  1. How convenient for the PTB to have admitted Dolphie’s doubles, so such dummies should make perfect sense to us when re-discovering them, like you have shown here.

    I wanted to find a version of Weler, the one that I remembered as particularly amusing even as being a kid back then when Dolphie’s pictorials first reached me. Here it is, and please disregard that Nazi symbolism seen all around in the video, it’s a mind-f*** game as well, played to twist your brain to the point of pain. Juicy stuff starts at mark 3:46, have a good laugh.


    1. One question I would like to answer is how unique was this style of oration? Had anything like it existed prior to the Hitler style of speechifying? Radio and sound film probably had a lot to do with these over the top presentations- But prior to that, a booming voice probably was necessary without amplification- Add that to the cameras intimacy and the whole act then becomes way overstated- But back then it was new, so it probably didn’t look as ridiculous as it does today-


      1. That’s a good question, could be very complicated to search for roots of this type of oration. Leni Riefenstahl (born as Helene Bertha Amalie “Leni” Riefenstahl) was one of the pioneers of televised propaganda movies, with Goebbels in charge of such projects. As with Goebbels, he seemingly had the same mentor as Dolphie the Orator:


        1. Everyone should take a gander at this video about television under the third reich- Goebbels ultimately wanted to scrap the technology and at the 25 minute mark you can get a sense of why- A distant television camera observes Hitler driving up in front of a crowd- From that angle he looks earth bound and ordinary, even a bit foolish- With carefully planned films like Triumph of the Will, Hitler can be framed from below and look god-like in proportion-


    1. Walt Disney and brothers brought Hitler to life. They are the main elements that have not been touched upon by anyone including Miles. The anti, dallasgoldbug, has some info poorly written but pics. Miles follows the fast-tracked and hard -to-follow genealogy clues which so easily could be compromised. Also Miles dates for his papers at least what I checked all add up to many 3s, 6s, 1s and 8s (deadman’s hand). I’ve asked Miles many times to do Walt, fake person, actor. No response. Sadly he is compromised, maybe an anti?


  2. “Sweep and clear” the east??? I don’t understand, can you go into more details? You believe that the wars were completely engineered?


    1. Who set Hitler against Stalin? by Nikolay V. Starikov 2013
      Poorly translated in places, but the best overall layout of the conspiracy I’ve found. Hard to find, but well worth whatever you have to pay to get it.


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